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Tour business has seen compelling growth over the past year as tourism is at its peak and packages are making it convenient for people to roam stress-free. But one thing that remains common is checking travelers' experiences before booking a trip. 

You ought to understand how crucial it is to gather and provide reviews if you are a tour company. Reviews from previous customers can give potential customers the social proof they need to believe in your agency and trust you.

This post lets you know why and how to increase your Google reviews.

Why Do Travel Agencies Require More Online Reviews?

Presently, online reviews are just as trustworthy as referrals from friends and family, according to 84% of respondents. Showcasing testimonials on your GMB profile may encourage customers to book with your travel company.

Let's go through some of the reasons why travel agencies require more online reviews:

1. Enhance tour business

It should go without saying that consumers now place a greater emphasis on online reviews! Coupling that with the widely used and dependable search engine gives you a hit recipe for success. 

It will assist you in enhancing your business without expending money on advertisement.

2. Builds trust and credibility

Trust and credibility of the travel agency's services can be built by the users' reviews and ratings. 

You'll find it unique if you know that a high star rating and more favorable reviews increase customers' likelihood of trusting what they have already utilized.

3. Tracks the popularity of business

When planning a vacation, 79% of travelers looked through six to twelve evaluations from four to ten websites. So when they leave feedback, it will be like your online report card with merits & demerits. 

Good reviews lend legitimacy, and travelers are more likely to return at some point in the planning process. 

How To Get Google Reviews For Travel Agencies?

Travelers are willing to step outside their comfort zones and experience new places. They want to feel more at ease and secure in their choices. In these situations, Google reviews help them in decision-making.

Let's understand how to gather and respond to reviews for your travel agency:

1. Ask for reviews from tour-mates

It can be the quickest offline way to collect reviews from tourmates. During the return to the drop-off location or the time of wrap-up discussion, your tour guides get an excellent opportunity to collect reviews. 

The best thing about this timing is that their memories are fresh about the trip, which helps you get enthusiast reviews from tourmates. Furthermore, negative reviews can be avoided if guests write feedback or review in person with you.

2. Collect reviews through guides

Guides are crucial in shaping a customer's experience as they represent your business. Each tour should begin with an introduction and an education about the group. So the guide and other travelers can connect.

Customers will feel at ease with their guide by the end of the journey and will be ready to give offline or online reviews easily because of their relationship during the trip. These traveling experience reviews about your travel agencies can boost your reputation and bring more business.

3. Integrate Google reviews link through trip emails

Within 0–24 hours following your tour, you should send a follow-up email asking for customer feedback. If you wait longer, clients could forget significant aspects of their journey that brought them joy. Remember to get a Google review; it is essential to integrate the Google review links into trip emails.

It's human nature that when you remind them and present the easy way, they are more inclined to respond quickly. Try this trick to speed up your online review collections.

4. Use a review scanner for every travel destination

You can provide a review scanner to your tour guides to get more tourist reviews. Clients can scan the QR code directly and quickly reach the page to write a Google review about their travel experience with you. 

Getting the review built a strong foundation for any tour company that wants to be top at their business. The scanner smooths the online review collection process for travelers and tour organizers.

5. Give loyalty points for each review about the trip

You may provide loyalty points to entice your customers to submit a review. It can be a coupon, a discount on the next trip booking or a chance to enter and win travel vouchers.

Receiving such perks from the travel company imprints their name in their memory. So, whenever they next plan for the trip, there will be a great chance to consider your tour & travel agency.

6. Shout out to people on social media

The social media platform is one of the trendy ways to get the highest number of trip reviews. Post images and videos of your excursions and vacation adventures using these networks. It is an effective tool for connecting with clients and fostering long-lasting relationships. 

When you can establish credibility and bond with your tourmates, they will more likely provide favorable tour reviews about your travel agencies. Collecting these incredible tour reviews robust your business and opens the path to their fast growth.

7. Respond to your tourmates with hampers

You can also arrange the hampers for your tourmates to demonstrate that you care about them. It will also work as a souvenir to remind them they must share positive feedback for your travel agency.

