Why Did Your Google Reviews Vanish, and What Can You Do About It?

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Google reviews have a special place in today's digital world because a comment from the customer can tell many stories about the place, and even businesses rely on positive feedback.

But what happens when you input your time and effort into collecting more and more Google reviews, but they disappear from the internet?

We have the right answer to your question, "Where did my Google review go?" This blog post is for you. 

Stay tuned with us, and we will illuminate the possible reasons for missing Google reviews, equip you with tips to troubleshoot the issue, and explore what steps to follow to get your review back.

8 Reasons Why Your Google Review Vanished

Understanding why Google reviews disappear can help you maintain a positive reputation and make informed decisions about managing your business's online and offline presence. We will discuss the seven Google review removal reasons:

1. Google's Review Guidelines

Google has worked and has prepared robust guidelines for web reviews to see if they are genuine, helpful, and respectful. If your review does not follow those guidelines, it could be removed. Here's a breakdown of some common violations:

a). Spam or Fake Content: Promotional, repetitive, or irrelevant Reviews can be flagged as spam and removed.

b). Offensive Language or Hate Speech: Reviews containing discriminatory content, profanity, or personal attacks will be taken down.

c). Off-Topic Content: Ensure your review stays relevant to the business and your experience there.

d). Conflicts of Interest: Reviews from current or previous employees, competitors, or those interested in the business may be removed to avoid bias.

e). Private Information: In your review, avoid sharing personal details (e.g., phone numbers, addresses) about yourself or others.

2. Technical Issues

While rare, technical glitches or delays can happen, and you might wonder why my Google review disappeared. Sometimes, your review might be in a processing phase or caught in a temporary filter. Give it some time (a day or two) before coming to conclusions. If it still doesn't appear, there's likely another reason.

3. Business Actions

When you see disappeared Google reviews from your account about a business, it means that people have flagged your reviews due to Google's guidelines or those reviews were not legitimate. While it's uncommon for businesses to remove genuine positive reviews, it's still a possibility worth acknowledging.

4. Reviewer Account Issues

Check your Google Account - if it is suspended or banned for violating Google's terms of service, then your review will also vanish along with it. Having compliance with Google's guidelines can help maintain the integrity of your reviews.

5. Duplicate Content

If your review is identical or highly similar to other reviews, especially from the same account or IP address, Google might flag it as spam and remove it.

6. Unverified Information

While Google doesn't require purchase verification for reviews, lacking verifiable information about your interaction with the business (e.g., order number, reservation date) can raise suspicion and lead to vanishing Google reviews.

Example of Unverified Information Removal 

An online retailer's reviews were removed due to a lack of verifiable information. They started including order numbers and purchase details in their review requests, increasing their credibility and visibility.

7. Unsolicited Promotional Content

Reviews that promote specific products, services, or brands outside the scope of the business will be removed. To avoid removal, it's important to keep your reviews relevant to the business and its offerings.

8. Google Algorithm Updates

Google reviews disappearance causes and has prepared filtering algorithms that are constantly evolving to identify and remove suspicious or misleading content. In rare cases, your review might be caught in an automated filter sweep, even if it doesn't explicitly violate any guidelines. 

Example of Algorithm Update Impact 

A tech company saw a drop in reviews after a Google algorithm update. They adapted by focusing on providing exceptional customer service and asking satisfied audiences to leave reviews. Over time, their review numbers recovered, and they maintained a positive online reputation.

What to Do if You Notice Disappeared Google Reviews?

Addressing disappeared Google reviews is important for maintaining transparency and trust with your customers. Understanding the reasons behind review removal can help you take proactive steps to prevent further issues. Knowing what to do when your reviews vanish allows you to manage your reputation and customer feedback effectively.

1. Check for Policy Violations

You must follow Google's guidelines before proceeding with reviews. Review your missing Google reviews to see if they potentially contain sensitive content, unrelated information, or offensive wording.

2. Contact the Business

If you feel your disappeared Google reviews would have added value but were removed unfairly, reach out to the business directly. A polite and professional email explaining the situation and requesting clarification is a good starting point. Sometimes, there might be a simple misunderstanding, and the business might help resolve the issue.

