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Top Content Types for Generative

Your business's reach depends entirely on how your customer feels about your business listings. Even if you create Magical products and deliver top-notch services, if your customers fail to comprehend your efforts, you might land in a crisis! 

The best you can do to understand the customer dynamics is by gaining direct and Google reviews. It helps you better understand how you are performing and improves your weak spots! 

What Are Google Reviews?

Like any other review, Google Reviews are the customer feedback or ratings a business gets on the Google account or Google Maps. It helps provide insights about the business flow and reach the customer's calls in need of hours. Potential Customers get a clear picture of your business's products and services by following the Google reviews. 

Importance Of Google Reviews  

As we all read movie reviews before watching them in theatres, most customers nowadays search about a particular business online and read the available reviews. If they get satisfied with the Google My Business reviews, they look for other stores. Then, they will read the reviews of the new store.

#1. Brand That People Would Love  

What is a brand? A name, symbol, or mark of identification that distinguishes your existence from the rest. To be an authentic brand, your users need connectivity and affection. 

Google Reviews help you hit the right spot in the Search Engine. That's how you build brand trust! But doesn't it sound too mechanical? 

#2. Get Better Click-Through Rates 

Click-Through Rates, or CTR, measure the number of times customers have organically clicked a link listed on their mobile devices through texts, emails, etc. It helps you understand how much your customers are willing to leave a review about your business by clicking on the review link listed by you. 

More Google reviews help you soar to the top list of search engines. And it goes without saying that the better your ranking is, the higher your chances of attracting a broader customer base. You can even pay for Google reviews.

Google reviews do this magic for you. It improves the CTR by helping your business page show up amongst the top listings whenever someone hits the Google search engine for services or products provided by businesses like yours. It inevitably betters your local SEO ranking.  

#3. A Great Conversion Rate  

Google reviews help to attract the right audience. It creates a symbol of credibility and trust. People who look up to business products like yours can reach you in no time and eventually contribute to generating a broad customer base. 

#4. Booster of Local SEO 

Online Reviews are the natural booster of your local SEO. It, in turn, takes the responsibility of launching a free digital marketing campaign where both your positive and negative sides are out to the customer. 

81% of customers rely on Google reviews for making decisions. It helps them make a sound and informed decision about utilising services online or visiting your store in person. This way, it improves the local search result by listing your business profile amongst the top searches. 

How to Improve My Google Reviews? 

Once business owners understand how Google reviews can change the fate of their business, the very next attempt is to boost the count of reviews. After that, you can follow step-by-step guides to do the magic for your site. 

#1. Let GMB Do The Magic! 

If you still need to create your Google My Business Page, that can be one of the biggest reasons for your worry about Google reviews!

Google Business Pages are directly linked to the Google Maps Apps. Google reviews help in bettering the presentation of your GMB page, which in turn increases your visibility. A Local business looking for more comprehensive visibility must consider the GMB page as an inevitable step toward gathering more Google reviews.  

It not only Improves visibility but also helps in ruling the local search engine. The better your business page appears in the search results through Google Maps and its defined business location, the more you would be prone to receiving more reviews and customers. 

#2. Create An Inclusive Google Profile 

Google Business Profile is a very easy-to-use tool offered by Google for Business organizations seeking digital marketing to boost their business. It helps to interact with customers in a much-defined way with the direct establishment of engagement ways.

It helps customers locate your Business using your Google account. A business owner can verify their business utilising a google business profile. The owners can edit and modify the information listed in the business profile to add relevance to the business listings. Verifying the business profile adds authenticity to the business listings and increases the chances of getting more Google reviews.  

Google My Business Listings helps widen your business name and reach the right target audience. In addition, you can make a Google My Business account apart from your Google business profile. This allows you to manage and edit your Google business profile in no time. 

#3. Take Your Time to Respond! 

Responding to negative or positive reviews helps show your customers how much you care! To cement your relationship with your customers, you must take time to respond to what they have to say about your business. 

Where it is easy to manage a small number of reviews, you must look for professional online review management platforms to help manage your reviews. 

Most importantly, never ignore Negative Reviews! Doing so can sway away your potential customers, and the existing ones might think of your business as irresponsible and not caring for their customers. 

Responding shows how much you care for them and are willing to engage with them. Likewise, businesses should interact and keep a keen eye on how customers feel about their listings.  

#4. Handling Negative Reviews! 

If you run an errand, there's always room for mistakes and failures. But what makes your business Sustainable is how you handle them. If you wonder how to handle a negative review, you can see through some of these guidelines- 

  • Be patient and willing to listen. 
  • Be grateful to your customer for spending their valuable time reviewing your business.
  • Apologise 
  • Ask for more details and know about the exact cause of the customer's dissatisfaction 
  • Solve the issues as fast as possible and promise the same will never be repeated 
  • Look for improvement and give them a reason to trust you again 

#5. Keep Your Site Updated 

Keeping the sites updated would convince your customers about your dedication towards your business and boost the chances of greeting a positive review. 

