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Local Massage Spa Review Examples
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Are you running a massage spa business? For service-based businesses, such as massage therapy services, reviews are pivotal in influencing the influx of customers. Therefore, the right mix of positive and negative feedback is essential. 

As per AMTA’s Massage Profession Research Report, at least 58% of clients find massage therapists through the Internet. Therefore, boosting your search ranking and market reputation through good and valuable feedback from clients is of utmost importance. 

Below are a few examples of massage spa feedback that can boost your clientele.

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50+ Local Massage Therapy Review Templates

Sometimes, your customers want to leave positive feedback for your local massage spa. However, they cannot find the right words to express their gratitude. In such cases, you can suggest these review templates to them.

Let’s assume that the spa is called ABC.

  1. Skill-Based Reviews:

To appreciate the qualifications of the staff providing massage therapy at the spa, here are a few reviews your clients can use to show appreciation. 

Review 1: <Enter therapist name> is amazing! She understood my pain points, and her technique to release my knots was top-notch! Be sure to ask for her when you visit the massage parlor. 

Review 2: As a massage enthusiast, I would rate ABC’s massage therapists 10/10. The sound technique used by <enter therapist name> speaks volumes about his experience. I think I have found the perfect match for my needs. 

Review 3: I can’t wait to book another session. My massage therapist was highly qualified. I booked a deep tissue massage. She applied the right amount of pressure throughout the session. It was a truly rejuvenating experience.

Review 4: I can guarantee that this is the best place where you can find such an experienced and qualified massage therapist team. Their skills are commendable and worth experiencing. 

Review 6: As an athlete, I experience tremendous muscle pain. However, my search for skilled massage therapists who help manage it is finally over! The skills possessed by <enter therapist name> exceeded my expectations.

Review 7: <Enter therapist name> I am impressed with your skill level. I appreciate how you listened to my requirements and tailored the service accordingly. I will recommend you to everyone who needs a therapeutic massage. 

Review 8: I was looking for a rejuvenating massage experience after a long day in the office. I opted for a soothing Swedish massage. My muscles felt so relaxed that I fell asleep during the 60-minute session. 

Review 9: This is an outstanding spa if you are a first-timer like me. When I entered, I didn’t know what service to choose. The knowledgeable therapist helped me choose the right therapy and executed it skillfully. 

Review 10: I finally found relief for my tension headaches here! <Enter therapist name> was experienced with trigger point therapy. She skillfully released the tension in my head, neck and shoulders. 

Review 11: ABC’s team is exceptional for therapeutic and rejuvenating massages. Every massage therapist I have encountered has been extremely experienced and qualified.  I can confidently state that this place is worth your time and money. 

Review 12: I was elated when they asked me to give their massage spa feedback. The team answered all my queries and delivered commendable service. I highly recommend this place. 

Review 13: <enter therapist name> is the best! No other massage therapist possesses the skills and knowledge to execute reflexology with such panache. I have no pointers! 

Review 14: As a gymnast, I need specific massage therapies to keep my body flexible and pain-free. <enter therapist name> worked like a magician to ensure that my body was left feeling reborn. She also ensured painless treatment. 

Review 15: If you are looking for the best massage in the city, just walk in here! Ask for <enter therapist name>. She will zero in on tension areas and smoothen the knots like a pro! 

  1. Variety-Based Reviews:

Want to get a compliment for the range of services offered by the spa? Here are a few reviews that can affect the online ratings.

Review 1: This spa offers something for everyone. From light and relaxing Swedish massage to therapy-based reflexology, the range of services offered is mind-blowing! 

Review 2: Are you looking for massage specialists that offer every therapy under one roof? This place is perfect! I would suggest a visit if you are a massage enthusiast who enjoys variety. 

Review 3: <enter therapist name> is an all-rounder! I am impressed by the diverse range of services provided by the spa and her expertise in delivering each one perfectly. 

Review 4: The spa menu positively took me aback. I have based my rating on the fact that this place excels in rejuvenating experiences like Balinese massage and targeted treatments like sports massage and lymphatic drainage. 

Review 5: The massage I choose depends on my mood. I have been a loyal customer of ABC Massage Spa because of its range of services. This is undoubtedly the best place for relaxing and unwinding.

Review 6: If you are looking for a specific massage therapy, you will find it here! They also offer complementary services like aromatherapy, body scrub and steam. The experience is worth your money! 

