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Business is all about people, right?

Adding Google reviews on your business page really impacts how people perceive your business. In fact,72% of consumers wait to read one more review before even considering giving you their hard-earned money.

So, if you successfully gain a handful of positive reviews, you can improve your business sales and also increase your search ranking. 

In this guide, find out 25+ ways for getting more Google reviews for your business. Let’s get started!

25+ Easy Ways To Get More Google Reviews (With Examples)

Building up your reviews section from scratch can be challenging, but these methods will definitely get you your desired reviews and help you grow your brand or business. So, use these methods of getting Google reviews and add new reviews to your business profile. 

1. Optimize & Update your Google Business Profile

In order to get Google reviews, you must have a well-optimized Google Business Profile. Such a profile is more visible in search results, and therefore, your customers, too, can easily find your shop’s address or website’s link. 

You can optimize your Google Business profile with these steps: 

  • Step 1: Verify your business on Google. 
  • Step 2: Complete your profile after filling in your business information. 
  • Step 3: Add photos of your business and update your About section.

For example, MX Spa, a business from Colorado, has an optimized profile on Google. They have updated their profile with all the necessary information, like working hours and payment options. 

2. Create a Google Review Link Shortcut 

Customers may find it hard to find your reviews section. If you simply create a shortcut link to your reviews section and share it with your customers by email or message, they can add a review easily. 

To create a Google review link shortcut, do this: 

  • Step 1: Go to the home tab on your Google My Business profile
  • Step 2: Click on the ‘Get more reviews’ button and tap on Share the link
  • Step 3: Copy the link to your clipboard 

Now, you can share this link with your customers to ask them for reviews.  Also, you can include this link in your bio of a social media account. 

3. Customize & Shorten your review link 

While Google My Business usually gives a shortened URL, you can further customize it by using a link-shortening service like Bitly. Also, shorter links are more mobile-friendly and much easier to share. Here’s how to shorten a link:

  • Step 1: Sign up to Bitly and go to its dashboard
  • Step 2: Copy your review link from your profile and paste it into Bitly
  • Step 3: Click on the shorten button to get a new short link

You can customize this link and then share it with customers or clients to get more reviews on your business profile without any hassle. 

4. Link your review page on your website

This one is more direct and comfortable for your customers. When your customers make a purchase, they will try to find a review page on your website first. Therefore you must link your review section on your website itself. 

Here's how linking your review page will benefit your business: 

  • Easy access for customers, more chances of gaining reviews
  • Get instant feedback from customers
  • Increase the visibility of your business

For example, this is how a business called Carolina Homecheck has linked its review page on its website. They created a page titled Testimonials and added the link to the reviews page of their business. 

5. Dedicate a full website page to Google Reviews

Another way to get more Google reviews is to dedicate an entire page on your website for reviews. On this website page, your customers can simply navigate to read and add their reviews. 

When creating such a review page, consider these three things: 

  • Tip 1: Share text-based reviews as they contain keywords by users
  • Tip 2: Craft a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate page 
  • Tip 3: Include a clear CTA asking users for their reviews

For example, this construction brand called Pierce Roofing has a designated page for Google reviews. They have divided Facebook reviews and Google reviews. You, too, can do the same and make adding reviews a much easier task. 

6. Generate a QR code for Google reviews

Scanning QR codes to add reviews sounds cool, right? Your customers will love it, too. So, generate a unique QR code while asking for Google customer reviews. To generate a QR code for Google reviews, follow this:

  • Step 1: Copy the Google review link from your Google business profile
  • Step 2: Use a QR code generator like QR Code Generator
  • Step 3: Paste the link in the generator tool to get your unique code

Now, you can include this QR code on your business cards, brochures, or posters and add a phrase like ‘Scan here to tell us about your experience today!’ Once your customers scan the code, they will be directed to your review page.

7. Ask for Google reviews in person

There are always some opportunities to ask for Google reviews. For example, if your customer is in the store, you can simply ask him to leave a review online after he has availed of the service. 

Here are some phrases you can use to ask for reviews in person: 

  • Your thoughts matter to us! Can you leave a review?
  • Could you take a moment to share your experience online?
  • Have a moment? Your review would mean a lot to us.

Similarly, you can use client interactions to gain more reviews on your business profile. You should ask them politely, and you will definitely get a positive response. 

8. Run a Google review email campaign

Another effective way to ask for more Google reviews is to run dedicated email campaigns asking for reviews. Also, according to Bright Local’s survey, 34% of consumers are more likely to leave a review when asked in emails. So this works.

