Why Your Google Reviews Are Disappearing: 18 Reasons

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  • Publish Date : 4/5/2024 4:41:50 AM
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Do you ever notice that Google reviews disappear from your Google platform? Business reviews have emerged as the primary component of online reputation management. 

They immediately appear on your Google business profile, affecting how prospective customers view your offerings. These reviews are frequently displayed as the first result when someone searches for your company on Google. 

But without any idea, there might be reviews that have just disappeared from your profile without you knowing. In that case, here are 18 reasons to find out why your Google reviews disappeared from your GMB. 

Why Was The Review Removed From The Google Profile?

Multiple stories have surfaced indicating that Google has eliminated and reduced specific reviews from Google Business Profile listings' local map results. It occurs occasionally and is not apparent if it's new spam review filters or a bug.

Nevertheless, a few possible explanations for the Google Business Profile Reviews Disappeared are discussed below:

1. AI & Algorithm factor

Google's powerful algorithmic review filter is significantly causing Google business reviews to disappear. This AI-powered approach is intended to maintain impartiality and fairness in the evaluation procedure. 

Every review on a Google business profile page is scanned by it for indications of spam or guidelines breaches. For instance, the AI may identify and delete customer reviews as spam if they are distinct, contain specific flagged terms, or originate from the same IP address.

2. The review got filtered

Human elements might also have a role in the disappearance of Google reviews. For instance, if the person who posted the comment removed the review, then it would automatically vanish from the reviews part of your Google business page. 

In addition, Google staff members can manually remove reviews that seem fraudulent or violate Google’s review policy.

3. Update of spam link

Google released an update in 2021 to combat link spam to enhance search results quality. Google business profile reviews were impacted by this upgrade as well. 

The overall number of reviews on many Google company accounts decreased due to reviews that contained links or promotional content being detected and removed.

Top 18 Reasons For Disappearing Google Reviews

Most Google reviews disappear because of AI, as AI is helping Google clear up spam automatically. Disappearing Google reviews are becoming a concern for business reputation management teams as some good reviews are being removed too. 

When your reviews pass Google reviews policy compliance checks, you can expect them to stay on your business profile.

Still, there are several other reasons for getting your disappearing Google reviews daily from your business Google Reserves:

#1. User Account is No Longer Active

Reviews' visibility is also influenced by how active you are on your Google business profile account. Google may deem your business account inactive if you do not post updates, answer reviews, or update your false business profile listings and information. Your Google company profile dashboard may be affected by this, and your Google reviews may vanish. 

#2. User Deletes Reviews

A reviewer's decision to remove their review can occasionally be the sole explanation for its absence. Remember that every review you receive adds to your overall internet reputation, even though the business owner has little control over this. 

In particular, if the review was constructive and enhanced your Google company profile, it could be worthwhile to inquire why the reviewer removed it.

#3. Uses Offensive language

Reviews that use insulting language, vulgarity, or obscene gestures are against Google’s guidelines and policy. 

Such reviews that damage the authenticity of the review platform are deleted by Google.

#4. Mistakenly Deleted by Google's Staff

Along with automated moderation algorithms Google Support and Resolution staff regularly check on your business reviews for fake review detection. 

Sometimes, they can delete your review by mistake or if it looks fake. However, one can request the support staff for help by explaining the reason why that review was important for your Google my business page. 

#5. Include Links from Other Websites

The primary cause of reviews being permanently deleted is when a customer leaves a review with a link to your website or another website included in the review. 

Such types of links are taken as Google My Business (GMB) violations because of their suspicious nature and reasons.

#6. Errors or Bugs in Google's Software

Google employs many algorithms and technologies to oversee its search engine and other platforms, like Google Business Profiles. Occasionally, Google's technological issues lead to the disappearance of Google Business reviews. 

Google rarely acknowledges errors, but in the instance of your missing reviews, this might be the case.

#7. Shares Personal Information

Sharing the personal details of any person in the review is against the rules of Google’s privacy policy. It is prohibited to safeguard the person's privacy.

So, inform your users to avoid sharing such details on Google reviews even if they are doing it in your favor.

