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Are you a bar shop owner and struggling to increase your business revenue? 

Try Google reviews. You will definitely see an uptrend in sales.

But why do Google reviews matter so much for bar shops? 

It's simple: they are a reflection of authentic customer experiences, and potential clients browsing reviews rely heavily on previous customer reviews before trying out a new place.

Do Bar Shops Need Google Reviews to Increase Revenue?

The answer is unquestionably yes.

Google reviews have a significant impact on how customers evaluate your bar store. Such reviews strengthen the legitimacy of your services and have a big impact on customer choices. 

They also matter for search engine optimization (SEO), which has an impact on how visible your bar shop is on search engine result pages (SERPs).  

How to Get Google Reviews for Bar Shops?

Building an impressive portfolio of positive customer reviews might seem daunting initially, but fear not! Here are some proven tips to get more reviews:

1. Encourage Customers to Leave a Review

Train your staff to request customers for feedback post-purchase or service experience. Make it easy for them by providing clear instructions on how they can leave their review.

  • Directly Ask for Reviews: It’s simple yet effective. After a purchase or at checkout counters, kindly request your customers to leave honest reviews about their experience.
  • In-store signs and Banners: Display signs requesting customers to review your bar shop on Google.
  • At The Point Of Sale: Include prompts in your receipts or invoices with instructions on how to post a Google review.
  • Follow-Up Emails: If you capture email information at the point of sale or through online inquiries, send follow-up emails thanking them for their patronage and asking for a Google review.

2. Offering Incentives in Return for Reviews

Reviews matter for search engine optimization, and sometimes they need a little push. Offering incentives can be that push that gets your customer to leave a review. These incentives could include discounts on next purchase, loyalty points, or even a small gift.

3. Optimizing Your Google My Business Account

For bar stores eager to attract more customers, Google My Business (GMB) is a tool you cannot afford to ignore. GMB offers businesses a platform to showcase their services, location, operating hours, and, most importantly, customer reviews. 

Ensuring your GMB account is fully optimized – accurate information, engaging images, responsiveness to reviews – makes it easier for customers to post their feedback.

4. Purchasing Google Reviews

Recently, several bar shops have practiced purchasing positive customer reviews to get quick results and are now they are enjoying its perks. However, It's important to note that buying Google reviews should only be done from trustworthy and reputable sites. If you buy from a random service provider, you are at risk. 

5. Using Review Link QR on Packaging Material

Using a QR code that directs you straight to your GMB review page is the need of the hour for every bar shops looking for reviews. Consumers may go directly to the review website by just scanning the QR code with their smartphones.

5 Key Benefits of Having Google Reviews for Bar Shops

Positive customer reviews play an essential role in enhancing your business's visibility and credibility. Here are 5 key reasons why Google reviews are invaluable to bar shops.

1. GMB Listing Increases Bar Store Sales

A well-maintained Google My Business listing and getting positive reviews can attract more customers and subsequently increase sales.

2. Improves Customer Experience

Every review is an opportunity to understand your customer’s perspective. Compliments highlight what you're doing right, while constructive criticism can guide improvements, thus enhancing overall customer experience.

3. Review Sites are the Digital Word-of-Mouth Marketing Tool

Getting positive reviews acts as personal recommendations, encouraging others to try your services.

4. Boost Local Business Awareness

A strong local presence determines success for small businesses like bar stores. Positive reviews increase your business's visibility in local searches, reaching more potential customers in your area.

5. Stand Out from Competitors

In a saturated market, having a strong online reputation can distinguish your bar shop from competitors.

How to Manage Your Online Reviews for Your Bar Shops?

More than just collecting online reviews, managing them includes effectively responding to positive reviews and dealing with bad criticism. How to do it is as follows:

1. Responding Promptly to All Reviews

Timely responses show you value your customer's opinions and are committed to improving their experience.

2. Handling Negative/Neutral Feedback Professionally: If effectively managed, negative reviews have the power to convert dissatisfied customers into loyal ones. Acknowledge your regret for any issues you may have caused, offer an explanation if required, and reassure them that you will do better at service going forward.


The visibility, reputation, and sales of your bar shop can all be significantly impacted by Google reviews. You can take benefit from Google reviews by encouraging consumers to submit reviews, responding to them promptly, and consistently looking to improve based on the input you get.


1. Can I get Google reviews for my bar shops?

Yes, you certainly can. By creating a Google My Business account, you can start collecting Google reviews from your customers.

2. How can Google reviews help earn more reviews for bar shops?

Positive customer reviews act as social proof and encourage others to share their experiences, leading to more reviews.

3. How to manage negative reviews for my bar shops?

Managing your online reviews professionally involves acknowledging the feedback, offering an apology if necessary, and indicating steps taken to rectify the issue.

4. What is the best way to get more Google reviews for bar shops?

Offering excellent customer service that encourages customers to submit positive reviews is the greatest strategy for bar store businesses to gain more Google reviews.

5. What are the benefits of Google reviews for bar shops?

The benefits of Google reviews for bar shops are the increase in bar store sales, improves customer experience, boosts local business awareness and trust among your customers. 

Sarah Smith

Sara holds expertise in brand management and rebranding. She has worked as a business communication specialist and understands the basic 'know-how' of empowered brand communication. Her experience in brand management helps her create Google reviews that hit potential customer's pain points. She is responsible for planning, ideating, and conceptualizing Google reviews at Buyreviewz.com for a group of brand owners looking for rebranding through local SEO, Google business, and viable digital reach!