It is one of the best ways to collect online or offline tour reviews for your travel business without bothering the customers.

8. Acknowledge each review with a reply

Travel agencies need to acknowledge each review with professional responses. Every touring business occasionally receives a negative review, and failing to respond to it can be tricky because reviews are subjective and independent.

Respond professionally, citing positive or negative feedback and outlining any changes your travel agency has made or plans to enhance the experience for other traveling partners. 

Your response means you care and will construct goodwill among previous and future tourmates and increase the opportunity for retention and loyalty.

How To Optimize 'Google My Business' For Travel Agencies?

Google My Business is a crucial instrument in gaining digital visibility. It helps Google recognize your tour business. To get Google reviews and optimize, one can also initially purchase Google reviews for the travel business. 

Let's navigate through the pointers on how to optimize Google My Business:

1. Showcase the best of the reviews

Google My Business is more than simply a business listing; it's a window showing prospective travelers your agency and giving them a taste of your activities and adventures so showcase your best reviews.

2. Put high-quality visuals

The main goals of travel are encounters, adventures, and breathtaking scenery. Your GMB profile should reflect these elements—the dynamic pictures may be a short, high-caliber video featuring customer reviews or clips from different vacation spots.

3. Use FAQs to answer common questions

There is a Q&A feature on Google My Business where the agency can answer inquiries from prospective customers. This feature can be a real asset for helping passengers and establishing trustworthiness. 

Is Buying Google Reviews A Safe Option For Travel Agencies?

Buying Google reviews is a safe option if you are doing business with a professional & expert team. They will provide genuine reviews and will also guide & assist you in how to get more customer reviews for your growing & flourishing business.

Google reviews can uplift your ranking & visibility among your competitors. In a recent survey, 98% of consumers in 2022, compared to 90% in 2019, utilized more Internet for searching travel business online. That means Google Review's capability to make or break a business is increasing quickly.


Having more Google reviews is crucial, as you now know. They can increase your company's online presence and give potential customers the confidence they need to book a tour with you. 

Additionally, reviews can help you prioritize areas for enhancements to your tour offering. Ultimately, following this blog's recommended techniques will assist in gathering reviews for your business and associated Google profiles.


1. When is the right opportunity to collect reviews for travel agencies?

It may occur after customers have decided to travel with you, after a trip, used a successful service, or interacted favorably with your travel agency.

2. Does the highest number of reviews benefit the tour company?

Yes, the highest number of reviews benefits the tour company in many ways, including higher rank, visibility, credibility, trust, and business.

 3. How can I request a Google review?

Following are the ways to request a Google review:

  • Personally
  • A text message or call
  • Webpage link
  • Email
  • Social media

4. Are all paid Google reviews authentic?

Yes, if you buy Google reviews from an authentic source like Buyreviewz.com. Authentic reviews reveal accommodating services, camping, backpacking trips, and everything they largely do. 

5. Is it okay to consider collecting reviews at the start of the travel-related business?

Yes, at the start of the business, Google reviews can be an excellent tool to boost your presence and give your business the kickstart it needs.

6. Which platform offers the finest reviews for travel agencies?

Google My Business is the ideal platform to post reviews regarding tourism services. Customers trust Google reviews a lot and have a lot of influence.

Google reviews affect your company's appearance on Google Maps, which is crucial for companies that cater to travelers, such as hotels, tour companies, and restaurants.

7. Why do reviews matter in the tourism industry?

While arranging their travels, 95% of tourists look at consumer reviews while planning activities during holidays. In the fiercely competitive tourist sector, businesses must understand and leverage customer insights since even a single positive or negative review has the potential to impact decision-making significantly.

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Sara holds expertise in brand management and rebranding. She has worked as a business communication specialist and understands the basic 'know-how' of empowered brand communication. Her experience in brand management helps her create Google reviews that hit potential customer's pain points. She is responsible for planning, ideating, and conceptualizing Google reviews at Buyreviewz.com for a group of brand owners looking for rebranding through local SEO, Google business, and viable digital reach!