Facing Issues With Google Reviews? Here's How To Tackle Them Effectively

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Today, customer testimonials and feedback bring credibility and spotlight to the business. Google reviews are one way for businesses to show reviews from happy customers and draw the attention of the target market. However, the issue happens when businesses face challenges with Google reviews not showing up. 

Well, this is the major issue that most of the business has to go through. So what can be the cause behind it and what about the solutions? 

There can be various reasons, including not adhering to Google's review policy, employee reviews, etc. Don’t worry; measures exist to address the issues. Read on further to explore the reasons and measures to tackle issues with Google Review.

Understand About Google Review Policy 

To ensure everything goes well with the Google review and the target market gets an accurate glimpse of the business, Google has set some guidelines that every customer should adhere to while reviewing any business. Here are some essential points to know about Google's review policy:

  • Reviews should be based on personal experiences and directly relate to business products or services. 
  • Google strictly restricts irrelevant reviews that relate to political or social opinions.
  • Google prohibits fake reviews, whether they are positive or negative. Misleading reviews posted anonymously are marked as spam.
  • Employees and former employees, competitors, or individuals with close ties to your company should not write reviews.
  • Businesses are strictly restricted to promoting positive reviews or applauding positive reviews with incentives.

Possible Reason Google Review Is Not Showing

Inactive reviewer accounts or Google policy violators may prevent reviews. Policy-violating reviews are screened, and inactive accounts lose credibility. Promote recent, active customer reviews to boost exposure. Respond quickly to policy violations and connect with consumers to build confidence.

1. URL in Google Reviews 

Due to Google's review restrictions, URLs in reviews might occasionally hide reviews. URLs in reviews may be spammy or promotional, breaking Google's authenticity and relevance regulations.

Tips to Fix:

  • Inform consumers that URLs in reviews may be blocked or deleted. Provide review content guidelines. 
  • Remove URL-containing reviews immediately. Ask consumers to share their experiences and comments without connections.

2. Fake Google Reviews

Fake Google reviews from rivals, unhappy consumers, or bots might damage a business's image and credibility. These reviews may be misleading or intended to influence ratings.

Tips to Fix:

  • Report questionable or false reviews to Google immediately. Include reasons you think the review is fraudulent, such as anomalies in the reviewer's background or unauthentic content.
  • Address bogus reviews professionally and courteously, underlining the significance of real feedback. This shows prospective consumers that you value comments and fix concerns.

3. Google Review Spam

Google does not encourage reviews that have information from other websites or lead to any third-party promotion. This is the most appropriate reason for Google reviews not showing. Google uses an inbuilt solution to detect spam reviews.

Tips to Fix:

  • Google's review management tools can screen and eliminate fraudulent reviews. Check reviews regularly and identify and report spam ones for removal.
  • Customers should be educated on spammy material in reviews and encouraged to submit helpful feedback based on their actual experiences with the firm.

4. Inactive Google Business Profile

Inactive Google Business Profiles reviews might not show up in searches of prospective consumers. Google's algorithms may consider outdated or unmaintained Google Business Profiles less relevant and trustworthy.

Tips to Fix:

  • To govern your Google Business Profile, claim and verify it. You may maintain and update the profile with correct information.
  • Update your Google company Profile with company hours, contact information, and services. This shows Google that your company is active and relevant.

5. Change in Business Location

Change in business physical location is the most common reason for Google reviews not appearing. Google does not display old reviews linked with the previous business location.

Tips to Fix:

  • Make sure your Google Business Profile's location information is correct. Change the address, contact information, and other data to match the new location.
  • To inform consumers about the move, use email newsletters, social media, and signs at the old site. Encourage consumers to post fresh evaluations after visiting the new location.

6. Inactive Reviewer Account

Due to account status or activity changes, inactive reviewer accounts may not display reviews on Google. Google's algorithms may not trust reviews from inactive accounts and may not show them to prospective consumers.

