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The power of positive feedback for museums is huge. Getting the best museum reviews on Google builds reputation and credibility, which attracts potential visitors. It happens because 99% of people read Google reviews. So, with reviews, you can increase the museum’s discoverability. But how and where to get them?  

There are multiple platforms where you can gain reviews for your museum like Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc., but getting more reviews on Google is the best to gain maximum reach as it is the most used search engine.

So, in this guide, we will explore how to get Google reviews for museums and its benefits.

How to Get Google Reviews for Museum?

Nowadays, people trust Google reviews as much as personal recommendations and always check them before choosing a museum to visit. So, it is important to have reviews to increase footfall at the museum.

It works like a gateway to receive more exposure and make museums more accessible to people. Google's algorithm also favors museums with a higher number of reviews. So, continue reading to learn how to get Google reviews for museums.

1.  Ask for a Detailed Updated Review from Visitors

A personal and direct way to gather reviews is by asking for a detailed updated review from visitors. You may tell them that writing the review in your own language is acceptable to your visitors.

It works as it becomes convenient for people to write reviews in their mother tongue, and they will be more likely to leave reviews. 

2. Use Social Media to Get the Best Museum Review

Now, almost every business has realized the importance of using social media. More genuine reviews may come from your social media channels if you leave a review link there.

Craft a post and attach the link strategically so that people can land on the review page by clicking on your post. It automatically stimulates more engagement and encourages people to share their reviews.

3. Reply to All Reviews to Get More

Your replies can attract more reviews. Yes, it is true and you can apply this rule to get reviews for museums as well. Dedicate a specific time to reply to both negative and positive reviews of visitors.

Almost 33% of people expect a reply within 3 days. Addressing concerns can convert an unsatisfied visitor into a happy museum visitor. This positive approach will make people more comfortable to share their genuine feedback.  

4. Make the Review Collecting Process Simpler

You must concentrate on streamlining the review collecting process to get more Google reviews. Museum visitors do not like to wait and hate complex procedures of leaving reviews. So, keep everything simple.

Providing clear instructions will guide the visitors and help them leave their feedback. Keep your staff or guides available to them so that they can resolve queries whenever needed. It will help you gain more reviews.

5. Display QR Code Linked with Museum's Review Page

You can display a QR code linked with the Museum's review in guidebooks or schedule material or at the place where they make booking for museum tours. You can also place the QR code in different places in the museum where people can scan and easily leave a review.

Since it is a quick way to give reviews, more people leave their opinions. You may get the best museum review through this. Often, people give detailed reviews because of the convenience.

6. Send Personalized Emails to Frequent Visitors to Get Reviews

Old techniques never go wrong, even when collecting a helpful museum review. So, consider sending personalized emails to the museum visitor to collect valuable responses for the museum.

First, thank the visitors for their constant support and express your appreciation. Request them to leave reviews by adding a direct review link. Remember, personalized review collection increases the response rate.

7. Buy Best Museum Review from a Reliable Site

The last and most helpful way to receive more Google reviews for museum is by buying them. Yes, you can purchase real Google reviews at competitive prices. Search for a reliable site like

Trustworthy platforms always allow you to choose packages depending on your needs. It will significantly improve your reputation by providing reviews from real users. Also, when people notice you have more reviews, they prefer to visit your museum.

These are the effective strategies that can help you collect more reviews for museums. But many people ask how helpful Google Review is. In the following section, we will discuss that!

Essential Elements of a Museum Google Review

Writing a detailed Google review for museums is more efficient and effective. For example, a review that says, “I loved the atmosphere of the museum,” does not give the potential visitors much information.

So, instead of writing the most generic reviews, ask your museum visitor to leave detailed and helpful museum reviews. Below are the key elements that you may ask your visitors to add while writing the review-

  • Museum’s history
  • The genre of the museum
  • Kind of exhibits displayed at the museum
  • The size of the museum
  • Who can enjoy the museum to the fullest
  • Entry fees
  • Opening and closing hours
  • Number of exhibits
  • Tour guide’s availability
  • Whether the museum is family or kid-friendly
  • Photography allowance
  • The exact location of the museum
  • Facilities the museum offers to the visitors
  • Some Fun/Interesting Facts about the Museum

Now that you know how to ask for reviews and what are the crucial elements that must be kept in reviews, let’s understand the reasons for collecting reviews on Google. 

Why is it Crucial to Collect Google Reviews for the Museum?

When you post detailed updated reviews of museums, it can bring several advantages. Besides increased visibility and building trust among present or potential visitors, there are other benefits that are mentioned below:

1. Makes Museums Generate More Revenue

Google reviews can indeed make museums more accessible to people. A potential museum visitor can read other people's experiences, along with the atmosphere, offerings, etc., and prefer visiting your museum which will enhance the revenue.

2. Helps People Know about Some Fun/Interesting Facts about the Museum

With reviews, people get to know some fun/interesting facts about the museum that they did not know before. It encourages them to visit the museums to explore those things to get a unique experience.

3. Increases the Museum's Visibility

When you have reviews from your museum visitors, it immediately increases your online visibility. Google always ranks museums higher with a substantial number of reviews and helps museums connect with more people.

4. Improves Museum's Reputation

Adding up-to-date reviews can improve the reputation and credibility of museums. It signals that the specific museum is worth visiting. Also, as reviews can higher Google ranking, people can discover museums more quickly.

5. Increases the Number of Visitors

The museum review model on Google can work like a powerful tool to attract people to the museums. When people see that previous visitors have said good things about museums, they will be more likely to visit those museums over others.

Final Thoughts

Maximizing the impact of your museum through the lens of Google reviews is possible. With reviews, your museum will be able to gather more people and help in generating more revenue.

This guide will be beneficial for you because it explores the ways how to get detailed updated reviews for the museum. It has further highlighted the advantages of Google reviews to catch the attention of potential museum visitors.


Q1. Is it okay to request a museum visitor to leave reviews for the museum?

Yes, it is fine to request a museum visitor to leave reviews for the museum. In fact, happy visitors always willingly leave their feedback to help maximize your reach. But, always ask visitors for reviews politely.

Q2. Do people who search and visit the museum see Google reviews of museums?

All the people who search and visit museums can see the museum's Google reviews if it has a GMB profile. Both your positive and negative reviews will be visible. It helps people get more insights about the museum.

Q3. Is adding up-to-date reviews for museums important?

Adding up-to-date reviews for museums is important because it provides the potential visitors know the current situation of your museum. With detailed updated reviews, people will also get to know about your recent offerings and improvements.

Q4. How helpful museum review is?

The museum visitor reviews are very important for several reasons. It improves reputation, Google ranking, credibility, number of visitors, etc. This is a direct way to understand what people think about your museums.

Q5. Can you ask for a 5-star Google review for your museum?

Yes, why not? But you can train your staff to encourage the visitors to leave their feedback with a 5-star rating. Ask museum visitor to leave honest feedback and tell them a detailed updated review will foster trust among other visitors.

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Written By Sarah Smith

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