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One of the mistakes you can make when trying to grow your business is not working on Improving your Google reviews.

Why? Because 90 percent of consumers favour looking at online reviews before buying.

Not only customers, but Google search algorithms also hold much weight in Google reviews. It means that Google reviews help strengthen your company image and improve your credibility.

Moreover, it encourages your potential customers to buy from you. Therefore, Google reviews are excellent advertising for your business. 

Let us see why Google reviews matter so much and some sure-shot ways to improve your reviews on Google!

Why do Google Reviews Matter?

Positive online Google reviews can significantly influence your business's reach on Google. As stated by a study done by Bright Local, reviews are trusted by 84% of customers as much as personal recommendations.

And review sites are one of the trusted sources of information for consumers when making their purchase decisions. 

Here are some statistics about Google reviews:

  • 98% of customers stated that they read Google reviews before buying.

  • 81% of the consumers search for a local company on Google.

  • Over 85% of customers think local reviews made more than three months ago are nonessential.

  • 70% of consumers tend to leave google reviews for a business when requested.

​​These statistics highlight the significance of online reviews and why it is vital to increase your Google reviews. 

Your customers are more likely to believe in your business if you have more positive google reviews.

How To Improve Reviews On Google? 

As we have established, Google reviews play a massive role in the sales and growth of a business; many business proprietors want to know, "How can I improve my reviews on Google?". 

Here are five ways to improve your business reviews on Google and reach your business goals swiftly. Doing these regularly will ensure you get your potential audience and effectively serve your current clientele.

#1. Ask For Reviews

Asking for reviews is the first step you must incorporate to improve your Google reviews. Unfortunately, while this sounds easy and a no-brainer, many business owners do not ask for reviews. 

While committing to giving your customers the most excellent service, you should also look for and ask for customer feedback they might have in the form of Google reviews. 

Asking customers to review encourages them to leave feedback for your business (both good and bad). More google reviews will help you get a better reach and grow your business.

When a happy customer tells you about their experience, it is the perfect time to look for their review. While it may be awkward initially, you will quickly get the hang of it. In addition, you will discover that Happy customers are always highly enthusiastic about helping your business out.

Within a short time, it will evolve as a habit to ask for reviews; take our word for it; asking goes a long way. Remember to show gratitude to your clients for their reviews and that you value their feedback genuinely.

#2.  Create A Custom Link For Google Reviews 

The key to getting more reviews on your business account is to make reviewing your business super simple and quick. Customers do not want to spend little time, and a complex review process can lead customers to not review. 

So, make it simple. 

One way is to make a customised google review link. The link will lead your customers directly to your review My Business page. There, the customers can leave a review very swiftly.

You can paste this link on your website and all your communication sources to encourage your clientele to leave reviews.

#3. Send A Review Request In A Follow-Up Email

Another way to prompt Google reviews from your customers is to send follow-up emails to show gratitude and ask for a review. You can use a follow-up email template that suits your company's communication style. 

You can make it easier by inserting the custom google review link (previous point). Furthermore, you can also choose to automate a follow-up email to your customers after you have successfully delivered your services to them.

  • Change Your Signature

Emails are one of the main ways a business corresponds with its clients. To increase google reviews, you can turn every email you send into an automatic and subtle review request. 

You can insert a review request link to your signature at the end of every email. It is a very effective and easy-to-implement strategy to show your customers that you welcome feedback and are committed to improving your services.

  • Insert A Button For Google Reviews On Your Website

For your customers, Google reviews are one of the most trusted sources of organic information about your business. You can add a Google review button on your website, where the clients can read other reviews and leave their thoughts. 

Your customers want honesty, and adding a Google review button on your website shows that your business is backed up by Google reviews and welcomes client feedback. It will not only encourage customers to review but will also promote the trustworthiness and credibility of your business.

#4. Highlight Reviews On Social Media

Another way to encourage reviews is to highlight recent reviews on your social media channels. Your customers will love the recognition of their reviews. 

You can also start to select a review and award them "reviewer of the week" By highlighting them on your social media. You can also keep a small reward to encourage people to review further.

