The 5 Most Important Things To Remember When Leaving Google Reviews

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For getting found in search results and establishing trust with potential customers, Google reviews matter.

However, you must first know how to leave Google reviews, manage and respond to them, and use social proof's power to increase a business's revenue.

Your Reviews Matter! 

Before writing one, would you like to know what things you must remember before leaving your valuable reviews?

What Should You Know Before Leaving A Google Review? 

Before you drop a review about anything on the company's Google reviews page or any related platforms, you must comprehend a few things:

  • You can't leave a review anonymously or by following a review request. Before users can leave a review, Google requires them to sign in with their Google accounts.
  • Businesses cannot remove negative reviews on their own. However, the company can file a report in case of a fake review. 
  • Your Google reviews will be displayed publicly alongside your business profile picture and business name as relevant business information. 
  • They will also be displayed on third-party websites like review sites and apps that use Google services to display a Google reviews widget.
  • Your Google reviews should be in line with Google's review policies.

What Are The Most Important Tips To Remember When Leaving Positive Google Reviews? 

High-quality positive reviews make it more likely that your review will be published and help others find the places right for them.

It can also help large and small businesses gain more reviews and succeed in local search rankings. Some tips are as follows:

#1. Be Enlightening And Insightful 

Talk about what other people who visit the place might go through, and be specific and relevant to the business location you're reviewing. Try to convey something novel while focusing on the location's distinctive characteristics. 

As dissatisfied customers, you can convey relevant information to the business as follows. 

  1. Describe how you felt about the scope of improvement in the ambiance.
  2. Talk about the bad quality of products and services, and if possible, and write how other companies are offering the same products at a much cheaper rate.
  3. Comment about the rude staff behavior.

As happy customers, there are various things that you can communicate. Apart from quality and price range, there are so many things that you can write in your review.

  1. Surprising element: It is always a happy moment for everyone when someone gives a surprise. The same is as follows when any customer experiences free gifts from businesses while shopping, dining, etc. 
  2. Ambience: Ambience is the same as taste. It varies from person to person. But, if you come across a soothing one, talk about it in the review. It may help other potential customers.
  3. Location: Sometimes, Google Maps app search fails to guide you to the correct location. Talking about the location is a sign of a happy customer.

#2. Be Sincere And Kind To Others

Review Example 1: Very pathetic service. Idiot and nonsense staff!! Did not respond at all. Your company is shit!

Review Example 2: Disappointed with the experience. Your staff should have been more courteous. Your company is well-known to many, so keep your brand value up to the mark, or else it will let you down in all aspects. 

The above two reviews from a business page are of negative experience, but still different from each other. If observed carefully, you will see that the second review example is kinder and more sincere than the first one.

Any potential customer will understand that the company is having bad staff behavior, reading the two reviews. But, they will relate it more with the second example.

The company will also take your recommendations seriously, in the second review example, and might even invite you in the future to redeem itself. 

#3. Style Your Composition

Your review is not just a review, but a way of communicating with the company as well as the potential customers. So, make sure your writing is simple to understand even for a 10-year-old kid. 

Before publishing, check your spelling and grammar, and avoid using too much capitalization and punctuation. Do not use shortcodes of spellings as used by many for WhatsApp chats because it may lead to confusion to others.

On average, a review should be one paragraph at maximum.

#4. Separate Personal And Professional Information

It is best recommended that you should always separate your personal and professional agenda while reviewing any company. Suppose, for example, you are working in a digital marketing company and reviewing your local business competitor. And, in the review, you are being too harsh about the competitor and providing your company contact details. This is not a legal practice, and you should always avoid such acts.

Your reviews should always be free of other organizations' URLs or telephone quantities, too. Also, it would help if you didn't write reviews for companies where you have worked in the past.

#5. Avoid Making Generalizations

Some places may attract more public discussion or debate due to recent news coverage or any hot current event. Make sure, you do not include such things in your review. Sometimes, such reviews can turn into a very negative incident and harm the peace harmony in the region.

Although businesses appreciate and value customers’ opinions, local reviews are not meant to be political or social commentary.

How To Leave A Review A Step-By-Step Process Guide 

Let's look at how you, as a customer, can leave reviews and your customer feedback on a website from a desktop or mobile device. 

How To Leave A Review On The Desktop?

While on a desktop, you can write a review through Google Search and Google Maps. Here both methods are discussed below. 

