How to Add Keywords to Your Google My Business Profile To Rank Higher?

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Improving your company’s online presence is essential for holistic success in this evolving world. A report shows that 46% of online users use Google search results to find a local business that meets their needs, thus making it imperative to handle SEO effectively.

You can manage how your company shows up in search results with Google My Business (GMB). Moreover, adding keywords to your Google Business Profile (GBP) can significantly improve your rankings.

Your internet visibility will increase, and consumer engagement will be improved with this user-friendly, free solution. This article teaches you how to use the proper keywords to increase your online presence and local search engine optimization.

What are Keywords?

People often discuss the right keyword strategy to improve your listings; do you know what keywords are? Keywords are short phrases or long words that quickly describe and search for your company.

Keywords are generally of two kinds - long-tail and short keywords. The long-tail ones are usually between three and five words and are more specific than general terms, allowing you to focus on target audiences effectively.

On the other hand, a short keyword that is one to three words and supports general search. These keywords have more search volume than long-tail keywords, attracting more visitors and increasing website traffic.

Understanding the Importance of Keywords For GMB Profile

Google Business Profile keywords are the words people use to search for your product and services and play a vital role in search results. Google compares terms entered by users with businesses that are listed, then ranks the results according to several different criteria.

Therefore, having relevant keywords in your GMB profile can increase the possibility of customers reaching out for your products and services, thus increasing conversion. Here are two ways it can be of significant help.

1. Local SEO

Whether a company is small and startup-like or big and established, SEO should be their first goal. Moreover, local SEO can significantly improve foot traffic and, ultimately, sales for physical stores.

According to a report, around 70% of customers prefer to visit a business if they see their profile completed and updated on their profile and apps. Hence, add more keywords to your Google Business Profile for effective optimization.  

2. Reduce Ads Burden

To drive traffic to your business organically, you must follow a more targeted and refined SEO approach. In addition to being less expensive than placing a bid on Google Ads, organic search results have higher conversion rates than sponsored advertising.

You can use relevant keywords or keyword phrases and make simple and easy changes to your Google profile. It will be an effective and much cheaper way of increasing organic traffic. 

How Do You Add Keywords to Google My Business Profile?

Are you looking for ways to optimize your SEO by adding keywords to a Google Business Profile? Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Do Keyword Research

Your first step towards an effective SEO is doing keyword research. Search for keywords that your potential customers will use the most. Many tools, such as Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush, can find applicable keywords.

Step 2: Find Primary Keywords

It is always better to choose one primary keyword representing your business and products perfectly. These keywords should reflect what your company does, or products look like.

Step 3: Search Secondary Keywords

Besides primary keywords, you should also maintain a list of secondary keywords relevant to your business. These are the ones that will capture the other minor aspects of your products.  

10 Best Practices To Add Keywords On GMB Profile For Better Search Ranking 

Below are some best practices and tips for finding and adding keywords for better search rankings. These will help you add keywords that are more relevant to your business.

#1. Relevant Business Categories

It is one of the best ways of ensuring your GBP profile ranks. You should add keywords in your business categories, both primary and secondary. Adding the category section will allow your business listing to appear in Google searches.

#2. Business Description

The business description is a great place to add keywords to your Google Business Profile. Incorporating primary and secondary keywords into your business description might make it more engaging.

#3. Main Website

Besides finding your business, you also want people to find your website to buy products easily. Hence, remember to add keywords to the main website. These can be H1 headings, meta titles, and meta descriptions by using the right combination of keywords

#4. Product/Service Feature

It is feasible to add more products and services to Google My Business that are pertinent to the categories your company falls under. It has been discovered that including keywords in the services section is related to higher rankings.

#5. Google Business Profile Posts (GBP)

GBP also allows users to create posts about promotions, events, or news about your business. You can make those posts with relevant keywords, adding them naturally and thus keeping your profile engaging.

#6. Attributes

This is a section under GMB where you can add additional details about your business. You can use this section to add any relevant keywords that can highlight a specific attribute about your product or service.

#7. Ask Customers to Enter Keywords in Reviews

Reviews from customers on your GMB profile ought to be welcomed. Having favorable reviews will help improve your search rankings. You can ask them to enter specific keywords when writing reviews; it will increase the keyword density naturally.