Furthermore, you can communicate your business values and USP by selecting the reviews that align with your business values and USP. Your happy reviewers are your marketers. 

Ensure that their voices are amplified and encouraged. You should make your happy customers feel appreciated and cater to unsatisfied customers.

#5. Involve Everyone In Your Goal

You can involve your team members to help you improve your Google reviews for your business. For example, you can ask each team member to get more google reviews. 

A little dose of friendly competition is all you need to get everyone on board.

In addition, you can choose to offer some incentive like an award or trophy. Involving everyone will help you achieve your Google review goals quickly.

Bonus Tip: Respond To All Kinds Of Reviews

While getting a negative review can be your ultimate dread, responding to all kinds of reviews shows your customers that you genuinely care and value the quality of their experience and feedback. It also ensures your customers that their feedback is heard (whether good or bad).

The key is understanding that negative reviews can be valuable for your company. They not only increase your number of reviews on Google but also help you to solve any grievance of your customers. 

Also, having too many positive reviews can lead customers not to believe the review. On the other hand, bad experience reviews help the clients understand the business and manage their expectations about the company. 

It has also been stated by Google's review policy that is responding to reviews, whether good or bad, improves your Google ranking and the reach of your business.

How To Enhance Your business’ Local Ranking On Google?

While google business reviews are a great way to improve your ranking on Google, here are some things to keep in mind to increase the visibility of your Google Business Profile. Local SEO ranking or ranking of your Google my business listing depends on three factors - Relevance, Distance, and Prominence. Relevance signals how well the search intention of the viewer and your local business profile match. 

Adding precise and comprehensive details about your company allows Google search engines to match your profile with suitable searches. Distance in this context is directed to the span from the location term in a search to the possible search results. And prominence signals the popularity of the Business on Google. 

Here are the ways you can improve your local ranking on Google.

  •  Add your Business to Google maps business listing

  •  Claim your Google Maps business listing

  •  Complete all sections in your Google Maps business listing.

  •  Be consistent in your business name, address, and phone number.

  •  Categorise and describe your business correctly.

  •  Add images to your listing and update your business account regularly.

  •  Consolidate any duplicate business listings.

  •  Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly.

  • Use local keywords to attract your audience and get customer testimonials.

  •  Embed Google Maps on your website

Last but not least, focus on positive customer experience. If your customer’s experience sucks, no one will leave good star reviews or ratings.


It is revealed that businesses that ask their customers for reviews have higher ratings on Google than businesses that wait for self-motivated reviews from customers.

Simply put, you have to make it a regular practice to ask for reviews for your business. It will boost the reviews you receive and inevitably enhance your reach and ranking on Google.

Google reviews are a growing source of information for customers. Therefore, constantly working on improving your Google reviews is vital today. 

As most customers are online today, they will review a business listing before making the decision, and thus, having a positive review and a positive online presence helps customers make quicker decisions. Your conversion rate grows with the number of good reviews on your account! 


Q1. How do I create a Google business listing?

  • From your computer or Android/iOS, sign into your business Gmail account or Google account.

  • Go to create a profile.

  • Enter a business name.

  • Add category.

  • Click next. Choose whether people can visit your business location. If yes, then choose the exact business location on Google Maps App or

Q2. Can fake reviews destroy my small business’s online reputation?

Yes. If your review section is filled with fake reviews or bot reviews, no one will believe that you are a real business. Your first step here should be to find a way to delete those reviews. Simply visit the fake customer review, and on the top right, click on report the review. Google will see the further process.

Q3. Are Google reviews editable?

Yes, customers can edit reviews if they feel their sentiments towards the business have changed.

Written By Mary Edward

Mary has been a content and copy specialist with 15 years of extensive experience in the writing background. She has worked as a merchandising specialist for startups and small businesses and holds efficiency in writing sellable copies to elevate sales. While Mary's writing skills are commendable, she is also our strategic partner with She writes Google reviews, understands the roles and responsibilities of the targeted business, and studies their local needs, bringing traffic and driving users' attention toward the brand's website and social media platforms.

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