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How To Leave Anonymous Google Review
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We get tons of questions about Google reviews, and one that keeps coming up frequently is whether you can leave a review anonymously on Google. The quick answer is nope, Google removed that option in 2018 to protect businesses because of concerns about the fairness and transparency related to anonymous Google reviews. 

However, there are still some ways to provide users to share reviews while they remain anonymous. Thus we bring you a blog that will talk can you post anonymous Google review or not. If yes then how?

Can You Post Anonymous Google Reviews?

In today’s digital world, online reviews are one of the key elements in business attracting customers and expanding the business. A large number of small business owners employed tactics like leaving anonymous reviews on platforms such as Google to rank higher in searches and gain more customers.

Google banned anonymity in Google Reviews in 2018, viewing this as potentially harmful to businesses and a practice that promoted unfairness. Consequently, they do not permit users to post reviews without revealing their identity. 

Though you cannot post an anonymous Google review directly, there are still ways to do it. Let’s find out more about leaving anonymous reviews on Google.

Reasons For Leaving Anonymous Google Reviews

Many people want to leave Google reviews for businesses about products or services they have recently used without revealing their identity for multiple reasons. 

Here are a few of them justifying why people don't prefer to reveal their identity when leaving a Google review.

Reason 1: Privacy

Some people prefer to maintain their privacy by concealing their identity, ensuring that their thoughts and experiences are shared in disguise. Privacy issues are the number one reason for people to post Google reviews anonymously.

Reason 2: Fear Of Retaliation

The apprehension of facing repercussions leads individuals to hesitate in criticizing a company, fearing potential retaliation in response. This fear makes them hide their true identity and leave an anonymous review on Google. 

Reason 3: Honesty

Anonymity can foster honesty as it enables individuals to speak candidly without the burden of judgment from others. Some people prefer to stay masked to openly portray their reviews about a business on their GMB(Google My Business) profile.

Reason 4: Maintaining A Professional Reputation

Professionals may opt for anonymity when discussing a company to safeguard their professional reputation. The person directly associated with the business may want to leave an anonymous review to maintain his professional reputation.

Reason 5: Sharing Sensitive Experiences

Individuals may wish to share personal encounters with a company while ensuring their identity remains undisclosed. Many people shy away from sharing their private experiences in public. In an urge to raise their voice but keep their identity masked, they prefer to leave anonymous Google reviews. 

Reason 6: Protecting Relationships

Maintaining relationships intact is crucial for reviewers who may know employees at the company and wish to avoid awkward situations. In such situations, reviewers can use anonymous reviews to speak up their minds, while ensuring to keep their identity masked and protecting their relationships.

Reason 7: Avoiding Spam Or Harassment

Concealing one's identity can serve as a shield against spam or harassment, deterring unwanted messages stemming from reviews. If your thoughts are provoking for others, they might shower you with harassing and spam messages. Keeping your anonymity while posting a review can keep you safe from such situations.

Reason 8: Legal Or Ethical Concerns

Legal or ethical considerations prompt some reviewers to remain anonymous out of concern for compliance and moral standards when sharing their experiences.

Ways To Leave Anonymous Google Reviews

Penning down your thoughts on Google can be quite beneficial, but there are occasions when you may prefer to conceal your identity for various reasons. But How? Here's a nifty guide on how to leave an anonymous Google review:

Approach 1: Change Your Google Name

By simply adjusting your first and last name within the settings of your Google account, you retain ownership of the account while having the liberty to adopt any anonymous name. This subtle alteration ensures that when you jot down a review, it will mask your identity, safeguarding your anonymity. 

Approach 2: Create A New Google Account

Alternatively, you can create a new Google account with a different nickname. This involves setting up a brand-new Google account from scratch bearing a fictitious name such as "Mysterious Customer." This dedicated account can serve the sole purpose of posting anonymous reviews. 

Here are the steps on how to post reviews on Google anonymously from either of the above approaches:

  • Step 1: Create a new Google account and open Google Maps.
  • Step 2: Locate the business you wish to write feedback for and hit "Write a review."
  • Step 3: If you're logged into your Google account using the anonymous name, a prompt will appear for submitting your review.
  • Step 4: Compose your feedback and assign a star rating.
  • Step 5: Hit "Post" to post an anonymous Google review.

Possible Outcomes Of Leaving Anonymous Reviews

Leaving anonymous Google reviews has been banned by Google and there are a few reasons for it. But even then if you wish to write an anonymous Google review, here is a list of a few possible outcomes:

Outcome 1: Credibility Concerns 

Without knowing who wrote the review, other users might question its authenticity. They may wonder if the review is genuine or if someone is trying to manipulate opinions. Businesses can also flag anonymous Google and remove them if they find them illegitimate. This lack of credibility can make it harder for readers to trust anonymous Google reviews and make informed decisions.

Outcome 2: Lack Of Accountability

Anonymity allows reviewers to write without fear of consequences. This freedom can lead to irresponsible or malicious comments that may harm a business or individual without any repercussions for the reviewer. Without accountability, there's no incentive for reviewers to be honest or fair in their assessments.

Outcome 3: Difficulty In Evaluating Businesses 

Anonymous reviews often lack important context, such as the reviewer's background or specific preferences. This makes it challenging for readers to determine if the review applies to their own experiences or if it's relevant to their needs. The absence of context can limit the usefulness of the review in helping others make informed decisions.

Outcome 4: Potential For Abuse 

Some individuals may abuse anonymity to post spam, defamatory content, or false claims. These malicious actions can damage a business's reputation. Anonymity provides a shield for perpetrators to engage in behavior without facing accountability for their actions.

Outcome 5: Difficulty In Responding

When reviewers remain anonymous, businesses may struggle to address their concerns or provide assistance. Without contact information or a way to engage with the reviewer, businesses may find it challenging to resolve issues, clarify misunderstandings, or offer support. This lack of communication hinders the ability to maintain positive relationships with customers and address feedback effectively.

Tips For Leaving Anonymous Google Reviews

Here are the tips on crafting anonymous Google reviews to give honest feedback without revealing your identity or violating Google's policy.

Tip 1: Be Humble And Fair 

Even under the mask of anonymity, it's important to keep it humble and avoid any harsh words in your reviews. Being courteous not only boosts credibility but also helps businesses handle any unwarranted feedback.

Tip 2: Keep It Real And Avoid Exaggeration

Share your genuine experience without any exaggeration. The most impactful reviews are those that other people can connect with.

Tip 3: Details Matter

Paint a vivid picture for readers by delving into specifics. Instead of just stating your positives, mention why something stood out for you. Real-life examples add depth and credibility to your review.

Tip 4: Don't Forget To Bring Something Extra To The Table

Consider how your review can benefit others. Whether suggesting improvements or offering insider tips, like proposing more seating at a café, providing value elevates both reader experience and business insights. Remember, each review is a chance to share insights while maintaining that cloak of anonymity!


By now you must be clear that Google does not allow anonymous reviews to maintain fairness and openness, but there are still channels through which individuals can submit feedback anonymously. Utilize these ways to leave anonymous Google reviews and keep your identity safe.

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