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Have you ever tried to find an exclusive “delete” button to remove any unwanted negative review from your Google My Business profile or Google Maps that is damaging your business's reputation? Unfortunately, there is no such button.

We know how difficult and important it is to build a good image of your brand for growth. Thus, we bring a comprehensive guide to help you deal with any review that violates Google policies and affects your business's search rankings. 

In this guide, we will answer the question many companies ask: Can you remove Google reviews? The correct way to do it and how to handle negative reviews that cannot be removed.

Understanding When A Google Review Can Be Removed?

Almost 63% of individuals check reviews on Google because it is one of the most popular search engines. So, with reviews, your exposure increases, which can further help you get a broader customer base, but having too many negative or fake reviews on your business profile can hamper the reputation and search ranking results.

Removing such reviews can be of great help to build a good business image. But what is the right time to get a review removed from Google? Well, if you see any of the following things, immediately send a removal request to Google:

  • Violation of Google review guidelines
  •  Inappropriate or false reviews
  • Unfair reviews or flag reviews written
  • Defamation or personal attacks
  • Reviews with conflicting evidence

Your business must have zero tolerance for this and it is necessary for you to take action quickly. But, how to request for removing Google review? It is easy, so let’s know the steps. 

How Can Google Reviews Be Removed? 5 Easy Steps

You must note that Google does not give you the simple 'delete' option to remove your reviews. So, you have the power of flagging a review from your GMB page. However, the reviewer can delete it immediately if they want, or you ask them to do so.

So, whenever you think about removing Google reviews, you first need to flag the review, and then Google will accept your request and delete it a few days later if the request is genuine. Here is how you can flag reviews written.

  • Step 1: Open Google Maps and Locate Your Business

Take your device and find Google Maps. Next, you need to search for your business on Google Maps to proceed forward.

  • Step 2: Choose the Review You Want to Delete

Once you open Google Maps, you will see there is an option for 'Reviews.' From there, you must pick the review or reviews you wish to remove.

  • Step 3: Flag the Review as Inappropriate

Next, you need to hit the three vertical dots upper right of the selected review. When you select the review, two options will pop up. Among them, choose, "flag as inappropriate".

  • Step 4: Choose the Option Report Review

Then, Google will ask you a question which is, what's wrong with the review? Also, it will give you a few options to choose the appropriate reason for your action.

  • Step 5: Select the Right Option for Flagging a Review

Now, choose the correct option for flagging a review. Google will accept your request and show you a confirmation message. Google also provides an option to business owners where they can switch off Google Business reviews 

But what is the reason to do so? Let's quickly uncover!

7 Reasons To Flag Google Review For Removal Or Turn Them Off 

As a business owner, you must know that there are some Google review guidelines. So, whenever you receive reviews, checking every review is important to know if any of the reviews are against the guidelines.

Also, it is important because unfair reviews on your Google local page may damage your reputation. So, knowing the reasons for removing Google reviews is essential.

#1. Remove Off Topic Reviews

Google always ensures that your customers receive important and relevant information about your business. Hence, if you see some reviews that do not pertain to your business or customer's experience, flagging a review can be an option.

#2. Delete Spam Reviews

Getting fake reviews attacks is common for businesses. In this case, you must request for flagging those spam reviews to sustain business growth. You can easily detect spam reviews since they contain information that your business doesn't offer.

#3. Google Reviews with Conflict of Interest

Never put up reviews that are unbiased because Google is strictly against them. It means you cannot post any review of an organization that you work for or own. Also, never copy your competitors' reviews since it would manipulate their ratings in your favor.

#4. Delete Profanity Reviews

When you receive reviews that are obscene, offensive, or profane, you may turn off Google reviews. If you see that any of the reviews contain derogatory comments or attacks, consider removing Google reviews immediately without thinking twice.

#5. Never Tolerate Harassment or Bullying

When someone bullies your business or harasses you through negative reviews, request Google to flag the review and ask them to delete it. If you do not want to wait longer to get your reviews deleted, consider turning off Google business reviews. 

#6. Avoid Hate Speech or Discrimination

Many businesses prefer disabling reviews on Google My Business to avoid discrimination or hate speech. But, if you want to face it and tackle it, flag reviews that contain harmful messages about your team members or the company as a whole.

#7. Report Reviews Containing Personal Information

You may flag reviews written if they reveal any personal information like phone number or address. It is an essential step to protect the safety and privacy of any individual. If you need help, you may reach out to Google Support.

Now, it is clear to you that when you can remove Google reviews. But what are the things that you must keep in mind while flagging a review as inappropriate? 

Key Points To Consider When Trying To Remove Google Reviews

Removing Google reviews is one of the delicate processes. So, before you proceed, it is crucial to keep a few things on your mind.

  • Understand Google’s Review Guidelines and Policies

Before you remove reviews from Google, take time and understand Google review guidelines and policies. This helps you get an idea of what types of reviews are acceptable and what not. After that, you can send removal request.

  • Give Appropriate Evidence for Review Removal

Exlain your reason with a proof that why are you requesting to reviews to ensure seamless process of review removal. So, ensure to provide screenshot or proper documentation before submitting request for removing reviews from Google.

What to do about the reviews that can not be deleted as they don't violate Google's policies and are still on your Google My Business page, damaging the reputation of your business?

Effective Ways To Handle Google Reviews That Cannot Be Removed

As the review removing process is slow and you will never know when Google will remove the reviews. Also, not necessarily all the reviews you flag will be deleted, it is better to know the other ways to handle them.

Before you lose a thousand customers, consider applying any of the following ways to handle inappropriate or negative reviews professionally.

1.     Respond to the Online Review

Replying to Google reviews can be the best way to handle business Google reviews. Almost 67% of people always return to see if a company delivered a speedy reply to negative comments. It shows that you are attentive and dedicated to providing customer satisfaction.

2.     Request the Reviewer to Delete It

If you do not want to disable Google business reviews, you may politely ask the reviewer to remove them. You may contact them personally through email and wait for their reply because the ultimate decision will be taken by the reviewer.

3.     Solve the Problem of the Reviewer

Customers tend to leave a few negative reviews when their original needs are not fulfilled. In that case, you must recognize their problems and take immediate action to correct them and inform them. You may also ask them to try their products again.

Final Thoughts

Removing or limiting Google Business reviews can be a great way to improve your business ranking and reputation. So, try the other ways mentioned above to handle inappropriate or negative reviews.

This way, you can set your business for continuous improvement, maintain a positive brand image and keep a positive review profile.


1. Can you remove Google reviews?

Yes, a review on Google My Business profile can be removed by the reviewer itself and business owners cannot delete Google reviews by themselves but they can flag them as inappropriate.

2. Can an owner of a company delete Google reviews?

Business owners cannot delete their Google reviews but the reviewers can do it if they want. But, businesses can reply to the review and address the concerns of their customers. So, you may ask the reviewers to delete a few negative reviews.

3. How can an individual tackle an increased number of negative reviews?

Tackling an increased number of negative reviews is easy with the right approach. First, respond to those reviews and apologize to them for their bad experience. Next time, ensure you can offer the best services to them.

4. Does Google delete a review when it violates Google review guidelines? 

Google always takes immediate action when it violates Google review guidelines. Since it can damage a business's reputation, Google reads the reviews properly and removes some of them that are unnecessary or violate review policies.

5. How much do you need to wait to get your inappropriate Google reviews deleted? 

The time Google takes to delete an inappropriate review may vary. But, usually, businesses need to wait for some days to get their reviews requested reviews removed. They take this time to verify your request and how to handle the review correctly.

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