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Nowadays, everyone is realizing the power of digital marketing, and the healthcare sector is no exception. Now, they know how healthcare marketing is crucial in increasing the number of patients in their clinics.

Almost 94% of patients go through online reviews to evaluate any provider. So, it indicates the importance of having reviews for healthcare businesses/ healthcare professionals.

Read this 101 guide to Google reviews for healthcare businesses and learn how to convince patients to leave reviews.

A Starter Guide to Google Reviews for Healthcare Businesses

Claim your GMB or Google My Business listing to verify your business information. It will increase your healthcare businesses' visibility and help your patients find you easily. This can improve the reputation of healthcare businesses/ healthcare professionals.

So, now, let's see how you can get Google reviews for healthcare and effective tips to use Google reviews for healthcare businesses.

Why Do Healthcare Business Need Google Review? 

The prominence of Google reviews specific to healthcare providers cannot be overemphasized. It can effectively target potential patients and provide your healthcare services with quick credibility.

So, you must plan to use reviews in marketing your healthcare services. It will help you stand out without spending any money. Making the most of reviews is essential to influence your growth powerfully.

But the question is, do Google reviews for healthcare businesses/healthcare professionals come automatically? If not, how do I get them? Read the section to find out the answer.

How Do You Get Google Reviews for Your Healthcare Business?

Getting Google reviews for your healthcare business is not as hectic a task as you think. With proper strategy, you can encourage patients to leave reviews.

It is crucial because 5% of Google searches are related to healthcare services, and you want to place your business at the top of the search results. So, read further to learn the best ways to get reviews for your service.

1. Ask Your Patients to Leave Reviews

One of the most direct ways to get Google reviews is by encouraging your satisfied patients to leave their valuable feedback. It applies to healthcare businesses/ healthcare professionals.

After the positive interaction, you may politely ask your patients whether they are comfortable sharing reviews. If they agree, make the review leaving process simple and convenient to increase the number of Google reviews.

2. Make a Link and Add to the GMB Profile

You can copy your website link and include it in your Google My Business profile. It will encourage your patients to leave reviews specific to healthcare providers. By doing so, you can attract new patients.

Through this, you can gain more reviews because of the convenience it offers. Also, leaving reviews on your GMB profile will help you get a high rank on Google. This way, more patients can discover your healthcare business.

3. Make a Section Specific to Healthcare Providers on Your Website

Creating a dedicated section on your website specific to healthcare providers displays the importance of Google reviews. As it will become much easier for patients to leave reviews, you may expect a boost in getting ratings and reviews.

Consider including a CTA to help potential patients land on your services within this section. You can also highlight the positive reviews to increase patients' engagement.

4. Share Review Link on Social Media

You can always use social media to get more reviews for healthcare businesses/healthcare professionals. Consider sharing your review link on social media to receive new patient reviews.

On social media, you can create specific posts and highlight the unique aspects of your services to drive more patients to leave reviews. It will widen your reach and impact patients positively.

5. Upload the Most Up-to-Date Reviews on Every Channel

Uploading the most up-to-date reviews on each channel can continually reinforce the reputation of your healthcare businesses. When you promote reviews, it directly influences your patients to leave reviews that have not yet done so.

So this way, you can get your most valuable Google reviews that will further help you in healthcare marketing. Also, it makes your patients actively engage with your healthcare services.

6. Purchasing Reviews for Healthcare Businesses & Professionals

Buying is one of the most influential and quick ways to get reviews. But, research properly to find a reliable Google reviews service provider like Thunderclap.com to get authentic reviews.

Since these trustworthy providers never offer fake reviews, you can rest assured your reputation won't be hampered. Instead, you can receive more Google reviews from your satisfied patients.

But, before you use Google reviews in your healthcare marketing, check the standards that usually regulating the use of reviews for advertisement activity. Now, let's know the benefits of getting healthcare service reviews.

Benefits of Using Google Reviews in Healthcare Marketing

Using Google reviews in healthcare marketing can provide you with many advantages. It helps you run a profitable healthcare organization or clinic. Besides this, other benefits will be discussed further. So, let's know!

          1. Captures the Attention of More Patients

Google reviews in healthcare marketing can grab patients' attention and encourage them to choose you over your competitors. It happens because reviews build trust among them and create a positive impression.

          2. Increases Traffic to Your Healthcare Website

Positive Google reviews for healthcare businesses/healthcare professionals ultimately lead to increased website traffic for your business. Then, this increased visibility that you get through reviews automatically drives more bookings or appointments.

           3. Helps Increasing Reputation

Getting an improved reputation is possible with reviews specific to healthcare providers. You can use your popularity to build credibility and trust, attract more patients, and retain the existing ones.