Steps To Follow To Write A Review On Google Search

The steps are brief and straightforward. For example, when conducting a Google search about local businesses, follow these steps to leave a review on your desktop:

  • Open the search results on Google and type the company's name. The Google Business profile can be found on the right side of the search results. 
  • Select Write review in Google search from the drop-down menu. 
  • A popup window will appear, asking you to sign in to your Google account to leave a review. 
  • Finally, you'll be able to access the form to write your review and upload photos.

Steps To Leave A Review On Google Maps 

  • On your desktop browser, visit
  • Look for the location you want to post a review. Check the address to ensure that the one you want to review is the one you have selected if there are multiple locations.
  • To see more information about that location, swipe up. Alternatively, you can tap the name or address.
  • Click the Write a Review button. The Overview, Directory, and Services tabs will be displayed below the location's image view.
  • Tap the stars with which you would rate the location. You can give the place an overall rating using the empty stars. 
  • Add photos and videos below the text box to add images or videos from your phone.
  • Press Post. It will publish the post to the Google search results for that location and can be found in the upper right corner of your screen. 

How To Leave Google Review On Mobile?

Like the desktop, writing a review on mobile has two options. You can follow either of them to accomplish your want.

Steps To Leave A Review On A Mobile Browser

  • Open in your mobile browser and perform the following steps to write a Google business review.
  • Enter the company's name. 
  • Tap the star icons in the Reviews section of the search results. 
  • Select four or five stars for a positive review, three for an unbiased review, and one or two for a negative review, and give your star ratings. 
  • Write a review in the popup and upload photos in the popup. 
  • When you click "Post," your review will appear shortly.

Steps To Write A Review On Google Maps App 

The steps for writing a review in Google Maps are similar to those mentioned earlier. The only difference is that you must open the Google Maps application and search for the business there. 

Apart from following these conventional methods, customers might also seek to review your business on social media and trusted review sites like yelp. 

How To Leave A Google Review Without A Google Account?

Creating accounts on multiple platforms can feel overwhelming for customers. How many passwords can their little head accommodate at once? 

You might keep wondering about your passwords and ignore leaving a review for the difficulties! 

But if you are a business owner, try doing this.

 Remember, even though Google accounts are a common possession now, all your customers might still need one. 

See Through What You Can Do- 

  • As soon as your customers hit the Google review link button, they can be landed on the "Create Account" tab.
  • There, they can create a Google account by putting into use their already existing email address.
  • They can do so by selecting the Use my current email address link (usually in minor writing). 
  • Then, write a review on Google using their current contact information from another platform like Outlook or Hotmail.

How To Edit Or Delete A Google Review from Google Search? 

Google allows the reviewer to edit or delete the review, but the company cannot, per the platform's policy. 

However, if your review has got some mistakes or even requires more explanation, you can do that by following the below-mentioned guide step by step.

  • Open the Google Maps app using your Android phone or tablet.
  • Select View Profile after tapping Contribute.
  • Tap to view all reviews as you scroll.
  • Tap More next to the review you want to edit or delete.
  • Follow the steps displayed on the screen by selecting Edit Review or Delete Review.

Rules To Keep In Mind For Google Reviews

Google is very strict about the algorithm for publishing or deleting reviews. So you must follow the guidelines while writing a review:

  • Write only about what you liked and disliked
  • Do not include anything offensive in the online reviews.
  • Full names, URLs, phone numbers, sms, email addresses, physical addresses, and other forms of contact information should not be shared in customer reviews. 

Key Takeaways

A Google My Business account page can benefit significantly from Google reviews and the number of reviews or testimonials it receives. The likelihood of appearing in the high ranking through local SEO on the first page of Google's search results increases with the company's number of reviews on its business listing.

There's a lot you can do with your valuable feedback. By posting more Google reviews on google business pages, you not only help a business with more chances to gain online reputation and credibility but also to appear in front of more customers than ever before!

Since Google is the preferred search engine for most people to check google reviews online for any business, it is a well-established and reputable place to leave a review. Additionally, leaving legitimate reviews on Google is quick and straightforward.


Q1. What should I say in a Google review?

As a customer, you should always emphasize talking about real experiences, whether negative or positive. Always refrain from incorporating fake stories in your review. You can also check existing Google reviews before writing your own.

Q2. What should you not say in a review?

Your review should always be free from sensitive things such as political, religious, personal or professional agendas. And, ensure your review is simple for everyone to understand.

Q3. What is a Google review violation?

Google wants to make a safe place where users can talk to each other. So it eliminates reviews that militant psychological associations post, contains physically explicit material, revolting, profane, or hostile language, or induce disdain.

Mary Edward
Written By Mary Edward

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