How to Get More Google Reviews for a Salon Business?

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You must be wondering how good it is to gain Google reviews for a salon. To establish a credible reputation for the hair and beauty industry is very important to get Google reviews.

In the competitive salon industry, are you also looking to build a reputation, increase footfalls, and generate more revenue for your salon business?

Here, Google Reviews come to the rescue!

Around 81% of the people trust Google reviews. Thus, bringing Google reviews is one of the most effective ways to uplift your online reputation. 

High-quality Google reviews will help your business be placed in the Google research results when potential clients seek salon services.

So here we have a perfect blog that will tell you seamless ways to bring Google Reviews to your salon business. Also, learn about the best practices that will amplify your business.

Initially, let us understand the importance of Google reviews for your salon business!

Why Are Google Reviews Essential for Salon?

Google reviews are invaluable social proof that builds trust and helps to achieve long-term success. They play an integral part in the customer's decision-making process by establishing the perfect reputation for your salon business.

Know how Google Reviews play a significant role in the success of your salon business!

#1. Boosts Salon’s Google Ranking

No wonder Google can evaluate your salon's success by checking the number of reviews. Google looks for the quality, quantity, and recency of reviews. Thus, an optimized Google listing will increase visibility and boost your salon’s Google ranking.

Google reviews are one of the several ranking factors that help in boosting your search engine rankings. Work to bring more positive reviews for your business to increase the footfalls of your salon. 

#2. Builds Trust and Credibility

No matter how many marketing strategies you conduct, Google reviews have an exceptional place in generating trust and credibility in your salon.  Online reviews work as word-of-mouth marketing is excellent in bringing potential clients to your salon. 

Google reviews are the most genuine and authentic form that builds trust and credibility toward your salon business. Thus, it will attract potential clients to at least visit your salon and enquire about your services and rates.

#3. Helps in Increasing Revenue

Google reviews will make your salon more likely to get discovered by potential clients in your area, and thus, they will look forward to availing the salon service. Eventually, increasing your salon's revenue by bringing more clients to your steps.

Once you get many Google reviews and star ratings, your ranking on the platform will be higher and show your salon business on more top searches. Thus ultimately bringing more revenue to you.

Now that you know, Google reviews play an exceptional role in taking your business to heights. Here is an in-depth guide to score more Google reviews with intelligent strategies.

How To Get Google Salon Reviews?

Are you figuring out the best ways to get reviews for your salon? Here are the most impressive and practical ways to bring positive reviews to your salon. The more reviews you get, the more trust you can establish among your clients.

Start your work of getting the best reviews for your salon!

#1. Create A Google MyBusiness Profile

As a Salon owner, setting up your Google My Business Account is vital. Without the Google MyBusiness Profile, you won’t be able to get Google Reviews. 

Google My Business account will help you in different ways, like requesting and replying to reviews, adding your business information on Google, posting pictures of your salon, listing your salon's services, and mentioning the opening hours.

Add high-quality images and keep the information up-to-date. You must also verify your Google Business account and link it to your account. Make your Google profile look fresh to attract potential clients to your salon.

#2. Ask For a review on your salon receipts 

The easiest way to get Google reviews from your clients is by asking for a review on your salon receipts. After your customers have a great experience with your salon, you can ask them for a review.

You need to encourage your salon staff to get reviews from clients and make them aware of how to leave a review in case any client needs help. Make them learn to politely and professionally ask clients about leaving a review.

This strategy will help you to get many reviews as every time a clients come, they would be asked to leave a review. The more clients you ask, the more reviews you will get.

#3. Send Follow-up text messages after service

Sending a follow-up message is a tried and tested way to get more client reviews. You can email or text your clients to ask them to review your salon and attract a review link with it.

Once a client receives exceptional service from your salon, you can text them and ask for a review. It is a great way to tell your customers that you appreciate them, also it will help build your relationship strong. 

You can send a message of ‘ThankYou’ for appreciating them choosing your salon. Encourage them they book with you again and leave a personal recommendation.

#4. Add a review call-to-action on salon booklets and pamphlets

Display the review link clearly on the booklets, pamphlets, website pages, and social media platforms. It will make it easy for your current clients to leave positive feedback and encourage potential clients to avail of your salon services.

Social media is also a perfect place to add the review link; thus, remember to mention the link in the bio. Also, you can attach a Call-To-Action directly to your profile to get more reviews and appointments from potential clients.

Amipfy your Google review profile by adding photos before and after the salon service; it will increase clients' trust in your salon, and they will undoubtedly leave a review.

#5. Showcase your positive reviews

You can get more reviews by displaying the positive customer testimonials.  It will help you convince potential clients to book salon services and write a review. Also, act as the positive social proof. 

You can use various social media platforms to display positive client reviews. It will also act as a reminder for other clients to leave a good review for you.

You can take the help of a review widget to embed the positive reviews you get on your website’s homepage. It is a brilliant marketing strategy that brings more reviews and clients to your salon.

#6. Offer an incentive for salon services

Offering incentives is another excellent way to get Google reviews. You can offer a free mini gift with any package your clients’ choose. Any incentive will make your clients happy, and they will leave a review.

Sometimes, you can also ask your clients to click the photo of the service and post it as a review. It will help your potential clients to see accurate results and come to avail of the services.

Offer incentives to get reviews from your real clients, making your salon an inviting and trustworthy place that cares for its clients.

