Can One Person Write Multiple Negative Google Reviews?

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Google is a trusted platform where many people can share their own experiences with businesses. These reviews impact the purchasing decisions of potential customers and have the power to drive the success of a business or affect it negatively.

A common question that arises among reviewers and business owners is whether is it possible for someone to write multiple negative reviews on one Google My Business profile? 

Or what to do if a single customer has multiple negative experiences and wants to vent their frustration? Can they write multiple negative reviews, then?

The answer is simple no! Google doesn't support people saying the same negative things over and over. 

Can One Person Write Multiple Negative Google Reviews?

Yes, sometimes, a person might use many Google accounts to write multiple reviews for the same business on Google My Business profile or Google Maps. They could even ask friends to do it or make fake accounts. But whatever the reason, it's against Google's rules. 

You can't use lots of accounts to post many bad reviews about one experience with a business. If you do, those reviews could get taken down. It's important to follow Google's guidelines and be honest in your reviews.

Why Google Discourages Several Negative Reviews? (From One Person)

Google, compared to others, maintains the credibility of its review platform, as users can trust the review system to be a valid source of consumer feedback and business tool. To achieve this, they discourage multiple negative reviews from the same person for several key reasons. These reasons include:

  • Lack of Authenticity: 

When one person posts many negative reviews, it's hard to believe they're genuine. This makes users wonder if the platform can be trusted for honest opinions.

  • Trying to Influence: 

Having lots of bad reviews from one person isn't fair. It makes the business look worse than it really is, which isn't right.

  • Encouraging Positive Feedback: 

Google wants reviews that help businesses get better. They're more interested in feedback that helps companies improve, not just complaints.

Scenarios Where Multiple Negative Reviews Might Be Considered Acceptable

While Google discourages repetitive content, there are situations where multiple negative reviews from the same person might be considered acceptable. Here's why:

#1. Multi-faceted Issues: 

If a customer encounters a series of problems during their experience, each issue deserves its own space for explanation. Imagine a restaurant with terrible service, a long wait time, and then receiving an undercooked dish. 

These are distinct problems that warrant separate reviews for a more complete picture.

#2. Repeated Negative Experiences: 

If a customer consistently has negative experiences with the same business across different visits, multiple reviews can highlight this pattern. 

This could be the case with a store that repeatedly delivers damaged products or a service provider that consistently misses appointments.

#3. Evolving Situation: 

Sometimes, a customer writes an initial review outlining their negative experience. If the business attempts to rectify the situation but falls short, a follow-up review detailing the disappointing resolution attempt can be justified. 

This provides a more complete narrative and might incentivize the business to truly address the issue.

However, it's crucial to remember these key points:

  • Each review should focus on specific events, dates, and details of the negative experience.
  • Avoid excessive negativity, personal attacks, or inflammatory language.
  • Even for multi-faceted issues, aim for separate reviews with clear explanations rather than repeating the same information across multiple reviews.

By adhering to these principles you will be able to provide fair and accurate multiple reviews, and they will add to the usefulness of the review system.

Google's Warning Signs: When Action Could be Taken 

Google aims to maintain a fair and helpful review landscape for both consumers and businesses. However, certain review practices can raise red flags and potentially lead to Google taking action. Here are some key warning signs:

#1. Writing the Same Thing Multiple Times: 

If the same objections keep popping up in various reviews, it signifies perhaps they are not trustworthy. It is as if they're trying to exaggerate the issue more than it is.

#2. Short, Furious Reviews: 

Reviews that are really short and filled with anger but don't explain why, can give a bad impression. They don't help businesses understand what went wrong or how to fix it.

#3. Negative Reviews out of Spite: 

Sometimes, people write bad reviews just to get back at a business for something personal. This isn't fair and can unfairly damage the business's reputation.

#4. Using Multiple Accounts to Leave Reviews: 

Making fake accounts to post lots of bad reviews isn't allowed. It's dishonest and can mislead people. Google checks for this and might remove those reviews or take action against the person responsible.

Conclusion: One Person, Multiple Negative Google Reviews - A Big No!

It's important to be honest when leaving online reviews, even if you had a bad experience. Writing lots of negative reviews about the same place from multiple accounts in a row isn't helpful, and it goes against Google's rules. 

When we all write clear and fair reviews, it helps both customers and businesses. Businesses can learn how to improve from bad reviews, and customers can make better choices based on honest information.

Reviews are a great way for businesses to get better, so let's try to be helpful when we write them. 


1. Can you leave multiple negative reviews on Google?

No, it is a policy violation to post several negative Google reviews for the same business, but for any reason, if you wish to edit your feedback by sharing a recent experience, you can delete your original review and post a new one.

2. Why do people leave multiple negative reviews on Google My Business page?

People often leave multiple negative reviews on Google My Business when they're dissatisfied, unresolved issues persist, seeking attention, or intend to influence the business's reputation.

3. Can I write multiple reviews for different negative experiences with the same business?

No, you can't write multiple reviews for different negative experiences with the same business on Google. It's against their guidelines. Stick to one review per experience.

4. How multiple negative reviews can affect a business?

If a business profile has multiple negative reviews from its customers, it negatively impacts the business's reputation and local SEO decreasing visibility in related searches. To navigate this businesses should promptly and professionally respond to negative reviews.

5. How Many Negative Google Reviews Can One Person Legitimately Write?

Only one person can write one particular negative review on Google once from the same Google account. In case you would like to update your feedback, you must delete your first review and come up with a new one.

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