How to get Google Reviews for Real Estate Agents and Why?

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Are you a real estate agent looking to boost online visibility and attract new clients to your real estate business? Have you ever considered how Google reviews can be a game-changer for your real estate business? 

Do not worry we have got everything covered!

More than 49% of customers trust Google reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. Getting  Google reviews is extremely important to impress clients and signal that you are worthy of their attention. These reviews further make them believe that you will get them the best deals to purchase, rent, or sell their homes through you.

Here, we bring you a fantastic blog that will explore how to get more Google Reviews for real estate agents. Also, learn the benefits of asking for Google reviews for your real estate business.

What are Google Reviews, and why Real estate agents need them?

Google Reviews are how your clients share their valuable insights and experiences with your business. These reviews are in the form of a star-rating system that appears alongside your real estate business profile. 

These real estate agents' Google Reviews are the most accessible social proof of your existence and success. They help increase your local search ranking and even give a pathway to your potential clients to find you.

With authentic reviews, you can make your real estate business look more genuine and valuable to the viewers. They will further help your customer’s credibility and trust towards your business.

Google Reviews not only shares people's experiences but also encourages them to dive deeper by visiting or contacting you directly. So, let us understand how to get Google reviews for real estate agents for the utmost profit.

How to get Google Reviews for real estate agents?

Google reviews are a method to build the online reputation of your real estate business. As a real estate agent, you can leverage it for your business’s success by cracking enormous home deals for your clients.

Get a substantial collection of Google reviews from your clients using these effective ways to get Google Reviews for Real Estate Agents.

#1. Verify Your Real Estate Google Business Profile  

The first way to get more Google Reviews for real estate agents is to verify your Google business profile. Reviews are only worthy if you have a specific place to display them. Thus, get your Google profile verified right away!

Google Business Profile appears when someone searches for your name online. It also includes contact information, operating hours, address, recent photos, and reviews of your real estate services.

A verified real estate Google Business profile will not only bring professional growth but will also attract potential clients seeking authenticity and a personalized touch.

#2. Get Reviews from your past clients

It is evident that when you think about filling a Google business profile with reviews, your mind automatically looks forward to past clients and fellow real estate agents. But one should remember to embrace the reviews from personal contacts, too. 

Being a real estate agent,  the 5-star reviews from past clients, neighbors, fellow agents, friends, and families will help you climb your Google ranking and reach more buyers and sellers. Thus, you must always ask personal and professional contacts to review your Real Estate business. 

Genuine reviews from past clients give people looking for real estate agents an idea about your services, and positive reviews increase the chances of gaining clients.

#3. Provide an exceptional service

Get 5-star Google Reviews for your real estate services by going the extra mile for your clients. Though you may be the dedicated real estate agent for every home buyer and seller, offering some unique and memorable support will set you apart from other real estate agents.

Think about giving your client’s an excellent customer service experience; that extra mile will not only give you appreciation in your client’s referrals, but also they will praise you by giving positive reviews. 

So make your client’s home-buying/selling journey a memorable one that motivates them to pen down a glowing testimonial for you.

#4. Offer small incentives for mentioning agents' names in the review

Being a real estate agent, you can add a bit of excitement in the process of asking for Google Reviews for yourself. You can offer reviewers a small incentive if they mention the agents’ names in their reviews.

The small incentive can be a little gift card or an entry into a giant giveaway. The gesture of giving incentive will show your appreciation towards your clients for investing their time to write for you.  

The strategy of offering small incentives will help you to achieve piles of Google reviews for your real estate business in no time.

#5. Provide review links on social media platforms

Another way to get Google reviews for real estate agents is by incorporating Google Review requesting links in places that are easy for your clients, colleagues, and other connections to find and fill it organically.

Social media is a place that helps in expanding the impact of your Google reviews. Thus, being a real estate agent, you can attach the link, email it, or post it on your Facebook page or any other desired social media platform. 

It will help you to gain tremendous comments that are reasonable and positive. Also, it will encourage new and existing clients to share their experiences with you as their real estate agents.

#6. Requesting Google Reviews After An Event

One of the most effective ways to get more Google reviews for real estate agents is to request Google Reviews after an event. At this point, the conversation and experience between real estate broker and client is fresh. 

As a real estate agent, you can ask for reviews while closing a deal, catching up on the phone with a past client, discussing the real estate market with a friend, and exchanging emails.

It is the best method to receive organic and positive reviews. These reviews are highly impactful and are best for your growth as they are specific and fresh experiences of your clients.  

These reviews will add to your success story and make you a path towards achieving great heights as a real estate agent.

How do Google Reviews benefit real estate agents?

