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Local House Painter Review Examples
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Having 10 reviews for your local business increases your search traffic by 20%. 

If you want your house painting business to attract more attention online and gain more customers for your services, you need to add more reviews to your Google Business profile. 

Instead of gaining generic, simple reviews, try having a significant number of feature-rich reviews that mention service-related responses. These reviews can help improve your profile ranking and increase footfalls to your local house painting business. 

Thus we have compiled 50 ready-to-use review examples you can ask customers to leave on your GMB profile and improve your visibility on Google. 

10x Your Online Visibility

Collect Genuine Reviews in Real-Time

50+ Local House Painting Review Examples

Here are some diverse and detailed review examples you can paste directly on your house painting business profile to improve your business awareness.

Review 1: Having my own minimalist-painted house was on my bucket list for so long, and I was super cautious when choosing the painters for this. But the (business name) did an exceptional job. I love how this has turned out!

Review 2: I wanted to try new themes for my house, and the painters from (business name) surpassed my expectations!  

Review 3: You know how real the post-paint cleaning headache is. But they (business name) left no spot uncleaned, and after their service, my house is glowing like a new one. 

Review 4: Before moving in, we needed our entire house painted, and (business name) completed the job with lightning speed. I’m happy that my house looks amazing! It is the top house painting service in my neighborhood. 

Review 5: I initially struggled to choose the right colors for my house. But they (business name) turned my poorly lit house into a cozy haven. I loved their service!

Review 6: Earlier I doubted if there are any professional painters in my area, but I guess I had skipped their name (business name). They are really good at what they do. Hired them on my neighbor's recommendations and I don't regret it. 

Review 7: From surface preparation to the final coat, they (business name) ensured a flawless finish for each corner. My home looks better than ever. 

Review 8: So, my walls were a mess - cracks here, peeling paint there. But they (business name) really came to the rescue. Their painters fixed everything up and gave my walls a fresh coat. I'm really happy with the results.

Review 9: With my crazy schedule, I needed someone reliable to paint my house so that I didn’t have to check in multiple times a day.  And I must say, they (business name) saved me so much time and stress. 

Review 10: I got my house painted last month by (business name). Their skilled painters beautifully replicated a forest scene on one of my walls, making it the focal point of my living room. Love how beautiful it looks when I enter.

Review 11: My house had this outdated color scheme that made it look dull and uninspiring, basically a depressed vibe. But, thanks to their team (business name), who brought it back to life with a refreshing palette.

Review 12: I wanted to transform my backyard shed but wasn't sure where to start. Then I consulted (business name) after visiting their business on Google, liked their suggestions, and went ahead. I’m happy with the results. 

Review 13: Being a first-time homeowner, I was really overwhelmed about painting my house. But they (business name) really made the entire process stress-free for me.

Review 14: I wanted to paint my indoors with the nature theme, and I must say they (business name) really pulled it off. I just love how the final results have turned out.

Review 15: With a tight budget, I was worried about sacrificing quality for affordability. Thankfully, (business name) offered competitive pricing without compromising on quality. 

Review 16: I'm not the most decisive person when it comes to choosing colors, but (business name) made the entire process smooth and enjoyable.

Review 17: Earlier, I hesitated to try professional painting services, but (business name) proved that it was worth every penny. Their attention to detail has transformed my house. Loved the service!

Review 18: I've always been that DIY enthusiast, but when it came to painting my house, I knew I needed professional help. So, I contacted them (business name), and honestly, I don’t regret choosing them. 

Review 19: I had a specific vision for my home, and (business name) brought it to life with precision and skill. They took the time to understand my preferences and executed them beautifully. Totally recommend them!

Review 20: I recently moved into a new home and wanted to make it feel like my own, so I hired (business name) to paint the interior. Their team really worked quickly and efficiently.

Review 21: I found (business name) through a friend, and I couldn't be happier with their work. They transformed my house with their expert painting skills, and the results are amazing!

Review 22: Last week, I hired (business name) to repaint my kitchen area, and I'm so glad I did that. They really did an excellent job, and that too in three days. I’m genuinely impressed. 

Review 23: My house paint needed an upgrade, and until last week, I wasn't sure where to start. But they (business name) saved my precious energy and helped me complete the house painting thing efficiently. 

Review 24: So, my house has really tall ceilings, and I wanted to ensure they get what they deserve. The painters from (business name) were really skilled, and they did justice to my tall ceilings. Thanks to their color choices,  every room feels extra grand and spacious.

Review 25: Wow, what a transformation! Got both interior and exterior paint done by (business name), and my house looks incredible. They nailed it inside and out! Highly recommend.

Review 26: Very pleased with the results. The painters were courteous and left no mess behind. Will definitely hire them again!

Review 27: Highly satisfied with the outcome. The painters were punctual, and friendly and completed the job with precision. 

Review 28: My kids have been demanding a room makeover for so long. Then, I saw their designs on their business profile and chose them. My kids are happy with their rooms now!

Review 29: As a person with disabilities, I was hesitant to hire an unknown contractor. But the painters at (business name) were professionals who understood their work, and it was a pleasure to have them as my painters.

Review 30: The crew was exceptionally professional, arriving on time daily and working diligently until the job was completed. Had a stress-free experience.

