How do you get Google Reviews for Hair or Nail Salons?

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Google reviews are critical for shaping the image of businesses like hair and nail salons. A strong Google My Business profile adorned with positive reviews indicates your hair or nail salon's reliability, which fosters trust, reels in new clients, and paves the way for your business's expansion.
So, how do you encourage happy customers to become steadfast reviewers who are willing to share their pleasant experiences? In this article, we will explore strategies for acquiring Google reviews and upgrading your salon's presence by better search ranking visibility.

Why Google Reviews Matter for Hair or Nail Salons?

Getting Google reviews for your hair or nail salon is the most effective strategy to build a good reputation for your hair or nail salon. It not only helps in building trust or credibility but will also attract more clients to your salon.

More reviews help improve your local SEO ranking, making your salon more noticeable in search results. Basically, great reviews are persuasive social evidence, convincing hesitant passersby to step through your doors.

People looking for salons will naturally see your star ratings and review snippets first, and positive reviews instill confidence, show skill, and differentiate your salons from others.

How do you get Google Reviews for Hair or Nail Salons?

Building a stellar Google review portfolio goes beyond simply having a GMB profile. It's about creating a seamless experience that encourages happy clients to share their positive experiences. 

Here are diverse strategies to get Google Reviews from your clients:

  • Claim your Google My Business listing

Claiming your listing puts your salon on Google Maps and Search, where millions of people look for businesses like yours every day. With a claimed listing, clients can leave reviews directly on your Google My Business page.

  • Use salon marketing channels to gain review

Include your Google My Business link on your website, social media profiles, and print materials like pamphlets and business cards, as well as email signatures. This encourages followers and loyal customers to leave reviews by making the process easy.

  • Provide QR codes to clients

Display QR codes linked to your review page in strategic locations around your salon – reception desk, mirrors, and product shelves. By doing this, clients can scan them with their phones. This is the best way to get reviews on the spot.

  • Train your staff to ask for Reviews 

Train your team to politely ask satisfied clients for Google Reviews after appointments. Explain the value of reviews and provide clear instructions on leaving them. Their enthusiasm and genuine requests can make a big difference and help you in getting new reviews.

  • Use post-appointment messages/emails

Send automated emails or text messages post-appointment, reminding clients about the value of their feedback and providing a direct link to your review page. This gentle prompt can motivate even the busiest client to leave a few kind words.

  • Respond to reviews

Respond to every review, positive or negative. Acknowledge compliments, address concerns professionally, and show that you value feedback. This encourages future clients to leave their own reviews, building a robust reputation for your salon as you value customer satisfaction.

  • Run review contests

Host occasional review contests with small prizes, like gift certificates and product samples, as incentives. This injects a fun element, motivates participation, and leads to a burst of reviews in a short period, boosting your presence and goodwill.

  • Strategically place “Rate us on Google” signs in your salon

Strategically place eye-catching "Rate Us on Google" signs in your salon. Reception, waiting areas, and even near mirrors are perfect spots to remind clients about leaving a review. Implementing these subtle cues is one of the effective ways to encourage more online reviews.

Should I Offer Incentive Or Buy Positive Reviews For My Hair Or Nail Salon?

In the competitive world of beauty and wellness, every salon strives to stand out and attract new clients. One strategy that businesses consider is buying Google reviews from authentic sites to gain reviews quickly to give their salon business a good kickstart. 

Here are some benefits of offering incentives or buying reviews for your hair or nail salons:

  • Purchasing reviews can provide a quick boost to your presence. In a digital age where online reviews heavily influence consumer choices, having a positive rating can make your salon more visible to potential clients.
  • Positive reviews play a vital role in building credibility for your salon aiding new businesses in a market establishment. Effectively managing reviews is crucial to helping small businesses manage their reviews and enhance their reputation.
  • Positive reviews, whether acquired organically or by purchasing, can attract attention to your salon. As potential customers browse review platforms, a higher number of positive reviews may lead them to consider your salon over others.

Pro Tips For Gaining High-Quality Positive Reviews on Google

Building a positive online reputation takes time and consistent effort, much like achieving that perfect shade of blonde or the trendiest nail art. For hair and nail salons, Google Reviews act as virtual endorsements, attracting new clients and boosting your local SEO. 

Here are some pro tips to help you secure high-quality reviews that genuinely reflect your exceptional service:

  • Provide excellent service

Delivering exceptional service is the foundation for keeping clients happy, and they are more likely to leave positive reviews. From skilled stylists and technicians to a welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff, every touchpoint matters. 

Treat each client with care, exceeding their expectations and leaving them feeling pampered and satisfied.

  • Ask for reviews from satisfied clients

After a successful appointment, politely ask satisfied clients to leave a review on Google. Explain the value their feedback holds for your salon and future clients. 

Train your staff to be comfortable and natural in requesting reviews, focusing on genuine interactions, not pressure.

  • Provide incentive on future service bookings for leaving a review

Smartly providing small incentives encourages your customers to leave reviews. Consider offering a discount on their next service or a loyalty point for leaving a detailed review after booking their next appointment. 

This subtly shows appreciation and encourages engagement without compromising authenticity.

  • Buy 5-star reviews

You can also consider buying 5-star reviews from reputable Google review growth service providers like to get reviews instantly. 

With this, you can not only gain high-quality reviews but also get personalized reviews as per your salon's requirements featuring its USPs.

  • Address negative reviews professionally

See all reviews, whether positive or negative, as chances to grow and do better. Respond quickly and respectfully to negative reviews. Acknowledge what the client has gone through and offer a genuine fix.

This shows how much you value your clients, and it can even change a negative experience into a positive one.


Happy clients are the secret to a successful salon. This guide has equipped you with a toolkit to gain Google reviews from your customers that will help your salon shine brighter than ever.

Remember, positive reviews are like gold for your salon. They build trust, attract new clients, and help you reach new heights. These genuine reviews will not only stand out on your Google My Business profile but also solidify your reputation as a trusted place in your Industry.

So, put these tips into action, watch your clientele grow, and see how amazing reviews can transform your business.


1. How do I get my hair or nail salon on Google?

To list your hair salon on Google, create and verify your Google My Business listing. Make sure all the needed data, like the name, location, and contact details of your salon, is correct.

2. How can I start getting Google reviews for my hair or nail salon?

Encourage satisfied clients to share their experiences online. Utilize social media platforms, request feedback through email, and provide excellent service to build a positive reputation and attract Google reviews naturally.

3. Can I pay for Google reviews?

Yes, you can acquire Google reviews by utilizing reliable services. Ensure they generate genuine reviews from real and active accounts, maintaining authenticity and credibility for your business.

4. How do I get a 5-star Google review?

Provide top-notch service, go beyond customer hopes, and actively ask for their feedback. Focus on creating positive experiences, and 5-star reviews will naturally follow.

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