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Running a hotel and not able to attract more customers even after providing exceptionally good hospitality?

Try getting Google reviews for your hotel and see the change!

Almost 81% of travelers said they check reviews before booking a hotel, and positive reviews influence their decision a lot. Therefore, your hotel's Google review can be a game-changer and help your business gain more visibility and revenue.

Google hotel reviews are not just normal feedback; it is the key to getting a higher Google search rank and gaining more customers. But how to get Google reviews for hotels? Stick around to know the effective strategies.

How to Get Google Reviews for Hotels: Strategy to Win More Google Reviews

It is a fact that a high number of quality reviews for the hotel is equal to more bookings and an enhanced reputation. As a result, it can significantly generate higher hotel revenues.

But what are the practical strategies to encourage guests to leave reviews? Let's know and start your journey towards quick success in the hospitality industry.

#1. Ask Satisfied Guests for Reviews

The simplest way to get more positive Google hotel reviews for your hotel is to ask satisfied guests for reviews. You may include a note at the front desk or in your guest rooms and ask for reviews.

Sending a text with a review link after checking out can also be an excellent way to ask for reviews. It will be a more direct approach and make the process of collecting reviews quick and easy.

#2. Respond to Google Hotel Reviews

When you respond to Google hotel reviews (both positive and negative), it shows you genuinely care about your guests. 73% of hoteliers said that they always give a reply to every review as they consider it a part of customer service for guests.

It showcases your dedication to offering the best staying experience. As a result, the possibility of your guests returning becomes higher. Besides, you may attract new visitors as well. 

#3. Offer Incentives to Get More Google Hotel Reviews

Offering incentives can be an excellent way to get more Google hotel reviews. It can be a free room upgrade, an exclusive discount on future bookings, or a complimentary breakfast.

Interesting offerings can make your guests happy and satisfied. When they enjoy their staycation, they will leave positive Google reviews for your hotel, which will increase your visibility thus increasing guests' footfall at your hotel.

#4. Train Staff to Ask Your Guests for Reviews

Being a hotel owner, it is your responsibility to train your staff properly to get Google reviews from hotel visitors. Since your staff mostly interacts with your guests, it is easy for them to ask your guests for reviews.

When staff asks for Google reviews, the guest feels their feedback is really valuable, and the chances of them leaving a positive review increase. These positive reviews further can attract more guests to your hotel.

#5. Make Process Simpler of Getting More Google Hotel Reviews

The easier you make it for guests to give their feedback, the more likely they will take time to do it. So, consider leaving the hotel' review link throught text messages or emails to collect reviews.

Do not disturb them when they are enjoying their staycation or vacation. You can ask them to give your hotel reviews when they check out. You may also ask them to use a QR code to get feedback.

#6. Provide Excellent Service to Get the Best Possible Reviews for Your Hotel

Offering exceptional services, from food to total accommodation, can be an effective strategy to win more Google reviews for your hotel. 40% of hotel guests leave a review after having a positive experience.

The amenities, room services, etc., must be top-notch. Also, you can give them personalized welcome gifts to improve their overall experience.

#7. Purchase Google reviews for your hotel

Another quick way to get Google reviews is by purchasing them. You can even buy 5-star reviews for your hotel from a reliable service provider. They will stay on your site just like the organic ones.

It will give your hotel the exposure it deserves and help you stay ahead of your competitors. Buying Google reviews will increase your ranking and impact your hotel business in a positive way.

These are the most common ways to get hotel reviews. Now, if you are wondering why Google hotel reviews matter, keep reading further!

Why Google Hotel Reviews Matter?

Google reviews for hotels matter because it signals your credibility and indicates your position in the hospitality industry. Reviews are the first thing that people notice when searching for where to stay. 

So, without reviews, hoteliers cannot create a strong impression. However, besides this, there are other reasons that indicate the importance of having Google hotel reviews.

#1. Attract More Bookings

Positive Google hotel reviews can significantly improve your guests' decisions and encourage them to choose you over others. Reviews can help you reach more potential guests.

So, when people notice that you have many positive reviews about your hospitality and services, they won’t hesitate to book a room in your hotel. If satisfied, they will further leave reviews about their experience. 

#2. Helps Your Hotel Get a High Google Ranking

Hotel requests Google reviews to get a higher Google ranking as well. Google's algorithm always favors hotels with high ratings and reviews.

So, whenever people search for hotels in your location, your property will pop up on the first page of search results. This way, more people can discover your hotel.

Now that you know the importance of having Google reviews, it is time to know how you can monitor your hotel's Google reviews.

How to Monitor and Maintain Your Hotel's Google Reviews?

Monitoring and managing your Google hotel reviews is imperative to accelerate your hotel business growth. So, here are some ways to monitor and maintain your hotel's Google reviews.

#1. Set Up Google Alerts for Google Hotel Reviews

You can set your Google alerts about Google hotel reviews; it allows you to have immediate notifications whenever you receive reviews. It also notifies you when someone mentions you in blogs, reviews, or videos.

#2. Check Google Maps Listing Daily

Make it your habit to check Google Maps listing daily to know if there is any new feedback. It allows you to reply to the Google hotel reviews directly with a 'Thank You' note.

#3. Use Review Management Software

You can maintain your Google reviews by using review management software. Like, if you get more positive Google reviews for hotels from several sites, you can check everything from one platform and gain insights.

Final Thoughts

Prioritizing hotel’s Google reviews can be an integral part of the marketing strategy of your hotel. If you are in the hospitality industry, read the guide to learn how to strategically collect Google reviews from your hotel visitors and increase footfalls at your property.

Familiarize yourself with the advantages of doing so. Learn how you can track and maintain the flow of getting Google reviews. Then, take the lead, utilize the power of Google hotel reviews, and start your journey to success.


#1. What are the strategies to encourage guests to leave reviews?

Being a hotelier, you can apply several strategies to get more Google hotel reviews. They include asking directly to guests to leave feedback, offering incentives, providing excellent guest experience, etc.

#2. What is the importance of getting a high number of quality reviews for hotel?

When you receive a high number of quality reviews for your hotel, it attracts more bookings and builds trust among travelers. Having reviews can help in reputation management and identifying areas for improvement.

#3. Should hoteliers respond to negative Google reviews?

Yes, every hotelier must reply to negative hotel's Google reviews as well. It shows that your hotel values guests' feedback and works according to that. Also, when you apologize for your mistake and try to compensate by offering a discount on future bookings, it can bring back the guests in the future.

#4. Will getting more Google hotel reviews for your hotel help boost SEO?

Yes, getting more Google hotel reviews can heavily impact your SEO ranking so when people search online to book a hotel if your property has good reviews and ratings it will appear higher on the list.

#5. Where can people find Google reviews for your hotel?

People can find Google reviews for your hotel in different places. They include Google search results, review sites, Google Maps, Google My Business Profile, etc.

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