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How To Export Google Map Reviews From GMB
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Are you running a business and struggling to stand out online? Ever wished you could show off those amazing Google Map reviews right on your website? Well, you're not alone! 

Positive reviews are gold for attracting customers, but if they're stuck on your Google page, they're not doing much. Let's fix that and bring those reviews to a place where they can leave a better impact. Now, let’s discuss the most important question: Is it possible to export Google Map Reviews?  Google My Business does not provide an in-built tool to export Google Map Reviews. Nonetheless, there are many ways to export reviews. Let’s explore these in detail! 

Why Is There A Need To Export Google Map Reviews?

Do you want to export Google Map Reviews? As a marketer/ business owner, you would reply in the affirmative.

Downloading Google Map Reviews can further help your business in various ways. Some of the reasons why there is a need for such exports are listed below.  

# Maintain A Backup

Reviews help analyze how your business is performing. They also prove your social standing in the market. Certain times, these reviews may get accidentally deleted due to technical glitches. At other times, you may need to use them when you switch your Google account. Sometimes, you want to use existing reviews across multiple accounts or locations. Therefore, maintaining a backup in the form of exports is necessary. 

# Brand Analysis 

Reviews can make or break a brand. Hence, keeping track of these is essential. Google Map Reviews are a feedback mechanism that can help you identify where you excel and areas of improvement. Exporting all your reviews in a single file can help analyze these parameters and strengthen your brand. 

# Competition Analysis

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors is crucial to your business growth. Exporting Google Map Reviews is not limited to your own business. A business owner or marketer can also export competitor’s reviews. Reading these can help with competition analysis and make your business stand out by working towards providing better services as per clients' preferences. 

# Potential Customer Targeting

When you export your competitor’s Google Map Reviews, you get to know their clientele. These make up your potential customers. Exporting reviews can thus assist a brand with relevant leads. Additionally, reviews can be exported to your business website. These can help the website rank better on Google Search, attract potential customers, and lead to better conversion rates. 

# Legal Archiving

In some regulated industries, maintaining a review archival is a must. Authorities may need them for legal and regulatory compliance. Such practice is followed across healthcare, hospitality, real estate, tourism and transportation industries. 

How To Export Google Map Reviews?

There are various ways of exporting Google Map Reviews from your Google My Business account and the most common methods are discussed below. 

# Export Google Reviews To Your Website

Exporting Google Map Reviews to your website can lead to better search engine optimization (SEO) and brand credibility. There are various ways of doing this. The first method is via a manual copy-paste. This method lets you directly choose the reviews you want to display and copy them to a separate sheet or document. You can then paste these to your website banner. This method is easy but is extremely time-consuming. 

Another way to export Google reviews to your website is via WordPress plugins such as WP Review Slider Pro and Google Reviews Widget. These allow you to customize the reviews you want to showcase. You can filter reviews by rating, date, or timeline. Additionally, you can customize the review format for your website. These offer a significantly simple and faster method to export reviews to your website. 

# Use Google My Business API

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are protocols that act as translators to foster interaction within software applications. Google My Business’ official API can perform various tasks such as listing, gathering, segregating, and extracting Google reviews. Not just this, you can even reply to a review or delete a reply. 

A step-by-step process for this is as follows: 

Step 1: Apply for OAuth 2.0 credentials

Step 2:  Open the API library via the Google console 

Step 3: Select an existing API or create a new one 

Step 4: Search and locate the API you want and enable it

Step 5: Enable billing and accept API’s terms of service

Step 6: Export reviews by using specific HTTP requests. 

The biggest disadvantage of this method is that it requires hiring a developer. It is effective, but non-technical users may find it complex to use. Besides, it can only export reviews. A further understanding of programming languages is required to showcase them on your website. 

# Extracting Google Reviews To A CSV File

Sometimes, you only need to create a single file with all your reviews. A singular CSV file can help achieve this goal. While manual copy-paste is always an option, there are various tools available that can automate the process. Some third-party tools are OutScraper and Export Comments.

A step-by-step process for this is as follows: 

Step 1: Log into the application

Step 2: Start a new review scraping task

Step 3: Specify links, IDs, and locations

Step 4: Set parameters such as ratings and quantity for extraction

Step 5: Confirm and start the extraction process

Step 6: Download the results in CSV or XLSX format.

This method will ensure that your Google Map Reviews get automatically saved. You can then access them within a single document. 

What Are The Advantages Of Having More Google Map Reviews?

What is the main objective of brands on the internet? The most relevant answer would be higher visibility. Google Map Reviews are an easy way to achieve such goals. 

Let us discuss the various advantages offered by Google Map Reviews. 

# Increased Brand Visibility

Businesses with better reviews and rankings enjoy higher visibility on Google searches. The reviews help a brand build its credibility. Therefore, Google’s search engine recommends such locations to potential customers. This results in increased brand visibility. 

# Better SEO Rankings

When you look up certain keywords with a specific location, the top results showcase Google Maps locations. If you analyze these deeply, you will realize that Google is recommending relevant local businesses with good rankings through this listicle. Therefore, Google Maps Reviews are an easy way for a business to ensure better SEO Rankings. Your business can stay on top of search results and attract more customers by encouraging existing clients to post reviews. 

# Established Feedback Mechanism

Honest Google Map Reviews offer the best feedback mechanism. They allow local businesses to assess their strengths and weaknesses. Businesses that take reviews seriously can provide better services, resulting in more positive reviews and attracting more customers. 

# Competitive Advantage

According to research, 68% of consumers are willing to pay more for the same product if it promises a better experience. Customers often read reviews to determine the product/ service experience. Therefore, a business with good reviews can gain an advantage over others selling the same product within their locality. 

# Reputation Management Opportunity

Whether negative or positive, reviews provide an opportunity. While positive reviews enhance brand reputation organically, negative reviews help them showcase their human side. A report states that only 24% of businesses always respond to negative reviews. While this is a small chunk, brands that respond to these negative reviews humbly can salvage their reputation and appear more appealing to potential customers. 

# Social Proof

As discussed earlier, positive reviews build trust and credibility. These act as social proof that can influence the actions of customers. A business with more positive reviews will attract more customers based on the positive experience of other clients. A vicious circle forms where the brand ends up benefiting every time. 

Show Your Credibility With Google Reviews

Google Map Reviews influence consumer reaction to a business’ product or service. Hence, businesses should encourage their clientele to leave a review. Moreover, a business that exports Google Map Reviews and keeps track of them can benefit greatly from the exercise. However, generating organic reviews can be quite a challenge. To solve this issue, BuyReviewz provides subscription plans that allow you to buy genuine Google Map Reviews and keep track of these. 

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1. Can I export Google reviews to my new business profile from the old one?

Though Google does not provide an internal method to transfer reviews, you can ask customers to leave reviews on your new profile, export reviews to your new profile or mail Google support. 

2. How to get more reviews on Google Maps?

You can include a review link/ barcode in your marketing emails and on social media. Additionally, you can export Google reviews to your website or social media, ask people directly.

3. Is there a way to extract Google reviews?

You can extract Google reviews by copy-pasting manually or through Google My Business API, third-party plugins, and URLS that convert reviews to an XLSX or CSV format.

4. Can I export Google Maps reviews to Excel?

Yes, you can export Google Map reviews to Excel by using third-party tools such as OutScraper or Export Comments. Remember to choose a trustworthy third party tool for the same.

5. Is it safe to export Google reviews from third-party tools?

Yes, it is safe to export Google reviews from third-party tools if they are reputed and credible. To check such credibility you can check reviews and ratings, safety measures and privacy policy.