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Before visiting a business, 81% of consumers look up reviews on Google. It makes sense that before they commit to you, they want to see what other people have thought of your business and get insight into how your services are.

It highlights the significance of Google reviews and your need to try to obtain them. If the business's reviews and ratings are good or better, chances are that potential consumers will stop at your business place. 

What Are Google reviews?

Google reviews are customer-generated business ratings posted on the Google network. One of the first things a person will notice when searching for a business or looking for directions on Google Maps is reviews. 

To post a review, you require an account on Google; the service is offered without charge. These reviews receive far more readership than those found on websites because of the widespread use of Google as a search engine.

Why Are Businesses Paying For Google Reviews?

Google reviews not only help businesses gain more customers but also help in increasing their search ranking. So, to build a good reputation quickly, businesses consider buying Google reviews. Some reasons why businesses pay for reviews are explained below:

1. Improves and benefits SEO

Having more positive reviews on Google shows that you provide good service and helps you gain a better ranking in search results by improving SEO. Buying Google reviews will give your business a new light of untapped audience and will help in creating engagement.

2. Builds brand trust

Consumers believe reviews on your Google Profile because they trust the experiences of others. As a result, good ratings at trustworthy platforms build your brand credibility and gain trust of potential customers.

3. Boosts credibility

It is imperative to keep an eye on your reviews consistently. You can address persistent complaints or problems to enhance the overall customer experience and your business credibility by showing your dedication toward customer satisfaction.

4. Generates Goodwill for business

Goodwill will automatically generate if you have great reviews about your store or services on Google. Once people read these 5-star ratings, they consider visiting your business over others and might also recommend you to others.

Importance of Google Business Reviews

Google reviews are social proof, providing prospective clients with specifics about the caliber of your goods or services; they are more than just reviews and comments.

#1. Brings business to your business

Good feedback has the power to enhance sales by more than 30% in addition to attracting new clients. When goods or services receive excellent ratings, customers typically spend 31% more. 

However, according to Bright Local, up to 40% of potential clients can only be put off if there is a good review. With effective reviews, you can build a road that brings more business to your place.

#2. Improves recommendations

Reviews help create awareness for customers. Getting reviews on Google could help you make your company more well-known. You can expect your GMB profile to appear when someone searches for your product or service. 

It will improve your Google recommendation and generate more traffic. More people will learn about your business, increasing your exposure and reach.

#3. Increases footfalls from untapped audience

Reviews on Google are a trustworthy tool to identify the quality of business. Nowadays, 95% of people read product reviews before making any decision. 

Positive reviews not only uplift the footfalls of regular customers but also bring an untapped audience.

Businesses That Use Google Reviews

Various businesses take different steps to stand in the market, but with Google, it has become even more easier to build a reputation in front of potential customers. Here are the businesses that can benefit and gain more visibility from Google Reviews: 

#1. Hotel & Restaurant

Most people check reviews and ratings before choosing a hotel or restaurant. Reviews in Google have their star ratings [1 is the least and 5 is the highest], and depending on that, tourists or travelers will make a decision.

#2. Doctors & Hospitals 

Doctors and hospitals are part of the medical fraternity and profession. Reviews on Google by their patients make their business popular. It also helps them to improve their credibility. Leaving a positive review for a particular doctor can have a great impact on the clinic or hospital.

#3. Boutique or clothing store

Who prefers to avoid shopping for new clothes? Today, everyone buys clothes online but never misses reading their reviews. They prefer Google search to find the best clothing store, and after checking their rating, they decide whether to shop or not.

#4. Real estate

To build authenticity real estate business must have positive reviews. As this business includes big capital transactions nobody will take such considerable financial risk without checking the credibility of the real estate business.

#5. Schools

Schools play the role of the foundation stone for building the children's future. Parents looking at the school will always pay attention to the school's rating before admission.

#6. Photography or makeup studio

Photography or makeup studios are where their clients put their foot only after checking their reviews. Most of the time, these services are needed during marriage. And who would prefer to ruin their most special day because of makeup or photographs? 

#7. Tuition classes or coaching centers

After school or college, children's second home is tuition or coaching classes. Generally, when students are unsatisfied with their studies, they join these institutes. Hence a positive rating will work as a magic wand for them to bring more children.

#8. Travel Agencies

Nobody in the world will want to spoil their vacations by going to places that are not worth their time or money. And hence, people check Google reviews to see whether to choose your agency or not to make bookings. Travel companies' owners must pay attention to their business Google reviews to fly more planes.

How To Get And Revert To Google Reviews?

Let's dive into some of the best techniques that can get you more Google reviews for your business and also how to respond to these reviews that can benefit your brand in the future. 

Ways to gain reviews

#1. Make your Google My Business account

Create your profile on Google Business as a first step. If your business has existed for a period of time, the chances are you can be found in local searches and on Maps, and you might even have some reviews with a GMB profile. 