#8. Leads to Illegal Activity & Scams

Under Google review guidelines if any review promotes scams, fraud or illegal activity then that review ought to be removed from the public eye. 

Promotion of any prohibited activities that are harmful to consumers then those reviews might not see the light as Google will take strict action against those reviews and reviewers. 

#9. Violates Google's Policy & Guidelines

Google has rules that all reviews must follow. These rules are intended to protect the fairness and objectivity of all reviews while upholding the integrity of the review procedure. 

Reviews that don't follow these rules will be deleted, lowering your Google business profile's total rating.

#10. Displays Contact Number

The policies of Google sternly forbids adding phone numbers to reviews. These reviews are instantly recognized and eliminated from the reviews part of your Google business profile. 

When you encourage consumers to submit reviews, it's a good idea as a business owner to let them know about review publishing criteria. It guarantees that your Google company profile page will continue to display their insightful comments.

#11. Misleads with False Statements or Advertisements

Google wants its consumers to receive clear-cut and truthful reviews. Reviews that seem to be ads or are too promotional will thus be reported and deleted.

Note that encouraging consumers to include promotional content in their reviews can result in the reviews being removed from your Google business profile, so this is especially critical information for business owners.

#12. Mentions Email Address- If the Google reviews contain the email ID of anyone it will lead to review removal. That is to safeguard everyone's privacy who is involved.

Disclosing the personal information of any third party publicly will automate the process of deleting reviews according to Google’s policy.  

#13. Promotes Social Media Handles

If the review promotes social media handles. It can get a Google review removed because the platform does not allow any promotion activities on the platform. 

This platform for users to gain fair information about the products and services they are looking for.

#14. Showcases Unethical or Fraudulent Practices

Google will likely delete a review if it thinks it's off-topic, contains unethical or unlawful information, or promotes fraudulent practices. 

The same holds for disparaging information about your rivals or peers.

#15. Discloses Payment Details

Mentioning payment details on Google review is neither safe nor allowed. It can also be the reason for your missing reviews. 

If you can do reviewer identity verification or contact them, that will greatly help you to avoid such a situation in the future.

#16.Promotes Incentives & Promotions

Don't give them freebies, discounts, or coupons to get people to write a review. You can forfeit all of your reviews if Google finds out. 

Incorrectly skewing the results, offering an incentive may increase your chances of receiving a positive rating and push local SEO strategies for some, but eventually, it can all go down when Google detects fake reviews.

#17. Spam Reviews 

Google's algorithm flags reviews that seem spammy. The use of specific terms or phrases or even the fact that several reviews use the same IP address could be the cause. 

Your Google company profile will no longer display the same review name if the system finds evidence of this behavior. To keep Google's spam filters from getting triggered, business owners must ensure that their consumers post original reviews from separate IP addresses.

#18. Displays Any Threat

Have you received fake content on your Google Business Profile from that created thread among the public? That purpose can be to spread terror or chaos. 

Google will take out such nuisance reviews that pose any threat.

How To Get Your Disappearing Google Reviews Back?

Take your time if you discover some of your Google reviews are missing. You can take a few actions to resolve the matter of getting your disappearing Google reviews and possibly make ways to get them back:

       #1. Discuss your case with Google 

Getting in touch with Google Support and Resolution to open a support ticket is the first step towards resolving missing Google reviews. 

Give as much information as possible regarding the removed reviews, including screenshots. Google's review procedure needs to comprehend the situation and reinstate the reviews on your Google company page.

      #2. Mention all the information when asked 

Google might send an email requesting more details. Give clarity with each piece of information so the evaluation process can become smooth. 

Your odds of getting your Google reviews back are better the more details you can supply.

      #3. Be open and optimistic

There must be assurance that your lost reviews will be recovered because Google's algorithms are complicated. 

It is imperative to be open and optimistic and bide your time until Google has finished its inquiry.

       #4. Prevent further deletion of reviews

Give your consumers specific instructions on following Google's criteria while leaving reviews to avoid such incidents in the future. 

Their Google accounts must be complete and operational, and refrain from using promotional language.

      #5. Do diversification of platforms for reviews 

Avoid putting all of your eggs in a single basket. Ask your clients to provide reviews on more than just your Google company profile but also other review websites.

