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E-commerce companies need to make every effort to stay competitive because it is getting more intense every day. The Google Customer Reviews function is one straightforward yet effective marketing strategy you may have used for your benefit.

According to statistics, 70% of individuals place a higher value on internet reviews than on commercials.

Therefore, one of the most incredible things that will do for the company is to solicit however many evaluations from the clients as you want to. 

With Google Customer Reviews, Google makes it simple.

Therefore, Google reviews have an impression on your rank and reputation regarding your capacity to attract new clients.

And for that reason, we're ready to go through 17 practical methods you can use to set up a constant flow of favourable Google reviews for your company.

Google Reviews: An Overview 

A Google review is a voluntarily submitted, unpaid internet comment from a client regarding a location they have visited. For example, Google Business listing, Google Maps, and Google Search are all intimately connected via Google reviews. 

People may quickly provide feedback, upload photos, and share their stories with others using Google reviews.

Google Consumer Feedback allows companies to compile consumer and business reviews for respective websites. You need a Google Merchant account to engage in Google Customer Feedback.

Google helps you gather customer reviews by doing much of the labour-intensive work. To accomplish that, Google emails your customers and requests input on their interactions with the business. 

Customers who decide to participate are then given a brief online survey. 

You might show the testimonials and rankings that clients submit in the assessments on your site and other target markets.

Additionally, they calculate the aggregate rating system and the total number of evaluations that Google assigns to sellers. The more stars a merchant has, the more reliable they are.

Google Customer Reviews, which has replaced a Trusted Stores program that has been abolished, is an excellent method to demonstrate to potential customers that you are relied upon to keep your commitments.

What Research Has To Say About Online Reviews?

Google review link is significant since 88% of customers believe internet reviews are as reliable as specific suggestions. 90% of customers also study online reviews before going to a store.

In addition to being frequently the last element that converts prospects into consumers, they also carry a substantial amount of weight in the existing search algorithm.

How many online reviews are enough?

The internet review industry is not a venture. It seems fake and obnoxious if you receive 25 reviews from Google review links within a week but then receive something fresh for days. Mostly,  people consider the brands with 1000+ positive reviews. 

What’s the Star rating system?

Organisations are rated on a five-star scale by Google using customer feedback as the basis. Following their interaction with the company, clients can provide a rating from 1 star (poor) to 5 stars (excellent). These ratings resemble positive and negative reviews. 

Old vs. new reviews: Does it matter?

The short and simple answer is that, although certainly not to the extent you might assume, customers care less about a review's substance the older it grows. 

Consumers regard recent evaluations mainly because they offer a more precise indication of the product's performance. Moreover, more specific areas feel more accurate and reliable, giving the client more assurance about purchases from big and small businesses.

What to do about spam reviews?

Your Google business profile might occasionally get a seemingly fabricated, lousy review. Unfortunately, these are frequently posted as spam or, sometimes, by an unethical rival. 

Fake reviews or negative reviews typically have one-star ratings and unfounded criticisms in the responses. Fortunately, there is a procedure you may follow to eliminate a comment if it turns out to be fraudulent. 

Importance Of Google Reviews In Modern Digital Platforms

Whenever internet users look for businesses in your industry, they may need more. Still, a brief overview of the high search engine website worldwide might be the difference between being at the top or the bottom of a web search page.

Getting more reviews consistently has been shown to boost business visibility and ROI. Following are a few explanations regarding the importance of Google reviews and related templates: 

 It Helps In Website Visibility And Search Engine Optimization

Due to its recognition of companies that make an effort to interact with its consumers, Google keeps a record of rating activities. It further gives ratings to boost the online reputation of local businesses with a significant amount of ratings and companies with a substantial proportion of ratings. 

A high review score can propel your company to the forefront of the Google Local Pack, a business listing of the best three companies in the area that appear toward the top of the search engine results page.

It Helps You In Good Interaction With Customers

Being prompt in your responses to review requests demonstrates your consideration for both positive and negative feedback from your clients. Frequent review respondents are rewarded with higher rankings by Google, which acknowledges them.

More Good Reviews Can Influence Prospective Consumers

It is a fact that 91% of customers regularly or sporadically check online evaluations of local businesses on google maps app. It is challenging to evaluate if they are excellent or bad. 

