How To Get Google Reviews For Automotive Business?

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Increase your business revenue with Google reviews!

Yes! You heard it right. According to Womply’s recent survey, an automotive business with just 10 fresh reviews can increase its revenue by 26%. 

So, let’s find out how you can gain more Google reviews for your automotive business and also increase your earnings this year.

From creating a seamless review process to leveraging satisfied customers, this blog will guide you through the steps to enhance your automotive business's credibility and visibility, ultimately driving more customers to choose your services.

Let’s get started!

Who is This Guide For?

Any business in the following list can use this guide to gain genuine Google customer reviews and improve their profile ranking on Google:

Auto interior shop

Lubrication and emission centers

Lubrication oil retail shop

Transmission shops

Car wash business

Auto glass shops

Vehicle brokerage service

Auto Body Parts shops

Rental and ride-sharing cards

Driving school

Car accessories store

Tire stores 

Automobile repair service

Car Washes

How To Get Google Reviews for Your Automotive Business?

If, despite providing exceptional service to your customers, you have struggled to gain customer reviews for your automotive business, then these methods will help you gain reviews on Google seamlessly:  

1. Ask your customers for reviews

Asking for reviews in person always works. So, when a customer has come to pick up his vehicle at your showroom or just visiting your business place, simply ask him how he feels about your service. 

If he seems satisfied, say, ‘We’d really appreciate it if you could also share your experience on Google and leave us a review.” Most customers agree to leave reviews if they are happy with your service. 

2. Keep a QR code at the front desk

When leaving reviews is made easier, more customers will be willing to spare a minute to add one. So, always keep a QR code linking to your review page at your front desk or the billing counter. 

And when the customer is about to clear his dues, ask him to review your business on Google with a quick scan. Also, with this simple method, you will capture the feedback of the customer at that touchpoint where he is most likely to share feedback. 

3. Send review requests in texts and emails after purchase or service

When the first two methods don’t work. Try this one. Send after-purchase review requests to your customers via texts and email with a link to your review page.

This review request will remind your customer, and he might leave a review once he reaches home. Therefore, always send review requests to all the customers who visit your store, shop, or garage. You can also link a review link in your email signature to encourage more reviews.

4. Hand out review cards when customers come to collect their cars

The next method you can use is to print your review cards with QR codes and hand them out to customers who have come to collect their vehicles. These cards will also be physical reminders for your customers. 

Also, when they come to pick up their cars, they are more likely to be in a positive state of mind, so they might leave a review once they sit in their car, and you might gain a more favorable review for your automobile business.

5. Automate your review collection process

You can also use automation like Google's own review request system to gain more reviews for your business. Such automated tools will send friendly reminders to your customers continuously for a few days post their purchase. 

So if the customer has forgotten, he will be reminded continuously and you will gain his review. But ensure your automated messages include direct links to your Google My Business so customers can add reviews easily. 

6. Always respond to every Google review

Gaining more reviews will be easy if you always respond to each review on your business profile. Even stats claim that around 53% of consumers expect a response to their negative reviews.

So, if your automotive business is more prompt with its responses, you can gain both trust and more customer reviews than other automotive businesses in your area.

7. Offer discounts to customers who leave reviews

Lastly, you can also offer discounts and incentives to your customers who leave a review. This method will gain you reviews and also attract more new customers who are looking up for cost-effective automotive services. 

You can announce such offers on your social media or display banners in your business location, saying, "Leave a review on Google after your service and receive a discount on your next visit!"

Thus, Gaining positive reviews is possible if you apply the proper methods. Also, more positive reviews not only help maintain the online reputation of your business but also contribute to customer trust and the overall success of the business.

How can Google Reviews help your Automotive Business?

The benefits of Google reviews are endless. Once you have them on your GMB profile, they do the marketing for your automotive business. Here are some additional ways how gaining Google reviews help your business: 

1. Enhance the online visibility of your automotive business

A higher number of positive Google reviews can improve your business's online visibility when potential customers search for automotive services in your area.

2. Drive more prospects to your business

You can also attract more customers with Google reviews. When potential customers see positive reviews about your service, they'll choose your automotive business over others.

3. Help improve your service with real-time customer feedback

Reviews, both positive and negative, offer insights into what customers appreciate or dislike, and by analyzing customer feedback, you can continuously improve your services. 

Thus, gaining genuine reviews can indeed help your business stand out both on the internet and in your offline markets. 

However adding genuine reviews takes time and consistent efforts from your end. But there’s a way that can save you time. If you want to gain genuine Google reviews instantly, purchasing Google reviews from a trustworthy site can be the most effective strategy. 

Is it possible to buy Google reviews for an automotive business?

Yes, you can buy genuine Google reviews for your automotive business. Many reliable websites provide honest and legit reviews for multiple industries and you can buy Google reviews for your automotive business through these websites.

Also, only real and active accounts add these reviews when you select a genuine service provider for buying Google reviews so these reviews are authentic and they help you maintain the online reputation of your business. 

Final Thoughts: Boost your ranking with more Google reviews

Now that you know how Google reviews can help your automotive business and how you can gain them, try to add more Google customer reviews and improve your business profile ranking.

Aim to reach a higher number of reviews than your competitors, and once you do that, you will easily reach more prospects through local search and increase your revenue.

So add genuine Google reviews and grow your business! 


Q1. Why aren't customers leaving reviews for my automotive business?

Your customers may not be aware of where or how to leave reviews for your business. So make sure your business profile is listed and optimized on Google and you have added all the relevant business information on your profile. You can also add a review widget on your website if you have one. 

Q2.  How to Get More Google Reviews for your Auto Repair Business?

To gain more reviews for your auto repair business, ask customers personally how they feel about your service. If they express dissatisfaction, resolve their problems promptly. This way, you can earn both their trust and a genuine Google review. You can also send an SMS or mail with a request link or add it to  payment receipts.

Q3. How many Google reviews do I need to increase my rating?

Try to gain at least 20-30 genuine 5-star reviews to increase your rating. Also, ensure that you add only genuine and quality reviews if you want to improve your rating. 

Q4.  Can you pay people to review your business?

Yes, you can pay people to leave a review. For example, you can give an offer like if a customer leaves a review today, he will get a special discount on his next visit. 

Q5. What long-term strategies can I implement to gather reviews consistently? 

To gain Google reviews consistently, provide better service than your competitors. Then, ask your satisfied customers in person to share their experience on Google and use review requests best practices.

Sarah Smith
Written By Sarah Smith

Sara holds expertise in brand management and rebranding. She has worked as a business communication specialist and understands the basic 'know-how' of empowered brand communication. Her experience in brand management helps her create Google reviews that hit potential customer's pain points. She is responsible for planning, ideating, and conceptualizing Google reviews at for a group of brand owners looking for rebranding through local SEO, Google business, and viable digital reach!

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