Review 7: My client testimonial is a true testament to the services offered at this spa. The massage therapists specialize in services ranging from deep-tissue to hot-stone therapy. Do visit if you haven’t tried their treatments yet! 

Review 8: You can trust ABC to provide excellent variety and quality of service. They offer the best massages and ensure an unforgettable experience. 

Review 9: This spa is the right choice for days when you want to pamper yourself. You can go crazy over the service menu and choose a service that caters to your mood. 

Review 10: I gifted a massage coupon to my friend, and she had only good things to say. She praised their range of services and the qualifications possessed by their therapists. 

Review 11: They have a vast menu of services, but you won’t feel confused. My therapist was great at helping me choose a massage that met my needs. I will be coming back to try other services. 

Review 12: It is rare to find certain treatments in this city. But ABC stands out in the crowd. I am grateful for their array of specialized massage spa services. It’s worth a second visit! 

Review 13: You guys are amazing! There are a few places that offer prenatal massage in this city. Your service was a class apart. I will be recommending you to all my pregnant friends. 

Review 14: I recommend this place if you want to try something new. The massage therapies are extensive, and the care taken during execution is extraordinary. 

  1. Customer Service-Based Reviews:

Here are a few client testimonials for massage therapists you can use to appreciate the customer service at the spa.

Review 1: Wow! The customer service here is awesome! I was greeted with a refreshing herbal drink when I entered. The rooms boasted an enchanting fragrance, and the staff was very courteous. 

Review 2: <enter therapist name>, at the reception, was a treat! She guided me from the moment I entered. Her knowledge of each therapy was extensive. She helped me select the right massage after understanding my requirements. 

Review 3: ABC is a massage spa that needs no feedback. Their massage therapists are experienced and qualified, the facility is well-maintained, and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. It is a must-visit! 

Review 4: Bespoke is the perfect word for this spa! They listen to your needs and tailor a package that exceeds your expectations. Every massage therapy they provide deserves several reviews! 

Review 5: I felt spectacular from when I entered to when I left. The friendly staff made me feel valued. Meanwhile, the therapist customized the therapy according to my comfort. I left feeling relaxed and satisfied. 

Review 6: This spa deserves a five-star rating. Its customer service sets it apart. The therapists are knowledgeable yet courteous. They explain each message and let you take your time when choosing the right fit. 

Review 7: I was taken aback when I read the existing client testimonials for massage therapists at this spa! However, I was left mesmerized by the amount of detailing the staff ensured to provide a positive experience.

Review 8: I was amazed at how soothing the aromas inside the spa felt. The atmosphere inside all their massage rooms was also relaxing. I adore well-maintained spas and the auras at this one were truly stress-relieving.

Review 9: <enter therapist name> is skilled and polite. She asked me my preferred pressure on a scale of 1-10 before the service. I chose 5, but when requested she transitioned to 7 effortlessly. 

Review 10: If you live near <area name> and are looking for a massage spa, I recommend ABC. Their customer service is at par with international standards. I would rate them the best in the city. 

Review 11: Last time I called to make an appointment for a Swedish massage. I was shocked to learn that the receptionist remembered me as a regular! She made an effort and accommodated me despite the tight schedule!

Review 12: I wish I could see <enter therapist name> every week! She customises the massage to meet my expectations and needs. Thank you for relieving me of my back pain and suggesting exercises to manage it. 

  1. Quality and Affordability-Based Reviews:

Does the spa excel at quality and pricing? Here are a few reviews that can help express your gratification. 

Review 1: I was looking for a spa with good ratings near my office. I am glad I stumbled upon this one! My experience was incredible. The quality of services as well as the price were exceptional. 

Review 2: ABC Spa is a hidden gem in <enter location>. Its central location makes it convenient for everyone. It is more affordable than most other spas in the area, and the quality of service never disappoints.

Review 3: This is my genuine feedback after visiting most massage spas in the locality. The services are versatile, the prices are fair, and the quality is superb. Do try their deep tissue therapy when you visit! 

Review 4: Everything you read via client testimonials for their massage therapists is true. They ensure that your body feels revitalised. When compared to the service, the prices charged seem affordable. The convenient location is a bonus! 

Review 5: This spa has the right balance of accessible location, affordable prices and unmatched services. It is a heavenly experience for those looking for a relaxing experience, mentally and physically. 