Moreover, 74% of clients think positive reviews increase their confidence in local companies. Although, 84% of people believe they appreciate customer feedback from the company's google reviews page more than a personal recommendation.

This data explains well that positive reviews matter and influence customers to check product details. 

Enhance Clicks-Through Rates With Your Websites

Internet users are now more inclined to browse your webpage and learn more about your activities. If your company has favourable review ratings, increase their exposure to your product.

How To Encourage Customers To Leave A Google Review?  

Consumer evaluations are significant since they support SEO, mainly if you run a local firm. However, having reviews on well-known websites gives you additional SERP real estate for brand keyword phrases, which is advantageous for any business profile overall. Below are the details:

Ask for Direct Feedback From Your Customers 

Asking customers to leave google reviews for your business name is the most excellent way to do it. More frequently than you may imagine, the people who support and use your company's goods and services will be delighted to share their opinions in writing. 

Send The Follow-Up Email

Ask questions in each email and tweet you post, mainly if you work in customer support. It does not have to be a big deal in the current digital marketing strategy. Sending an email for a positive review can overwhelm the customers to write a review.  

Add The Review Link To Your Website To Get More Google Reviews

It is pretty straightforward to include a reference to a webpage in your email box and can be very effective for online presence and helps you rank high on google search results. A CTA (call to action) can also be placed on the bottom of a receipt, an invoice, or a menu.

Educate Customers on How Leaving Google Reviews Helps Your Business

Train and inform your clients about the value of reviews and ratings for your company to boost the number of good ones. Customers who wish to encourage you will express it by leaving favourable evaluations on local searches.

 Thank Your Customers For Writing A Review 

If you want to be successful, create a process for your team to ask a customer for a review, including thank you and regards. A corporation can succeed with precise planning and the establishment of procedures. A grateful thank you can invite customers to connect with your business profile in a better way. 

Reward Them For Sharing Feedback

If you decide to offer a reward for review sites, mention it in your email subject line. If you don't, you might not get the most responses. Our respondents provided numerous ideas for rewards that appeal to potential clients. Charitable donations and discounts/credits are standard rewards that encourage customers to share their reviews. 

Share Your Google Reviews On Other Social Media Platforms, So Others Feel Motivated.

It would be best if you put forth a lot of effort to persuade clients to provide positive evaluations. Showcase your accomplishments on social media if you receive what you've worked so hard to obtain.

It will promote your company and encourage more customers to visit and leave reviews. 

One way to link your virtual and actual storefronts is to provide online comments physically. Then, when business owners explore, new prospective clients can read other people's reviews, and recurring clients will learn about their business profiles.

As a result, they may be more likely to post their ratings on the website.

How To Increase The Likelihood of Customers Leaving A Google Review?

Many different aspects influence the customer experience to buy from your business. The online world typically performs the marketing for you, which can significantly impact whether a consumer decides to buy from your company.

Primarily it's quick and simple to purchase items online via without speaking to a salesperson. Below are the related details: 

Ask The Open Ended Question.

Utilise the open-ended inquiry to gather client feedback and covertly ascertain the client's happiness while justifying leaving a review. Of course, you can't stop negative thoughts from appearing on different websites, but if a client needs a service, concentrate on that before asking customers to rate your business profile.

 Reduce The Friction.

Your consumer will be less inclined to write a comment if it is difficult. You must offer it as simply as possible when requesting feedback by email or a pop-up. One can provide a wide range of choices so that customers can select the one they often feel at ease using. 

 To reduce the number of clicks or processes consumers must undertake. Ensure to provide a link that points straight to the website, on which they can submit feedback and gain a happy customer base.

 Tell Them How Long It Takes

Duration is among the main issues of contention that need to be highlighted. The client will only write a google account review if they have sufficient time. However, if you raise this issue front during your question, you can influence their perspective when you're ahead.

Give Your Customers A Positive Google Reviews First

When your consumers begin giving you favourable feedback, keep the momentum continuing by emphasising and sharing it so that more clients will be motivated to follow suit. You may also promote good evaluations on social media platforms for your business profile to give your customers a choice. 

Therefore, be sure that in addition to requesting new customer feedback, you're also advertising favourable ones via your company's marketing mediums.