3. Reach Out to Google Support

For concerns regarding policy violations or if contacting the business proves unhelpful, you can contact Google support for further assistance. Find the appropriate contact channels relevant to Google reviews and present your case clearly, providing the relevant details of your vanished review.

4. Leave a New Review (if applicable)

If Google has removed the older one, try to submit a new review. This removal can happen due to a technical issue from the company side or a mistake from your end. While submitting the content this time, go through the guidelines once again and see if the information you provided comes under those rules and regulations or not.

Tips to Gain More Google Reviews

Positive Google reviews can take the business to new heights because they build trust with potential customers, boost search engine ranking, and showcase the value you offer. However, simply providing excellent service isn't always enough to generate a steady stream of reviews. 

Here are some proactive strategies you can implement to encourage customers to share their experiences:

1. Make It Easy to Leave a Review:

a). Involve a call to action (CTA) in your marketing materials. This simple step will involve asking users to leave a comment on your website, receipts, or email signature.

b). Provide a direct web link to your Google Business Profile. This eliminates the need for customers to search for your listing, making the process faster and easier. Tools like Google QR codes can also be used for easier access.

c). Train your staff to politely ask for reviews. Encourage them to request feedback at opportune moments, such as after a successful purchase or resolution of an issue.

2. Encourage Genuine Reviews:

a). Concentrate on offering exemplary customer service from time to time. Customers who have gained a positive experience will be motivated to leave a review.

b). Respond to all reviews, whether they are positive and negative. Accepting positive feedback and addressing negative reviews in a professional manner shows your promise to customer satisfaction.

c). Run targeted review campaigns. Send personalized emails or SMS requests to specific customer segments based on their recent interactions with your business.

d). Purchase Genuine Google Reviews: Multiple businesses work in this domain to provide genuine Google reviews for your products and services. However, one of the best names is Buyreviewz.com, which provides authentic reviews so that companies can propose. 

3. Leverage Different Platforms:

a). Promote your Google Business Profile on social media. Share positive reviews and encourage your followers to leave their own.

b). Include a review web link in your email signature. This makes it easy for customers to leave feedback after interacting with you via email.

c). Embed a review widget on your website. This step helps visitors to leave a review directly on your website, which would help streamline the process.

4. Show Your Appreciation for Reviews:

a). Publicly acknowledge and thank customers who leave positive reviews. This spot shows your appreciation and can motivate others to do the same.

b). Offer incentives for leaving reviews (with caution). Consider offering a small discount on a future purchase of goods and services or entry into a contest for all reviewers.

c). Portray positive reviews on your website and marketing materials. This demonstrates the positive experiences you provide and builds trust with potential customers.

Final Words

In conclusion, this guide provides a thorough understanding of why Google reviews disappear and offers practical solutions for businesses and reviewers. Companies can manage their online reputation, keep an eye on disappearing reviews, and encourage more positive feedback by following the tips and strategies in our blog. Furthermore, this blog is important for businesses looking to maintain transparency and trust with their customers, ultimately helping them enhance their online presence and reputation.


1. Why did my review disappear from Google? 

Several factors could lead to the disappearance of your Google review. Violation of Google's guidelines, technical glitches, actions taken by businesses, or account issues such as suspension or banning can result in the removal of reviews.

2. Why is my Google review not showing up?

Your Google review might not appear due to processing delays, policy violations, technical issues, or account restrictions. Google's filters and systems may take time to process new reviews, and reviews violating guidelines can be flagged.

3. How do I report a missing Google review? 

You can report a missing Google review by contacting Google Support directly. Find the appropriate contact channels for Google reviews and provide details of the missing review, including the business name and the date you wrote it.

4. Can I get a vanished review back on my GMB profile? 

Recovering a disappeared Google review isn't guaranteed, especially if it violated guidelines. You can contact the business or Google support with review details for re-evaluation. Technical delays or unverified information could also cause disappearance, not just deliberate removal.

5. Why would a review be removed from Google? 

Google reviews can be removed for several reasons. Violations of Google's guidelines, such as spam, hate speech, or irrelevant content, can lead to removal. Businesses can also flag reviews they consider fake or inappropriate. Technical glitches or account suspensions can also cause reviews to disappear.

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