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Good Reviews Examples for Hotel
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Have you ever wondered how many hotels convince potential guests to visit their hotel without saying a word? It is the power of online reviews.

More than 80% of travellers said that they check reviews before they book a hotel. These stats prove how impactful are reviews for the hotel business and help travellers make informed decisions.

The positive reviews on hotels' GMB profiles can attract more footfall and drive business growth. So, this guide will be beneficial for you since it discusses more than 50 good review examples that can be impactful for your hotel's visibility and growth. 

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50+ Good Reviews Examples For Hotel

Even though the hotels know the significance of having reviews, they still need clarification about what information a hotel review must contain.

To help those hoteliers, here we have mentioned a list of more than 50+ good review examples. All these will help your hotel rank higher and convey the message that your hotel is worth visiting.

1. I just visited (Hotel Name) in the previous month, and I was mesmerized to see their luxurious accommodations. Their staff behaviour is also excellent, and I would love to visit again.

2. After conducting research, I selected (Hotel Name). I was highly impressed with its clean and comfortable rooms and additional facilities. I highly recommend it!

3. The secure and safe environment of this hotel will always have my heart. I have recommended that others visit (Hotel Name) once, and I can assure you that they will never regret it.

4. The cultural experience at (Hotel Name) left us with many stories and great memories. The hotel facilities and room services are exceptional. The staff are also accommodating and friendly.

5. I booked (Hotel Name) because of its commitment to eco-friendly practices. From recycling programs to energy-saving measures, they prioritize environmental conservation without compromising comfort.

6. My husband and I were on our romantic getaway to (Location Name) and stayed at (Hotel Name). We had a fantastic experience with luxurious amenities, impeccable services, and excellent room views.

7. Absolutely liked everything about this hotel. From delicious dining options to cozy rooms with stunning views, everything exceeded my expectations.

8. The (Hotel Name) has the perfect blend of historic charm and modern facilities. I booked one of their spacious suites, which were decorated beautifully. A truly memorable stay!

9. I highly recommend (Hotel Name) because of its clean and comfortable rooms, top-notch amenities, and attentive staff.

10. What a gem of a hotel! From the efficient check-in/check-out process, each moment was delightful. Also, the hotel has a very secure and safe environment.

11. The rooms were clean and very comfortable, with elegant décor. They went over and beyond to help make our stay enjoyable. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone visiting downtown (Location Name).

12. I was impressed by the efficient check-in/check-out process of the hotel. They allowed us to check in early, at about 10 am. Their customer service is also commendable.

13. I had a wonderful experience at the (Hotel Name). The premium amenities with spa and wellness facilities offered us an excellent experience.

14. I loved everything about this hotel, from room types, customer service, and facilities to the serene pool area and gym facility. I will recommend others for sure!

15. This is the perfect hotel for a romantic getaway in (Location). The downtown area on Main Street is a best-kept secret, and the (Hotel Name) offers everything you need if you feel like you need to vent out.

16. The best hotel I've ever been privileged enough to stay at. The elegant décor of the rooms, top-notch amenities, and high-quality services are the prime attractions of this hotel. I loved it!

17. I have stayed at a dozen hotels in (Location). This was on the top of the list of best stays/experiences ever. The friendly and helpful staff were there for every need of mine. Thank you so much.

18. This hotel is indeed a hidden paradise with comprehensive amenities. The attention to detail in each aspect of the experience truly sets it apart.

19. I had the best experience at (Hotel Name). Their exceptional hospitality, elegant rooms, and safe and secure environment were the best parts. Thank you so much for making my trip memorable.

20. From the moment I reached (Hotel Name), the staff welcomed me with flowers and a complimentary drink. The best thing was its efficient check-in/check-out process, which left me thoroughly impressed.

21. No doubt, I got a total of 5-star experience at (Hotel Name). The luxurious accommodations, serene surroundings, and attentive staff make it a perfect place for relaxation.

22. Overall, I had a great experience with the (Hotel Name); the staff was accommodating, and the amenities were great. I booked a spacious suite, which was beautiful, clean, and perfect to celebrate my birthday.

23. I went to (Hotel Name) with my family, and it gave us excellent family-friendly services. The staff was amiable and consistently made sure I was comfortable. I will stay there when I come back!

24. I received first-class service from the moment I arrived at the hotel until the moment I left. The prime location of the hotel is a big plus. The facilities were top-notch, and the view from my room was simply stunning.

25. I and my colleagues stayed at (Hotel Name) for 4 days and it gave us excellent business facilities. Our rooms had proper office desks and chairs, a table lamp, and all the necessary things. I appreciated it!

26. This hotel felt like a natural home away from home. I was so impressed with the level of comfort and attention to detail. My stay was perfect.

27. The hotel had a relaxing atmosphere with a serene pool area. I loved unwinding at the spa after a long day. It was an unforgettable hotel experience.

28. The hotel was in a prime location, close to all the major attractions. Breakfast was a feast, with a wide variety of delicious options to choose from. I can't wait to stay here again!

29. The staff at the (Hotel Name) in (Location) were fantastic. Great attitude. Helpful and always available. The bed was super comfy. I will always stay at this location when traveling to or through (Location).

30. The exceptional customer service at this hotel impressed me. They were always friendly and asked how our stay was going every time we walked in the door. They were also able to recommend places to get any meal that we needed.

31. It is a lovely hotel with a beautiful restaurant. Amiable staff. The hotel is full of great art and elegant décor—just a charming place.

32. The vintage aesthetics of the hotel rooms were excellent. Our Room was spotless, comfortable, and spacious.

33. The hotel was beautiful, with clean and comfortable rooms. It was even better than expected. The price was terrific. There were great restaurants within walking distance. I would definitely stay there again.