What To Do With Google Reviews? 

Both B2B and B2C business page legitimacy depends on Google Reviews. First, prospective customers and clientele may Google the service or product, in which case the Google My Business profile (GMB) will show up to learn more about your business. 

You may see your Google Reviews here. Here are some reasons to pay heed to these evaluations and use it for the betterment of the organisation. Below are the details of Google rankings contribution: 

Identify the areas of your business that need to be improved or fixed

More positive reviews enable you to identify the strengths and opportunities for development. Although not all assessments are impartial, they can always provide information and insights for strengthening your business profile.

Unfortunately, one reason why companies hesitate to request internet reviews is a concern for unfavourable remarks. 

Only some negative reviews are unfavourable. It demonstrates to potential consumers that you understand when a firm actively responds to bad reviews in a dignified way and works to remedy the issue.

A combination of positive and negative reviews boosts conversions since it gives your digital presence and business account more realism and transparency.

 Track Feedback Trends Over Time

Since they regularly utilise your goods, your consumers are the primary heroes. No matter how much you try to relate to them and imagine yourselves in their situation, you rarely are amongst the brilliant ideas coming to the "enthusiasts."

Therefore, cease pondering and begin paying attention to consumer discussion boards and email signatures to manage google reviews.

 Review support tickets, pay attention to criticism, and, most importantly, take notes on every concept encountered. Your clients will appreciate the openness to hearing their suggestions and acting on them, and you'll stand out from the competition with loyal customers as a company that understands.

Follow Up With Your Customers

Send the client a follow-up Gmail after one work well done to let them know you're in Google and would love the comment. Be sincere and thank the buyer for picking up your goods in the email. 

Ensure to let your consumer know that you value their input as social proof and have considered it. Assure the clients that their comments are valuable and beneficial for your company.

Inform your consumers that they're your priority by including a direct link that allows them to submit you a Google review.

Create A Wall Of Love

Understanding that your consumers appreciate you and already seeing evidence of it are two very different things. So make a wall of love with all the beautiful things people say about you, your business profile, and your goods or services. 

Please post it on the internet to demonstrate to the staff that the work they perform has real value and positively impacts the lives of others.

For example, you could compile these testimonies into a paper and post them online, so prospective clients can see how dependable you are and how highly you value their opinions. Additionally, it works well as sales advertising.

Motivate Your Employees With Customer Feedback 

If creating a wall of love is more work than necessary, take the easy way out and channel all that consumer feedback through a communication medium your company already has.

Although it's unlikely that your clients will ever realise how often you value their thoughts and opinions, a service will act as a source of inspiration for the staff.

Use Reviews To Improve Your Content

Improving client feedback is among the most valuable traits you can do now. It will support your excellent reputation and give you the added benefit and improvement in the required segments.

Additionally, your consumer feedback can suggest improving your product, services, and internal procedures to accommodate your clients better.


The main areas that Google business ratings can influence are brand trust, local SEO, and consumer feedback. If you still need to start using Google reviews, you could lose out on benefits your rivals might be reaping from the review page. 

Since all businesses possess blind spots, client feedback is essential. While operating a company, you may need the assistance of the clients and review management to figure out what needs an overhaul and what you're accomplishing correctly.

You'll be astonished by all the brilliant concepts that come with your approach once you decide to take the plunge and begin soliciting customer insights.

To gain the most comprehensive insights, keep in mind to conduct surveys via various channels to ensure that you receive a great mix of comments. Consider each consumer individually and concentrate on presenting the appropriate information at the right moment. 

Furthermore, make it a priority to swiftly forward all customer insights and phone numbers to the appropriate staff members to enable them to act.

In a nutshell, all that concerns is obtaining more favourable Google reviews, which you can use to increase the worth of your company and attract new clients by utilising them as brand ambassadors on your website.


Written By Sarah Smith

Sara holds expertise in brand management and rebranding. She has worked as a business communication specialist and understands the basic 'know-how' of empowered brand communication. Her experience in brand management helps her create Google reviews that hit potential customer's pain points. She is responsible for planning, ideating, and conceptualizing Google reviews at for a group of brand owners looking for rebranding through local SEO, Google business, and viable digital reach!

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