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Good Reviews Examples for Dental Clinic
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Today, consumers have become smarter in choosing the dental clinics or dental care services they want to spend their money on. Thus, they prefer to check out online dental clinic reviews, before booking an appointment.  

Thus, it is safe to say that dental clinic reviews and patient testimonials play a significant role in potential consumers choosing the right dental services and doctor for themselves.

Do you want to attract more business for your dental clinics?

You should definitely consider getting more reviews for your dental care service. 

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In this blog, we will help you with 50+ examples of great reviews for your dental clinics that will attract potential customers.

50+ Good review examples of Dental Clinics:

If you want to grow the business for your dental clinic, word-of-mouth marketing helps you a long way. You should definitely ask for reviews from your existing customers for your dental clinic services. 

Here are examples of 50+ reviews that they can copy and paste by tweaking them a little:

# General Dentistry Reviews Examples

Review 1: If you are looking for excellent dental services for oral care, look no further, (clinic’s name) is a perfect fit for the same. From examining to providing the solutions, the team is very professional. I felt that I was in good hands. 

Review 2: I had to do periodontal root cleaning and (Doctor’s name) did a great job. He also made me feel really comfortable during the whole process. So if you are looking for a doctor for your oral health care. I highly recommend (clinic’s name) 

Review 3: The (dental clinic's name) location is great. It is located downtown in the (city name) which makes it easier to travel there after working hours and get the treatment done. Also, the front desk help and the staff are extremely polite and professional. Highly recommended!

Review 4: (Dental Clinic’s name) provided me with the best dental care experience I have had till now. Professional, courteous, friendly, and extremely kind staff. They are very easygoing and made the whole treatment much easier. Also, it's not heavy on the pocket which definitely helps. 

Review 5:  The dentist was very well-informed and explained the whole process in a detailed yet understandable manner. I call him by his name because he makes you feel like a friend when you are talking to him. 

Review 6: Extremely satisfied with the excellent services (dental clinic’s name) provided. I am definitely coming here for all my future dental needs as well. 

Review 7: Outstanding professionalism and friendliness. Every visit feels like visiting a friend. Also, the results are outstanding, couldn’t be happier. 

Review 8: The dentist was honest and straightforward but extremely kind at the same time. Unlike other dentists, he did not exaggerate about my oral hygiene and dental care needs in order to make more money. It was a relief to finally find someone with integrity in this profession. 

Review 9: I have been visiting this (dental clinic’s name) and taking their services for almost 5 years now. The reason I have been sticking to them for so long is the quality of their services. 

Review 10: I have always had a great, smooth experience at (Dental Clinic’s name). The staff is respectful, friendly, caring, and courteous of your time. It runs very smoothly and efficiently. Would definitely recommend their services to anyone.

Review 11: Great services with individual attention. I wish I had switched to them sooner. Keen attention to detail. Not only did they treat me but they also helped me understand things about my bone structure that I had no clue about. 

Review 12: From day one since my visit, I have been cared for and treated like family. My teeth have been perfect after visiting them for six years. Highly recommend their services. 

Review 13: I had a great experience at the (Dental Clinic’s Name). (Dentist’s name) is the best doctor I have consulted for my teeth. Ever since I started the services of (Clinic’s name), my teeth and overall oral health and hygiene have been amazing. 

Review 14: I have always had some or other problems with my dentists before I met (Dentist’s name). He gives great tips to maintain overall dental hygiene. Highly recommend their services to everyone!

Review 15: When I shared about my dental problems, a coworker referred me to (Dentist’s name) and I absolutely loved everything about their services. I got my appointment by communicating through e-mail and they made accommodation for me in a timely manner.
Review 16: They were very comforting and informed me about the whole periodontal root cleaning treatment they were going to do in a detailed and easy-to-understand manner. I would highly recommend their services to anyone and everyone.

Review 17: I had an amazing experience starting from the front door staff to the (Dentist’s name). He helped me understand what I needed and what I didn’t. I am extremely happy with my experience with them. 

Review 18: Unlike my previous experiences, it is a pleasure to walk into the (Dental clinic’s name) office where you are welcomed with warm greetings and smiles by the front desk team. My dentist is extremely professional when handling dental issues.

