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Google reviews define a positive success ratio for any business, especially in the local region; it attracts more visibility online, which drives sales. However, what happens when a review submitted by your customers doesn’t appear on your Google page? Or, when a user submits a review on Google, does it take days to get posted or become a no-show?

We believe it’s happening with you that your loyal customers come and say to you, “I posted a review about your store,” but it’s not visible to you or your other potential customers. And that’s why we bring you this guide where you get answers to your question - why my reviews are not showing up. 

Well, one straight answer is that when there is a breach of Google's guidelines, reviews on Google may occasionally disappear. These guidelines encompass spam, unsuitable material, and fraudulent evaluations. 

However, if any positive review has been hidden, there are various ways to fix it. Let’s explore the policies, reasons, and solutions in depth. 

Understanding Google's Review Policy

Google has a strict policy for reviews. We list a few for your reference: 

  • Google Store review guidelines
  • Prohibited & restricted content

And 99.99% chances are there that your review is not showing up; either it is prohibited content or does not match Google’s review guidelines. 

Primary reasons for reviews not showing up on Google:

  • Content restricted and prohibited on Google:

Reviews fall within Google's Prohibited and Restricted Content policy. Google examines every review to see whether any review should be removed due to factors including spam, phony reviews, derogatory language, or conflicts of interest. 

If you've noticed that one of your business reviews on Google abruptly stops appearing, you may have broken this Google policy. Reviews that violate Google's policies are flagged and removed if they are found to be offensive or off-topic.

  • Format-specific criteria for reviews, text, and captions:

Google has established Format-Specific Criteria, which can decide a review's eligibility. These criteria include "text reviews and captions." If this format is not followed then a review can disappear from the profile of the Google My Business page.

For example, you cannot aggressively discourage unfavorable ratings or request positive reviews. You need to follow Google Format-Specific Criteria to maintain your review.

14 Reasons Why Google Reviews Are Not Showing Up And How To Fix It

Most prosperous companies in the modern era invest significant time, energy, and resources in increasing traffic to uplift the caliber and volume of Google ratings and reviews. Even though it can be annoying to see that some reviews are not appearing, it's essential to know what the potential causes might be.

Let's analyze 14 reasons why Google reviews for your company could vanish so you can properly diagnose your specific case.

#1. Inactive Google listing 

A business's Google listing becomes inactive when its details are inaccurate or unverified.

Make sure the information is accurate and current by correcting and verifying it. It includes your company's name, address, phone number, website, and operating hours, and double-check these details with Google.

Customers should be able to submit reviews, and the business listing should be active once the information has been updated and confirmed.

#2. Identical business listing on Google 

When a business is listed more than once on Google Maps and Google Business Profile (GBP), it's called an identical listing. It may become challenging for customers to locate every relevant detail about your company in one location due to confusion and divided reviews across the listings.

Depending on accuracy and completeness, Google may remove duplicate entries from a business or combine them into a single listing. However, having a duplicate listing taken down may be challenging if it was made by a business owner or another person without the company's knowledge or approval.

In these situations, the company can use the Google Maps feedback form to request that Google delete the duplicate.

#3. Links embedded in users' Google reviews

Google has particular requirements regarding adding URLs and links to reviews. URL-containing reviews are nearly immediately deleted.

Google views reviews that contain URLs as potentially spam.

Reach out to the consumer and request that they modify their review to remove the link before Google removes it if you come across a review that still contains a link and needs to be removed.

#4. Google reviews marked as 'Spam'

Google is strict about eliminating spam reviews since they value quality above all else.

If a review complies with Google's review guidelines on prohibited and restricted content, it won't be deemed spam. Moreover, Google highlights reviews that other users have flagged as spam.

#5. Inaccurate information listed on Google

Inaccurate listing information will harm your local SEO efforts and overall SEO. It may also lessen the quantity of consumer reviews your business receives.

Fortunately, it's simple to correct. Your Google Business Profile allows you to change the information there.

To correct inaccurate listing information, follow these steps:

  • Enter your Google account credentials first.
  • To modify a location or listing, locate it and select "View profile."
  • After that, choose "Business information" and locate the selection you wish to change.
  • To add or modify information, select the pencil symbol.
  • Once the changes are complete, click "Apply."

#6. New business listing on Google

Clients may have yet to find your Google Business Profile if your company is new to Google because it may not have started to rank highly and may be hard to find.

To draw in more clients, you must hence intensify your marketing initiatives. You'll receive more reviews the more clients you draw in.

#7. Fake reviews on Google

Google identifies reviews from profiles lacking names, photos, and other relevant details as fraudulent reviews to maintain transparency and integrity.

When a company buys Google reviews, they frequently publish phony evaluations. Bots employing fictitious personas are primarily responsible for these reviews in these situations.

As a result, purchasing reviews for your company from unauthentic sources may cause severe issues for its Google presence and could result in deleting your Google Business Profile.

#8. Temporarily turns off Google reviews

Google has previously temporarily turned off the review part of Google Business Profiles when traffic volume is excessive and staffing levels are low.

For example, at the beginning of the current global health crisis, this occurred when Google momentarily disabled reviews.

It's typical for reviews to vanish during these periods. Additionally, neither you nor your customers can reply to any existing reviews.

#9. Inactive reviewers' accounts

When clients deactivate their personal Google accounts, reviews they have previously left may occasionally disappear. It may occur if they willfully violate Google policy.

For instance, users can use Google's Inactive Account Manager to designate their accounts to be deleted for security purposes proactively. All user data, including reviews, will be removed at that point.

#10. Google bugs

Given the size and complexity of Google, occasional technical problems or glitches are to be expected. Reviews may occasionally disappear because of problems like Google server outages, display bugs, posting mistakes, etc.

