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How To Respond To Reviews For Hotels And Restaurants
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Online reviews are a powerful tool for any hotel to engage with their guests, manage their online reputation, and make improvements in their booking and revenue system. 

With such flexible facilities and advantages offered by online reviews, there can arise some complex problems while handling and managing their influence on hotel reputation. 

In this blog, let’s understand the best practices to respond and manage hotel and restaurant reviews for a better online reputation and encouraging more customer visits.

Why Are Online Reviews Important For Hotels?

Reviews matter as they play a crucial role in creating a strong online reputation for the hotel and bringing more customers. Here are the three main reasons why they are important and need to be dealt with.

1. Major Influence On Bookings

Nowadays it is very true that potential guests rely heavily on online reviews while making their booking decisions. These positive reviews can serve as valuable assets that would encourage more bookings and attract new customers on the way. 

At the same time, negative reviews can deter potential guests and create losses for the hotels. Therefore, maintaining a positive online reputation is very important, and this is where online guest reviews come into action.

2. Knowledge About Past Guest Experience

Online reviews provide valuable insights about the past guest experience. By analyzing these reviews, the hotel can identify new trends and areas of improvement for their hotel services. 

This data-driven approach helps many hotels make informed and prior decisions regarding service improvements and overall guest experience, resulting in a higher guest retention rate and loyalty.

3. Building Trust And Loyalty

Positive reviews significantly help build trust and credibility for hotels. When the guest sees positive feedback from past online guest reviews, they feel more confident about their choice of stay. 

Responding to reviews, both positive and negative, professionally can build trust by showing that the hotel values the first-hand reviews from guest and cares about their experience.

Why Is It Important For Hotels And Restaurants To Respond to Reviews?

It is very important for every hotel to respond to their online reviews. There are several reasons for this. 

  1. Reviews sets the tone for the expected service by showing that you value the feedback from the guest, whether it is positive or negative. This can significantly influence the guest's mind and build trust.

  2. While handling criticism, thoughtful and motivated replies for positive feedback demonstrate the commitment to guest satisfaction. 

It is not just about addressing the current guest concerned but also showing your dedication to improving the overall guest experience in the future as well.

  1. Asking for feedback from unhappy guests and involving them in follow-up conversations is another key benefit of responding to reviews. This open conversation turns negative customer experience into positive ones, building long-term customer loyalty.

In this competitive hospitality industry, understanding what guests want and their sentiments is paramount to attracting and retaining guests. Only 40% of the hotels respond to the guest reviews. 

Therefore if you want to build a better reputation for your hotel and restaurant than your competitors, responding to all online reviews is crucial. 

5 Best Practices on How To Respond To Positive Reviews For Hotels

Responding to positive reviews is very important to show appreciation for guest feedback and encourage repeat visits. Here are some of the best practices on how to respond to positive reviews by hotels:

1. Be Personal and Genuine

Try to address the guest by name and express genuine gratitude for their positive reviews. Keep the response personalized and brief while conveying your appreciation and gratitude.

2. Highlight Positive Comments

Always acknowledge specific aspects of the guest experience that they have praised in their review. This will reinforce positive feedback and encourage future guests to explore those aspects during their stay.

3. Give Credit To Your Staff

Always recognize and praise your staff for their valuable contribution to the guest's positive experience. Also, specify departments or team members to showcase their efforts in the reviews.

4. Prioritize Quick Responses

Try to respond to a reasonable percentage of positive reviews within a specified time. Quick review responses can encourage customers to share more detailed feedback about their unique experiences.

5. Invite Them again

Remember to put a sweet note at the end by asking the guest to visit your hotel again and let them know that they are welcome back any time.

With these guidelines, hotels can manage both positive and negative reviews effectively, showing their commitment to case satisfaction and continuous improvement. These practices help to bring a positive online reputation and bring loyalty.

3 Things To Consider While Responding To Reviews For Hotels

Hotels can effectively manage their online reputation, enhance guest experience and drive more business growth by considering these following aspects while responding to their online reviews. 

1. Timeliness And Consistency

Respond to online reviews immediately and consistently across different platforms. This timely response shows the guests that a hotel well uses their feedback and is attentive to the guest's concerns. 

Consistency in response helps to maintain professionalism and ensure that all guests receive attention online reviews and care equally.

2. Personalization And Empathy

Personalize response to each review by addressing the guest by their name and acknowledging the details mentioned in their review. Showing empathy towards guest feedback who had negative experiences and apologizing for any unwanted actions along with a genuine desire to improve in the future. 

Same way express thankfulness to those guests who left positive reviews and try to build a positive relationship.

3. Turning Feedback into Action

Use Reviews for continuous improvement. Act-On constructive feedback by enhancing your hotel services facilities or policies. When responding to these reviews, mention any action taken based on the guest feedback. 

This proactive approach not only improves guest satisfaction but also contributes to a positive online reputation.

How Should Hotels Respond To Negative Reviews?

Responding to guest reviews, whether positive or negative, is good for your hotel's image. Let us understand how hotels must respond to negative reviews. When dealing with negative reviews, it is very important to tackle them with professionalism and consideration. Here are a few steps that one must follow to tackle any negative reviews online.

1. Thank The Guest By Name

Thank the reviewer for the valuable feedback and addressing them specifically by name. This personal touch shows that you value their feedback and are attentive to their stay at your hotel.


2. Apologize For The Poor Experience

Express sincere regret that the guest has experienced any unwanted experience during their stay. Also, show that their feedback is very important to you and you are committed to addressing any issue raised by them.

3. Highlight Changes Or Intentions To Make Changes

If possible, mention any change that you have made or are planning to implement based on the feedback that is received. Also, invite the guest to contact to directly discuss the change and provide a suitable communication email for the same.

4. Evaluate The Need For Follow-Up Procedures

Understand if any further follow-up is necessary based on the importance or severity of the issue. To contact guests, write an email to offer personalized apologies or compensation if appropriate.

5. Review And Learn From The Feedback

Try to see negative reviews as opportunities for potential areas for improvement in your hospitality service. Understand the critical questions and the nature of the complaint to see if it is a systematic problem or a one-time issue that the guest has faced.


While handling online reviews for hotels and restaurants, maintaining professionalism and a customer-centric approach are paramount to achieving success. Your wholehearted response will reflect your dedication to customer satisfaction and addressing their feedback promptly and respectfully, will make customers happy and content. 

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