In the unlikely event that Google reviews disappear in the future, you will have a backup copy of your insightful customer reviews.

       #6. Consider a business review backup template

To maintain track of all the reviews you've received, think about utilizing a backup template for business reviews. 

It might be as easy as copying and pasting each review as it is received into a spreadsheet. In this manner, reviews can still be seen on record even after removal.

         #7. Buy Google reviews 

It's crucial to concentrate on obtaining fresh reviews, even though we advise you to contact Google for any review content you feel was mistakenly removed. Consider buying Google reviews from authentic sites. That offers reviews from the genuine people of your location. 

This is one of the digital marketing best practices that uplift your local SEO strategies. It will reimburse all the lost reviews of your Google Business profile. You'll soon rebuild a presence with good evaluations if you maintain excellent service and encourage genuine feedback. Getting more reviews to post on your website might also increase conversion rates.

Bottom Line

Understanding why Google reviews disappear can help you proactively safeguard your online reputation. It involves rigorous checking on your Google business profile and informing your customers on how to leave reviews that adhere to Google's guidelines. 

By doing so, you can ensure that your Google business profile showcases the exact version of your business, which is positive and 100% real, helping you attract more customers and driving your business growth.

Professionals specializing in positive online reviews are here to help if you need assistance maintaining your online reputation or gaining genuine Google reviews.


#1. Does Google notify if they removed a review?

Google does not notify business owners of the reasons behind the removal of reviews from their accounts. Neither is there any feature for setting up Google Alerts for such incidents. Google will generally confirm your request for a review removal in three to four business days.

#2. Can we know about deleted reviews on Google?

To know about the deleted reviews on Google you can use your Google account to log in to Search Console. Select "Reviews" after clicking the "Search Traffic" tab. All of the reviews—both favorable and unfavorable—for your company may be found right here. "This review has been removed" will appear if you come across one that was deleted.

#3. How much time does it take to remove reviews from Google?

After your request, removing a Google review could take up to three days to process. That said, this depends upon Google's assessment of your justification for the review's removal.

According to its AI and spam detection, Google regularly removes reviews in what some business owners call "regular waves." But there needs to be a formal program or timeframe to support this.

#4. How to see deleted Google reviews?

There should be a way to see deleted Google reviews, but Google says that once they remove a review, it's gone forever and doesn't have an official process.

Always store a backup copy of your publicly visible Google reviews if you need to contact Google for assistance.

#5. How does Google detect fake reviews?

Google updates algorithmic impact used to detect anything it deems to be fake, affects user feedback authenticity, or doesn't follow the rules.

It works for duplicate content removal & and other such spam items. To maintain their standard, they also do this work through their staff manually.

#6. What happens when the reviewers violate Google's review policy?

When the reviewers violated Google's review policy, their Google business profile reviews disappeared. Google's review policy guarantees that reviews are truthful, beneficial, and reliable. Reviews devoid of spam, fraudulent material, or private information will be deleted.

#7. What are the reasons why your Google reviews disappeared?

The leading reasons for the Google reviews to disappear are as follows:

  • It's been flagged as spam in the review.
  • User Account Suspensions or Business Listing Issues or incomplete.
  • There isn't a star rating on the review.
  • Need to be updated Google Business account.
  • Issues with location
  • The reviewer included a phone number or URL.
  • Review does not follow content quality guidelines.

#8. What are the features of Google business profiles?

The features of Google business profiles are as follows:

  • Up-to-date company details like, Business hours, Phone number, Website, And location (a place marker, street address, or service area, depending on your industry).
  • Customer Engagement Tactics
  • Increase footfall of new & old clients.

#9. How to get a Google review removed?

By following the below steps, you will remove Google review:

  • Log into your Google My Business account first.
  • Find the exact review that you wish to delete.
  • After selecting "Manage reviews," select "Flag as inappropriate."

After reviewing the inappropriate content flags report, Google might remove it if its content policies are broken.

#10. What are privacy and security measures that reviewers can take?

The privacy and security measures that reviewers can take are not to share any personal details in reviews. Phone numbers, emails, URLs, addresses, payment details, etc., affect your or anybody's privacy and safety.

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