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Google Reviews are free tools that help design the fate of sustainability of your business profile online. All you need to do is serve your customer's loyalty while adding value to their voice.

Business owners must create brand loyalty and satisfy their customers by giving much attention to their feedback. Be it positive or negative, feedback is essential for any organization to prosper. Indeed, positive feedback is celebrated, but the counterpart is an opportunity to reduce the flaws in the system.

Business heads must gather more and more Google Reviews from their customers in the future. More reviews mean more information, enhancing understanding of the business process better.

What are Google Business Reviews? 

Google Reviews are customer reviews that show how different people have liked or disliked the products or services offered by a particular business. It is the primary and most potent influence for people searching for a company online.

Business Local ranking can be improved using a business profile with updated business information. Google's product review algorithm rewards the in-depth review as a high-quality product. Based on the details, getting online positive reviews , a business can be ranked higher on the local search results through SEO.

How Increasing Google Reviews Boosts Your Business Online? 

#1. Boosting Credibility 

93% of customers read Google reviews before making a purchase. Simultaneously, google customer reviews, it also acts as a source of authenticity for the business. Buying Google reviews helps to boost the credibility of any micro, small, medium, or large-scale business. It serves as one of the essential elements of decision-making for potential customers.

#2. Greater Revenue Growth 

Not so shockingly, 86% of happy customers are willing to pay a higher price, but only when offered a great customer experience. And this will help you get more google reviews from those satisfied customers on your Google Business Page. This is precisely how Google review brings in more customers, leading to incredible revenue growth. 

#3. Booster of Local SEO 

Google Reviews are the natural sources of boosting your local SEO in the search engine. Google uses algorithms to showcase your business based on distance, relevance, and ratings on the Google Maps app for those searching for similar products or services. 

#4. Attract more Customers

Your investment in marketing through Google reviews is nothing compared to other options. A Google review can influence the decision-making power of potential customers. It helps you convert the target audience into real customers.

A Guide to Increase Google Reviews for Your Business

Check out the below points to maximize your Google reviews for your business. 

#1. Make Use of A Marketing Kit

A marketing kit includes stickers, social posts, posters, business card templates, and many in-store printable materials offered by Google that display your business's functionality. It helps to inform your customers about your services and eventually attract a wider population to avail of your company's services. You can even ask your happy customers to leave a Google review on the Google Maps app through the designed posters.

Then, use your existing reviews to update and create customized signs on your business profile on Google. This helps you grab the attention of your potential customers while sharing the recent offers happening in and around your business. The best part of using a marketing kit is it's free! All you need to do is customize your posters using the various designs or templates offered by Google and let them be on your business profile. 

#2. Deepen your Interaction 

It would barely take a minute for your customers to leave an online review on your business listings on Google. But to gather more Google reviews, business owners must improve their interpersonal approach toward customers. 

An appreciative tone of writing a Thank You email or in-person thanking the customer for choosing your business would be a great strategy. All you need is to praise the customers with assuring statements that they would never regret choosing your services and must avail it again. 

You can request the customers to leave an online review about their experiences. This adds more context to the reviews and eventually serves the potential customers more in understanding your business profile. Business owners should also respond to the reviews, whether negative or positive showing their keen interest in improvement and how much they value the customers. 

#3. Create a Short URL 

Verify your business on Google to boost your appearance on the Google search engine, Google maps app, and other services provided by Google. Ensure you create a Short Review link for your customers if you want more reviews.

Add the review link in the "thank-you" emails, recipient-of-interactionism online, or simply in the thank-you texts you would send to the phone numbers shared by your customers. Then, ask for reviews by clicking on the review link and rating their experience in stars on the business page's Review Section. 

Most people use their mobile phones to view a business on Google or leave a Google business review. 53% of users use mobile to access internet-relevant services.

Here Are Few Steps as to Leave a Review Using Your Mobile Phone:

  • Search for the business in Google Maps App.

  • When the business listings appear, go to the reviews section below after scrolling down or simply click on the "Reviews" option that appears in the upper right side corner.

  • Type your experience in words or rate it in stars.

  • You can also drop some photos sharing your experience.

  • Hit the post button in the upper right corner.

#4. Google Review Email Campaign can be Equally Helpful 

To gather more Google business reviews from your happy customers, you can simply Run a Campaign of Google reviews through emails. This way, you remind your customers to leave a valuable review but also help boost your business's Local Search with real business information.

When you gain online reviews through an email campaign, you minimize the chances of fake reviews. In addition, the review requests would help you gain new reviews boosting your online reputation. Personalizing emails before sending them to the customers would help generate more helpful customer feedback.

This is because it adds more relevance to the customers' understanding of your business. With more happy customers, it takes the bare minimum on your customer's side to drop a positive review for your business. Moreover, they would be willing to do so.

#5. Use Social Media For Online Reviews 

Social media is the most happening zone in today's time. With over 4.59 billion people using different social media platforms, you can seamlessly promote your business offerings alongside asking for Google business reviews from your customers. 

Customer reviews are the most reliable source of authenticity for others. With more reviews and star ratings on your business page, you can help others make an informed and learned decision about their next visit or purchase from your store. This would also do your part of the work in marketing. 

Facebook is a social media platform with a review system that you can use while asking for online reviews. For other mediums, you can ask for reviews by posting a screenshot of your review section showing stars and reviews of others or uploading Google review instruction videos on YouTube. And intriguing others to share their experiences as well.

#6. Deal Effectively with Negative Reviews 

More reviews and positive reviews can skyrocket your local search ranking. While negative reviews can zap your entire online reputation. 94% of people avoid businesses with negative reviews.

When running a business, it becomes evident that some would love your offering while others wouldn't. Perhaps your customers had a negative experience. Therefore, if you ever find a negative review on your business profile, never overlook it. 

Deal with calmness and patience, inquiring deeper into what leads to their dissatisfaction. Remember that every customer is essential to sustain your business in this competitive market. Apart from your business listings, your approach toward your customers makes you unique. 

Find Out the Reasons Behind the Negative Reviews:

  • We are very sorry to hear this from you. How would you like us to serve you better? 

  • Thank You for your valuable feedback. We sincerely apologize for your experience. We look forward to serving you better by knowing every detail of your purchase. Kindly share your experience.

  • We are looking forward to hearing back from you. 

  • You can email personalized apologies or request an in-person meeting to resolve the issue. 

#7. Never Forget CTA's

Call to action or CTAs are also essential for gaining the customer's attention to avail of your local business services or products. For example, a small pop-up towards the end of your website inserting a link to leave google reviews on your Google review page can help your customers leave a review at the end.

Moreover, along with your Google Business profile, you can ask your customers to drop a review on popular sites like Amazon and Yelp if your business is listed there. You can add a CTA attached with google review link shortcut: "Did you have a good time viewing our products? Click on the link below to leave a review for us to know how you feel!" 

A Few Words at Last 

There are several ways, as mentioned earlier, to gain more Google reviews to boost your local SEO, online reputation, and business name. However, the sky's the limit for your small business's growth if you follow them with excellent execution and strict discipline.

New customers are less likely to leave a review because of low trust. However, you can provide a small incentive to leave a review of your GMB profile. Simple Gmail or SMS can do wonders. Have you tried it yet?

Sarah Smith
Written By Sarah Smith

Sara holds expertise in brand management and rebranding. She has worked as a business communication specialist and understands the basic 'know-how' of empowered brand communication. Her experience in brand management helps her create Google reviews that hit potential customer's pain points. She is responsible for planning, ideating, and conceptualizing Google reviews at for a group of brand owners looking for rebranding through local SEO, Google business, and viable digital reach!

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