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Gain more customers with Google reviews!  

If you are a small business starting out, one thing you can rely on for your marketing is Google reviews. Gaining them is free and easy. 

Also, according to Womply's survey, businesses with more than 9 current reviews see an increase of almost 52% in their overall revenue. And gaining 9 reviews is easy, isn't it?

This blog will help you gain more Google reviews with seven simple methods and one bonus trick. So, let’s discuss how to get Google reviews for your small business!

How To Get Google Reviews For Your Small Business?

Gaining Google reviews needs just the right strategy, and then you can get even a small or a new business rank higher in the search results. Here are the best methods to gain Google reviews for your small business: 

1. Set up a Google My Business account

First, you must create a business profile on Google to gain reviews for your business. A Google My Business account will make your small business more visible in search results when people search for similar businesses like yours and help you gain more Google reviews as the footfalls increase. 

All you need to begin is a Google account and share your basic business information with Google. Then, within a few days, Google will verify your business via mail, phone, or email verification, and you can access your Google My Business dashboard to track your reviews. 

2. Create and share a short Google reviews link

Initially, as a small business, it will be hard to gain Google reviews directly through Google, as not many people are searching for your business. Therefore, you must create and share a short link to your reviews page with your customers.

You can print this review link on your marketing materials, like your business cards and pamphlets, with a QR code linking to your Google review page. This short link will make it easier for people to review your business on Google. 

3. Ask your loyal customers in person

Sometimes, the simplest methods are the most effective. To get Google reviews for your small business, you just need to ask your customers, and it can work. 

If you have customers who love your products or services, ask them in person if they could share their positive experiences on Google and leave their reviews to support your small business.

4. Hand out leave us a review card with QR codes

Now, to increase your reviews, create and share your unique Leave Us A Review Cards with a QR code directing customers to your review page. 

You can give these cards to customers with their purchases or include them in your packaging. These cards will be a little reminder for your customers, and they may add their reviews once they reach their home; who knows? 

5. Follow up with buyers

Sometimes, your customer may forget to leave a review, and that’s where a follow-up will work. So, after a customer completes his purchase, follow up with them through a text message or an email, including the review link. 

One way to do this is to send a thank-you message to their phone number for their purchase and politely ask them if they would be willing to share their experience on Google and review your business.

6. Train your employees to ask for more reviews

Along with all the above methods, you must train your employees to collect more customer reviews. Train them on how to convince a customer to leave a review.

You can offer some bonuses to those employees who collect more reviews for your business and encourage other employees to get more reviews. 

7. Send out emails/text messages with review requests regularly 

Once you have a few more customers, you can try this method. Collect the phone numbers or emails of your customers and send them a text or email with a review request.

You can design some review request templates, especially for your business, and include them in your requests. Most customers are willing to review a business when asked. 

Now, adding Google reviews for a small business is like a marathon and not a sprint, but you can accelerate the process with some best practices. 

5 Best Practices To Get Google Reviews For Your Business

If you want to gain more Google reviews for your business, and that too in a short period of time, then you must apply the right practices. Here are some of them in order: 

1. Provide exceptional service

Always ensure that your customer is satisfied and you provide exceptional customer service. If you do that, gaining reviews is like sailing smoothly.  

2. Make leaving reviews easier 

A customer may not share his reviews if the process is complicated. So tell your customers how easy writing a Google review is and how they can add a rating or review quickly.

3. Ask for reviews at the right time

Always time your review requests according to your customer's interactions with your business if you want to gain his review.

4. Respond to Google reviews 

As a business owner, try to respond to all the customer reviews within 24 hours to be more credible and trustworthy for your customers.

5. Thank customers for leaving a review

Lastly appreciate those customers who left a review. One such simple act shows your authority and differentiates you from other brands. 

Once you have your reviews, learn to use them correctly. Every business uses the reviews it has collected over a period of time to market itself better. You can do the same and gain more popularity for your small business. 

3 Ways To Use Online Reviews for Small Businesses

The Google reviews you have earned will improve your local search ranking and help you attract more customers if you use them in the right way. Here are some ways you can try: 

1. Share them on your social media

When customers leave good reviews about your small business online, share them on your social media accounts and tell more people about your business. 

2. Create and display testimonials 

Take the best parts of the reviews you have received and create some testimonials. Then, put these testimonials on your brochures, flyers, or your business website (if you have one).

3. Include them in your other marketing and advertisement

Lastly, use your positive reviews in your marketing and advertising. Let the words of your happy customers influence others and improve your online reputation.

Now, if you want Google reviews instantly, use this bonus trick.

Bonus Trick: Buy Google Reviews

If you want to add genuine Google reviews quickly for your business with the least effort, then you can buy Google reviews from an authentic service provider. Many platforms provide genuine reviews from real people that help your small business grow. 

Can Buying Google Reviews Help Small Businesses Appear on Local Search?

Yes, you can rank your small business if you buy and add location-specific Google reviews to your business profile. 

The quality and quantity of Google reviews impact the local business rankings. So, if you buy genuine Google reviews from your own location, you can easily appear on the local search.

Many platforms help you add Google reviews from specific locations. Since these reviews are added by real and active accounts, they Improve the ranking of your Google Business Profile and help you get featured in the local search results. 

Final Thoughts: Increase Your Google Reviews To Grow!

Your Google Business profile reviews will help you reach more customers and improve your visibility in the local search results. 

So, investing some time in using these methods is a safe bet if you want to grow and build the presence of your small business. 

Your potential customers are waiting to know you; add more reviews and reach them today through local search!


1. How many Google reviews do small businesses need to appear in local search?

Companies must have at least 10-15 monthly reviews on their Google Business profile if they want their business to appear in search results. Consistently maintain this pace, and in a few months, your business will start appearing in search.

2. How can I increase Google reviews on my business profile?

To gain more reviews, share the link to your review page with your customers and send out personalized requests through emails and text messages.

3. Where can I link my Google reviews page if I don’t have a website yet? 

You can share your review page link on your business cards, email signatures, social media profiles, or even generate a QR code that directs your customers to your review page. 

4. How do I get Google reviews easily? 

Make it easier for your customers to leave a review to gain reviews easily. Share a direct link to your Google reviews page or generate a QR code that can be quickly scanned to add a review. 

5. How do I request a review from a customer?

Send out personalized requests to your customers via emails or text and, if possible, ask them in person for a review. Also, always keep your requests simple and thank them for their feedback.

6. Does a small business need online reviews in the beginning?

Yes, online reviews are valuable for small businesses, especially in the beginning stages. More Google reviews will give you a better image and even new customers. So, gaining online reviews, especially the most important Google reviews, can help your small business in its initial stages of growth.

Sarah Smith

Sara holds expertise in brand management and rebranding. She has worked as a business communication specialist and understands the basic 'know-how' of empowered brand communication. Her experience in brand management helps her create Google reviews that hit potential customer's pain points. She is responsible for planning, ideating, and conceptualizing Google reviews at Buyreviewz.com for a group of brand owners looking for rebranding through local SEO, Google business, and viable digital reach!