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Why Buy Google Reviews?

The power of online reviews is no longer hidden. It can drive tons of traffic. But the reality is the majority population on the earth won’t leave a review if they are happy with the service. That’s why, often, you will only see online reviews that go on and on about the bad aspects of the business.
We at BuyReviewz allow your business to stand out by helping you get good google reviews. The best thing about our service is that we do not deploy fake bots or user profiles to post your reviews. We use only genuine users, so you don’t have to worry about your profile getting banned or getting flagged.

Global Delivery

Our Google review services are truly global! Get it anywhere.

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Our services never let down our customers’ expectations! Try it out.

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Not happy with results? Don’t worry; You can claim a full refund.

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How Do We Work?

1. Select the Package
Select the package that fits your budget and business needs. All you need to do is, select how many numbers of Google reviews you need now.

2. Select the Review Model
At BuyReviewz; we have two models.

Model #1: You Provide Your Own Google Review

In this model, you give us content, and genuine people will post on your Google My Business.

Model #2: We Provide Content For You At $0.99

In this model, our team will write Google review content for you and post it on your profile.
After doing this, you must input your Google My Business profile link where you need Google reviews and then complete the transaction.

3. Watch your Google reviews increase
Once you have made payment successfully, you will receive your Google reviews on GMB profile.

Benefits of Buying Google Reviews From BuyReviewz

1. Full Control - Select the package that fits your budget and business needs. All you need to do is, select how many numbers of Google reviews you need now.

2. Genuine Users - Buyreviewz promises never to use bots or fake profiles to provide reviews. All the reviews that you will receive from us come from genuine users.

3. Top-notch Security - Security and privacy is our priority. We take utmost care to protect your identity and any data that we receive from you.

4. Improved Reputation Management - Reputation management is challenging online, where literally anyone can post a negative review on your profile and spam it. BuyReviewz allows you to manage your reputation and create a positive brand image in the minds of your customers.

5. Competitive advantage - When your profile is filled with positive reviews, you will automatically have the edge over your competitors with no reviews or fewer reviews.

4. Improved customer engagement - Majority of customers look for reviews before they buy things online. So, if you use our service to gain good reviews, people will see them. They will be more convinced about you and will not hesitate to buy from your business.

Let us first understand what Google My Business Profile Is? Why Is It Important?

Google My Business Profile Is? Why Is It Important?

Google My Business profile is a powerful tool that Google offers to help businesses manage their online presence on both Google and Google Maps. Yes, even Google Maps reviews matter!

Business owners must create GMB profiles and add business information such as the business name, address, phone number, and website.

Once the business is verified, the business owner can manage their business information, including hours of operation, photos, and reviews.

Once set properly, Google will start showing this profile to users when they search for local businesses near them.

1. Improve Search Visibility
With millions of websites on Google, how do you stand out? How do people get to you? Google has given local businesses a chance to make their audience visible in front of them through the use of Google Business profile and Google Maps. When you use both of these resources extensively, the results are powerful.

2. Instill Trust In Customers
Imagine someone searching for local businesses near them, and you appear at the top of the search result, but you have no reviews or many have negative reviews. Would they trust you? Will they drive to your business? No, right. They will look for businesses that have good reviews. And research proves this! Because more than half of consumers (57%) will only use a business if it has 4 or more stars and positive feedback. So either you get more4 or more star reviews or lose business to your competitor.

3. Improve Search rankings
Reviews are important factors in local search rankings. If you have a high number of positive google reviews on your Google Business profile, then your chances of ranking are higher, which also means people will be able to find you easily. There’s also another positive aspect to it which is people will be visiting your website more and thus will have more chances of conversions.

4. Good Return On Investment
Buying Google reviews is not expensive when compared to other lead generation tactics like paid advertising, influencer marketing, SEO etc. However, since reviews have a prominent place in building trust, they can drive more conversions than many of the digital marketing initiatives combined, so you can expect higher return on investment from buying Google reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several ways to build up online reviews, such as buying reviews, asking customers to post reviews, email marketing, taking a survey, etc.
Here is how you can know whether a Google review is genuine.

1. Review will have a user profile on Google with history.

2. If the language used in the review sounds extremely fake or flaky, there is a high chance it's fake.

3. If only one reviewer is adding reviews on the profile.

There are several ways to earn Google reviews, but only one guarantees them.

1. Purchase Google reviews - This is the fastest way to fill your business profile with reviews.

2. Follow up with your customers - You can ask the customers to write a review for your business if they love your services

3. Use email marketing - You can also email consumers to leave a review as soon they purchase anything from you

Our payment options are credit/debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay etc.
Since we only accept popular payment gateways like credit cards, and debit cards, your data is completely safe. These gateways have strict security, and no data is stored on our servers.
We guarantee that the process will be smooth. However, if you face any issues, let us know.
Contact us at [email protected], we will review your request and see if you are eligible for a refund. If you're eligible for a refund, we will process it to your original bank account within 2 to 3 business days.
No, the location should match with the location of your business, since Google My Business is mainly targeted for local businesses instead of internal ones.
No. Most businesses that faced losses bought fake reviews from fake users. At Buyreviewz, your reviewers are real users, so there’s no chance of loss.
Yes! In our 1st model, you can provide us with Google review content that we will post on your profile.
We need your GMB profile link along with Google review content to provide service.
Absolutely not. We do not require or ask for your profile password at any point in the process. We just ask for your public profile link where you want Google reviews to be posted.
Since these Google reviews come from genuine users, your Google reviews will last as long as the user keeps their profile active. Whereas, fake Google reviews that most fraudster companies use vanish soon.
Absolutely. There are many studies that show that online reviews can greatly influence people’s desire to buy from your business online. If there are more Google reviews, then they will buy. But things change if you have a high number of negative reviews highlighting bad things about business. In such cases, people will avoid your business.
Please don’t panic. Simply contact our customer support as soon as possible if you didn’t receive your Google reviews, and we will help resolve it.
Yes. Google can detect fake reviews, but you don’t have to worry with us. With Buyreviewz review site, you can buy reviews that are 100% genuine and come from a real customer.