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More reviews mean more sales! Yes, it’s true!

According to a survey by Power Reviews, 98% of buyers use reviews to make their purchasing decisions, and almost 45% refuse to buy a product with no reviews. 

Online reviews are available on several platforms like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Yelp, etc. but Google reviews provide better reach and visibility as it is the most used search engine worldwide, also reviews show on Google Maps when you look for directions giving your reviews more exposure.

So, as a product-based business, you need Google reviews not only to improve your profile ranking but also to get more sales. 

But how do you gain more reviews for your products? Let’s find out!

How To Get Google Reviews For Products?

As a product-based business, you can rely on many methods, ranging from including review requests in your product packaging to handing out Google NFC cards. Here’s a breakdown of all the methods: 

1. First, claim and verify your business profile

Google favors verified profiles; therefore, to gain more reviews for your products, first claim and verify your business profile. Such profiles are more visible in the local search results and let more people find you on Google, helping you gain more reviews. 

To get your business profile verified, all you need to do is log into your Google account and follow the prompts on your profile to claim ownership. Once claimed, you can get your business verified by selecting your business type and following through the provided verification methods.

2. Ask your customers when they are purchasing

Now, with a verified profile, you can start asking your customers to share their reviews after they finish purchasing from your store. For example, you can ask customers for reviews when they have purchased a product and are making the final payment.

Asking in person is most effective as people remember such requests more, and they even agree to share their reviews when asked. So, if your customer is happy with his purchase, let him do the praise for your products on Google. Take the chance and convince him to share his personal experience on Google. 

3. Insert review requests in your product packaging

If you couldn’t gain a Google review with the last method, do this. Add review request cards to your product packaging to remind your customers to leave their reviews. 

When your customer opens the package, he will read your requests and might get motivated to share his review after using the product. You can customize your review request with better CTAs and copy to get a better response. 

4. Share a link to your review page via text and emails

To collect more reviews for your products, make it easier for your customers to leave one. Copy the link to your review page through your Google business profile and share it via texts and emails to your customers.

A direct link will take your customers to your review page quickly, and they will be more willing to take a few moments to write a review for the product they purchased from you. 

5. Encourage more reviews with discounts and incentives 

Who doesn’t like to save some pennies while purchasing? Your customers will also add reviews if you convince them with some discounts and offers. This method works in every situation, as most customers will react to such offers.

So, start offering special discounts on your products to gain more Google reviews For example, you can offer them a small discount on selected products if they agree to leave their reviews. This way, you can gain more Google reviews for your top products. 

6. Invest in review generation tools and services

Another method you can try to gain more Google reviews for your products is investing in review generation tools and services. There are numerous websites from where you can purchase Google review services and get reviews from real and active accounts.

You can also use automation tools to make the process of gaining reviews easy and get more Google reviews for your products seamlessly. Also, some service providers and tools even let you decide the timing and the number of reviews you want to add. So, it’s an option worth trying.

7. Hand out Google reviews NFC cards

Have you heard of Google review NFC cards? The NFC (Near Field Communication) cards are gaining popularity among business owners to get more Google reviews. You can also create one for your business to collect more product reviews on your GMB profile. 

With NFC cards, your customers can leave a Google review simply by tapping the cards with their NFC-enabled smartphones. So you can hand out your unique NFC cards and collect more Google reviews for your products. 

8. Display some leave review signs in your store

You can also place some leave review signs with scannable QR codes in your stores to remind customers to leave a review. For example, you can create small banners and paste them on your walls with phrases like, “Tell us how you feel about our products; leave us a review by scanning this QR code.”

When your customers are done shopping, such signs may catch their attention, and during this moment, one of your employees can tell him how he can leave a product review with a quick scan. 

9. Follow up consistently via texts and emails 

If your customer did not leave a review while he was in your store, you can try one more review request. You can send post-purchase texts and emails to your customers thanking them for their purchase, and at the end of such emails, you can include your review request.

To gain your review, keep following-up until you finally gather the attention of your customers. Sometimes, people are satisfied with their purchase, but they just need one right request to prompt them to share their words for your product.

10. Use automation to speed up the review collection process 

You can also use automation tools to speed up your review collection process and gain more reviews through automation. With such tools, you can time your requests for a specific period and collect more Google reviews for your products. 

There are numerous other automation tools, including Broadly, Updimes, and Relentless-digital. You can also use Mailchimp or Taggbox to send follow-up emails and texts containing review requests for your customers. 

11. Send review requests to previous customers

Every product-based business should use this method. Since previous customers have used your products multiple times, they are already satisfied with their purchase and can give you a favorable response. 