Use these tips to implement your Google review email campaign: 

  • Tip 1: Segment your email list for new and repeat customers
  • Tip 2: Time your emails strategically according to the buyer’s journey 
  • Tip 3: Provide direct review links to your review page at the end

Monitor responses and respond to all your reviews promptly. A successful campaign can boost your online reputation, increase visibility on Google, and also attract more customers.

9. Include Google review opportunities in polls and surveys

You can also ask your customers to share a review in your polls and surveys. Almost 68% of consumers leave reviews when asked to. But remember to place the review request with a link so your customers can access it and leave a review easily.

For example, if you have sent out a survey to your previous customers, at the end of the survey, you can add a phrase like, ‘Thanks for your feedback! You can also review us on Google and then, in the end, include the link to your review page. 

10. Ask for reviews on social media platforms

The next method you can rely on is asking for reviews on your social media. To gain more reviews, select the platform where your audience is most active and then apply these tips:

  • Tip 1: Include a review link in your bio
  • Tip 2: Instruct your customers on how to leave a review
  • Tip 3: Engage with customers who have already left reviews

For example, one way to get reviews through Instagram is to share a video about your new product launches and add a caption saying, ‘We love hearing from our amazing customers! Share how you like these new products on Google. Here’s the link.’

11.  Include a Google review CTA in your footer 

With all the above methods in place, you should also include a Google review CTA in your website footer to encourage more customers to share their reviews. To create such a footer, follow this:

  • Step 1: Create a dedicated reviews page
  • Step 2: Design a clear CTA button or link
  • Step 3: Integrate it into your website footer

For example, you can add a CTA in your website footer saying, ‘Drop Us A review’ or ‘Your Opinion Matters, so share a review here’ once a customer buys something.

12. Use review request templates 

You can also use review request templates on your website and email copies to ask your customers for more reviews. Here are three elements you must have in your review request templates: 

  • A text expressing gratitude for the customers regarding their purchase
  • A direct link to your Google review page or your QR code
  • Your business contact information in case customers have concerns

For instance, Google has has its own marketing kit to help businesses create customized marketing materials, including review request templates. You can also choose and customize some free review templates at Canva.

13. Respond to your existing Google Reviews

When you actively engage with customers through responses, it encourages others to provide their feedback as well. So, always respond to all the reviews you receive on your Google Business Profile. Also, while responding to your existing Google reviews, consider these best practices:

  • Tip 1: Maintain a professional tone, even if the review is critical
  • Tip 2: Acknowledge the customer's concerns and solve their problem
  • Tip 3: Always respond promptly to all positive and negative reviews both

For example, K&G, a retail clothing store in Illinois, manages its Google reviews and responds to its customer’s queries quickly to maintain a better brand image which helps then gain more visibility. 

14. Create a Google review instruction video 

Sometimes, customers don’t know how to add a review, and in such scenarios, you can teach them and get them to review your business on Google. Consider these three things while creating an instructional video: 

  • Tip 1: Use screen recording to guide your customers visually
  • Tip 2: Add captions and text summaries so customers can understand 
  • Tip 3: Use simple and clear language to teach

For example, you can create one instructional video yourself with your own business profile in the video or share a tutorial from YouTube on your GMB page so your customers can add a review after watching the tutorial. 

15. Add a review request message to your invoices or receipts

This method is like striking while the iron is hot. When customers have already purchased from you, they are more inclined to respond to a review request at that time. Also, a review request in invoices is more powerful because it is: 

  • A more convenient option for customers
  • Helps gain immediate and genuine feedback
  • Has higher response rates than other forms of requests

For example,  you can add a review request with a QR code and add a phrase like, ‘Thank You for purchasing from us. Help us improve by sharing your feedback.’ If it’s a digital invoice, you can insert the review link at the end and get your review. 

16. Send follow-up emails asking for reviews 

Some customers may need a gentle reminder, and a follow-up email asking for reviews can be that reminder. Here are some ways you can ask for a review in a follow-up email: 

  • Tip 1: Send personalized requests based on the customer’s recent interaction 
  • Tip 2: Keep your email short and direct 
  • Tip 3: Include the link to your review page at the end

For example, after a customer finishes his purchase, use an automation tool to send him a follow-up email to share his experience on Google. Also, add the link to your review page to get a more prompt response. 

17. Always include your Google review link in your email signature

Your customer may miss your follow-up email, and if he suddenly decides to add a review but can’t find the review link, you might miss the golden chance. So, always include your review link in your email signature. 