Google typically fixes these problems fast, but they can still be inconvenient.

If you think a bug or other technical problem is preventing your reviews from appearing, contact Google support for help.

#11. Reviewers removed the review

A Google reviewer's decision to withdraw their review could be one of the reasons it doesn't appear. There are numerous reasons why this may occur, including a shift of feelings, a review error, or inaccurate information being provided. The review may occasionally be accessible to the company owner but not the general public.

To keep up a high Google reputation, it's always a good idea to keep an eye on your reviews and reply to any queries or issues that customers may have.

#12. The business changed its location on Google

Has your company relocated, and you should have updated Google with the new address? Though this might not be the case occasionally, Google usually moves all the reviews to the new location where your business has moved on Google Maps.

Google does not automatically transfer reviews for establishments close to the community, such as hotels and restaurants. In such circumstances, ask Google for help. It may take some time for them to process the move, but it will be well worth your time and work to get your reviews transferred.

Make sure to promptly update your address on your Google Business Profile if your company has moved to avoid any issues. It might be necessary for you to re-verify your company.

#13. Unverified profile on Google

To ensure the site's data is correct and current, Google validates business listings. Reviews on the site for a business that has yet to verify its listing will either not appear or may appear differently.

Make sure it's confirmed by taking action to validate Google reviews if you think that's the reason they're not appearing.

You can manage your business information using Google My Business, ensuring it is correct and current. Google offers support tools to assist in resolving any verification-related problems you may encounter.

#14. Offensive language or misleading reviews on Google

Reviewers may violate Google's Prohibited and Restricted Content policies if their reviews contain offensive language or personally identifiable information. Reviews must also not contain personal information, such as addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses.

Companies and consumers are responsible for ensuring their evaluations adhere to Google's guidelines. They are prohibited from using offensive language or disclosing private information in their reviews.

Why Is It A Problem If Google Reviews Don't Show Up?

Google reviews are vital to any digital advertising and brand management plan. An excellent rating or review boosts not just your SEO but also your social proof in the eyes of prospective clients.

But what if these reviews just stop showing up on your page? Several business factors are affected by the disappearance of just one review; here are the following reasons: 

1. Decreases Visibility
It lessens the visibility of your local business on Google. The gold standard for consumer internet searches is this search engine. Furthermore, the visibility of your business on the site can be significantly increased or decreased depending on the reviews and ratings left by customers.

2. Diminishes Social Proof
Imagine prospective clients looking for your kind of company in their neighborhood and finding only a few impartial evaluations to read. If that is the case, it doesn't encourage people to select your service.

3. No customer engagement
A fantastic way for a review to benefit your business is to have it appear on Google. It helps you grow from your mistakes, concentrate on developing new aspects of your profitable business, and respond professionally to criticism.

How Do You Resolve Delayed Or Missing Google Reviews?

Please initiate a support ticket to have the matter examined if there is a problem stopping one or more Google reviews from appearing on your profile. Verify that the reviews on your profile do not contravene any of the list above items before submitting a support issue. You may also go to Google's documents regarding the causes behind missing and delayed reviews.

To address a problem with a Google review, take the following actions: Launch a support ticket to get things going.

  • Select "engage with customers."
  • Pick the Reviews menu item.
  • For support, select the "Contact Us" option.

After completing the procedures above, fill out your support ticket and choose the Review missing option.

Choose your preferred contact method after that, then submit your ticket. Support will often respond to you within 72 hours.

Wrapping It Up

The most common causes of Google reviews not appearing on your profile are user violence or technical problems. Getting as many favorable reviews from actual clients as possible after handling technical issues is critical to improving your internet reputation.

It does not imply that you should become fixated on missing a single review or two. While you work on that one missing review, your firm can still succeed if you have a few evaluations highlighting your excellent customer service and valuable product or service.


1. How long does it take for a Google review to show on the business page wall?

The time for Google reviews to show up on any business page is within a few days but it can vary sometimes because of users' authentication or approval of the review.

2. Why is my Google review not showing publicly, but I can see it?

When you write a Google review, it takes some time to be ‘posted’. However, if it has been days after you have written it and yet you cannot see then you can check it in the incognito window if it’s not even there then it's under the review process of Google. 

3. How do I fix missing reviews on Google?

In the following ways, one can fix missing reviews on Google: 

  • Check if your Google account is verified and up to the mark
  • Make sure there are no spam or fake reviews uploaded on the page
  • If an authorized review is missing, then contact Google support
  • You must follow Google’s review policies to avoid further damage

4. Are these reviews on Google permanent?

No, Google reviews are not permanent. They can be removed by Google if they contain unhealthy links, offensive language, spam or fake reviews. 

If Google’s review guidelines are not met then the questionable reviews can be removed easily. Also, individuals or businesses can request and flag a review if it's inappropriate.

5. What do you mean by Google-verified customer reviews?

A review given by a customer after purchasing your business and having a verification badge is known as Google verified customer. For this, your business must be listed online and should appear on Google search ads. 

6. What if there is a problem of disappearance for your Google reviews?

The error of disappearing Google reviews can either be on the client side, with computers or devices, or on the server side, with Google tech issues. 

Before making assumptions, try clearing the history, refreshing the cache, and removing cookies. 

 7. When I logged in, why could I only see my Google review?

Once you have posted the reviews it takes a few days for Google to approve it and show it publicly. You can only see your review when you log in because it is still in Google’s moderation process. 

8. How do I contact Google regarding review issues?

If the review has some questionable content and you wish to remove, then mark the review ‘Flag as inappropriate’. For further assistance contact Google support or take help from the help center of Google.

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