Start keeping track of how your SEO is functioning. Follow the metrics and Google algorithm. Some of the most helpful ways of keeping your site up-to-date are- 

  • Insert relevant keywords or the most commonly searched keyword while designing blog content on your sites. 
  • Embed positive reviews into your site. 83% say positive reviews on a business's landing page help trust the company. This helps people see how others review your listings and influence their buying decisions. This would work like a google review instruction video for the customers.
  • Use attractive infographics. Talk about your business in a very new and innovative way using colourful high-resolution pictures that appeal to the eyes. 
  • Keep the blogs readable and welcome new opinions. Talk about offers and achievements of your business in a way that sounds convincing but not boasting! 
  • Use trusted SEO tracking tools to see how far you are successful in achieving a higher rank in local SEO. 

#6. Keep Away From Fake Reviews 

Fake Reviews can be hazardous to the health of your business. Although it helps to achieve quicker results in a brief period, it can be dangerous in the long run. 

Most fake reviews are bot-generated and often fail to keep up with the updates on your sites. A veteran internet user can easily spot a fake review. 82% of people reported reading fake reviews the previous year. 

Fake reviews in reviews not only bring down your website's engagement rate but also create a terrible impression. It is more than enough to ruin your online reputation. 

Instead, your online customers can use the Google My Business Reviews features in Google Maps or Google My Business Page to leave an honest review about their feelings or customer experience. 

#7. A Google Review Page Is Needed 

For you to get more google business reviews, you can create a whole dedicated page for Google reviews. The Google review page should be accessible from the navigation menu icon. 

Make it very easy to reach, as customers would not spend time searching for an appropriate link to hit or per page to land on to drop their opinion. 

Creating a Google reviews page will help customers leave reviews and encourage potential customers to look for your prospects. The page should appear with a dedicated Call To Action for leaving reviews. Encourage them to drop a review. Your customers do not need a Gmail account to leave accounts.

Steps To Write A Review On An Android Device

  • Open the Google Maps app on your android devices.
  • Hit on the Contribute button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select to Write a Review. 
  • You can also add photos if you wish too
  • Select a star rating and hit on the post 

Steps To Write A Review On An iPhone.

  • Open the Google Maps app on your iPhone.
  • Hit on Contribute and find the place you want to drop the review about 
  • Tap on the Review option on the top left.
  • Share your experience in a word or by dropping a photo 
  • Select a star rating for the business profile 
  • Tap the share option

Google maps are automated to reflect your locations based on your traveling history on Google maps. So you don't need to search for a venue you want to review. If that's not the case, then search for the business profile in the search bar in Google maps and follow the steps given above. 

Another thing that you can do is populate your review page. You can do so by putting up photos of your review section with Google positive reviews. Often the best reviews are rich in keywords and would help people find your business in the search engine. This way, you can make others reach your site while boosting your SEO ranking through an intelligent strategy. 

#8. Lastly, Ask For Reviews 

The last and most straightforward way of getting more google customer reviews is by asking for them. But, unfortunately, you cannot entice customers to drop reviews for rewards. Neither can you delete or edit a customer review. However, you can flag the review as inappropriate if you think the customer's review is not honest or demeaning to your business. 

How To Ask For More Google Reviews?

  • Create links to reach the review section of your website in no time. 
  • Ask for reviews by dropping texts in the phone numbers shared by your customers.
  • Mail them by thanking them for availing of your services while softly asking them to hit the link to drop a review. 
  • Be gentle in your approach and explain how vital their one review for your business is to you. 
  • Create a custom Google review link that helps them drop reviews in seconds.
  • Use trusted review sites like Yelp (53% of customers report using Yelp to read and leave Google reviews about an online business) to gather more authentic reviews.
  • You can also list your business on social media. This is one of the most Powerful zones in this digital era to reach the maximum audience in a short period. It helps gain popularity along with recognition of your brand. 

A Few Last Words 

Google Review is the most widely used free tool to skyrocket the business's reach. Learn the importance of reviews before taking steps to boost the review count.

Written By Sarah Smith

Sara holds expertise in brand management and rebranding. She has worked as a business communication specialist and understands the basic 'know-how' of empowered brand communication. Her experience in brand management helps her create Google reviews that hit potential customer's pain points. She is responsible for planning, ideating, and conceptualizing Google reviews at for a group of brand owners looking for rebranding through local SEO, Google business, and viable digital reach!

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