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How To Write Local School Review Examples
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School reviews exist because it helps parents to make informed choices and schools with a large amount of good and positive reviews tend to receive more admissions. Positive Google reviews serve as testimonials from satisfied students, parents, and guardians to other prospective parents seeking the best educational experience for their kids. 

Moreover, a positive portfolio of Google reviews not only enhances a school's online visibility but also contributes to its search engine ranking, further amplifying its impact. In this blog, we delve into the significance of Google reviews for local schools along with 50+ positive and effective Google reviews for your school. You can simply copy and paste these review templates.

Boast about your school's awesomeness with genuine Google Reviews.


50+ Local School Reviews Examples

As per recent studies, about 93% of consumers are easily influenced by positive reviews.  Not just this, institutions with good reviews have experienced up to 31% conversion rates compared to those with no or bad reviews. Moreover, 72% of customers won’t act until they read reviews. Hence, the local schools must harness the power and impact of the positive reviews to solidify their name and reputation within the community. Positive Google reviews for local schools are the lifeblood of a school's brand, especially in today’s digital age. 

With the help of these 50+ local school reviews, you can surely elevate your online reputation, attract prospective families, and outshine your school rankings.

Review 1: My children adore this (School name). From the teachers to the students to the challenging educational modules. In spite of the fact it’s a small school, and has a low teacher-to-student ratio, it allows teachers to spend more time with children.

Review 2: (School Name) is doing excellent. It offers a lot of exposure to children. The school curriculum has created the most organized Academic programs in the entire city. Good efforts by all teachers. My child is being groomed very well. Keep it up!

Review 3: At (School Name), teachers want nothing more than to see their students succeed. They take pride in celebrating your child's achievements, big and small, and are committed to helping them overcome challenges.

Review 4: (School name) brings out the best in every child by analyzing their true potential individually while creating an environment of kindness, responsibility, and leadership. We are so grateful that we found (School name) that is so close to where we live.

Review 5: We feel so lucky that our children spend their time at (School name) as they learn valuable leadership skills while learning at their own pace. It has many technical facilities like smartboards, document cameras, etc. to make learning fun and interactive. 

Review 6: I feel so comfortable taking my child to (School name). It is clean and hygienic at all times of the day. Also, the school gives equal importance to co-curricular activities and helps their students grow across fields.  

Review 7: The staff and teachers at (School name) teachers are energetic and truly passionate about education. They connect with students, fostering a positive learning environment.

Review 8: Our kids have grown so much ever since they joined (school name). We've even noticed their positive school values carrying over at home. It was a good decision. 

Review 9: My kids have learned so much since being enrolled here in (School name)! They have grown and developed their personality tremendously both knowledge-wise and behaviour-wise in just an year.

Review 10: I feel so lucky that we have found this school. It promotes self-independence, confidence, and intellectual development in students. The teachers are dedicated, sincere, kind and helpful. 

Review 11: Our child always gets many opportunities to explore and progress in all aspects, whether academic, sports or extracurricular. The school strikes an appropriate balance between Academic and Co-Curricular activities.

Review 12: Extremely happy with the kind of activities organized in school for children’s physical, social, and intellectual development. This School makes my child very focused and target-oriented.

Review 13: We are so impressed with the teaching methods at (School name) which is different from other schools. They make my child brighter with their well-planned worksheets for practice along with the right balance between theory and experiments.

Review 14: This school has become my child’s home away from home. It has helped him to flourish in more ways than one. It has turned him into a better student, and a person.

Review 15: Our experience at (School name) has been beyond exceptional. The teachers are truly invested in my children’s education. They make personalized adjustments as needed per student. Small class sizes have enabled my children to gain confidence in their learning abilities.

Review 16: Both my kids attended (School name) to gain their primary and secondary education. And let me tell you, they received an excellent education. The preschool staff are skilled, professional, and just like family. I highly recommend this school.

Review 17: If you want to give your child(ren) a state-of-the-art level of education while making sure they are being nurtured and taught to be their best and most confident selves, then I encourage you to check out this school.

Review 18: (School name) offers top-notch education with small class sizes and personalized attention to each student. Plus, the advanced curriculum is outstanding, and the campus facilities are impressive.

Review 19: (School name) provides a supportive learning environment with dedicated faculty and staff. The school's emphasis on character education and leadership development prepares students for success beyond the classroom.

Review 20: (School name) offers a world-class education with a diverse student population representing various cultures. The school's emphasis on global learning prepares students for success in an interconnected world in the future.

Review 21: My kids love (School name).  The school provides a terrific learning environment with programs in STEM. The school is committed to innovative methods of teaching to help students excel academically and artistically.

Review 22: (School name) has many academic & extracurricular opportunities. From clubs to performing arts courses, it has something for everyone here. The faculty and community make this school a heaven on earth for learning.

Review 23: My experience at (School name) has been wonderful. It not only has a rigorous curriculum, but it enhances the focus on critical thinking. With small class sizes, my child receives personalized attention.

Review 24: I am so grateful I found (School Name). The curriculum is engaging, and the supportive community of parents and educators enhances the learning experience.

Review 25: My kids have gained so many skills from (School name) and their well-rounded education with a focus on innovation and learning. The school's state-of-the-art facilities create the best learning environment.

Review 26: (School name) is just great, the best in town. And its comprehensive curriculum community of parents and teachers alike makes it great. It enhances the overall learning experience every moment of your child’s journey.