Review 19: The entire office is up-to-date with modern equipment and a pleasant environment. The best part is that (Dentist’s name) really loves what he does and is extremely professional. I had a great experience and will be coming back regularly. Definitely one of the best! 

Review 20: The best place if you want professional and pocket-friendly dental care services. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for quality treatment at affordable prices. 

Review 21: Both the dentist and the office staff were incredible. It's tough to find professionals with kindness and compassion. This place is definitely an exception in that case. Extremely grateful for their services and happy that I chose them.

Review 22: I always used to be very anxious before visiting a dentist but (Dentist’s Name) did a great job making me feel comfortable and anxiety-free. I highly recommend their services, especially to people who like me have anxiety about visiting the dentist.

Review 23: The staff and doctors, both are wonderful. They never make me feel rushed through the process. Doctors are very knowledgeable, informative, and skilled in their respective expertise areas. Highly recommended.

Review 24: I finally made an appointment at (Clinic’s name) after being absent for a long time from any dental services. My experience couldn’t have been better. They were kind, friendly and accommodating. 

Review 25: I felt at ease with (Dentist’s name). The whole process was smooth and the results were extremely satisfying. Highly recommended. 

Review 26: If you are looking for top-quality staff and excellent dentists, (Clinic’s name) should be your ultimate choice. I recently had a filling in a molar and (Dentist’s name) made it look like the adjacent tooth. Great anatomy and natural color match. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference in the tooth he restored. 

Review 27: I have always received the best dental care at (Dental Clinic’s name). Along with the latest equipment and techniques, they are extremely professional and friendly. I definitely recommend (Clinic’s name) for all your dental needs.

Review 28: The dentist, hygienist, and staff, all are extremely warm, friendly, and easy to work with. Helped me get set up to remove the wisdom teeth which were causing severe pain. Will definitely be coming back for my future dental care needs as well.

Review 29: I am beyond pleased with the excellent dental care I have been receiving at (Dental Clinic’s Name). They have taken years of my dental fears away. (Dentist’s name) and the team has been extremely kind, compassionate, and professional. Would highly recommend them for your dental care needs.

Review 30: I had a great experience. Will definitely be returning back for my future dental care needs because of the amazing (Dentist’s name) and staff. They have affordable prices for all their services.

Review 31: They provide a great experience. My whole family comes here for dental care services. They are very helpful and extremely understanding. Also the clinic’s location is very convenient. 

Review 32: The dentist provides such an experience that now I love going to get the dental work done. The staff is also kind, courteous, and friendly. Highly recommend their services. Definitely worth your money and time. 

Review 33: The doctors and staff are extremely professional and very conscious of all my concerns. I switched to their service over six months ago and have been extremely happy and satisfied with their services. 

Review 34: They treat their patients like their family. The experience with the staff is always pleasant. They also help you with insurance and any other queries you may have. The ambiance of the clinic is extremely clean and refreshing.

Review 35: Along with professional dental care services, they also keep the records accurate and precise so that it’s convenient for me when I am out of town and need to consult other dentists (as my job is such that it requires frequent traveling). Excellent facilities and services. Highly recommended!

 Review 36: Very impressed with the friendliness and professionalism of everyone at the office. At times when you need them, they go out of their way to make sure you get proper treatment and care. I am not biased or anything, it's just that they are really that good.

Review 37: I love visiting this clinic, unlike the others. (Dentist’s name) and the team makes me feel extremely cared for. The treatment (both medical and otherwise) you receive here is definitely one of the best (if not the best). Would surely recommend their services. 

Review 38: An easy-going and smooth experience with both the staff and the dentist. Provides 360-degree solutions for all your dental care needs. Highly recommended. 

Review 39: Every time any member of the family goes to (Dental clinic’s name), they receive the best care and treatment. My daughter got braces and the results have been remarkable. I highly recommend them and their services. 

Review 40: I have been using the (Dental clinic’s name)’s services for years and I have never had a bad or unpleasant experience. Extremely friendly and professional. Also, (Dentist’s name) is the best. I recommend it to anyone and everyone looking for a good dental clinic.

