How To Get Google Reviews For Cleaning Services?

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Is your cleaning services business lacking the lukewarm reviews that can bring tremendous upliftment and growth? Or want to attract potential clients to your cleaning services business?

Then, gaining more Google reviews can do wonders for your cleaning business!

It is so apparent these days that when people look for a cleaning service online, every customer checks for Google reviews. These reviews have become a significant part of decision-making for customers.

We bring you a perfect blog that will help you understand the importance of Google reviews for your cleaning business and how to gain those reviews seamlessly.

Let’s start!

Type of Businesses That Can Benefit from This Guide

If you own a cleaning business, this blog will guide you to understand the importance of Google reviews. Learn the fantastic ways to get Google Reviews and make the most of it!

Here is a list of different types of cleaning businesses that are in the market:  

  • Residential cleaning services
  • Commercial cleaning services
  • Janitorial cleaning services
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Sanitization and disinfection cleaning services
  • Green cleaning services
  • Pressure Washing services

Have you figured out the type of cleaning business you own? If yes, then let’s understand how Google reviews can be a game-changer for your cleaning business.

Why Are Google Reviews Important for Cleaning Services?

90% of the customers think that Google reviews are more critical than other marketing or sales information in creating a reputation for a brand. When you have a lot of positive reviews, it will act as a defense for your few bad reviews. Google reviews make your business stand out from the competition. 

Understand how Google reviews can help your cleaning business!

1. People Trust Reviews

There is nothing wrong with saying that people trust Google reviews. Whenever people are looking for a cleaning company, they will definitely check out the reviews of that business. 

With more good reviews on your GMB account, your cleaning company will have more chances of reaching your potential clients.

2. Bring value for your cleaning company

No wonder Google can evaluate your cleaning business’s success by checking the number of reviews and star ratings. With a growing collection of reviews, it becomes easier for Google to boost highly-rated businesses.  

Deliver value and bring value to your business with positive Google reviews on your GMB profile. 

3. A room for improvement

Negative reviews for your cleaning business are a great room for improvement; they will help you know the areas your business lacks. Also, it will tell you what issues your customers are facing with your cleaning services.

However, always respond to your negative reviews so that your customers feel they are being heard. 

4. Improves local search ranking

More number of review will signal Google and thus upgrade local search ranking. Hence, your business will be more visible and reach the top of the local searches for cleaning services.

So, increase the visibility of your business Google reviews and reach more customers for your service.

5. Enhances your business for cleaning services

Looking at many positive reviews of your cleaning business, every potential client will look forward to availing of the cleaning service. Thus Google reviews eventually help to increase your cleaning business revenue by bringing more clients online and offline.

So, whether you want to increase footfall in your shop or online orders of cleaning services, ask your customers to leave reviews for your business. 

Set your business apart from the competition by incorporating unique ways to get positive Google reviews for your cleaning company. Here is what you need to learn!

How To Get Google Reviews for Your Cleaning Company?

People are most likely to click on a cleaning company with more reviews, and it will showcase the authority and trust of your business. Ask your clients to share their experience with your cleaning service and bring more reviews to your Google My Business page. 

Explore various ways to Get Positive Online Reviews for Your Cleaning Business!

1. Ask Clients to Share Experience Through Reviews

It is a great practice to ask for reviews after providing exceptional customer service. You would be seeing your customer in person while providing a cleaning service. 

Thus, at that time, you can thank that customer for choosing your business. Ask them politely to leave a review and tell them how much their review and experiences will matter for your cleaning business.

2. Send Email Review Requests

You can send your customers an email having a review link, asking them to leave a review for the services rendered. Keep the mail short and straightforward to save time from reading unnecessary details.

When you send a review link it becomes easy and convenient for the clients to leave a review for your cleaning business. Add the details about the service they have availed and tell them how valuable their review is. 

3. Responding to Reviews

Make a practice to respond to reviews, whether they are positive or negative. When you respond to a negative customer review, your customers feel satisfied that their voice is heard. 

However, responding to a positive review increases customer interaction and engagement. Thus, if you want to reach your potential customer 2x faster, respond to your existing reviews.

4. Creating Moments of Delight for Customers

Make your customers feel special, and create moments of delight for them so that they appreciate your services. You can leave a sweet personalized note or a mini gift to make your service stand out, adding an extra moment of happiness. 

Politely ask them to review your cleaning services and share their experience with you and your potential customers. By gaining reviews from authentic customers for your cleaning services, you will build trust and credibility for your brand, so ensure that your customers notice your little gestures.

5. Follow-Up With Your Customer

Sending follow-up messages is pretty effective in receiving more and more reviews for your cleaning services. You can send a simple text message comprising the review link and a thank you to customers for choosing your business for cleaning services. 

It is a great way to appreciate them and build an effective relation with your clients. Also, encourage them to book their cleaning services again with you.

6. Offer Complimentary services in Return for a Review

You can offer complimentary services to your customers, like a coupon, a free cleaning service, or a product in barter of a review.  Though it can cost you some pennies, it is an effective method in the long run. 

These complimentary services give customers a holistic experience with your cleaning business. It will eventually help bring customer engagement and increase sales of your cleaning services.

7. Showcasing your stellar reviews

You can use various social media platforms to display positive client reviews. It will also act as a reminder for other clients to leave a good review for you. 

