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Top Content Types for Generative

Do you want more reviews that praise your fashion boutique and give you a better edge over your competitors?

Explore effective ways to gain reviews and improve your star rating on Google. Also, gaining more positive reviews than your competitors can boost your revenue by 51%.

So, it’s a double win. Now, let’s also find out where you can collect reviews for your fashion business.

Best places to collect reviews for fashion businesses:

  • Google business profile - The best platform to collect your business reviews
  • Facebook Reviews- Social platform to add reviews
  • Yelp Reviews- Popular review site for local businesses
  • Trustpilot Reviews - Global review platform encouraging third-party reviews
  • Instagram- Visual-centric platform especially for fashion brands

Though there are several sites available where you can get reviews for your business, we all know that Google is the most used search engine, so in this article, we will cover ways to gain Google reviews and how to use them to generate more revenue.

How To Get Google Reviews For Fashion Boutique?

Collecting reviews for a fashion boutique is essential to boost the visibility of your boutique in searches. Here are twelve methods you can rely on to generate more Google reviews for your boutique: 

1. Update your Google My Business Profile

First, update and optimize your Google Business profile. Updated profiles with fresh content, such as recent photos, posts, and announcements, are more likely to appear in local search results and attract more customer reviews. 

As a fashion boutique, you can update your profile’s photo section with new trends and fashion styles so that when customers are searching for new fashion for a particular season, your profile appears first in their search results.

2. Ask for Google My Business reviews in person

You can gain more Google reviews with this method than any other one. So, all you have to do is to ask. After helping a customer find the perfect outfit, ask her to share her experience on Google with a review.

An in-person request is always more effective than automated review requests. So, if your customer just complimented your boutique’s unique collection or loved the outfit you suggested, seize the opportunity and ask for a review. 

3. Attach QR codes to your product tags or labels

The next method to gain more reviews is to make leaving reviews seamless and quick for your customers. To do this, you can attach QR codes to your clothing tags, inviting customers to scan the code to add a review. 

The convenience of leaving a review through a simple QR code may encourage customers to share their feedback, and you, too, will gain more reviews for your boutique.

4. Create a review station in your fashion store

You can also create a special review station in your boutique to collect more customer reviews. Create a digital setup where customers can try your products and add a review.

For instance, you can keep your trendiest and most eye-catching fashion pieces near your review station, and when you see customers enjoying those styles, initiate conversations, interact with them, and lastly, convince them to add you a review.

5. Offer personalized styling sessions in exchange for a review

This method will definitely get you the best reviews. So, to gain more Google reviews for your boutique, offer special styling sessions to your customers where you give them fashion advice based on their preferences and body types.

It’s apparent that when customers feel a personal touch with your business, they will be more willing to write you a Google review. 

6. Include review requests in your receipts

Sometimes, your customers are too busy to leave a review right then and there while being in the store. Therefore, always include a review request in your receipts.

This request will remind your customers to leave a review once they reach their homes, thus helping you collect more reviews from your customers. 

7. Reply to your Google reviews 

Almost all consumers expect businesses to respond to their concerns. Therefore, if you want more and more people to leave you  Google reviews for your boutique, make a policy to respond to all your reviews as and when you receive them.

You can plan out days or hours when you take time to reply to the customer feedback you have gained. When you do this, your customers will prefer visiting your store over others. 

8. Send post-purchase follow-up texts or emails

Sending follow-up texts and emails is something you should always do while trying to gain more Google reviews. When your customer has purchased something, send some post-purchase follow-up messages via text and email.

These messages will remind your customers of their experience with your business and also remind them to review your boutique if they have had a positive experience.

9. Use a review booster tool to request reviews

You can also use review booster tools that automate the process of requesting reviews from your customers. These tools often integrate with your Google My Business profile and can specifically target your customers to leave reviews on Google.

For instance, you can try automation tools like BirdEye, TrueReview, or Taggbox to automate your review requests and collect more reviews for your boutique. 

10. Collaborate with fashion influencers 

Social media influence is as real as money now, and fashion influencers can significantly expand the reach of your boutique. So, collaborate with your local fashion influencers in terms of promoting your boutique and helping you gain more reviews on Google. 

As they promote your products to their followers, more people will discover about your boutique and they may also leave reviews once they like your style.

11. Participate in more fashion shows and events

Fashion shows and events provide a platform for customers to engage with the boutique's products in a unique and immersive way. So, actively participate in more fashion shows and events to collect more reviews from your customers. 

If the consumers are satisfied with your styles, they will visit your business in person to purchase from you, and that is when your review request can do wonders and help you gain more reviews. 

12. Buy Genuine Google Reviews

If you want Google reviews in the least time, then this method will work for you the best. You can buy genuine Google reviews from the best service providers who deliver authentic reviews. 

Numerous trustworthy sites provide real-time Google reviews from active accounts. These reviews are added authentically while considering Google reviews policies, and therefore, they help you reap all the benefits of having more Google reviews on your profile.