#8. Responding to Q&A

Another way of adding keywords to your GBP is in the Q&A section. When users ask for a question, revert by adding the most relevant keyword in your answer. However, do not overboard the keywords in every Q&A.

#9. Think Like Your Customers

Always think like your customers and understand how they think about your product or service. Accordingly, develop and add keywords most seen in the search queries. Remember not to anticipate and make any keywords; otherwise, it can lead to your business not reflecting on search results.

#10. Be Specific

When using keywords in your Google Business profile, ensure they are specific to your business, brand, and products. Just use the right amount of keywords and keep it SEO optimized; it will result in a higher ranking. Also, remember not to over-stuff keywords, or they may hurt search results.

How Do You Research the Right Keyword for your GMB profile?

To do more advanced keyword research, you must know and understand your customers in and out. You should know the search terms that your target market will use to find your company or goods. 

Here are some actions you can take:

#1. Local SERP

Begin with typing words that are relevant to your business. Once you do so, Google will also suggest suggestions to incorporate in your keyword strategies. For instance, if you are searching for a coffee shop, consider what customers will type for searching and use them as your keywords.

#2. Understand Audience Behavior

First, you should understand what your audience thinks and how they search. Check the questions they can ask in the people also ask section. It will give you a better idea of how to frame your keywords.

#3. Use Tools

You may get your business's most relevant keyword lists by using paid tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Google Keyword Planner, and others. They conduct advanced research and combine website strategies to develop keywords.

#4. Keep a Check on Your Competitors

Another way is to check what your competitors are using as keywords. To outrank your competitor, include a few keywords they are using in your GMB profile. Additionally, check the attributes they have added to their profile to create a better strategy.

Bonus Tip- Strategies for Optimizing Your Profile with Keywords

Google My Business (GMB) profile plays a crucial role in SEO, keyword placement, and how you are ranked in the search results. Below are some ways to help you optimize your profile using relevant keywords.

#1. Regularly Update Business Information

While you update your GBP with keywords, ensure not to over-stuff as your content may not make sense to your customers and confuse them. Also, mention keywords at the beginning, preferably in the first 1-2 lines. You should also focus on adding keywords relevant to your brand; any keyword will not help your business rankings.

#2. Add Lots of High-Quality, Appealing Visuals

Besides the written content, you can also add a lot of appealing visuals to your posts. Visual contents are better recognized and acknowledged by the customers. You can use your keywords in those visuals for SEO purposes.

#3. Actively Respond to Customer Reviews

Your customers leaving a comment or review is one thing, and you actively responding to them is another. By responding, you can manage two things - show your audiences that you are active and include your keywords in your replies.

#5. Track Your Performance on Google My Business

An excellent tool that can significantly increase your internet visibility and presence is Google My Business. You can even use this tool to track how you perform on your posts and content where you have used keywords.


Your GMB profile is an excellent way to boost your presence and attract more customers. If you strategically add keywords to your GMB profile, you can quickly improve local rankings and grow your presence to potential clients looking for similar services.

However, remember to research your keywords thoroughly, choose between short and long-tail words, and pick where it will have more impact after adding. If you follow these, you can easily surpass your competitors and rank higher in the local searches.

These tips are for everyone, whether you are a beginner starting your business or an experienced player looking for ways to optimize your local searches.


1. Why is it important to add keywords to your Google My Business? 

Adding keywords to your Google My Business will help you get a better online presence in the local search results. It will help potential customers to understand what your business does.

2. Which places can you add keywords to your Google My Business profile?

There are many ways to add keywords to Google My Business profile, such as business description, attributes, Q&A, and product and services section. You can also tell your customers to add them when leaving reviews.

3. How do you choose the right keywords for your business?

Always select the keywords that perfectly match your business and represent your services. Also, search for terms and words that your potential customers use to search for similar companies to use as keywords.

4. Is it ok to change keywords frequently?

Yes, changing your keywords is a good idea if the previous ones are not helping. You can change if you find anything new in the market relevant to your business and products.

5. Is it ok to use the same keywords as my competitor?

Although there is no problem using the exact keywords, as you can have the same features, it is always better to use something unique and different.

Sarah Smith
Written By Sarah Smith

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