Review 6: I came here after reading the awesome massage therapy reviews! My experience was enchanting! The facility was well-situated. The quality of the oils used and the massage provided were excellent. The prices were awesome too! 

Review 7: The main parameters when looking for a spa include accessibility, pricing, and quality. This spa ticks all three boxes. This place is the right choice to squeeze in a massage session on a busy day.

Review 8: This spa is accessible to everyone. The service menu includes a wide range of massages that vary in pricing. Some of them are extremely affordable. The quality remains outstanding, and it is accessible via public transport. 

Review 9: I was looking for a place where I could ensure regular massage sessions without breaking the bank. ABC Spa customised a package and ensured the therapies hit the right spot on every visit. 

Review 10: I am happy and relaxed after opting for their Swedish massage. The prices didn’t make me feel mentally burdened, while the services made me feel physically at ease. 

Review 11: <enter therapist name> Thank you for ensuring my body felt brand new! I am sure that I will visit another time, especially owing to the accessibility factor.

Review 12: ABC offers an unexpected retreat in a crowded locality. The ambience and the quality of the massage are soothing. The prices are more affordable than other spas in the area. 

But before you present these templates to clients, it is necessary to understand the need for client testimonials for massage therapists. 

 What is the Importance of Massage Spa Feedback? 

Customer feedback and reviews that talk about services help in determining the worth of massage therapy at a spa. In addition to this, there are various advantages of client testimonials for massage therapists. Some of these are mentioned below:

1. Enhance Reputation:

Spa ratings determine the reputation of a massage therapist. If the ratings are mostly positive, your clientele is more likely to visit your place of business. 

2. Boost Trust and Credibility:

A report by Search Engine Land states that around 72% of consumers said that positive feedback makes them trust a business more. Thus, there is more scope for earning money for your massage spa.

3. Offer Competitive Advantage:

Good reviews are a sign of good service. If the client testimonials for massage therapists at your spa are better than those of the competition, you gain an automatic advantage. Therefore, customers will prefer your business over others in the same category. 

4. Improve Search Ranking:

Reviews often contain keywords that lead to a better online presence without spending on SEO. Moreover, a business with more Google reviews usually shows on top of the search engine. 

5. Work as a Feedback Mechanism:

Reviews often show you the mirror. Even negative reviews are essential for your business. They serve as feedback mechanisms and help you work on problem areas. They thereby promote better service and give way to positive reviews. 

6. Provide Marketing Material:

Positive reviews can serve as a means to promote your massage therapy. You can share these on social media and add them to your advertisements. They provide the best marketing material that attracts more clients. 

However, to ensure that your spa business can enjoy the benefits of reviews, it's essential to increase the frequency of ratings.

How to Encourage More Client Testimonials for Massage Therapists?

The more the reviews for your business, the better the growth opportunity for your spa. You can increase the frequency of massage spa feedback by ensuring the inclusion of the measures stated below. 

1. Ask for Reviews:

The best way to ensure more reviews for your massage therapy is to ask for them. Train your staff to remind clients to drop a testimonial for your massage therapists post-service.

2. Provide Incentives for Reviews:

Another way to ensure more spa ratings is following an incentive-based model. Provide discounts/ freebies to clients in return for reviews. 

3. Repost Reviews on Social Media Platforms: 

Showcasing your current reviews can encourage more feedback. Therefore, reposting your reviews to your socials, such as Instagram and Facebook,  is a measure to reckon with.

4. Follow-up with Emails and Messages:

Customers may forget to leave a review for your spa business post-service. Follow-up emails and messages with an attached letter remind them to drop their feedback.

  1. Respond to Reviews:

A business can improve its brand reputation by responding politely to negative and positive client testimonials. Therefore, this is a necessary step for a massage spa. 

  1. Buy Reviews: 

If you want to increase the number of reviews for your spa, you can buy reviews. There are some genuine websites like Buy Reviews from where you can get authentic reviews that augment your ratings. 

Magnify Your Efforts with Better Spa Ratings 

Want to take your spa business to new heights? The above review templates can help enhance your efforts.  Additionally, you can buy genuine Google reviews from active users for your spa from BuyReviewz. This will ascertain an increase in the quantity of detailed and keyword-rich client testimonials for your massage therapists.  

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