#7. Buying Google Reviews

Last but the practical and quick way to get Google Reviews for your salon is by buying Google Reviews. Buying Google reviews is simple, but to search for an authentic platform to buy Google Reviews takes a lot of work.

You need to look for a third-party provider with the qualities of delivering high-quality Google reviews, having reasonable pricing, availability of Drop-feeding of Google reviews, offering authentic reviews, and an accessible payment mode.

Buying Google reviews will save you energy, and you will receive Google reviews in no time. Buy Reviews for your salon from a reputable provider, check its reviews, compare different providers, and then choose the one for you.

We are not done yet! Following great strategies for Google reviews is not enough for a successful business. In fact, you must follow the best practices to stand out. 

Learn the best practices for acing the online reviews for your salon!

Best Practices For Gaining Stellar Google Reviews

Collecting Google reviews is easy, but making your business worthwhile for attaining those reviews is difficult. Thus, make your salon business a success by offering the best possible services to your clients. 

Here are some of the best practices to incorporate to get positive Google reviews for your salon.

#1. Make leaving the review process easy

The more hassle-free your review process is, the more clients will love to leave a review for your salon. Easy and convenient processes are always appreciated; thus, simplify the review process for you and your clients.

You can automate the review process by emailing your clients saying you loved having them for availing salon service and look forward to seeing them again. Also, attach the review link to make it easy for your clients to leave a review.

#2. Delivering an exceptional service

Service is what matters. Thus, it will give your clients an opportunity to leave a review for your salon business. Just focus on going the extra mile to deliver the best possible service for your salon and spas.

Understand that your client is your priority, and giving them the best service in town at competitive rates is essential. The best service will urge your clients to write the best reviews for your salon.

#3. Reach out to Top Clients

Make a practice of reaching out to your top clients once a week or once a month. Start by thanking customers for choosing your salon and then end by asking them to write a review for your salon.

Personalizing the ask for reviews from your top clients will always help gain more reviews. It is a perfect way to appreciate each of your clients and ask them for a review in favor.

#4. Responding to Reviews

Being a salon’s owner you should respond to your positive or negative reviews. Responding to reviews showcases how much you value your clients. Also, it makes your clients feel valued and understood. 

Apologize in case of negative comments. Assure them that you will work on resolving their issue. It will create a significant impact on the viewers of your reviews. Thus, be humble and choose to reply to every review.

Get More High-quality Reviews by Buying Google Reviews

Buying Google Reviews is probably the best and most effective way to get Google reviews hassle-free. It saves enough of your time and energy, and results are quick and phenomenal. 

Choose an authentic third-party provider to deliver high-quality Google reviews for your salon business. You can get customized Google reviews for your salon businesses from genuine people. 

You can always consider buying Google reviews for your salon business and wonder how easy it goes.

Final Thoughts: Take Advantage of Google Reviews

Incorporating the strategies of optimizing your Google Business Profile, providing exceptional services, following up with clients, and showcasing positive reviews to your salon businesses must be your daily practice.

These ways will help collect Google reviews for your business and will be profitable for the overall reputation of your salon business. Consider buying Google reviews from an authentic platform and ensure benefits to your salon business.

On the whole, Google reviews can work magically for your business, you can consistently work on ways to bring more Google reviews, also improving your salon services continuously.

Soon, your hard work will pay off! Keep collecting Google Reviews.


#1. How can I get more Google reviews for my salon?

One can get the best Google reviews for their salon by following ways like creating an effective Google My Business Profile, asking for reviews after the service, sending follow-up messages to clients, showcasing the positive reviews, offering incentives, and buying Google Reviews

#2. What are the ways to optimize Google business profile for a salon?

The ways by which you can work on optimizing your Google Business Profile for a salon to get more business leads are to start by setting up a salon business profile, choosing the proper categories and attributes, and filling in the appropriate salon information.

After that,  make the best use of Google Business Profile tools, upload high-quality photos, manage and respond to Reviews, enable online appointments, and analyze the traffic to your website.


#3. How do I get my salon on the top of Google?

To get your salon on top of Google, you need to work on the following: optimize your Google profile to ensure you get more Google reviews from your clients, and you can also create your own salon website

Start making your salon’s website customer-friendly, work on aesthetics, make content for your salon, use relevant keywords, and analyze your progress. 

#4. How to respond to negative reviews for a salon?

It is essential to respond to comments, whether they are negative or positive. Usually, owners do not reply to negative reviews, but to create a positive online image of your salon, you must reply to every negative comment.

Start by apologizing for causing dissatisfaction to your client. Then, understand their problem and try to resolve them. You can also offer them a discount on their next salon service. Always be patient while responding to negative comments.

#5. Why are positive reviews crucial for Salons?

Positive Google reviews play a significant role in the following ways: positive Google reviews increase the trust and credibility of your salon business and bring more business to your salon. 

It enhances your salon's revenue generation and increases your business's Google ranking.

Sarah Smith
Written By Sarah Smith

Sara holds expertise in brand management and rebranding. She has worked as a business communication specialist and understands the basic 'know-how' of empowered brand communication. Her experience in brand management helps her create Google reviews that hit potential customer's pain points. She is responsible for planning, ideating, and conceptualizing Google reviews at for a group of brand owners looking for rebranding through local SEO, Google business, and viable digital reach!

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