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Local Lawn Care Review Examples
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If you own a lawn care company and make an extra effort to make people’s houses look beautiful and you think you deserve more people to applaud and appreciate your work but wondering how to reach them? 

Well, positive Google reviews are setting standards for a lot of lawn care companies organically and upscaling their growth by introducing their work to untapped audiences.  As we know, online reviews are among the most effective marketing tools available to lawn care businesses. 

So, we have curated 50+ local lawn care review examples that you can use on your business profile or even ask customers to use and post to your Google My Business page to enhance visibility. 

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50+ Local Lawn Care Review Examples

To upscale the growth of your lawn care business take the support of these 50+ local lawn care review examples that can be used for your profile and these will definitely leave a positive impact. 

Feature-based Lawn Care Reviews

  1. This Lawn company epitomizes trustworthy, competent, and helpful customer service. They are also professionals at maintaining the lovely, green appearance of my grass. 

  2. My lawn looks fantastic both in person and on my camera. I appreciate that after sending in a sample of my soil, they could tailor the fertilizer to the nutrients that my grass was deficient in. 

  3. After using another company that could not deliver the services they promised, we desperately needed a trustworthy lawn care provider. This one visited our house and examined our landscaping and yard. Thanks to this lawn service, our landscape and grass are back on track and look better. 

  4. We are thrilled and appreciate their team of experts' excellent services! We can really feel the difference this lawn care company has made in our lives—I grin every time I look at my yard and landscaping, and that's entirely due to them. They are the best!

  5. The employees are kind, professional, and well-trained. They always know what to do and have taken care of special projects for me.

  6. This lawn care service works best for me. The team always mows my lawn when it needs to be. They mow and tidy up after themselves, even blowing out the driveway and walkway, which I used to do. 

  7. The mulching effort exceeded our expectations, the trees supplied were superb, and the local lawn-cutting service was the greatest. Thank you, guys!

  8. The staff members' expertise is unparalleled. They gave clear directions and a thorough explanation of the entire procedure. They turned my drab yard into a gorgeous green in just two years.

  9.  They have a true talent for creating the perfect picture of your dream landscapes. Their personnel wear company uniforms, so I can identify everyone in my yard. We highly recommend it without any hesitation.

Cost-Effective Based Lawn Care Reviews

  1. I had no idea I could get the best yard by calling this lawn care service, even after years of battling to get one. My neighbors are suddenly envious of my yard. Obtain excellent results for the cost of the services.

  2. While our houses are being renovated and promoted to potential buyers, this lawn care business assists us by mowing the grass on several properties. They are a pleasure to work with and have affordable rates.

  3. Extremely accommodating, professional, and cost-effective. This lawn also offers excellent lawn care products.

  4. Among the top services available, this is the only lawn company that has taken care of my property for a few years, and they always do an excellent job. They are reasonably priced, provide first-rate service, and have considerate personnel.

  5. They operate quickly and neatly, leaving the office tidy when they're done. Their services are also cost-effective and advanced. They are fantastic people to work with every time!

  6. This lawn care business has maintained our yard for more than ten years. They do professional work and have competitive costs. We decided to update our worn-out, outdated landscape last year. Fast-forward to this year; every plant is flourishing, and we're thrilled with the progress.

  7. These people are very talented, extremely competent, never late, and reasonably priced. They have been maintaining our lawn for several years, fertilizing and controlling weeds. Their skill is the reason our grass looks so lovely.

  8. We recently called Lawn Care because we had trouble with the mowing. Within a few days, they sent someone, and he did a fantastic job. The cost is affordable. Try it!

  9. This lawn care company expertly completed the front and backyard cleanup. They are very professional & affordable in their field.

  10.  Extremely efficient and economical. They did a fantastic job installing new fences and clearing trees. I will undoubtedly bring them back. I appreciate everything you and your team have done. It was highly regarded.

Successful Lawn Care Service Reviews

  1. Having worked with this lawn care service for ten years, I have extensive experience with patio design and lawn maintenance. They offer excellent customer service, and I've recommended them to anyone needing design or lawn care assistance. 

  2. Working with these gentlemen was a great experience! They had fantastic hardscape and landscaping designs. After listening to my needs, they gave me the lovely, naturally occurring bird and butterfly garden I had always imagined. 

  3. We are thrilled with the way this lawn care company completed our project. Our pavement, patios, vegetation, planters, and water features are straight out of Better Homes and Gardens. 

  4. We have used this lawn service three times now. Our most recent job with them was a gas fire that we had them do along with some hardscaping and landscaping. Gazing out to the lake, we anticipate many happy years ahead. 

  5. They also built a fantastic addition to our front porch by adding soil, seeding the new lawn, and removing buckthorn. Nothing could have been better than this lawn service team. 

  6. I am savoring the lovely scenery in my backyard. I can watch the plants grow every day. It's stunning. I adore how the new stone truly enlarges the yard. Thanks to your experienced team they did an excellent job. 

  7. Since 2014, we have collaborated with this lawn service company to install trees, lighting, plants, mulch, and other landscaping features. Their output is superb.

