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With over 20 million customers spread globally, Buyreview.com is here to help you upscale your business and uplift your digital reputation.

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William Thompson


Leading the team on the forefront and allowing each member to work with utmost brilliance and outshine performance is William Thompson, who is the founder of Buyreviewz.com. He holds extensive experience working as a media strategist and marketer who is now cultivating growth seeds for 360 degree digital media growth. As per what he says, his best skill is understanding the potential of their teammates and putting them at work where their capability and potential will shine. His great leadership skills have helped BuyReviewz.com reach new heights and grow further.

Favorite Dessert: Truffle Cake

Song: Hall of Fame

Astrological Sign: Taurus


Selina Harris


From embarking on strategies to creating successful task pipelines, Selina has been the mastermind behind winning ideas. She is leading the Buyreviewz.com team to achieve greater heights of success with her creative ideas. She has worked with Mr William Thompson in executing his ideas and streamlining processes to make his idea go live. Alongside the founder, she is one of the first employees at Buyreviewz.com, working since day one with all her heart and mind.

Favorite Dessert: Glazed Donut

Song: Life in the Fast Lane

Astrological Sign: Gemini

team profile
team profile

Front House Manager

Elizabeth Williams


Managing coordination among the team members and foreseeing operations is organized by our front house manager. Her ultimate expertise is in business operational management at Buyreviewz.com. Elizabeth is an expert in handling operations, and her inbound expertise in managing tasks and accomplishing results within the given timeframe is exceptional. She is one of the oldest team members at Buyreviewz.com and also the mightiest.

Favorite Dessert: Lemon Cake

Song: Life’s Been Good

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Digital Head

Archer Johnson

(He/ His/ Him)

From streamlining digital strategies to getting them implemented righteously by the team, Archer knows how to get things moving. He has a remarkable knowledge of digital assets and holds the latest experience in digital marketing and branding. Archer has digital strategies running in his veins. The best quality about him is his understanding of digital media and the algorithms of various popular social media portals. He interprets the algorithm no less than an ultimate expert and brings forth the best of digital marketing strategies.

Favorite Dessert: Iced Vanilla Latte

Song: Candle in the Wind

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

team profile
team profile

Content Lead

Sofia Foster


From fostering website content to enabling successful media publishing and releases, Sofia looks after the ideation, creation, and implementation of apt content marketing strategies. She also monitors her team's work and provides the best content ideas. Her skills in writing content and managing its distribution are a phenomenon. She is up-to-date with all the Google algorithms and creates content that is on par with the SEO and is keyword rich.

Favorite Dessert: Pancakes

Song: The Lucky One

Astrological Sign: Leo

Sales Head

Richie Costanza


Richie holds experiential expertise in client communication relations, thereby helping BuyReviews foster sales and growth the client base. While heading sales, Richie has been supervising the sales and relationship managers to outgrow their capabilities and meet their team and individual goals. Her expertise in recruitment, training, and coaching fosters a sense of teamwork and collaboration in the team. She forecasts strategies that fuel our sales and ensure profitability.

Favorite Dessert: Iced Cappuccino

Song: American Pie

Astrological Sign: Gemini

team profile
team profile

Brand Strategist

Sam White


Having worked as a brand manager for several startups and successful media houses, Sam knows exactly the element and its effective use that leads to a robust brand building process and successful outcome. He knows how to develop, grow, and modify a company into a brand. His ability to draw insights from customers, marketplaces, and sourced data helps him position a brand better and highlight its USP or differentiation. Over the past few years, he has collaborated with creative minds to build, align, and implement marketing masterpieces for us.

Favorite Dessert: Strawberry Pie

Song: All I Wanna Do

Astrological Sign: Pisces

Social Media Expert

Lizie Laura


Lizie is the team’s Generation Z expert with a core knowledge of social media marketing. From utilizing the trending topics data to ensuring it is implemented across social media calendars for all our clients. She strategically manages social media platforms to drive customer engagement, web traffic, and multiple-fold revenue. With her help, we have successfully optimized our content, spread awareness about the brand, and helped us acquire customers at affordable rates.

Favorite Dessert: Milk Cake

Song: Cardigan

Astrological Sign: Jupiter

team profile
team profile


Sebastian Rodger


Sebastian is heading the human resource department at Buyreviewz.com and is credited with hiring capable professionals from various segments of the industry making up for a vibrant team. He is also responsible for team orientation and training new staff members about the organization's culture and the job's responsibilities. Apart from that, he manages payroll, ensuring each employee gets their paycheck on time.

Favorite Dessert: Apple Crust Waffle

Song: Laugh at Me

Astrological Sign: Cancer