You must display stellar reviews on your website, other social media platforms, or shop.  It will help you convince your potential clients to book your cleaning service. 

8. Buying Google Reviews for Cleaning Service

Another practical and quick way to get Google Reviews for Cleaning Services is by buying Google Reviews. Buying Google reviews is simple, but to search for an authentic platform to buy Google Reviews is necessary.

Buying Google reviews will save you energy, and you will receive Google reviews in no time. Buy Reviews for your cleaning business from a reputable provider, check its reviews, compare different providers, and then choose the one for you.

9. Create ‘Leave Us Review’ Cards for Customers

After you deliver an exceptional cleaning service to your client, you can hand them over a ‘leave us review’ card. The card should include your cleaning business details and a call to share experiences through reviews.

You can leave a personalized card asking for a review. It is always better to leave a hand-written as it makes the process more personalized and showcases that their review will matter to the company.

10. Call Customers for Feedback

Lastly, you can hire a manager who will be responsible for calling customers and asking them for feedback. It is the simplest and most effective method to get reviews for your cleaning services.

You can share a review link with the customers and guide them on how they can click and write a review for your cleaning business. Ask them politely and tell them how much their review matters.

Acquire new cleaning clients for your cleaning services by learning about the best practices for a cleaning business. Here you go!

Best Practices to Get More High-Quality Reviews On Google

The more positive reviews you get, the more trust and credibility of your business increases leading to naturally attracting new customers. Thus to gain more quality reviews, a cleaning business must follow the below best practices. 

1. Set a Specific Goal

To bring more quality reviews for your cleaning business, deciding a specific number of reviews you will achieve in the next 30 days is essential. Keeping a specific goal will bring high-quality reviews to your cleaning business. 

If you are able to do so then share it with your team, also share the excitement. Sharing will boost your and your team’s morale, motivating you to achieve new heights.

2. Deliver exceptional service

Work towards delivering exceptional services to your customers. This way, you will get reviews without emphasizing your clients for leaving a review; they will leave one based on your credibility. 

Ensure to you have a reliable quality management process to maintain the standards of your cleaning services. This will eventually lead to delivering qualitative services that bring more high-quality reviews.

3. Leverage on Building Network

Networking is highly effective in growing your business. Thus, work on building a network by joining communities and interacting with various businesses to grow more.

Engage in communities and interact with the people related to your cleaning business. The more you create a network, the more business it will bring. Eventually, bring high-quality reviews to your cleaning services.

4. Automate the Review Process

To make collecting reviews simple and easy for you and your team. You must invest in automating the review process, and it will automatically send the review link to the clients who have availed the cleaning service from you. 

With the automation process you can seamlessly work on getting high-quality reviews without any hassle or extra inputs. Just set up your SOPs and get reviews automatically.

Consider Buying Google Reviews for Cleaning Services

If you are looking for fast progress in your cleaning services business, then you should consider buying Google Reviews. It is legal to buy Google reviews, choose a reputable platform, and purchase Google reviews. In no time, you will see the magic of positive online reviews for your cleaning business.

Look for a platform with the following qualities:

  • Timely delivery of Google reviews
  • Genuine Google reviews
  • Refill and refund guarantee
  • Drip-feed available 
  • 24*7 customer support

Choose the perfect platform for buying Google reviews seamlessly and take your Cleaning service business to new heights! 


You now understand the importance of reviews for your cleaning service business. Using the above strategies, you can seamlessly get many Google reviews for your cleaning business. 

The thing to keep in mind is that do not be in a hurry to ask for a review, sometimes it may make you look desperate and can sometimes annoy new customers. You can ask them for a review when they have complimented or commented on your service. 

You can create a customer feedback system, and it will help you in collecting more Google reviews. Also, you can automate the review process and streamline the process for gaining positive reviews. 

Have a happy time collecting Google reviews!


#1. What are the effective ways to get Google reviews for cleaning services?

The effective ways to get Google reviews for cleaning services are:

  • Asking clients to share their experiences
  • Sending email review requests
  • Responding to every review
  • Follow-up
  • Offering complimentary service
  • Buying Google reviews
  • Showcasing your stellar reviews

#2. Should you respond to every review for your cleaning service?

Yes, one should respond to every review, whether positive or negative. Every review has its own emotions of the client toward the business. Thus, you must respond to every review to make a customer feel valued and appreciated. 

In case of a negative review, you must start with a thank you and then address their issue and promise to resolve it.

#3. How to ask for cleaning service references and reviews? 

The easiest and simple way to ask for a cleaning service reference and review is to ask your customers for a review directly. Leave them a text, e-mail, phone call, or business card so that they remember to give a review. 

#4. Why are positive reviews critical for a cleaning service business? 

Positive Google reviews play a significant role in the following ways:

  • Positive Google reviews increase the trust and credibility of your salon business
  • Bring more business to your salon
  • Enhances the revenue generation of your salon
  • Increase the Google ranking of your business.

#5. How to use testimonials in your marketing for a cleaning business? 

You can use testimonials and reviews of your cleaning business on your business website. Start by compiling the best reviews and testimonials, you can make video testimonials and add these to your business website. 

It will help in highlighting customer satisfaction effectively. Also, it will become easy for potential clients to know the opinions of the current customers.

Another is generating reviews for the Google My Business page. More reviews will drive more traffic and generate a lot of free targeted traffic. 

Sarah Smith
Written By Sarah Smith

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