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“Oh! I want to get a customized cake baked for mom’s birthday”

“How do I know which are the best tourist places to visit in the city.” 

Don’t worry; search it on Google, check out the place having positive Google reviews, and make your choice.

We live in times when technology has made us independent of our needs to get information about literally anything. Like, to find anything, the first thing we do is to take the phone and Google it! Isn’t it something we all vow to do?

Whether it is about getting a customized birthday cake, finding the best shops near you, or searching for the best places to visit, Google has an answer to everything. Most appropriately, Google is known as ‘Ask Anything - Google Has Answers’  because that is where we find modern solutions for modern needs.

Out of the 7 billion people in the world, 4.3 billion use Google! Our dependency on Google has tremendously increased, and so has our trust and reliability in Google reviews. 

And here is where the concept of Google reviews and their significance evolves.

That’s why several companies are looking out for innovative ways to increase their likes and comments on Google reviews. As it helps their audience make a quick decision as these reviews have the power to turn warm leads into clients.

In this write-up, let’s explore more Google reviews and how your business can get one. You also get to know whether you should buy Google Reviews and if yes from where. 

Let’s get started. 

Importance of Google Review in 2023 and Beyond 

Isn’t Google one of the magical characters we always had in our dreams?

Like sitting at our home, we ask Google any sane or insane question with an answer.

Did you know that 89% of users trust online reviews before buying products? Something wittier than that is that 59% of the audience trust Google, and 57% trust Amazon.  

More than a technical resource, Google has become a real friend of many people, including business owners. On some level, most of us blindly trust Google reviews and recommendations. The fact that there are about 70000 Google searches every second proves the above-stated situation. 

Thus, online reviews' power and the incentives it brings today is inevitable.

Why Google Reviews?

You must be questioning, in the availability of so many platforms, why there is particular emphasis on ‘Google.’ 

It's because according to data, the most visited website in the world is Google, with 80.93 billion visits in Feb 2021. And since 2021, Alexa has made it easier for people to find it on Google. 

People today say, "Hey, Alexa, please play a song that vibes with a rainy-day." People have started trusting Alexa for their own choices and likings.

As a brand or local business owner, you must understand the market where you will sell the product. 

Below is an excerpt of today's market scenario.

Friend: How do you know this is the right one? I just don’t trust you at the moment!

You: Hey, Google recommended it!

Friend: Oh! Then we can probably go about it!

You: You trust Google more than dad and me?

Friend: Yes!

Keeping all the fun aside, Google has now evolved as a household term. It has even crossed the literacy boundary. Even older generation people who aren’t educated do know that Google has answers to all the questions!

Can You Buy Google Reviews?

Well, yes now brands can reach out to reliable websites to buy Google reviews and increase the probability of footfalls in their local and online store. 

What is the Significance of Buying Positive Google Reviews?

The importance of good reviews directly connects to the fact that positive reviews can work amazingly for your brand’s online presence and growth. 

As much as Google has a special hold on people’s choices, Google is speaking well of something, and it means that most people are going to base their purchasing decisions on Google's advice. 

If Google says ‘Yes,’ most of the viewers will explore your service page more explicitly. At the same time, a ‘No’ from Google can put your online reputation at stake.

What if you hear of a brand from a friend and then immediately Google it to find negative reviews? Would you think twice or more before visiting the brand, despite your friend telling you to do so? You know the answer better!

The point of highlighting negative reviews is to bring you close to the significance of positive ones. Only the worst outcomes can let you imagine the best ones. It's also important to keep gaining new reviews, as this will show users that your business has been trusted for a long time! 

Is Buying Google Reviews Troublesome?

After all that we’ve discussed, you must be wondering whether it is safe to buy reviews online or not. 

We Know You Have Questions Like

  • Are you going to get blocked by Google? 
  • Are there legal boundaries that you need to adhere to? 

Well, let’s find out!

No, buying Google reviews or any reviews online isn't illegal. Article 5 of Unfair Competition, under law 3/1991, states, "Any conduct that contains false information or information that, even being truthful, by its content or presentation induces or may mislead the recipients, is considered unfair by misleading, being susceptible to altering their economic behavior.”

As per this statement, it is clear that reviews come under the category of false information about any product; the violation of this rule seems obvious. The 34/1988, November 11 General Advertising Law anyway considers inaccurate comments and reviews an illicit method of advertising due to misleading in its terms and conditions. 

Hence, buying online reviews won't cause any legal trouble for your business. But ensure that you buy only real reviews and stay away from fake reviews 

3 Best Sites to Buy Google Reviews Online

It’s finally time to look at five sites that can help you generate business for your brand by providing you with real-time, genuine Google reviews has been a trustable solution for digital marketing for brands online. Our services range from complete social media solutions like generating followers on Instagram, genuine views on social media handles, and providing reviews on Google from real customers.

From helping brands in creating a positive image to converting visitors to clients, our site has a reputation for making businesses thrive online for years!

Unique Features:

  • Providing genuine Google reviews from real customers
  • Quick Delivery Assurance
  • Assurance for non-drop reviews (the reviews won’t disappear in time)
  • 24*7 support team to guide you
  • Exclusive and Extensive services for social media growth

Pricing BuyReviews Charges For Google Reviews:

  • Buy 2 Google reviews - At $18.99
  • Buy 5 Google reviews - At $45.05
  • Buy 10 Google reviews - At $84.99
  • Buy 20 Google reviews - At $164.99

2. Thunderclap.It

Thunderclap.It provide a complete review service and online reputation solution for Google, Facebook, and Trustpilot review marketing by providing five-star ratings and genuine reviews to their clients.