Tips to Fix:

  • To address the issues, you must encourage users with active Google accounts to leave reviews.
  • Ask the user to log into the account and check if the Google review is working fine.

7. Google Review Disabled

Not following the Google review policy is the prime reason for disabling Google reviews. If the user has violated the policy in any way, it can also lead to the review being disabled.

Tips to Fix:

  • Determine whether rule violations, spam, or other factors disabled the reviews.
  • Ask Google to examine an unjustified disablement.

8. Review Under Moderation 

Review moderation may be due to Google's automatic algorithms identifying policy breaches or suspicious conduct. This preserves review quality and validity.

Tips to Fix:

  • To reduce moderating, push consumers to post honest, relevant reviews.
  • If moderation is taking more time than expected, contact the Google review support team. They can help address the concerns.

Steps To Address The Google Review Not Showing Up Issue

Google reviews not appearing might hurt your business's reputation and be annoying. However, there are various ways to address the issue.

1. Contact Support Team 

Contact Google support if your reviews aren't showing up. Google provides help via email, phone, and live chat. Provide specifics about your situation, including your company name, location, screenshots, or proof of missing reviews. Google's support staff can investigate and help fix the problem.

2. Make sure the review adheres to the guidelines 

Make sure your reviews follow Google's rules. Google has strong review platform quality and integrity rules. Google's automated technologies may delete or filter reviews that violate these criteria. Check Google's review standards and make sure your reviews comply. 

Encourage clients to post authentic, honest evaluations of your company. Avoid spammy or deceptive techniques like encouraging or submitting phony reviews.

3. Check business information 

Inconsistencies in your company information may prevent reviews. Make sure your Google My Business profile is correct and current. Ensure your company name, location, phone number, and other information are accurate. Incorrect or outdated information might confuse consumers and interfere with reviews. Update or modify your business information to match with the Google review policies.

4. Post your issue in the Google Review community 

Ask the Google review community for help. Google's community forum lets company owners and consumers ask questions, share experiences, and get assistance with Google review concerns. Post your concern in the Google review forum with as much information as possible. 

Manage Google Reviews And Enhance Business Reputation

Managing Google reviews is important to know your approach towards the customers, which also boosts the brand image. Here are a few easy tips to manage Google reviews and enhance your business reputation.

  • Engagement with consumers and timely responses to reviews show your dedication to customer happiness and openness. 
  • Ask pleased customers for good reviews and handle complaints with sensitivity and expertise. 
  • Monitoring your Google Business Profile lets you track client feedback and enhance your goods and services. 


Google reviews not show lands for businesses in trouble as customer reviews are the first thing customers check before signing the deal. 

By taking the steps to address the issues, you will get your Google review back showing up and continue to shape your business reputation in the market. Most importantly, always adhere to Google review terms of service, and your Google business profile will never be a problem. Keep an eye on your Google business profile to ensure it works fine. 


1. Can I contact Google if facing issues with reviews?

Yes, you get an option to contact the Google support team in case you find that any legit review is missing on your GMB profile. They have the best support staff to help with Google review concerns.

2. How do I tackle unfair Google reviews?

When you get an unfair review, do not get impulsive with the decision, and try responding professionally and politely to unfavorable criticisms. To address the unfair Google review, insist the customer to share positive feedback. Alternatively, you can report unfair feedback to Google for further investigation.

3. How do I handle Google reviews to build a better reputation? 

Respond quickly to Google reviews, thank people for good comments, and answer bad criticism constructively. Encourage pleased customers to post reviews to boost your reputation.

4. How do I respond to a bad Google review?

Address negative reviews with kindness and professionalism. Respond professionally to consumer complaints, apologize for poor experiences, and offer remedies or offline discussions. 

5. How do I remove a Google review effectively?

Flag reviews that violate Google's policy or are fraudulent to delete them. Show policy infractions to support your request. Encourage reviewers to amend or remove their reviews.

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