Review 41: Located at a convenient location with skilled dentists and kind staff. Would definitely recommend (the clinic’s name) services. They are the best, especially with kids!

Review 42: Clean and hygienic office with the latest equipment and trained professionals and staff. Also, the dentist laughed at my stupid jokes that helped me manage my nervous energy so would definitely recommend them.

 Review 43: I had recently relocated to this city for my job and I found the perfect match for my dental care needs. Super happy with their services. Recommending this to everyone reading this review. 

# Cosmetic Dentistry Reviews Examples

Review 44: I had uneven teeth and visited (Dental clinic’s Name) for the solution. They recommended the best and most cost-effective solution in accordance with my needs. They suggested me Invisalign treatment. I went through the treatment and the results were really brilliant. Highly recommended. 

Review 45: My teeth have always been crooked and the problem was becoming worse over the last few years. I went through their Invisalign treatment. I can finally smile with confidence. Thanks to (Dentist’s Name) and (Dental clinic’s name)’s services. 

Review 46: After making a disastrous attempt myself, I am taking their teeth whitening services. Luckily for me, (Dentist’s name) has been an expert in the same and helped sort this problem. I am a lot calmer and almost over the disastrous attempt by me. 

Review 47: I can smile with confidence now. All thanks to the (Dental clinic’s name)’s services. Thank you for doing what you do so exceptionally. It’s true that professionals are professionals for a reason. 

Review 48: Best for transforming your smile with cosmetic dental makeovers. I have experienced exceptional results from their expert services for anyone seeking a radiant, confident smile transformation. Highly recommended!

# Orthodontics Reviews Examples

Review 49: The orthodontic hygienist is exceptionally gentle and attentive, ensuring a comfortable experience. The staff's friendliness enhances the overall atmosphere. Highly recommend their orthodontic services for a pleasant and effective dental journey.

Review 50: On my friend’s recommendation, I visited (Dental clinic’s name) to get my teeth straightened. I generally hate going to dentists and was putting it off as I was quite nervous. But I couldn’t have asked for better care. (Dentist’s name) has been very patient and kind to me. Highly recommend him and his services. 

Review 51: Thanks to Dr. (Dentist’s Name) and the team at (Dental Clinic’s Name), I now smile confidently and wholeheartedly, all thanks to their exceptional orthodontic care. Highly recommend their expertise

Review 52: I have had (Dental clinic’s name)’s orthodontic treatment for over three years now. No doubt that the process has been long but it was not at all exhausting. And the best part is the results I have gained which have been simply marvellous. Recommending to everyone looking for a proper orthodontic treatment.

Review 53: My kids have had braces and retainers fitted here. The treatment and the professionalism is second to none. Staff always greets you with a smile whenever you visit. One of the best in the business, I would say. Highly recommended.

Review 54: The experience of “clear aligner” treatment with them was very positive. Everything went smoothly. Above all, the process was quicker than I thought.

Review 55: After the treatment, I love my teeth and promise to take good care of them. In case I fail at any step, I know the best people to go to. Thank you for your services. 

# Oral Surgery Reviews Examples

Review 56: Well-equipped medical devices with extremely competent and meticulous patient care. Also follows good hygiene practices to protect against Covid-19. Highly recommend their services.

Review 57: (Dentist’s name) has the ability to give you the least painful treatment. He makes you feel at ease and is genuinely happy as well as serious about his profession. 

Review 58: I didn’t even realize, that’s how smoothly he removed my tooth because of which I was in pain. Highly recommend him. 

Review 59: Best stop for your teeth and gum problems. Had an amazing experience with (Dentist’s name) and the staff. 

Review 60: Had my gum surgery here. Extremely happy with the services and results. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for oral care and surgeries.


Getting reviews for your dental clinic’s services is one of the best avenues for marketing your business. It’s a win-win situation for all. Want to know how? Well, it helps potential customers make an informed decision if they are planning to visit your dental clinic. Also, it helps you promote and improve your services based on real-time feedback. 

Hope we helped you navigate to make the whole review process easier and better for yourself and others. If you need additional assistance, BuyReviewz can help you ease out this process of getting and managing reviews for your business. We will be happy to help you grow your business with us.

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