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Top Content Types for Generative

Google reviews are crucial to establishing a hospital's presence in today's environment. They are essential for increasing SEO ranks, establishing credibility and trust, and acting as an affordable marketing tool.

Online hospital reviews on Google are the information source that patients trust the most when it comes to healthcare. It lets readers quickly and objectively learn about other patients' experiences by giving them insights into the quality of doctors and treatments your hospital offers through medical reviews.

Let's examine why gaining and managing Google reviews is necessary for the medical sector.

What is the need for More Patient Reviews for Your Hospital?

Several factors determine a hospital's ranking in Google's search results. One of these elements is the number of reviews a hospital has collected. 

So, gaining more reviews from patients for your hospital helps enhance search ranking and influences a potential patient's decision-making process because they are regarded as trustworthy sources of information about hospitals.

Reviews offer a chance to learn about a patient's experience with your offerings and create a direct line of communication between you and your patient. 

Therefore, a higher rating score gives a hospital service a TRUST advantage over its rivals. 

How to get Google reviews for hospitals? 10 Effective Ways

Hospital executives may find it intimidating and time-consuming to learn how to get more reviews for hospitals. However, people who wish to improve their healthcare organization will concentrate on creating a plan for generating reviews.

Here, you get ten practical ways to collect Google reviews for hospitals! Take the following actions to get satisfied patients to leave glowing reviews:

1. Generate review by automated call or SMS from patients

Patients and staff often find the review-giving procedure easier when automated calls or texts with review links are sent directly to them. It's crucial to preserve a human-like feel when using automation. 

To do this, use their names while addressing them, send the text with a review link while they are checking out, and express gratitude for their input this will increase the chance of gaining positive reviews from them. 

2. Leave a QR code on hospital visiting cards

One of the swift techniques to get more reviews is to leave a QR code on visiting cards. Through scanning the card they can easily submit their feedback. 

Staff can personally inform patients about the QR code's operation and how it helps them improve patient care and benefit them to gain more reviews.

3. Provide Link reviews on forms and websites

Including link reviews on hospital forms or websites will help you maximize the collection of Google reviews for hospitals. 

With an invitation to "Leave us a review!" you can put a link on the admission or review form or home page on your hospital website. A section showing a few of your finest and star ratings is also worth considering. 

4. Put a link to review on social media bios

29% of patients use social media to look up ratings and reviews. Putting links on social media bios lets them quickly give patient-related Google reviews. Provide supportive reviews on your social media profiles to draw in new patients. 

Try this marketing channel to increase patient engagement, branding, and lead creation. Numerous individuals can access social media. And using these platforms to leave ratings and reviews is simple. 

5. Quick revert to patients' feedback

Patient feedback and reviews are considered to measure and improve the quality of health services, to understand their concerns, to drive loyalty and satisfaction, and to give an overall positive experience for the clinic or hospital. 

When a patient mentions any query in reviews or shares their concerns, reverting to their question can bring contentment to even other viewers. This will further help hospitals to gain more trust and retain their old patients alongside new ones. 

6. Print review QR or links on prescriptions

A prescription is an essential document for both patients and health professionals. Printing a review QR or link is a simple way to remind the patients to post feedback about the hospital, even after their visit.

This collection of reviews for hospitals can be accomplished without using advanced equipment or costly reminders. All you need is friendly front desk personnel who can give them quick verbal information about the review link mentioned on prescriptions.

7. Optimize your Google review collection

Establish a solid presence by taking control of your Google My Business listing. By taking this action, you give yourself the power to manage your reputation, ensure your hospital information is correct, and make it easier for patients to find and review your hospital. 

Potential patients are drawn to and find it easier to locate and review your hospital when you have an optimized profile. Inform and inspire your patients in the process of leaving a review. 

8. Generate a survey for all retaining patients

You can organize a survey among your retaining patients where most of the questions are related to disease, treatment, recovery period, and their reason for opting and recommending this hospital again.

This survey will further add and lead to reviewing for the hospital. The positive responses will help build credibility, and the negative ones will help show areas for improvement.

9. Address Negative Reviews

Addressing negative reviews demonstrates to patients that you appreciate their input and are dedicated to enhancing their experience. 

Seeing the response in all the reviews, positive or negative, inspires people to drop reviews every time to share the experience, thinking their opinion will matter. 

10. Promote 5-star reviews 

To improve a hospital's reputation and draw more patients to its medical services, highlight 5-star ratings.

These testimonials help in gaining more patients if promoted properly on GMB pages, inside hospitals, and on marketing materials or banners as they showcase the quality of your hospital, which will eventually lead to gaining more reviews by increasing footfall.

Is buying Google reviews for hospitals and doctors a good option?

Buying Google reviews can be a good option, especially in the initial stage of establishing a career as a doctor or in the case of a newly opened hospital. It builds credibility, reliability, and trust among the patients. Hence, they will take the first step of booking an appointment with you. 

However, before buying Google reviews, always ensure you do business with an authentic and experienced source like Buyreviewz.com, which offers genuine reviews from real and active users and can expand your reach instantly.  


Patient-generated Google reviews are crucial to the expansion of your hospital. These serve as social proof, helping consumers decide by examining the experiences of others who have used your healthcare service. So, use these strategies to gain more reviews and enhance your hospital's growth 3X. 

Creating a favorable Google review from a pleasant patient experience is a relatively cheap method of raising brand trust awareness. Acquiring high-quality reviews on popular websites such as Google is possible if one handles online reviews appropriately.


#1. How to generate more patient reviews for your hospital?

Follow the steps to generate more patient reviews for medical hospitals:

  • Acquaint yourself with review websites.
  • Make your hospital known on review platforms.
  • Request reviews by text or email.
  • Provide a link from your website to your internet listings.
  • Automate patient feedback through calls and messages.

#2. What kinds of medical Google reviews can help?

Positive, authentic, and motivating patient-related Google reviews can help boost your hospital ranking as well as be the source to acquire new patients for your hospital. 

#3. What is the way to engage with patients and gain positive reviews for hospitals?

Since some people prefer tactile reminders, you should print "Leave us a review on Google!" on your visiting cards, appointment reminder cards, and other printed materials. Patients can easily submit a review using their smartphone by adding a QR code.

#4. Can you trust online Google reviews of hospitals?

Google is the most trusted platform, and reviews for hospitals or any industry on such platforms can be trusted. Such reputed platforms utilize automated spam detection techniques to eliminate likely spam reviews and can remove reviews flagged as breaking Google's policy.

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Sara holds expertise in brand management and rebranding. She has worked as a business communication specialist and understands the basic 'know-how' of empowered brand communication. Her experience in brand management helps her create Google reviews that hit potential customer's pain points. She is responsible for planning, ideating, and conceptualizing Google reviews at Buyreviewz.com for a group of brand owners looking for rebranding through local SEO, Google business, and viable digital reach!