If you are using Gmail, you can add a link in your email signature with these steps: 

  • Step 1: Get your Google review link and shorten it
  • Step 2: Access the Gmail setting and go to the ‘Signature’ section
  • Step 3: Click on the link icon and paste your Link

Once the review link is attached to every email, if a customer opens an email from your business, it increases the chance of leaving a review if they have something to share.

18. Use automation tools to ask for reviews

Nowadays, you can also send out personalized review requests to your customers with some automation tools. This way, you can easily get more Google customer reviews from your customers with less effort. Here are some tools you can use: 

  • ReviewTrackers - to collect and monitor reviews and do sentiment analysis
  • BirdEye- to send review requests via text or emails
  • Taggbox - to track and manage reviews from your customers

For example, you can integrate these tools into your website or GMB profile and send review requests to your customers visiting your business on Google. If your customer had a good experience, they might add a review after receiving this request. 

19. Put review cards in your packages

One another method you can try to gain more reviews is to put review cards with QR codes within the packaging of products or services a customer has purchased from you. Including such cards will gain you more reviews as such cards will:

  • Act as a physical reminder for your customers
  • Make it easier for your customers to leave a review with a quick QR scan
  • Will be a brand recall for your customers 

For example, if you sell physical products, you can simply put a review card in your packages with phrases like, ‘Snap a photo of your purchase and share your review on Google.’ A happy customer might decide to leave a review for you. 

20. Hand out ‘Leave us a review’ cards

Like the previous method, you can also hand out some cards to the customers who are in your store to purchase something and remind them to add reviews. You can design one such card, including phrases like

  • Thank You for your purchase, Review us on Google
  • Your voice matters- Share your review with others on Google
  • Connect with us and leave your review on Google

For example, Cosmetic industries have designed a Leave Us A Review card with PosterMyWalls, and they have included their QR code so customers can scan and leave a review. You can also design your own card and hand it over to customers to gain reviews.

21. Use video testimonials to encourage more reviews from your customers

Ask your customers if they would like to share their reviews in a video. Then, compile these reviews to create video testimonials from your happy customers. Here’s how you can use video testimonials: 

  • Feature these testimonials on your social media pages and websites
  • Include them in your email campaigns
  • Add a CTA at the end of the testimonial with a link to your review page

A video testimonial will be more effective, and when other people see these video testimonials, more of them will share their opinions, and you may gain a few more reviews on your business profile. 

22. Offer incentives for customers who leave reviews

If you have the budget and you can invest, try offering a few discounts and incentives to people who leave reviews. For example, here are some types of incentives you can offer to customers for leaving you a Google review:  

  • A discount or coupon for their next purchase
  • Free samples or trials for a product or service
  • Early access to new product launches 

This method can be a little costly, but it will gain you more reviews as people love incentives, and when they see such offers, they are more willing to share their opinions and review your business. 

23. Invest in review management services

To add more reviews, you can also rely on some review management services. With such services, you can manage your reviews and respond to them while saving some time on your end. This is how investing in review management services can help your business: 

  • Monitor and actively manage your online reputation
  • Gain valuable insights into customer preferences
  • Address and resolve customer problems and concerns 

Popular service providers for review management include ReviewTrackers and DashClicks. TrustPilot is also a review management tool you can try for managing your Google reviews. 

24. Display offline review templates and decor

You can also display some in-office review request templates and decor to encourage people to leave reviews. Use these tips to gain more customer reviews with in-office decors and setups: 

  • Tip 1: Place signs and posters asking for reviews near checkout areas
  • Tip 2: Set up a review station with a tablet or computer setup
  • Tip 3: Create a wall displaying your previous reviews 

For example, you can buy review request decors from stores like Esty and place them in a separate area of your business as a little reminder for people to add their reviews on Google. 

25. Train your employees to ask for more reviews

This one method is very important if you have a business in brick and mortar setting. You can train your employees on how to collect more reviews from customers if you want more reviews on your Google Business profile. Here’s what you should include in your training: 

  • Sessions on how to communicate effectively with customers
  • Technical training on how to use QR codes to collect more reviews
  • A set of answers for different scenarios to respond to customers

For example, if you run a restaurant, you can train your employees to ask for reviews while receiving the final customer payments. If the customer seems satisfied with your service, your employee can convince him to leave a review by scanning a review request card. 