Utilize these methods to grow your number of reviews on Google and read further to find out how it can help your fashion business specifically. 

How can buying Google reviews help fashion boutiques?

The importance of customer reviews for fashion brands is paramount, and buying Google reviews can help your fashion boutique immensely with benefits like: 

  • More online exposure for your boutique
  • A favorable brand image and identity 
  • Improved local SEO for better reach
  • Word-of-mouth marketing to gain more customers
  • The power to influence buyers' decisions

After generating new reviews or even buying them from an authentic service provider, you can use your reviews to market your fashion brand better. Let’s find out how you can use your earned Google reviews as a fashion business. 

3 Effective Strategies To Use Reviews As A Fashion Business

If you have put in the effort, it’s time to reap the results. Use these three methods to use Google reviews to promote your business, reach more customers, and improve your business reputation: 

1. Advertise your Google reviews on social media, especially Instagram

Showcase your Google reviews on social media, especially the most favored platform for a fashion brand- Instagram. You can post stories with your customer reviews or simply create a highlight on your brand account showcasing only your customer reviews. 

2. Print your reviews on your marketing materials 

Another way you can use your Google reviews to increase awareness is to print them on your banners, flyers, and business pamphlets. Also, while printing your reviews, always use direct customer quotes to display genuine and authentic reviews. 

3. Display customer reviews on your fashion website or store

If you have a website, you can display your reviews there, but if you don’t have a website yet, display your Google reviews in a special area of your store so that when customers visit your offline store, they can know what your customers say about you. 

Now, quality is always greater than quantity, and that holds true even in the case of your Google reviews. So, you should always make more efforts to add genuine and high-quality reviews to your Google business profile. 

Tips To Get High-Quality Reviews on Google

From review requests to incentivizing reviews, these practices will ensure you always earn a genuine Google review for your fashion store: 

1. Ask your satisfied customers first

To get authentic and high-quality reviews, always reach out to your satisfied customers first. Since they've had a great experience with your boutique, they will add more positive Google reviews for your boutique.

2. Send personalized review requests

When sending review requests, you can stand out with your personalized review requests as it makes customers feel valued, and the chance of them leaving positive reviews increases. To send such requests, you can mention the names of your customers and specific purchases they made.

3. Offer incentives to encourage more reviews

You can also consider offering small discounts on future purchases to customers who leave reviews for your business. Everyone loves some freebies, and when your customers will see such offers, they will take some time to give a positive review.  

4. Address customer concerns promptly

Lastly, when you see some negative reviews about your business, then respond to the person politely and try to resolve the issue promptly. Even 60% of consumers claim that they will visit a business if it responds to negative reviews. 

More favorable Google reviews are no less than some digital assets and they can help you make a better online reputation for your fashion boutique or business. 

Final Thoughts: Build Better Reputation with Google Reviews

Google reviews are your business’s first impression for your customers. 

Every time your fashion store appears in local searches, the first thing your potential customers will do is to read your Google reviews. 

So, having more favorable reviews is important both for your online reputation and for bringing in more customers.  

You know, how seasons change and fashion changes in your industry?

Similarly, sometimes even the best strategies might need a new trendy touch. Therefore, you must keep experimenting with your methods to collect more and more reviews for your business and build a better online reputation!


1. How do I get Google reviews quickly for fashion-related businesses?

To gain genuine Google reviews in a shorter time span, encourage reviews from your customers or buy them from genuine and trustworthy platforms like BuyReviewz.com.

2. What if I receive a negative review?

First, thoroughly read the customer review. If the review is pointing towards a valid issue, then take steps to address and rectify the problem as soon as possible. Once you have resolved the problem, contact the reviewer to share his experience once again. 

3. Can I ask friends or family to leave reviews for my boutique?

Yes, you can get some initial reviews for your boutique through your friends and family. However, to get more Google reviews for your business, you must never add a review yourself or through your employees, as this will be against Google’s review policy. 

4. Is it safe to purchase Google reviews for business in the fashion sector?

Yes, it is completely safe to buy and add Google reviews for your fashion business. But you must ensure you are buying reviews from genuine and trustworthy sites that provide Google reviews through real and active accounts. Such reviews are authentic and also help improve your business profile ranking.

5. How can I encourage more Google reviews for my boutique?

Provide the best service with the latest fashion trends to your customers. Then, ask them to leave a Google review by offering special incentives. You can also try giving personalized styling sessions in exchange for Google reviews.

Sarah Smith

Sara holds expertise in brand management and rebranding. She has worked as a business communication specialist and understands the basic 'know-how' of empowered brand communication. Her experience in brand management helps her create Google reviews that hit potential customer's pain points. She is responsible for planning, ideating, and conceptualizing Google reviews at Buyreviewz.com for a group of brand owners looking for rebranding through local SEO, Google business, and viable digital reach!