With their services, it claims to build brand trust and accelerate local SEO while helping you remove negative reviews from your site. They claim to understand the business needs, provide reliable and trustworthy solutions, and are entirely safe for first-time users.

Unique Features

  • They have served 500+ customers with more than 10,000 5-star reviews
  • They assure 100% safe and high-quality services with zero bots and spam
  • They use local IP addresses that look incredibly natural
  • Provides 5-star ratings and reviews from genuine users.

Note: You need to buy a minimum of 10 reviews in all the categories.


GPC.FM is one market for complete edge-to-edge online business solutions. From social media, music, video, marketplaces, apps, Website & SEO solutions, and Business Listing to Crypto solutions, they provide solutions to all. 

It doesn’t limit here; their services extend to graphics, surveys, business polls, writing, and virtual assistance, to name a few!

Unique Features:

  • Hand-vetted sellers who are best-class marketing experts
  • Zero Bots commitment
  • 15 days warranty, with a money-return policy
  • You can get the services tailored to your needs


You can customize plans as per your needs. The options are for text as well as photo reviews that are available on the website. You can set the target and your location and finally make an order. The price would come customized as per your specific needs.

The starting price is $20 (minimum purchase order).

The Four Biggest 'Empowering’ Advantages of Online Reviews on Google

We're about to expose you to some real-time advantages of Online Reviews

#1. Empowers Brand Trust

Do you know 46% of people say that they would pay more to brands they trust? 

Okay! Have you ever wondered why you tend to trust Adidas’s new collection without witnessing the product? (or another brand you love) Simply because you trust the brand. 

A brand is a brand because it has gained the audience's valuable intangible asset, called ‘trust.’ But building a level of trust doesn’t come easy. Maybe, KFC has existed for more than 50 years, but at one point in time, it was a local stall on the corner of a native street. 

You should thank the times today, where building trust is more of a technical process than a manual one! 

One of the easiest ways to bring the authenticity of a brand into the limelight is by focusing on generating genuine online reviews. Technical space is where consumers will encounter your brand, try it, and trust it depending on their experience with the product or service.

#2. Empowers Local Tackers and SEO

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. It is a process where Google shall bring your solutions to the consumers on a rank basis. Like, with a powerful SEO, Google shall bring your service page (website, landing page) to the consumers before your competitors. All this comes under local search results. 

EAT, do you know about it? It is a Google algorithm for SEO that stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. So, Google will rank your website or Google My Business page only when your brand meets Google's guidelines, and adhere to the ‘EAT’ algorithm

If you think manipulating Google is as easy as asking it to do something, and it will do it, it’s not! It is like that friend who would validate the statement from 100 different places before saying a ‘Yes.’ 

Online reviews are the one strong signal that communicates to Google about the brand’s authenticity because it comes directly from users! How intelligent, right? There’s a reason why more than half the world trusts Google.

#3. Empower the Click-Through Rates of the Website

Besides SEO; you also need to bring clicks to the website. While investing time and resources in SEO is fantastic, it might become worthless without clicks. But Google reviews are here to help!

Google reviews help get clicks on the website and are a great strategy to bring people to your web page. This happens because the Google review and rating appear next to your Business name or title on the webpage. With positive reviews, more people are likely to click on your website!

#4. Empower Visitors to Become Customers

Imagine yourself as a visitor! 

So, you wanted to know about the best clothing shop near you. You know what would be the first thing you would do! 

Google it, right? So, you go to Google and type something like ‘Best clothing shops near me.’ Google will show you the results with reviews and ratings. Finally, you start exploring. Now, think of it as a service provider.

If your small business reviews and ratings are good, the user will come to your profile, go to your website, and then if everything turns good, they will visit your e-commerce shop or even live shop if it’s nearby!  

So, reviews can potentially turn visitors into customers. And, if your service is excellent, they will become your regular customers too.


So, what do you think? Is buying GMB reviews worth it? Are you going to take the initiative for your brand? And you know a few sites too!  Before reaching any conclusion, do your research and understand everything in the best way possible!


#1. How Can I Increase Google Reviews For My Business?

The direct way to maximize 5-star Google reviews for your business profile is to get a spike in the number of potential customers. However, you can send short URLs to your consumers, asking them to write about their experience with your brand. Further, you can consider buying genuine reviews from trusted sites.

#2. Are Google Reviews Important?

Google reviews can be a game changer for your brand's digital presence as they describe the customer experience that your brand provides. 

However, it's important to note that having bad reviews can put your online reputation management at risk and make it harder for users to trust your business. So, always aim to get positive feedback from customers. 

#3. Is Buying Google My Business Reviews Expensive?

Not really! You can buy good Google reviews from happy customers (of course, real people. But, you are required to do your research extremely well. On average, you can find a review for 3–9 dollars.

#4. Which Are Some Of The Best Sites To Buy Google Reviews?

As a business owner, there are plenty of review platforms on the web where you can purchase Google reviews. Some of these review sites to buy positive Google business reviews are, AppSally, GoViral, Review Tracker, and others.

These sites are also popular for Yelp reviews, Google Play reviews, Google Maps reviews, and Amazon customer reviews so that you can expand your online presence more! 

#5. Can Google detect fake Google reviews? 

Yes, if Google detects fake reviews on the business page. Google employs advanced algorithms to spot fake reviews based on various factors like review patterns, language, and user history. They also rely on user reports to flag suspicious reviews for manual review.

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