26. Reach out to vendors and business partners

Lastly, you can also contact your vendors and other business partners to ask for their reviews. They can share their experience with your business, and you will also get some authentic reviews on your business profile. Use these tips to get their reviews: 

  • Sign a mutual offer where you provide positive reviews for your partners 
  • Participate in business events to encourage feedback from partners
  • Feature their reviews with their business name in your testimonials 

For example, you can send out personalized requests to the business addresses of your vendors and ask them to review your business. You can also ask for reviews in your business interactions with them. 

Now in the current business scenario, the impact of Google reviews is so huge that out of 89% of buyers who read online business reviews, 59% of them rely on Google reviews. So, Google reviews are crucial.

Benefits of More Google Business Reviews

Google business reviews can make your business profile more visible on search results and even influence your customers to buy from you. Here are some advantages of asking to review your business on Google: 

1. Higher Reviews, Higher Rank

More Google reviews improve your profile’s visibility and help you rank higher in search results. So, if you successfully gain more reviews, you can easily rank higher in search engines. 

2. Build Brand’s Trust

Gaining more reviews helps you win the trust of people. When potential customers see positive reviews, they feel more confident about choosing your services or products.

3. Get More Customers

Consumers always read reviews before buying something from you. So, if you have more favorable reviews on your business profile, you can convert more customers and get more sales. 

4. Enhance Brand Awareness

More Google reviews enhance your online visibility, improving your brand’s awareness among your target audience. Thus, google reviews help you build a better brand image. 

Once you have gained some positive reviews on your business profile, you can use them in multiple ways to improve your marketing and achieve your business goals. 

How to take advantage of Google Reviews for Your Business?

Positive Google reviews can help you achieve more than a rank in search results. You can use these positive reviews to your advantage and enhance your marketing with the ultimate feedback from your own customers:  

1. Feature reviews on your website

Display positive reviews on your website to show your visitors what other people think about your business to win the trust of your customers. 

2. Create social media graphics with reviews

Turn your reviews into some exciting graphics and share them on your social media to build your reliability in front of a much wider audience. 

3. Use reviews on your marketing material

You can also include the reviews you have gained in your marketing material, including brochures, banners, and business flyers. 

4. Show reviews during client consultations

Share your positive Google reviews during meetings or consultations with potential clients. It adds credibility and helps build trust.

5. Compile reviews and create a video

One more way to use reviews is to compile them together and create a video. Then, you can post that video on platforms like Instagram. 

6. Use reviews in press releases

You can also include your positive reviews in your press releases to showcase your credibility as a business and also gather some media attention. 

7. Include them in product descriptions (If applicable)

If you sell products, you can feature positive reviews in your product descriptions. This will help you create a better first impression on a potential customer. 

Final Thoughts: Rank Higher With More Positive Reviews

Getting Google Reviews always benefits you! 

And if you gain more positive reviews, you can easily rank higher than your competitors and drive more sales for your business. 

So, create your review link and add that CTA to your email. Ask people to share their reviews and improve your star rating with exceptional service to rank higher in search results. 


1. Do Google Reviews help SEO?

Yes, Google reviews improve your local SEO. Since the reviews on your profile are generated by users themselves, if you have more positive Google reviews on your business profile, you can rank your business higher in the local search results.

2. How many 5-star reviews does it take to improve Google's rating?

There is no specific number, but try to gain at least 30 5-star reviews to get a better rating on your business profile. Once you have more positive reviews, your Google rating will improve. 

3. How do I see my Google reviews?

To see your Google reviews, go to your profile on Google My Business and then click on the reviews tab to see all the recent reviews.

4. Why are my Google Reviews not increasing?

Chances are your customers are finding it hard to find your business on Google. So, check if your Google Business Profile is optimized or not. Also, ensure to link your review page on your website and social media so that your customers can add a review easily. 

5. What is an effective way to get more Google business reviews?

Ask your customers in person and share your review link with them. This is the most simple yet effective method that almost all businesses use to gain their reviews. 

6. How can I increase my Google Reviews fast?

To get more Google reviews in a shorter time period, combine multiple methods, including sharing review requests in emails, polls, and generating QR codes for Google reviews. Ask your customers in person to share their opinions to gain Google reviews fast.

Mary Edward

Mary has been a content and copy specialist with 15 years of extensive experience in the writing background. She has worked as a merchandising specialist for startups and small businesses and holds efficiency in writing sellable copies to elevate sales. While Mary's writing skills are commendable, she is also our strategic partner with Buyreviewz.com. She writes Google reviews, understands the roles and responsibilities of the targeted business, and studies their local needs, bringing traffic and driving users' attention toward the brand's website and social media platforms.