           4. Improves SEO

Another significant advantage is that reviews help you rank higher. Since the algorithm favors positive reviews, your page pops up on the first page whenever potential patients search for the services you provide.

           5. Influences Patients' Experience

Making it easy to share your ratings and reviews can give you valuable insights into your patients' experiences with you. You can identify the areas for improvement to provide patients with personalized services.

           6. Increases Revenue

Gaining reviews specific to healthcare providers can improve revenue. Whenever patients notice your healthcare business has a substantial number of reviews, they will trust and visit your clinic to get the treatment.

You can get these advantages through Google reviews for your healthcare business. Now, let’s see how to build a 5-star reputation to increase your credibility. 

How to Build a 5-Star Reputation for Your Healthcare Business?

Gaining Google reviews and building your 5-star reputation for healthcare marketing need several strategies. With the right strategy, you can watch your review count get higher over time.

Here are some most effective and proven strategies that can help you get 5-star Google reviews for your healthcare.

1. Providing Excellent Patient Care

One of the best ways to get reviews with a 5-star rating is by offering excellent patient care. Pay attention to your patient's needs and make your patients more comfortable. You may consider improving your healthcare services to have a 5-star reputation.

2. Responding to Positive & Negative Google Reviews 

Responding to Google reviews (both positive and negative) is crucial to increase the number of reviews. When your patients see that you address their concerns professionally, they will be more likely to trust your healthcare services.

3. Encouraging Patients to Leave Reviews

You can provide instructions and encourage patients to leave reviews online. After a successful and satisfying session, you may directly ask your patients to provide their valuable feedback to improve your reputation.

4. Using Reviews to Identify Areas of Improvements and Address Patients Concerns

When healthcare businesses/healthcare professionals use reviews to identify improvement areas and resolve patient concerns, it makes patients think that you value them. With business improvement, you can gain more reputation.

Now that you know how to get 5-star reviews, it is time to know how to use it for your healthcare marketing.

4. Using Reviews to Identify Areas of Improvements and Address Patients Concerns

When healthcare businesses/healthcare professionals use reviews to identify improvement areas and resolve patient concerns, it makes patients think that you value them. With business improvement, you can gain more reputation.

Now that you know how to get 5-star reviews, it is time to know how to use it for your healthcare marketing.

Tips to Use Google Reviews for Healthcare Business

Using Google reviews for healthcare marketing or business can significantly improve your online presence. With it, you can display your services and attract new patients. But how can you use it? Here are some tips.

1. Utilize Social Media Platforms to Share Positive Reviews

Use the power of social media and promote reviews on them. You may share positive patient reviews to engage more patients who have not yet discovered your healthcare business. It can expand your business' reach.

2. Showcase Positive Reviews

Showcasing positive reviews can be a part of your healthcare marketing. Consider creating a specific section on your website to display the reviews you get from satisfied patients. But never forget always to keep the most up-to-date reviews.

3. Include Ratings and Reviews in Marketing Material

Including ratings and reviews in healthcare marketing material can be social proof of your business. You can highlight the star ratings and reviews to stay ahead of your competitors and build credibility.

Final Thoughts

In a world where credibility and trust are crucial, having Google reviews for healthcare can help manage your reputation. This guide has discussed the best ways to get patient reviews to increase healthcare marketing efforts.

It has also explored the advantages you can receive through reviews to help you understand its importance. So, read every pointer thoroughly and make your services a preferred choice for quality care.


#1. What does a 5-star Google review mean? 

When a patient gives you a 5-star rating and review, it indicates their satisfaction with your services. With a 5-star review for healthcare businesses/healthcare professionals, it increases your reach and visibility.

#2. Is buying Google reviews one of the best ways to get reviews?

Yes, purchasing Google reviews can be one of the best ways to get reviews. But, consider looking for a reliable site that provides reviews from real people and offers them at a competitive price.

#3. Do Google reviews benefit healthcare businesses professionals?

Yes, Google reviews can help healthcare businesses/professionals grow and thrive. It can increase your exposure, credibility, reputation, and the number of patients to sustain your growth.

#4. How do Google reviews for healthcare help in SEO and healthcare marketing?

A higher number of Google reviews helps in SEO and healthcare marketing. The Google algorithm gives more importance to businesses with more positive feedback or patients reviews.

#5. Is responding to Google reviews matter? If so, why?

Responding to Google reviews makes your patients feel valued and appreciated. Replying to negative and positive reviews is crucial since it shows your professionalism and dedication to offering high-quality care.

#6. What are the basic rules of Google reviews for healthcare?

One of the basic rules of Google reviews is that Google never allows healthcare businesses to incentivize feedback with gift cards, cash, etc. Also, you cannot control who will leave reviews and who won't.

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