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Reviews are the foundation of a business. A new customer bases their buying decision on reviews posted by other consumers.

Hence, they are essential and can make or break any business. 

89% of consumers from across the globe have read online reviews before purchasing a product or service.

Feedback reflects personal recommendations and helps other consumers make informed choices. 

It holds great importance for your business since positive reviews attract potential consumers and encourage them to purchase.

On the contrary, negative reviews on Google searches deter prospects from investing in your product or service.

Google is one of the most significant search engines today, and people usually check Google reviews initially. 

What if we say you can use the reviews to your advantage? Sounds compelling, right? With this blog we discuss the star rating on your business profile and how it helps business owners. 

Google Review: Definition 

First things first, let us understand Google consumer reviews in detail. The thoughts are ratings and public comments on your business left on Google Maps.

You need a Google My Business account for your local business where people can leave Google reviews. 

They then reflect on Google's search for potential customers to learn about a business. A consumer can post comments and star ratings, among which rating is a must, and the comment is optional. 

Sign in to Google My Business with your business name and phone number to create a Google reviews page and get more Google reviews for your business.

Besides Google, you can collect more reviews on social media and other reviewing websites such as Yelp. 

Why Do Google Reviews Matter? 

Undoubtedly, Google is the largest search engine and the most popular platform for online reviews.

Over 59% of consumers use it globally, meaning reviews on this platform are worth it.

Moreover, reviews help increase click-through rates and search engine visibility of a business on Google Maps and search. 

Furthermore, positive Google reviews are social proof for your potential customers, as it shows that other customers have had positive experiences with your business. Be cautious with fake reviews, as they impose a negative impact. 

Reviews on the Google maps app and local finder help bring in more customers for your business and also help it grow.

Local businesses benefit from reviews since it is a rank-determining factor for google search. More positive reviews on Google business profiles increase the chances of top SERP ranking. 

Asking Customers To Leave Online Reviews

The best way to collect more Google reviews is to ask your customers directly. Happy customers will want others to know that your business is an excellent option in your niche. Consider a few things when asking your customers to post a review. 

  • Personalised Request: You can have templates drafted to collect reviews. For customer experience, address them by name, and mention their last activity with your business. 

  • Include A Review Link To Your Business Listing: When making a review request include a Google review link to your business information page. You can also generate and share custom Google review links. 

  • Short And Sweet Message: Customers get impressed by a short and to-the-point SMS and give a review response. 

  • Ensure A Prompt: To collect as many testimonials as possible. This makes sending reviews easy for the reviewers. 

Google customer reviews help manage online reputation; after a positive experience, a customer will leave a detailed review. 

Utilise More Google Reviews For Your Business

Customer feedback is a solid marketing tool for small businesses. There is no limit on how many google reviews are needed to rank, so with every new positive review, you can improve your business. Need help? Stay with us! 

1. Make The Best Reviews A Part Of Your Retargeting Campaign

Do you know display ads used for retargeting convert as much as high-intent local search ads? Sometimes, they convert much more for specific industries.

This is because you are using positive reviews from the review section to target people who are already interested in your business.

Including several reviews in your retargeted ads will be highly effective. 

The overall rating of your business will keep reminding your potential customers why they considered you in the first place.

Google business reviews will give the required push needed to convert them. Besides Google, other review sites are robust enough to increase conversions. 

2. Display Reviews On Your Website

Once you have a good amount of Google business reviews, you can list good ones in a separate section on your website.

According to the review policy, using a widget, you can display Google reviews on your website.

Alternatively, you can use screenshots as well. It helps your potential customers know what others are thinking about your business. 

In the same section, you can directly link to the Google review section for your customers to click to write a review. It will help collect a number of reviews on your google business profile. 

3. Frequently Update The Reviews 

When you educate your customers about how to leave a review, they are more likely to leave reviews for your business.

This way, you will receive reviews, so you should refresh the ones you use on your website or as retargeting ads.

Keeping yourself in your customer's shoes, would you shop from a business that hasn't received reviews for the past six months? 

No matter the positive or negative experience, you should ask your customers to share feedback.

Search engines factor reviews in their ranking algorithm, so you must maintain new reviews under your company name.

If it's been a while since you last received a review, reach out to some of your recent customers and ask them to post a review. 

Offering some incentive for the reviews posted will increase the chances of your customers reviewing your business online—for instance, a coupon or a discount on their next purchase.  

4. Positive Reviews Help Reduce Cart Abandonment

Ensure a notification popup on their mobile devices if they have something in their cart.

When customers see that others have had a positive experience with their purchase, they are more likely to convert.

The best way to ensure that a visitor converts is by including testimonials from your Google business location on the checkout page.

Additionally, you can add product reviews to let your visitor know that it is worth their purchase. Detailed review not only helps improve search rankings but also reduces abandoned carts. 

Keep a few things in mind when adding reviews to the checkout page. Ensure that they are particular and also highlight critical aspects for your customers. 

For instance, If you are into selling headphones, you should include reviews about sound quality, comfort, battery life, etc. 

At times, you need help deciding which reviews to showcase. In such a situation, the most recent reviews or posts by consumers who have made similar purchases. 

Google reviews and ratings help collect more consumer feedback about your business, product, or service. The reviews collected can then be used to your advantage and to enhance your business procedures. 

For instance, If you have received a review where the customer talks about an issue they faced while navigating through your website or making a purchase.

Upon receiving such a review take the necessary steps to fix the problem. 

5. The Reviews Should Elicit Emotions

When showcasing the collected reviews, use them on your website or retargeting ads. Pick the ones that elicit emotions.

The review with which prospects can feel some connection stands out. The usual two-liner review is not enticing. 

All in all, the review should make an impression. Having said that, you should look for reviews that evoke some emotional response.

No doubt, every review is critical and counts, but when using them for your advantage, choose the ones that stand out. 

 For instance, If you are into selling products for new parents, include reviews where your past customers talk about how their life has become easy with the product.

Alternatively, the reviews should be quirky or funny if dealing with a product for millennials. 

Irrespective of the type of target audience you deal with, the review should resonate emotionally with them in some way.

The more significant impact you make, the more likely your visitors will convert into consumers. 

Always remember to use legitimate reviews and the ones that are received from your customers.

On Google, your customers post reviews on your business location, and you can leverage them for your business. 


Reviews are more powerful than one thinks them to be. They are a robust marketing tool that helps convert many prospects into consumers.

Moreover, they help build credibility and trust for your brand and target audience. Businesses consider reviews to be their best assets.

Reviews make them sure about their purchase, and they are at peace that it will be worthwhile.

Google reviews benefit a business in unexceptional ways. It shows your commitment to your consumers. Replies to the reviews are appreciated.

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