Review 27: The (School name) is rightly known for providing an enriching educational experience with multiple perspectives. The school's diverse student body helps students to become responsible citizens.

Review 28: The education at (School name) has made my kids empowered and confident. The school’s dedicated teachers and staff shower its students with a nurturing environment where students feel valued and supported. 

Review 29: (School name) has designed an innovative academic curriculum with an interdisciplinary module for a holistic approach to learning. It guarantees future success through its leadership programs and activities. 

Review 30: (School name) has a challenging yet rewarding academic program with a focus on holistic development. The school's commitment to character education and leadership development prepares students for success in college and beyond.

Review 31: The consistently high academic performance of students in (School name) tells you enough about the positive impact of the teaching. It promotes a supportive environment for students. 

Review 32: What makes (School name) the best in the entire city is its student-centered approach that encourages students to cultivate critical thinking skills.

Review 33: (School name) offers a collaborative learning experience where students thrive academically, personally, and socially. What makes it a standout is its hands-on approach to education that breeds curiosity and a love of learning.

Review 34: You must explore the scholastic and extracurricular opportunities at (School name). It offers a strong sense of togetherness and a fairly constituted employee body that makes a pleasant learning environment for everyone. 

Review 35: Worth noting, (School name)’s initiative to apply latest practical applications in the classroom made students sharper and disciplined. The students are evaluated using assessments to measure students comprehension which used to offer personalized guidance.  

Review 36: It’s commendable how (School name) mentors new teachers. It shows their commitment to support the growth of both students and educators. The school actively works to create a learning environment.  

Review 37: (School name) has proven that learning can be fun and educational. The teachers there incorporate real-world connections effectively in their learning experiences. Plus, the facilities and cleanliness at school are highly impressive.

Review 38: (School name) met and surpassed all our expectations. Our initial reluctance was squashed by passionate teachers, individualized approach to students, and a prominent civic sense. This year, they have grown much more.Delighted with our choice!

Review 39: We know choosing a school can be unpleasant, but (school name) has been incredible for our child. It is challenging, but the teachers offer great support and resources

Review 40: (School Name) definitely stands out; creativity is valued equally with academics. Our kid loves their extracurricular programs. It has a strong academic environment where critical thinking is emphasized a lot.

Review 41: (School Name) has been a perfect fit for science-enthusiast kids. The rigorous yet rewarding curriculum with supportive faculty has proven to be the best for our kids. 

Review 42: (School name) is a new school, but it feels like a close-knit family already. The teachers are passionate and truly care about each student's individual learning style. Our kid loves the after-school clubs, activities, and events.

Review 43: (School name) has been astonishing as the teachers know each student by name and form their educating approach. The school environment is warm and inviting, and the students all appear to really care about each other.

Review 44: (School name) promotes a love of learning with an engaging curriculum and dedicated teachers. The school's strong sense of community and parent involvement contribute to student success. 

Review 45: (School Name) has amazing subjects to help the children develop their many interests. The extracurricular activities such as debate and drama clubs where students discover themselves and they get to be leaders.

Review 46: Students at (School Name) are fortunate to experience learning activities that are related to nature. The school’s importance to lessons and assignments from outdoor learning experiences promotes teamwork and personal growth. 

Review 47: (School Name) made our child's high school enrolment easy. With its remarkable anti-bullying program, the school has developed a wholesome and safe place for all students.

Review 48: (School name) has been a perfect fit! The class sizes are small, and the teachers know each student's strengths and weaknesses and offer personalized education, which has helped kids excel academically.

Review 49: My son wasn't interested in attending a traditional college path, so [school name] provided the perfect alternative with various vocational education subjects. The school offers a good mix of academic learning and practical training in his field. 

Review 50: (School name) prepared our daughter well for college. Their rigorous academic requirements and many AP courses challenged her intellectually. The guidance counselor was very supportive and helped her navigate the college application process with ease. 

Review 51: (School name) gave our gifted son the intellectual stimulation he desired. The curriculum keeps him engaged and ensures mental growth among peers. Teachers give tailored education aimed at continuing his development.

Review 52: We are impressed with (School name)'s career counseling program. Our daughter was given personalized guidance to determine her career path. The program also offers her resume writing and interviewing workshops.


When you gain a number of positive reviews, your school's GMB profile will appear first in the search rankings, developing a level of trust and bond with the local community. You can even purchase genuine Google reviews from BuyReviewz in order to get high Google rankings, build your school name as a brand, and earn the trust of the parents. 


1. What is the benefit of local schools gaining positive reviews?

Positive reviews can change the fate of the local school as they can change their complete profile, help them boost their rankings, and even attract more enrollments during the academic years. 

2. What are the things that should be included in the school review?

Positive school reviews must include: Academic performance and curriculum, Teachers and staff, Extracurricular activities and facilities, and most importantly, how good the staff, teachers, and administration are at communicating. Be honest, and highlight both positive and negative aspects of your experience. 

3. How do you express gratitude for school in your review?

You can express gratitude for a school in your review by acknowledging and highlighting its positive impact on your or your child's education and personal development. 

4. How can schools encourage parents to write reviews? 

Schools must make the review process accessible and flexible via social media and meetings, highlight the importance of reviews for the local school community and how they shape its future; and respond to the reviews, no matter good or negative, in a professional and timely manner. 

5. Where should I put the school reviews to attract students?

To attract a wide range of student audiences and enrolments, you can put your school reviews on the school’s website, social media pages, brochures, and pamphlets, Google My Business listings, and events.

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