Google reviews for real estate agents are a fantastic way to build your online reputation. Also, it makes it easier for potential buyers and sellers to find you by building trust and establishing yourself as an expert.

Here are the 4 reasons why Google reviews are beneficial for your real estate business and how they can bring you success:

#1. Brings more business 

Good reviews will help a real estate agent to attract more clients. These reviews validate your real estate business, helping home buyers and sellers to feel more confident in working with you.  

Eventually, the reviews work the same as Word-Of-Mouth; they give you a clear insight into your experience with them. It helps in knowing your agent better and gives potential clients what to except from working with you.

#2. Increases the search ranking

Google reviews influence local search ranking for real estate agents, thus increasing the chances of being discovered by the potential client.

Google’s algorithm measures the number of reviews and helps improve your search ranking.

#3. Act as the social proof

Real estate agent reviews are a powerful social proof for your business. It helps in knowing your agent better and gives potential clients what to except from working with you.

In real estate, it is vital to establish your agency as trustworthy; thus, having a plethora of positive reviews will establish credibility with prospective customers.

#4. Establishes Credibility and Trust

Positive reviews from clients will help real estate agents set an outstanding record of properties they have helped to sell.

It will create invaluable credibility and trust that establishes your skills and professionalism helping you to stand out from the competition. 

Want to become the best Realtor to get the best Google Reviews for your business? If yes, here is what you need to know! 

Tips to Become the Best Realtor in Your Area

To get the best possible reviews from your clients, it is time to become the best realtor in your area. As there is always room for improvement, here are a few tips that will help you become the best real estate agent in your area. 

Being a real estate agent, it is always vital to ace the art of communication. Selling and buying a home is always an emotional journey; at that time, you must communicate with your clients so that they have faith in you.

There is no point in wasting your time on lukewarm deals, so always qualify your clients before you work with them. Determine are serious about buying and selling a home.  

Make the best use of automation software for email marketing so that you don’t have to put in extra effort to keep in touch with your clients.

Work on forming partnerships, as in the real estate business, you must have the support of the right people with you. For this, you can contact bankers, professional organizers, and people in home-based industries.

Create a social media profile and have an online presence, as it will help people to know you as a real estate agent. Add information about you and your business, making it look professional. 

Reply to every positive or negative review you receive on Google reviews. Replying to negative reviews will show the viewers that you care about others and work towards improvisation.

Is buying Google reviews for realtors a good option to consider?

Buying Google Reviews is crucial in shaping your real estate business’s online reputation. A real estate agent can consider buying Google reviews from a genuine platform that will bring positive and genuine Google reviews from real accounts for you.

Buying reviews will help your real estate business in the following ways:

  1. It will improve the visibility of your business. 
  2. Your real estate business will get an improved SEO ranking
  3. Helps in attracting new clients
  4. Rapidly boosts your online reputation
  5. Buying reviews will save your time and effort
  6. Buying reviews is a budget-friendly choice for your real estate business.
  7. Always look for an authentic service provider for buying Google Reviews for your real estate business.

Conclusion: Get Hundreds Of Reviews and grow as a real estate agent

There is a continuous change in real estate marketing, but Google reviews are the major game-changer for local real estate agents. Google works in the favor of consistent, reliable professionals who deliver honest value to their clients.

Thus, there is a consistent need for real estate agents to monitor their online reputation and work towards getting hundreds of reviews. Start your journey of getting great reviews by developing new prospects and helping your clients throughout the home buyer journey.

In case of positive or negative reviews, just respond to all your reviews, as it will add credibility to your business. Improve your overall review stats, and eventually, you will improve your real estate business. 


#1. What are the ways to increase your Google reviews as a realtor?

The various ways to increase your Google reviews as a realtor are:

  • Verifying your Real Estate Google Business Profile
  • Asking for reviews from past clients
  • Providing an exceptional service
  • Offering small incentives
  • Building a review gathering profile
  • Providing a review link on social media platforms

#2. How do Google reviews benefit real estate business?

Google reviews benefit real estate businesses in the following ways:

  • Reviews act as social proof of authenticity for real estate agents
  • Reviews enhance the local search ranking for agents
  • Reviews help attract new clients

#3. Why is it essential for a real estate agent to get positive Google reviews?

Positive Google reviews play a crucial role for real estate agents as they help in attracting new clients also validate your business. Generates a feeling of confidence among buyers and sellers. 

#4. Can a 5-star Google Review help a real estate broker grow?

A 5-star Google Review will help confirm that clients are working with the best. It will give you the clarity about how the real estate agent works. Notably, a 5-star Google review for a real estate agent will build trust with clients and help drive real estate business.

Sarah Smith
Written By Sarah Smith

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