How To Boost Your Overall Google Reviews In The Correct Way?

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Are you a small business owner or a brand struggling to boost your presence positively on the Google Business page via Google reviews?

Typically, today we search for the brand online and read Google reviews. We often purchase based on other customers' feedback and experiences.

In 2024, a Survey revealed that 81% of consumers look for Google to check their businesses' reviews. Obviously, in this internet-powered era, customer decisions are heavily influenced by Google and other online reviews. Because of this, it becomes crucial for brands to know how to raise their Google review count and establish a positive review rating. 

However, negative public reviews allow a company to highlight its customer service. These complaints serve as a potent counterbalance to strengthen the authentication of positive ratings. Everything here hinges on whether or not your company gets any reviews at all.

Let's explore and improve your Google reviews tactics, which will gain you more clients and establish credibility. Here's how you can boost business reviews on Google with these strategies:

Why Do You Need To Gain More Google Reviews?

Reviews have a significant impact on your organization. It can sway customers' decisions in many ways. It would help if you gained more positive reviews on Google to move their buying decision in your favor.

1. More reviews, more footfall - 88% of consumers trust internet reviews just as much as word-of-mouth referrals. The number of reviews increases the possibility of someone searching for you on Google. That is why it is essential to gain more reviews that lead to more footfall of customers to your door.

2. Positive reviews boost purchases - Consumers do their homework and read reviews before purchasing. They read through at least ten reviews before they felt comfortable enough to decide. A purchase is more likely to be made if you have more authentic Google customer reviews.

3. Great reviews, higher rank on search engines - Companies with favorable and consistent reviews are rewarded by Google. According to Google, they are unquestionably a factor in local SEO rankings. Also, one of the reasons is to have more reviews that will make you stay on top of Google. 

4. Advertising for free - It costs nothing to post reviews or reply to them. Positive reviews for your company's business profile act as free Google advertising for your company at the most reliable platform in the world.

5. Substantial customer insight - Google reviews give you insightful client feedback. Your goods, services, and consumer experience may all be enhanced by this feedback. This can further help you in your growth of the business and that is why authentic reviews are much needed. 

How To Boost Your Google Reviews Correct Way? 15 Effective Ways

You'll be able to know where and how to interact with your consumers to encourage them to provide a 5-star rating if you follow these tried-and-true guidelines to boost your Google reviews score. 

Let's look into each one carefully.

1- Get the right process for Google review

Make leaving a review simple and easy for your customers. By Simplifying the review process, you can encourage more feedback and always ensure it's easy for customers to leave reviews by guiding them through the steps like “Just open Google, find us, and share your thoughts.”

The moment you make it for people to give you feedback it is likely to generate more reviews. Make the review process smooth so one never thinks twice to drop an opinion. Here is the right process to use to give a review: 

  • Open Google 
  • Go on the business you visited, and the product or services you used 
  • Visit their Google My Business Profile 
  • Tap on Write a Review

2- Make a review link shortcut 

Generate shortcut review links to provide easy access for customers. Share these links on your website and marketing materials to streamline the review process further, as long-tail review links cannot be used everywhere to get reviews from customers. 

This allows you to send customers messages with a short link that they can click to review your business quickly and easily, and this process will simply boost reviews.

Here is how to create a shortcut link for review and post it on your website or other marketing content.

  • Access your account on Google My Business.
  • Select the tab labeled "Home."
  • Locate the button that says "Get your first review" or "Get more reviews."
  • After Tap on "Share review form,"
  • You will see the URL to copy on your clipboard.

3- Provide excellent customer service and 'leave a review' card  

Even today nothing beats anything over excellent customer service. People want to feel valued when they come to buy your product or avail of your services. Make sure to give them a memorable experience when they visit your store. 

Ensure to hand them a “leave a review” card so they can honestly provide feedback about their experience.  This is an offline strategy to increase and boost your Google review count. Make printed cards that read something like,

"Review us on Google! To guide us to serve you better."

4- Ask in person for a review on Google 

One-on-one conversations have a profound impact on gaining positive Google reviews since the consumers feel, hear, and know you are speaking to them directly. Personalized requests show that you value their opinions, leading to more timely and positive reviews. 

Chat with customers face-to-face and ask for their honest feedback. You will have numerous opportunities to request Google evaluations from your clientele when you make conversation with them during their visit to your store.

5- Responses to all kinds of reviews  

There are types of reviews: positive and negative. Express gratitude for favorable evaluations. Positive reviews draw more people towards your store, which can help in gaining more reviews. 

Resolving negative feedback in a timely and courteous manner is equally important. Be receptive to finding a solution and inform the reviewer once the issue is resolved by replying.

Your prompt reply to each review will allow you to take the improvement suggestions from customers. Also, resolving their issues will encourage other customers to review your product because they will know you will hear their concerns and resolve them.

6- Add a Google review link on your website 

A customer will most likely visit your website first if they wish to write a review for your company. A prominent call to action will entice more clients to submit evaluations. 

So, don't forget to engage customers with CTA pop-ups like "Leave a review" to ensure you capture every opportunity. Make sure the call to action is prominent and uncluttered. Use a Google review widget with a call to action to encourage people to post reviews on your website.