Here’s how to set up the Google My Business account: 

  • Search for your company on Google
  • Select" "Own this Business?" by clicking the button. You will now be in the profile section of Google Business
  • Google will then have to confirm your company. You'll be able to modify your profile after it's been confirmed.
  • You can include images and a synopsis of your company. Try to add a few phrases and keywords that are pertinent to your company.

#2. Ask for reviews from all your customers

There are different ways to ask for reviews from all your customers through online or offline mediums, one can also purchase Google reviews. Here are ways that can help you gain new feedback on Google: 

  • Send personalized SMS with a review link
  • A feedback link on Email 
  • Display a feedback QR code 

#3. Explain to people how to leave a review

It's essential to walk customers through the review-writing process because some may need to learn how to do it. It will be necessary for them to:

  • Open their Gmail account and log in
  • Use Google or Google Maps to look for your company
  • Select the reviews section
  • Type a comment and choose how many stars to give it
  • Click" "Post."

#4. Express your gratitude after receiving the review

Expressing gratitude to a customer for a review and showing concern  for their opinion can create  an appreciation for you and your business. It will benefit the business in the following ways: 

  • Customers will be more satisfied because of this personalized treatment
  • Valuing opinions will help in getting better feedback 
  • Gratitude will showcase a true and unique side of the business

#5. Purchase genuine Google reviews

To build your reputation and maintain the strength of your business, you can surely purchase genuine Google reviews from authentic websites. It will help you in: 

  • Creating a stronger presence quickly
  •  Increasing the number of footfalls 
  • Building credibility with more positive reviews 

How to respond to Google reviews?

Use Google Search or Maps to search the review and follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Click on Review: Tap reply to respond to the review that you would like to respond to.
  2. Modify your response: Select Edit from the More Menu after submitting your response.
  3. Remove your response: Select More Menu and then Delete from your reply.
  4. Report a review: Select Report from the More Menu after selecting the review you wish to report.

Best Practices to Increase Google Reviews for Enhanced Visibility

Providing an excellent customer experience will help you accumulate five-star Google ratings. Discover how to increase reviews on Google that are positive and grow the visibility of your business:

#1. Respond to all reviews, positive or negative

Engaging in customer reviews could show potential clients that you respect their feedback and provide top-notch support. After expressing gratitude to the customer for their positive or neutral feedback, offer to help them with any issues they may have had with your business.

#2. Connect with your Google business profile

Streamlining the review process and making it comfortable for customers is one way to encourage positive reviews. Add a link to your profile on Google Business, link in emails, customer discussions, receipts, and the checkout page of your website. 

#3. Optimize your Google business profile

There are various ways to optimize your Google business profile. A few things that you can do alongside daily mandates are to keep reverting to all reviews, negative or positive, make sure to acknowledge positive feedback, add pictures, and tag people for a personalized touch. 

#5. Provide exceptional customer service

Providing good service is the key to getting positive reviews for your business. When clients or customers are satisfied with the business or its services they are more likely to leave a good review and might visit again.

Are paid Google reviews beneficial for businesses?

Businesses look for measures to improve their ranking on Google but is it always easy when you are new in the business or when you have a pool of competitors? Well, that’s where purchasing Google reviews to kickstart your growth can be extremely beneficial. 

It will help you gain new footfalls, comments, and feedback which is going to build trust for business, and most importantly, Google will rank you above others. 

Final Thoughts

The reality that Google Reviews is available to everyone makes them unique. Ordinary people can also write about their personal opinions. That is why they raise your company's credibility and improve your rankings. 

These factors make it imperative that you monitor the reviews on Google for your company. Urge clients to submit positive reviews for you; keep an eye on them, and reply to any negative or positive feedback. 

Google business reviews help to increase feedback, get insights, enhance local SEO, and build brand trust. You will rapidly find that it's among the most economical methods for producing leads and establishing credibility locally and worldwide.


#1. Why do people make Google reviews very special?

Google reviews leave an impact on buyers' purchase decisions, and that is why people make Google reviews very special by adding relevant insights related to services or business USPs. This further helps in gaining an untapped audience. 

#2. How to search for a business on Google?

Open Google and type in the search bar for the business you are looking for. Select a city or nearby location, you will be able to find businesses and locations that can be easily opened on Maps for easy access. 

#3. Is there anything specific to know about Google reviews?

One thing that can make or break the deal for the first impression is Google reviews for your business. They directly influence how consumers judge what to buy and how they locate and select vendors. 

#4. Does it impact people positively if reading businesses' Google reviews?

Yes, Positive ratings increase a company's chances of being used, according to 94% of customers. They believe what they read and make a decision accordingly. 

#5. Can you pay for Google reviews for influencers?

Yes, you can but the reviews must be" "genuine and authentic". So always select a service provider that can provide reviews from real users and active accounts.

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