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Believe it or not, Google reviews have become a new way of receiving word-of-mouth recommendations for doctors. In the medical sector, reviews matter a lot as they help build trust among potential patients who are seeking any kind of medical help. 

So, if you are a doctor who wants to increase patient numbers and build a reputation, start collecting Google reviews today!

Read this guide to know how to get Google reviews for doctors without making your patients feel uncomfortable. Here, you also get to know about what advantages they serve. So, let’s begin!

How to Get Google Reviews for Doctors?

The impact of Google reviews for doctors is huge on the way patients approach healthcare. Nowadays patients read online reviews before consulting a doctor as these reviews can give your patients valuable insights into the quality care you provide.

However, there are several ways in which you can increase the number of Google reviews. Some of the most effective ways are mentioned below-

1. Collect Google Reviews by Asking Satisfied Patients

Asking your satisfied patients for Google reviews right after the appointment is the most excellent way to collect Google reviews. This will work in your favor and make your patients feel valued as well.

As soon as they are done with the appointment, take time and ask them how their experience was. Then, politely ask them to share their valuable feedback.

2. Buy Authentic Google Reviews

The simplest way to collect Google reviews for doctors is by purchasing them. It can expand your reach as it enhances search ranking results and helps you connect with potential patients who may not yet have discovered your existence.

But always select a reliable site to get high-quality and genuine Google reviews to make your investment worthwhile. With these reviews, you can engage more patients. 

3. Start Collecting Google Reviews Through Business Cards

You can increase the number of Google reviews by placing review links on your business cards. So, every time you hand over your business card to patients, the chances of collecting a review get higher.

It is applicable to both doctors and medical institutions. Just ensure to provide a short link or easy to type so that the patients can leave their reviews on the go.

4. Send an SMS with a Review Link

Sending an SMS with the review link to your patients can be the best alternative way to increase your overall rating and number of Google Reviews. You can send automated review invites via text messages to your patients.

As per a survey, 95% of text messages are read within only three minutes of being sent. But keep your message short and easy to read, which makes the process of leaving a review seamless.

5. Create a Review Page to Increase the Number of Google Reviews

Creating a page can be a quick way to collect Google reviews for doctors. You can also attach this link to your Google My Business page, which can direct patients to the review page and help them gain insights easily.

On your page, you can include star ratings, a submission form, and all the patient reviews. It encourages other patients to book an appointment with you as well.

6. Print Review QR on Appointment Cards

As patients rely heavily on Google reviews, you can print your review QR on appointment cards. These cards are handy and tangible, allowing patients to keep them anywhere.

Also, the best part is that they can just quickly scan the QR and give their reviews. Because of this flexibility, it becomes easy for patients to leave reviews by just scanning the QR, which increases the chances of gaining more reviews as the process becomes hassle-free.

Now that you know how to collect Google reviews, it is important for you to know the growing impact of Google reviews on doctors and healthcare. So, keep reading!

The Growing Influence of Google Reviews for Doctors and Healthcare

As everything has undergone digitalization, the influence of Google reviews for doctors and healthcare is impacting both professionals and patients in various ways. Patients go through Google reviews before they visit a doctor’s chamber to ensure that they are in safe hands and will receive the proper treatment.

Therefore, doctors must prioritize their dependency on Google reviews and how it can impact their credibility and reputation.

1. Patients Rely Heavily on Google Reviews

Google reviews validate a doctor’s credibility and competence in treating diseases. Therefore, 77% of patients read Google reviews as their first step to locating a top doctor.

It shapes their perception and influences their decisions. So, doctors with positive Google reviews can attract more patients.

2. Overall Rating and Number of Google Reviews Matter:

Not only one testimonial but also the overall rating and number of Google reviews play a pivotal role in shaping patients' perceptions about doctors.

When the patients see that a doctor has a high rating with positive reviews, they feel relieved and confident. It helps them know that the doctor will handle their case with great care.

Now that you know why there is an increasing influence of Google reviews for doctors, to be more clear, let’s know the advantages of collecting Google reviews for doctors and healthcare. Let's understand!

Benefits of Google Reviews for Doctors

Not only for businesses, Google reviews are important for doctors and medical institutions. It can offer several advantages, including increasing your online exposure. So, here are some of the benefits of Google reviews for doctors.

1. Helps Doctors Get More Patients

Online reviews can open a door of opportunity to get new patients for doctors. Positive Google reviews for doctors indicate their dedication to offering high-quality patient care. As a result, more people trust your practice.

2. Improves Doctor-Patient Communication

When doctors respond to Google reviews, it bridges the gap between them and their patients. The Google reviews for doctors help them understand whether their patients are satisfied or address their concerns if any.

3. Quality Improvement for Healthcare Providers

One of the significant benefits of Google reviews is quick improvement for healthcare providers. Doctors can use this valuable feedback to ensure continuous improvement. It helps them exceed their patients' expectations.

3. Helps You Rank Higher

There is no denying that Google reviews can help you rank higher on search engines. Once you have more reviews, your page will pop on the first page in searches. This way, you may notice a significant increase in patient queries.

Final Thoughts

Asking your patients to leave feedback or review does not have to be a hectic task. Therefore, this guide has revealed several direct and easy ways to collect Google reviews. 

So, implement these strategically to increase the number of Google reviews, enhance your visibility in searches, and build a good reputation as a doctor. After receiving reviews, never forget to thank your patients.


1. How doctors and medical institutions can collect Google reviews?

The doctors and medical institutions must collect Google reviews non-intrusively and respectfully. You can either ask for reviews directly or allow them to leave feedback by providing a review link.

2. Is utilizing Google reviews important for doctors? If so, why?

Yes, it is very important for doctors to utilize Google reviews to attract more patients. Utilizing positive reviews properly and addressing negative reviews shows how dedicated you are to providing the best to your patients.

3. How many Google reviews do you need to maintain your reputation as a doctor?

There are no fixed numbers of Google reviews you need. But the more positive number of Google reviews you have, the more credibility you gain over time. People will choose you over other doctors.

4. Should doctors respond to Google reviews?

Yes, doctors must respond to Google reviews to manage their reputation. It shows that they genuinely care for their patients and listen to their feedback to offer improved patient satisfaction.

5. Do the Google reviews for doctors help increase online visibility?

Yes, Google reviews for doctors can increase your online reach. As a result, potential patients can easily find you on Google and book an appointment with you.

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