7- Add a QR code to all offline marketing materials

An intelligent approach to linking to a review page to boost review count easily is printing a QR code on your offline advertising materials, receipts, newsletters, flyers, or anywhere else that customers may see. 

Incorporate QR codes into offline marketing materials to direct customers to your review page effortlessly. Stick those QR codes on everything – from receipts to flyers. They'll lead customers straight to the review page and this passive approach encourages reviews without additional effort.

8- Include CTA for Google review in an advertisement

If you are using any material for marketing or running any campaign for your product and service advertisement, it is mandatory to include a call-to-action. Include the CTA for Google review on that Ad to motivate people to write a review of your business. 

Make sure your ads shout out for reviews. Integrate calls-to-action for Google reviews in your advertisements to prompt viewers to share their feedback and enhance your presence.

9- Use social media to ask for reviews

You can easily connect with customers through social media. It will also increase your brand visibility. 

You can easily include the review link in the bio of all your social media profiles and even share it through posts to encourage consumers and others who have already connected with your brand to leave a Google review on your GMB profile.

10- Do a review campaign via Email

One effective strategy for increasing Google business reviews is email marketing. Run a Google Review email campaign asking customers to leave you a review. 

If you send out newsletters via email regularly, you may include a customized message asking your verified email list members to submit a Google Review. Place the call to action in the newsletter's footer or email signature to leave a review.

11- Ask business partners for reviews

You don't need to obtain every evaluation from a customer. Network with other local businesses to increase visibility and collect Google Reviews. Putting reviews of those companies on their pages is one tactic you can try, and then ask them for the same to get Google Reviews. 

Those companies may occasionally reciprocate by posting their evaluations on your page. In addition to strengthening your company relationship with them, this will also improve your ranking on Google. 

12- Send WhatsApp messages to leave a review

Within the first five minutes of being sent, almost 80% of WhatsApp messages are viewed. The likelihood of your clients viewing the review request and leaving a Google review may increase if you provide them with the link to your Google review page over WhatsApp.

One can anticipate a notable surge in Google reviews for their organization when patrons can effortlessly create a review with just one click.

13- Make an instruction video to leave a Google review 

If you believe that people aren't leaving Google reviews because they don't know how to do that. You can assist them in doing so and gain more reviews by helping them understand the process. An effective way to explain how to understand the method of posting reviews is to create an instructional video with short videos, images, GIFs, etc.

14- Invest in buying honest and genuine reviews

Don't panic if you've attempted a few different approaches to gain Google reviews from your clients but have yet to achieve a higher rating. Another much more straightforward approach is buying Google reviews. You can look out for reliable websites where you can buy positive Google reviews.

These websites assist you in purchasing reviews from actual accounts. Their staff will ensure you receive the best-generated online reviews possible, along with SEO-optimized material highlighting your business's salient features. 

15- Keep updating your Google My Business profile

You don't want clients to think they've come to the wrong place when they visit your Google Business Profile to submit a review. Ensure your Google My Business profile is up-to-date and optimized. 

Provide accurate information, attractive images, and timely updates to encourage customer engagement and watch those reviews flood in.


Getting more Google Reviews isn't only about increasing the number of reviews; it's also about creating a brand network. Remember that the key to the whole process is to make it simple for your clients to tell their experiences. 

Every review is an opportunity to shine, whether through thoughtfully placed links, kind reminders, or simply providing service that will make them smile.


1. How can I gain more Google reviews?

To gain more reviews, just verify your Business Profile to ensure your company's details appear on Maps, Search, and other Google services. Your business needs to be validated to reply to a review. Tell customers it's quick and simple to leave evaluations and remind them to do so.

2. How can I increase my Google reviews fast? 

You can increase your Google reviews fast by paying for Google Reviews from authentic sites that adhere to Google's review policies. Reliable sites provide genuine reviews from real and active accounts and can tailor the review content as per your requirements.

3. Can you ask a customer to give a 5-star rating on Google? 

It's usually not a good idea to ask for 5-star Google reviews from clients because it can come across as diplomatic and may not give a nice first impression. It is preferable to ask them for an unbiased assessment of their experience with your company and let them choose how many stars to award.

4. Is it possible to encourage customers to leave a review? 

Customers can be encouraged to give reviews by giving them a review link to your Google My Business page, requesting phone or in-person comments, providing discounts or freebies as incentives, and making the process simple.

5. How frequently should I keep a check on my Google reviews?

Keep checking on your Google reviews, ideally once a week, to ensure you promptly handle any concerns that may develop and reply to any comments. You can also preserve your company's online reputation by doing this.

Mary Edward
Written By Mary Edward

Mary has been a content and copy specialist with 15 years of extensive experience in the writing background. She has worked as a merchandising specialist for startups and small businesses and holds efficiency in writing sellable copies to elevate sales. While Mary's writing skills are commendable, she is also our strategic partner with She writes Google reviews, understands the roles and responsibilities of the targeted business, and studies their local needs, bringing traffic and driving users' attention toward the brand's website and social media platforms.

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