So, to get more customer reviews for your products, start identifying customers who have already purchased your products and send a review request to initiate a Google review from their end.

When it comes to Google reviews for products, the famous idiom, the more, the merrier fits well. Gaining more Google reviews for your products will not only help you improve your sales but also achieve some major business goals.

How more Google reviews for your products can help your business?

The grind behind building up a collection of reviews from customers and gaining more reviews for your products will seem worth all the effort when your Google reviews bring success to your business. Here is how product Google reviews can help:

  • Better visibility for your products on Google shopping
  • Enhanced local SEO for your physical store
  • Influencing the purchase decisions of your customers
  • Valuable insights about your customer preferences 
  • Better trust and credibility among your customers
  • Increasing your product sales to an all-time high

So, now that you know how important Google reviews can be,  it’s time to understand and implement the most essential tips to gain more online reviews for your products. 

5 Essential Tips For Getting More Online Reviews On Google For Products

From training your staff to how to respond to your reviews, use these five tips as your core business principles if you want to gain more reviews on Google for your products:

1. Simplify the review process

First, make it easy for your customers to leave a review. Provide a direct link to your Google My Business page or the specific product page where they can leave a review. The most effective one is handing out NFC cards or QR code cards linking to your review page.

2. Train your staff

If you have an offline store, you must train your staff to convince customers to leave reviews. For example, you can offer your staff a script of key talking points they can use to ask for reviews for your products.

3. Ask for reviews at the right time

Yes, timing matters here too. Asking for reviews at the right time will always give you a better response. So, always send your requests after a successful purchase or a positive interaction with your customer. This is generally the best time to gain positive and more insightful reviews for your product. 

4. Respond to reviews

Always respond to all the reviews you get on your GMB profile to keep the conversation going with your customers. This way, you will easily stand out from other product-based businesses in your area and have better trust with your audience and potential customers. 

5. Collect reviews on multiple platforms

Lastly, when trying to gain more online reviews for your products, identify other relevant review platforms in your industry. Then, try to collect the reviews for your products on multiple platforms. For example, for a product-based business like yours, you can collect reviews on Amazon, Yelp, and Etsy as well.

Now, one thing you must remember is that Google reviews overpower all these review platforms. In fact, Google alone carries 73% of reviews out of all the online reviews posted about businesses. So you can reach more customers via your Google reviews than any other platform. Therefore, out of all the online review-collecting platforms, first, prioritize Google. 

How to get Google reviews for products in a shorter time? 

If you want to get your products reviewed on Google in a shorter time, you can buy Google reviews from genuine websites. Many trustworthy websites like provide you the opportunity to add genuine Google reviews and enhance the reputation of your products. 

Also, all these reviews are added by real and active accounts adhering to Google’s policy, so these reviews are permanent, and they keep improving your local SEO and the ranking of your products. 

Final Thoughts: Rank Your Product HIgher with Google Reviews

Utilize these strategies as gaining Google reviews can help you rank your individual products, too!

Google reviews influence search rankings; thus, they can impact the visibility of your products in search results. So, if your products have more positive reviews, Google will display them to users who are searching for similar products.

Also, if your products have a higher number of positive reviews compared to competitors, Google may prioritize your products over others and give your product a better rank. 

So, gain more reviews if you really want to rank your products or even get them listed on Google Shopping! 


1. What are effective ways to get 5-star Google reviews for my products?

Firstly, optimize your GMB profile and then reach out to customers who are satisfied with your products. Ask them if they would like to share their review on Google or else you can buy 5-star reviews from genuine websites. 

2. How many quality reviews should I gain for each product?

You can decide a number by analyzing your immediate competitors’ Google Business profiles. Focus on gaining more reviews than your competitor. If your product has more reviews than your competitor, customers will consider your product in their purchase decision. 

3. Can gaining more product reviews help me rank in search results?

Yes, gaining more Google reviews can increase the online visibility of your products. They are a key metric in deciding product rankings. Also, products with more positive reviews may attract more clicks and rank better since customers trust reviews more than any other thing when they are purchasing something. 

4. What are Google product ratings?

Google Product Ratings are the star ratings and reviews that appear alongside your product listings in Google Search and Google Shopping. These ratings are displayed as star ratings ranging from 1 to 5. 

5. Why are Google ratings important for products?

Google product ratings also influence buyer’s decision like Google reviews. So, if you have better product ratings, you can make more sales. Also, higher-rated products are more likely to appear in search results, especially in Google Shopping. So they also influence your business reach and thus are very important for your products.

Sarah Smith
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