34. I stayed at the most beautiful, elegant-looking hotel. The rooms are unique, with stunning views. The room rates are reasonable, too. I will come back for sure!

35. Loved the downtown location and atmosphere. About name it, and you're within walking distance. Service was Terrific, and the Room was 5-star.

36. What drove me to this hotel was its comprehensive amenities. Besides this, it offers a very safe and secure environment for all visitors, which is a great thing.

37. It was my best stay ever at (Hotel Name). With its concierge service excellence, spacious rooms, pool area, spa facilities, etc., it offered me complete peace.

38. Our stay at (Hotel name) was exceptional! The staff was friendly, and the room was beyond comfortable.

39. I recently stayed at (Hotel Name), and it was one of the best hotel experiences I've ever had. The Room was spacious and comfortable, and the amenities were top-notch, with helpful and friendly staff. I would definitely stay here again in the future.

40. It is the oasis of luxury in the heart of (Location Name). We stayed there for 2 days only but were impressed by its exceptional customer service and clean and spacious rooms. I will visit here with my friends next year!

41. The exceptional hospitality with clean and comfortable rooms is what I generally expect from a hotel, and (Hotel Name) exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

42. What sets (Hotel Name) apart is that it offers its guests the best gourmet dining experience—a big thumbs up for this.

43. The best stay ever. The environment was pleasant and welcoming. Both check-in and check-out were professionally handled and easy.

44. We stay here once a year, at least for special events when we don't want to drive home. The staff is always friendly. I have never had a bad experience, and the best part is its prime location. So, you can walk to everything.

45. This is a beautiful hotel! It's clean and has a lot of comfort items to make you feel at home. We're in town for a stressful event, and coming back to this Room was very peaceful.

46. Great location, easy to get in and out of the city. The hotel is well-maintained and has a safe and secure environment.

47. Friendly staff. Clean hotel. There is a beautiful atmosphere inside and outside around that part of the city.

48. The hotel's customer service is truly exceptional. What I most loved about the hotel is its serene pool area, beautiful room décor, additional facilities, restaurant, and overall atmosphere.

49. After knowing that this hotel provides family-friendly services, I went there with my partner and kids. We thoroughly enjoyed their services in one of the spacious suites.

50. Paradise is found at the (Hotel Name) and offers rooms with stunning views. The staff were great, and the food was terrific. So, I will go there again and again. 

51. The hotel spa and wellness facility will give you extra comfort. Besides this, the rooms are spacious, and the services are excellent. They are highly recommended!

All these 50+ good review examples for hotels will help you shine in the competitive hotel industry. But what is the primary significance of having hotel reviews? Continue your reading to know that!

Why Do Hotels Need Good Reviews?

Only an online 5-star rating cannot bring hotels the visibility they need. You need positive reviews to increase the number of visitors. But, what are the other reasons to get reviews? Let’s know!

  • Builds Your Reputation

Good Google reviews act as a testament to the hotel's commitment to offering exceptional customer service and guest satisfaction. So, every glowing review paints a favorable image of the hotel, further solidifying the hotel's reputation and attracting new visitors.

  • Helps Hotels Spot Flaws

Reviews give hotels valuable insights into the areas in which they excel and those that need improvement. Through this, hotels can work on their comprehensive amenities, facilities, etc. Further, hotels can implement necessary changes to ensure continuous development.

  • Establishes Trust Among Potential Visitors

Positive hotel reviews can cultivate trust among potential visitors. The feedback from past visitors displays your hotel's concierge service excellence. So, potential guests are more likely to feel confident in their decision to book a stay.

  • Strengthen SEO

If your hotel's ranking is not higher, how will people know about luxurious accommodations? This is why online reviews are essential. They give visibility, increase bookings, attract organic traffic, and further improve online marketing efforts.

So, these are the advantages you can get through the lens of Google reviews. But, the reviews will only be effective if they are written in the best way. So, jump into the following section to learn more!

What Are The Things You Must Include In Hotel Reviews?

Almost 55% of travellers believe they need to check hotel reviews from many sources. However, they get disappointed when they see vague reviews and look for detailed information. So, you must know what makes good reviews examples. If you mention or add the following points in your GMB reviews, potential guests will be more likely to trust your business over others.

  • Information About Staff And Services

The interactions guests have with the hotel staff significantly impact the guests' experience. So, mention about hotel's friendly and helpful staff, who show their willingness to assist guests with their needs. Also, highlight what services and facilities people can expect from the hotel.

  • Hotel Amenities And Facilities

Help potential guests evaluate the quality of a hotel by mentioning specific things about hotel amenities and facilities. Talk about efficient check-in/check-out process, additional facilities, elegant décor of the room and the entire hotel, room services, etc.

  • Dining Options

Food is an essential thing for people whenever they travel. So, they always look for hotels that provide great dining options. Therefore, it will be beneficial if the review mentions anything specific they offer. If the client had a gourmet dining experience, ask them to mention that.

  • Value For Money

Always mention whether the hotel is worth your money at the end of the review. This streamlines the decision-making process of potential guests. Ask customers to talk about your overall experience and mention crucial factors like room rates, service quality, amenities, etc.

Final Thoughts

Shape your reputation and bring success to your table with the best hotel reviews. With the help of the aforementioned good review examples, you can get an idea of what type of reviews help increase GMB profile ranking. This can further expand your reach online and motivate travellers to visit your hotel. If satisfied with your services, they will leave more reviews as well.

You can have sustanaible business growth for your hotel if you purchase Google reviews from BuyReviewz.com. With their top-notch services and real reviews, your hotel business will flourish.

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