  8. We are so happy that lawn services transformed our enormous, untidy front planter and sunken Lannon stone sidewalk. They were very professional and ensured we understood the plan before starting work. Many of our plants were used again, and the undesired trees and shrubs were removed. 

  9. This lawn care company designed our landscape 19 years ago. They planted many trees, bushes, and flowers and installed lovely Lannon stone walls and brick pavers at our front door. Highly recommend them!

  10.  This lawn care crew was competent and on time, and they turned our backyard into a work of art. We first discussed our plans for the backyard. Extensive measurements and evaluations were conducted in response to such concepts. And what beautiful results they have shown! 

Excellent Customer Services for Lawn Reviews

  1. I heartily endorse this Lawn Care company. They provide outstanding customer service and exercise extreme caution when applying anything to the lawn. In addition to their knowledge and experience, they employ top-notch products to create gorgeous, green lawns.

  2. The lawn care service crew did a fantastic job of replacing a few trees and plants, trimming them for fall, and adding some mulch to liven up the area. Looks fantastic! The customer support team is friendly and quickly responds. Recommended!

  3. This Lawn Maintenance service has provided seasonal lawn care, cleanup, and mulching services for the past eighteen years and has continued to provide fantastic service. They also have excellent customer service, so you can contact them quickly for any query. 

  4. A fantastic company is always available on the phone and has an excellent communication skills team! We always use this lawn service to clean up our land in the summer and winter. Without a single issue!

  5. I appreciate your skilled work, customer support, and kind workers caring for my yard. After spring cleaning and fall cleanup, my yard looks like a Showcase Layout! Let me focus on the chores I enjoy doing. 

  6. My employer hired this lawn service firm to remove snow from our post office. They are among our most reliable allies! They also provide the best customer support services to connect with their clients. 

  7. I use this company for landscaping, snow plowing, and lawn care. I would not use any other business, as their work ethics are excellent. Contacting them is also super easy.

  8. This lawn service is very reliable and has responsive customer care that listens to each of your queries patiently.

  9. My grass looks impressive, and the customer service was professional. Highly recommend their services to each one of you. 

  10.  The Lawn company staff was extremely professional, and punctual, and did a great job. I'll use them again in the following weeks to trim my trees! They are a Fantastic Company with excellent customer care service.

Other Reviews

  1. We are pleased that we found these people! Always very courteous, and the yard appears lovely!

  2. Having a lawn care firm that also looks after the houses is nice! One day, their mowers discovered water pouring out of the crawl space at one of our properties. They called us straight away to let us know about the problem!

  3. We are so grateful to the lawn service crew for turning our lakefront lawn into a lovely space so we can spend more time with our loved ones! Everyone was incredibly cordial and straightforward to work with. 

  4. I adore how simple it is to use. Just attach it to the hose and start spraying. And that's it! Our lawn is thriving in the heat, and my husband is thrilled with the results!

  5. Gorgeous outside lighting, patios, retaining walls, and plantings were all done precisely as planned! They do incredible spring cleanups, treating every bed and cleaning, trimming, and mulching every planting bed. 

  6. Thanks to this lawn maintenance service, my paver patio looks fantastic again. I heartily suggest them. I appreciate a task done well.

  7. The lawn service team did a fantastic job working on our patio makeover, hoping to work together with them again!

  8. This Lawn service completed our berm, plantings, and lighting beautifully. The foreman at work takes great joy in his work. The final product and design exceeded my expectations. Well done, and excellent work!

  9. This lawn maintenance service restored my paver patio beautifully, and I 100% recommend them.

  10.  The personnel exhibited exceptional professionalism! They arrived and left before the children noticed, which relieved my concern about the noise they might create because I own a daycare. I rate this with ten stars!

  11.  This business is outstanding! They are kind, informed, and tidy up after themselves. They removed old plants and debris from the yard, set up the watering system, planted the plants I had chosen, put mulch, and laid sod. 

How Do Lawn Care Service Companies Reach New Audiences? 

Well, to grow organically one of the significant tools that the lawn care company can use is Google reviews. Good reviews are the equivalent of word-of-mouth referrals in the current era. Prospective clients consider these recommendations while deciding which lawn care provider to use. 

When you provide outstanding customer service regularly, you satisfy your current clientele and convert them into passionate brand ambassadors. Customer satisfaction boosts the likelihood that they will write good Lawn care service reviews, refer others to you, and stay as devoted, long-term customers.

Furthermore, internet reviews' influence on your Lawn maintenance company ratings goes beyond your website and social media accounts. They affect search engine rankings since companies with higher ratings are frequently given preference on sites like Google.


Online local lawn care service reviews are permanently here and provide a terrific way for clients and lawn care providers to recognize the importance of positive feedback. Customers can use it as a resource to learn about businesses and share their experiences with them. 

Lawn care companies can boost and upscale their growth if they purchase Google reviews from trustable sites like BuyReviewz; which offers real and active people to give comments and feedback that further helps the company to reach newer heights that mark success.

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