Review 31: We feel that the quality of work we received was really worth the investment. The competitive pricing, coupled with the outstanding service, truly impressed us.

Review 32: I wholeheartedly recommend this painting business to anyone needing professional painting services. No commissions involved here, but I genuinely loved their attention to detail. 

Review 33: The paint job completely transformed the interior of our home. The colors they helped us select brought new life to each room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Review 34: Their customer service was exceptional from start to finish. They responded to our inquiries, promptly addressed our concerns, and ensured our complete satisfaction.

Review 35: Despite a tight deadline, they completed the project on time without compromising on quality. Their efficient work ethic and effective time management skills were commendable

Review 36: While not the cheapest quote we received, the quality of work far outweighs the cost. It's clear we got excellent value for our money.

Review 37: Months later, the paint still looks as vibrant as the day it was applied. The painters from (business name) have transformed our house completely. 

Review 38: I'm impressed with the textured finish they added to my walls! It looks unique and adds depth to the room. Great job!

Review 39: They patched up the holes in my walls neatly, and the paint job looked seamless. I am very satisfied with their work.

Review 40: We had some old lead paint removed, and they handled it safely and efficiently. It's a relief to know our home is now safer for our family.

Review 41: They were quick to respond to our inquiry and provided a detailed quote. The pricing was fair, and there were no surprises. Would hire them again.

Review 42: We had some water damage repaired and repainted. The painters were thorough, and you can't tell where the damage was. Very impressed!

Review 43: The textured finish in our bedroom adds so much depth to the walls. It's a subtle but impactful change, and we're very happy with the result.

Review 44: They sealed up all the gaps around our windows, and our house feels warmer already. Great service!

Review 45: The painters were careful to use low-VOC paint, which was important to us with young kids. They accommodated our needs perfectly.

Review 46: I highly recommend (business name) for any painting project. They provided a thorough consultation and competitive pricing, and the quality of their work was top-notch.

Review 47: Choosing them (business name) was the best decision we made for our home renovation. They worked diligently to ensure every room was painted flawlessly, and seeing these pictures, the results really speak for themselves.

Review 48: We entrusted (business name) with our home makeover project, and we are glad they delivered exceptional results within the agreed timeframe and budget. Highly recommended!

Review 49: The crew from (business name) showed incredible skill and precision in transforming our outdated interior into a modern masterpiece. 

Review 50: Choosing (business name) for my painting project was one of the best decisions I've made as a homeowner. The team was really efficient, and the quality of work exceeded my expectations.

Review 51: I've hired several contractors in the past, but none have been as reliable and skilled as (business name). They transformed my home with precision and care. Couldn't be happier!

You can use these examples on your GMB profile directly to attract more customers. Also, gaining good reviews is essential for the local house painting business for multiple reasons. Let’s find out!

How Do Good Reviews Impact A House Painting Business?

Good reviews can reflect your house painting business's reputation. In fact, favorable reviews can even impact your sales by attracting more customers. Here’s why you need more good reviews for your house painting business.

1. Improve Profile Ranking In Search Engines

Search engines like Google prioritize businesses with higher ratings and reviews. So, if your house painting business has more positive reviews, it will appear higher in local search rankings, improving your online visibility. 

2. Attract More Local Customers 

When it comes to services like house painting, which often involves working inside customers' homes, trust is crucial. If your local painting business has more positive reviews, people will trust its reliability, and it will help you gain more customers.   

3. Serve As Client Testimonials For House Painters

Lastly, the reviews added by your clients can also act as client testimonials for your house painters. These testimonials help you convert more customers for your services in the future and maintain the trust in your community

Final Thoughts: Add Genuine Reviews To Enhance Your Visibility 

Gaining more positive reviews for your house painting business can improve your reputation, get you more customers, and increase your overall revenue. Therefore, you should actively seek more ways to collect genuine reviews. 

There are many traditional methods you can rely on, like in-person requests and follow-up emails, but there’s a new emerging method most businesses are using to collect more reviews. 

Today, you can invest in buying Google reviews from trusted sites like BuyReviews to increase the number of reviews for your house painting company and appear higher in search results. It is quick, simple, and easy, and these reviews are added from real accounts! 


1.  What counts as a good house painting review?

Any review in which a customer mentions how the painting contractor met their requirements is a great review for the house painting business. If the customer is satisfied with the service, he will always write favorable reviews. 

2. Can painting contractor ratings help generate more revenue?

Yes, you can generate more revenue if you have positive reviews and ratings on your Google My Business profile. When customers trust your business, they will invest in your services more, leading to increased sales and repeat business. 

3. What platforms are best for collecting house painting reviews? 

Your Google My Business account is the most important place for collecting customer reviews. Along with that, you can also collect reviews on platforms like Yelp, Trustpilot, and Facebook.

4. How to get more house painting feedback from customers?

Try out review requests and frequent follow-ups to encourage more customer feedback for your house painting projects. You can also use social media to collect more reviews for your business. 

5. How often should I request reviews from my customers?

You should make two to three requests for customer reviews. Once your painters have completed the job, make the first request, followed by an email follow-up. If the requests go unnoticed, send the final request.