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Opening a desirable cafe or coffee shop is easy, but increasing everyday footfall and engagement in your place can call for a bit of marketing strategy.  

What better way of gaining organic reach than through Google reviews? Google reviews are an authentic word-of-mouth marketing tool that shares a personalized experience of every visitor in the cafe or coffee shop and enhances credibility and search ranking results. 

Hence, this article will explore how to get Google reviews for cafes or coffee spots, helping them grow effectively.

How Google My Business for Cafe or Coffee Shops Work?

Cafes or Coffee shops should use Google My Business as it is crucial for your business place to show in related searches. With 46% of all Google searches for local companies, there is no getting around it. 

Creating a Google My Business page should be the first step, login into your account and enter all information regarding the cafe or coffee shop on the Google profile. Add pictures, bios, and descriptions of everything that you want people to know, and get your GMB profile verified. 

But is it enough to have a GMB profile to build a reputation? The answer is No! To build a strong presence, it is important to have more reviews on your GMB profile. So, get customers to submit reviews on your Google Business Profile. 

How to get Google reviews for a cafe or coffee spot?

Getting positive reviews from past clients has an equivalent impact as word-of-mouth in determining whether a potential customer converts from a "cafe or coffee shop near me" search to a paying one.

Here are some pointers that can help you achieve your goal of receiving more Google reviews from your customers: 

1.   Deliver outstanding service: 

A pleasant and inviting environment makes an excellent first impression. Serving tasty drinks and food provides an experience that cannot be duplicated, and happy customers are more inclined to write positive reviews freely.

2. Motivate staff to remind regular customers: 

Starting with regulars is advised because baristas tend to form relationships with regular customers. Customer service representatives can inspire clients by making a kind and tailored request to get more reviews on Google.

3. Place signboards to remind: 

Place displays asking customers to leave reviews if they had a good experience on the tables or next to the checkout counter. Customers can quickly take a picture of their drink and write a 5-star review thanks to a QR code connecting straight to their Google Business Profile.

4. Offer rewards or discounts: 

Think about launching a quick campaign to give customers discounts in exchange for their reviews. Like when they post Google reviews, you could give them a little discount—like 20% off their coffee or complementary sides on their next visit. 

5.   A wall filled with reviews and displaying a QR to leave a review: 

A dedicated and attractive wall at your cafe or coffee shop for reviews can inspire the customers to stay and give Google reviews to your shop by quickly scanning the QR code displayed for leaving a review.

6. Add review links on receipts or marketing material: 

Every business has marketing materials to promote their business among their target. It can be anything that suits your cafe or coffee business. All you need to do is to put a review link on items like VCs, menus, invoices, etc., so they can smoothly land on your GMB page to leave reviews. 

7.   Online tags on a review win a loyalty point: 

Who doesn’t want a free loyalty point for just leaving a Google review? Loyalty points can act as a tool for promoting a free birthday gift or coffee in your cafe by just asking them to get positive reviews. This will help you gain more footfalls and reviews with just a basic strategy. 

Why is managing your customer reviews for coffee shops or cafes important?

When you start receiving customer reviews, it starts helping coffee shops grow. However, to maintain that growth, it is very vital to keep reviews under check constantly to learn where your cafe or coffee shop stands against your competitors. Apart from this, the following are the importance of managing reviews:

1.  Response generates engagement: 

Regularly checking your cafe or coffee shop's reviews and responding generates engagement or connection with customers. It demonstrates that you respect and are concerned about your clients' happiness.

2.  Authentic replies build trust: 

When you authentically reply even to their unfavorable reviews. It offers you the chance to respond to their worries and resolve any problems they may have encountered. This proactive strategy can assist in customer retention and trust-building.

3. