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Do you know the safest and the most innovative way to gain a broader customer base online along with reputation is through Google Reviews? 

Yes, it helps to bring you recognition with more potential customers. Buy how?

Simple. Each one of your customers is conducting a Google search at this moment. They are maybe searching for a service that will solve their problem. And thus, having more Google reviews on your business listing can make your business more visible to them. 

Google Reviews are a potent tool for improving local SEO and powering digital marketing. But sadly, many small businesses don’t take advantage of it. Yet, it has the power to influence the decision-making process for your customers and generate more sales. negative review

Learn about various ways to boost the number of Google reviews on your Google My Business listing in the most authentic way. 

But how can you skyrocket your Google reviews? If this is what makes you wonder, keep reading further! 

Importance of Google Business Reviews 

  • Helps to drive sales while promoting your business online in the best possible ways

  • Serves as the critical factor in decision-making for many

  • It adds to your credibility and shows how real, interactive, and authentic your business is

  • Performs digital marketing at the minimal expenditure 

  • It gives you direction in serving your customers with satisfaction, pointing out what your business lacks or excels in 

  • Helps your business pop up in any Google-related services, including Google Maps, based on the ratings and positive reviews gathered 

In case of viewing your contributions in shaping the business field, you can follow the guide step-wise as mentioned below. Also, you must keep track of how your Google reviews are working.

Step-By-Step Guide to View your Google Reviews

  • Search for the Google Maps application on your mobile and login into your Google account. Also, you can visit google maps to carry out the process.

  • Find the three lines icon in the top left corner of your screen and then click on that.

  • You will now see several options on the screen on the left side. 

  • Click on “your contributions” on the left side of your screen

  • Click on the reviews to see your entire Google reviews posted by you using the Gmail account

Guide to Locate Google My Business Reviews 

Despite being the owner of your business and Google Page, you cannot delete or edit a review provided by your esteemed customers. 

If a review seems inappropriate to you, you can flag it as an inappropriate review that violates Google Review Policies. 

  • Open your Google My Business application on your mobile device or simply browse the Google My Business web page. 

  • Use your credentials to log in to your google my business profile 

  • Hit the reviews section to view all the online reviews gathered from your customers.

  • If you find fake reviews, you can flag it as inappropriate.

5 Best Ways to Skyrocket my Google Reviews

Here are 5 best ways that can help you increase Google reviews

#1. Giving Reviews Must Be An Easy Task

Small businesses often overlook the necessity of owning a Google My Business Page or GMB page. However, you must have one GMB page after getting registered and verified to get more google reviews on your business profile. 

The GMB page helps others search for you online. For example, it allows your business name to pop up in almost all Google-related search engines. 

Once the GMB page is good to go, ask your customers to share their experiences. Also, request them to give star ratings accordingly. Run this process every day, and your business ratings will go higher and higher in no time.

If you are an old business owner with a Google Places page, get it transferred to a local Google My Business page. It will create a new and fresh zone for gathering more reviews online. 

You can also consider hiring professional online reputation management companies to help you through these processes. ROI makes up for the cost of almost 94% of local businesses that rely on online reputation management software! 

#2. Rely on Review Sites 

With the onset of new companies every day, consumers rely heavily on reviews, mostly Google reviews, to make a purchase. 

Almost 93% of consumers like to prefer ratings and reviews before making any decision regarding a purchase. Review sites are a big deal in today's digital marketing era. It is a kind of marketing where you invest the least while fetching the most. 

Review sites allow you to have your business listings on them, boosting sales. In addition, potential customers might hit the reviews sites before visiting your store or making an online purchase. 

This can help boost conversion rates as well. In addition, businesses can attract more customers by getting more Google reviews on the review websites. 

GMB is the most well-known review site for customer reviews. As a Business owner, you must always encourage your customers to leave reviews on the review sites you have listed your business in. 

Happy or unsatisfied customers are always willing to give reviews but might miss out if not reminded very often. So be polite while asking for reviews and see the magic happen! 

Benefits of listing your business profile on Review Sites-

  • Boost your conversion rates, 

  • Good review sites are trusted sources of information for thousands of customers. Therefore it encourages others to trust your firm and services.

  • Customers are more likely to leave a review on trusted review sites 

#3. Respond and Respond! 

Customer feedback is a free source for boosting your online reputation and local business base. Therefore, it becomes essential to encourage your customers to leave a review after availing of your services. 

So always genuinely respond to your existing Google reviews. People are more inclined to leave reviews if they believe the person on the other end is concerned about their opinions and feedback.

Responding to and handling negative Google reviews with patience and knowledge is the best way to gather appreciation online. You must never dare to ignore dissatisfied customers. Here’s why:

  • Almost 75% of businesses tend to never reply to reviews. 

  • Replying to your customers can help you gain a 4% revenue increase. 

  • Customers are expected to spend 45% more money on businesses online that are willing to reply to the reviews in their listings. 

Therefore, handling your review section is essential. While positive google reviews can help gather and attract more customers, negative reviews can sway them away too. 

#3. Ways to Handle Negative Reviews-

  • Praise the fact that the customers took out time to leave you a review 

  • Apologise for the unsatisfactory customer experience

  • Strive to convert the unhappy customers' experience into a happy customer by locating their problems and zone of trouble

  • Seek time to resolve the issue and revert to them 

  • You might also ask them to meet you in person in case the need is felt

  • Offer discounts and free services to encourage revisiting the customers to your business again. As customers would gladly sing about your offers and give you a positive review on the Google review page if your offerings and solutions are satisfactory.

#4. Faking can be Dangerous

The only place where "Fake it till you Make it" can be hazardous is the Review Section! 

An authentic internet user is bound to point out fake reviews amongst the real reviews. If a business is known to use fake or positive reviews to Skyrocket the count of Google reviews, it leaves a feeble impression on the customers. 

Not only that, but the customers might also start wondering about all the real reviews being fake. Several signs show that you have purchased positive reviews.

  • Using a personal account to leave reviews on your business profile 

  • Purchasing reviews from accounts 

Moreover, another risk of purchased reviews is when the fake account through which the reviews are left is deleted, the reviews on your business page might also be removed. So again, you lose Credibility, eventually losing other customers and clients. 

#5. Use the Power of Social Media 

With nearly 5 billion people using social media worldwide, it holds an unparalleled potential to bring in more Google reviews and attract numerous customers. 

One of the reasons for the high consumption of social media is the possibility of accessing the internet and using mobile devices. There is an endless possibility of inviting more users while improving the existing user experience. 

Most social media networks are used for social media marketing by thousands of businesses and brands. It helps to promote brand loyalty along with strengthening online reputation. 

Moreover, most social media platforms are readily available on mobile devices, making it easier to use or browse in the search engine.  You can do the following things -

  • Create your business profile on all major social media platforms and seek to generate traffic from them. 

  • Make maximum use of Google Analytics to help you design and plan the model for attracting more organic traffic. 

  • Happy customers who leave reviews on social media regarding your business eventually help others make decisions for the availing of your services. 

  • Respond to reviews on social media. It happens to be an excellent source of boosting your engagement with customers. 

  • Thank your customers for leaving a review and encourage them to come back again 

Bonus: Want more reviews? Here is another tip; Create a Custom Google Review Instruction Video. If you feel that people are not leaving Google reviews since they're unsure how to show them how. Making an instructional video will do an outstanding job of teaching how to navigate the process to leave google reviews.

Thus, these ways can help you get more ratings. As you receive more ratings, Google will rank your site higher on their search engine result page (SERP) since you are considered more reliable. Moreover, organic search results give Google customer reviews a higher weight (6.47%). That implies you'll rank higher than your rivals, increasing your chances of gaining new clients.

A Few Words at Last 

Keep reminding your customers to leave reviews on your GMB page after availing of the services. Ask them to be honest and appreciate their efforts. 

Never underestimate the power of Google reviews. More than 80% of new customers rely on online reviews as personal recommendations. However, it is equally true that you cannot get glowing reviews from all the consumers. But that's alright.

Be patient and polite while handling business dynamics, learn from your mistakes, and strive for constant improvement. Seek professional help for improved guidance. And be real, active, and authentic in your functionality!


Q1. What is a custom Google review link? How might it assist you in obtaining more reviews?

A customised Google review link is exactly what it seems to be like: a custom URL that you can build for your customers to post a review. When someone clicks on your personalised Google review link, a popup similar to this one appears.

Thus it makes it easier for customers to post reviews by including a google review link shortcut to the review page on your site. Thereby helping you earn more reviews.

Q2. How to create a Google Review Link shortcut?

Follow the steps to create the link shortcut;

  • Go to Google My Business
  • Then go to Home
  • Next, Get Your First Review or Get More Reviews
  • Then hit the Share Review Form button

Finally, copy the URL. You can now spread this link to your consumers via other channels.

Q3. How can one ask for Google Reviews apart from SMS and email?

Here are a few things that the owner of an online store can do to get more reviews from customers;

If you do not want to rely entirely on SMS and email to seek reviews, you can include a Google review link on your website, such as in the website footer.

You can also personalise your order confirmation page to include a Google review link so your happy customers may leave a review directly after the purchase.

Consider adding a QR code to the sign so customers can take up their cameras and be taken straight to the reviews page. It doesn't get any simpler than that for satisfied customers.

The simplest approach to acquiring a Google review is to provide great customer service to all customers. If customers are completely satisfied with your business, the service you offer, the item they bought, or their experience, they will feel forced to submit a review.

Written By Mary Edward

Mary has been a content and copy specialist with 15 years of extensive experience in the writing background. She has worked as a merchandising specialist for startups and small businesses and holds efficiency in writing sellable copies to elevate sales. While Mary's writing skills are commendable, she is also our strategic partner with She writes Google reviews, understands the roles and responsibilities of the targeted business, and studies their local needs, bringing traffic and driving users' attention toward the brand's website and social media platforms.

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