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Strategies to Respond on Negative Reviews
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Online reviews are a powerful source that helps people pick up the right brands. But alas, negative reviews play a considerable role in the world of online reviews! If you are a business and worried about how to deal with these negative reviews, then these statistics might bring you a sigh of relief. 

97% of people who read online reviews, also read their response. Hence businesses need to strategically respond to online reviews and manage their online reputation. The way you respond to online reviews, especially negative reviews can completely change your customers' outlook towards your brand.

Let us discover 5 strategies to respond to negative reviews to build your strong online reputation.

Impact Of Negative Reviews On Your Business

Online reviews play a crucial role in building customers' trust in your brand. A negative review can break that trust even before they try your services or your products. Below are the impact of negative reviews for your business.

Impact 1: Damage To Reputation

A negative review can damage the reputation that you have built over a long time with lots of effort. Negative reviews posted by your unhappy customers are like a chain reaction, which creates a negative image of your brand on the people looking or searching for similar products or services hence damaging your business reputation. 

Impact 2: Reduced Sales

95% of consumers read online reviews before buying anything. Negative reviews can create a negative impact on your brand on these consumers. Hence restraining them from buying products and services from your brand and ultimately reducing sales. 

Impact 3: Loss Of Customer Loyalty

A negative review can also influence your other existing customers' loyalty. If their known person or someone renowned leaves a negative review, other existing customers can also develop doubt about the quality of services and products. This may lead them to switch to their competitor. 

Impact 4: Increased Customer Acquisition Costs

Being a business owner, you must already be aware that the cost of acquiring new customers is more than retaining the existing ones. Negative reviews can further add to this cost by influencing these new customers and raising the difficulty level of building their trust or attracting them to try your products or services. 

Should You Respond To Negative Reviews?

Yes, every business should respond to negative reviews, it helps you lead your digital marketing efforts. As a business, you should respond to negative reviews promptly and strategically to avoid building a bad reputation for your brand.  

You should take these reviews seriously to protect your online reputation. No matter how annoyed your customers might be, a calming and apologizing response promising a solution can calm them down and leave a positive impression on your business.  

Reasons Why Businesses Should Be Responding To Online Reviews

Responding to negative reviews is very important for several reasons, a few of which are stated below:

Reason 1: Shows You Care For Your Customers

Responding to negative reviews shows that you are concerned about your customers and care for their feedback. They show your willingness to listen and cater to their feedback and the issues they face. 

By acknowledging their concern, you show that their experience matters to you and this enhances their loyalty and trust. 

Reason 2: A Chance To Make Things Right

Negative reviews offer companies very helpful information on which areas to improve. Responding promptly and constructively to criticism gives you the opportunity to correct the mistake and also to salvage the customer relationship. 

Providing solutions or compensation indicates that you are ready to fix your mistakes and please your customers.

Reason 3: Your Reply Is Not For 1 Customer, But For All

A single negative review may come from one person, but your reply can influence the thoughts of multiple others. Prospective clients usually check reviews to get an idea about the trustworthiness and credibility of the business. 

By publicly responding to negative reviews, you show that you are transparent and responsible, thus assuring potential customers that they will get their grievances considered.

Reason 4: Convert Negative Image Into A Positive One

Handling negative reviews skillfully will turn a negative review into a positive one. You will make yourself look humble and trustworthy if you willingly admit your mistakes and try to fix them on a public platform. 

This can reflect positively on your image and position your company as customer-centric, thus boosting customer’s interest in your products.

Strategies For Responding To Negative Reviews

Managing negative reviews can be challenging, but if managed strategically they can be a great help in maintaining a positive reputation. Here are 5 strategic ways to respond to a negative along with the online review examples of thoughtful responses to negative reviews:

Strategy 1: Show Empathy

Acknowledge the customer's dissatisfaction from the beginning and show your sincere empathy about what he/ she has gone through. Be emphatic by saying that you realize their frustration and appreciate their opinion. Empathy can help defuse tension and open up a conversation for a positive outcome.

(Image Source: Hilton)

Strategy 2: Offer Solution

Offer tangible solutions or alternatives which will address the customer’s problems. Whether it's a refund, a replacement, or even further assistance, having solutions proves your intent and desire to fix the issue to please your customers. Take the initiative in addressing their concerns and go the extra mile to surpass their expectations.

(Image Source: Michael’s California)

Strategy 3: Respond Quickly

Quick responses to negative reviews can make a huge difference. Respond quickly to a negative review to prevent further escalation and to give customers a feeling of being heard. This prompt response shows how much you care about providing the best customer service experience and preventing any harm to your brand image.

(Image Source: The Manhattan)

(Image Source: Novotel Miami)

Strategy 4: Follow The Thread

When replying to negative reviews, you need to first carefully read and fully understand what the customer has mentioned. Pay attention to the specific details or concerns a customer mentions in a review, then mention them in your response. By addressing each point the customer raised, you demonstrate that you are actively listening and that you care about solving the problem.

(Image Source: The Manhattan)

Strategy 5: Take Responsibility

Take ownership of any errors or gaps pointed out in the review. Don't make excuses or try to shift blame onto outside reasons. In contrast, take responsibility for the situation and apologize sincerely in case any inconvenience happens. By taking on responsibility, you show your accountability and devotion to providing better customer service.

(Image Source: Miller’s Ale House)

Negative Reviews Response Templates To Copy-Paste

How exciting it could be to have ready-to-use negative review response templates that you can just copy-paste as your response. If your customers leave a negative review for experiencing bad services or receiving poor quality products from your brand, then you can directly use these templates to respond to them. 

These ready-to-use negative review response templates can be simply copy-pasted to regain our customer’s trust.

Template 1:  For Service Quality Complaints

Dear [Customer Name], we are very sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction regarding our service provided.

Our team is focused on providing superior customer service, and we work towards providing 100% satisfaction with your every single visit. We pledge to resolve your [Issue/Concern] as quickly as possible.

For further explanation and discussion about your concerns, please call our office at [Company Phone number]. Our representatives will be delighted to help you resolve your dispute.

Template 2: For Poor Customer Support

Hello [NAME],

We are deeply sorry for your recent experience with us. Your feedback is very important to us and we assure you to offer relevant solutions as soon as possible. 

You will receive a from our team soon, to discuss how it happened and how we can make it up to you. We ensure no such inconvenience will bother you again.

Yours sincerely,


[Company name and/or position]


Template 3: For Product Issues

Dear [Customer Name], we are sorry to hear about your experience with our [product/service] and we deeply regret the same.

Our team is looking into your concern and will reach out for more details from you soon. 

We assure you of a quick resolution to your problem and promise a smooth experience going forward.

Yours sincerely,


[Company name and/or position]


Negative reviews can build or damage your business reputation. It solely depends on you, how you deal with these negative reviews.  Staying on top of responding to negative reviews becomes mandatory to manage your reputation. But it can be a time-consuming and tedious task. 

With BuyReviewz, you can purchase positive reviews for your brand while negating the effect of negative reviews. You can also contact us to consult local online review services and use our ready-to-use negative review response templates to transform those negative reviews into a positive reputation.


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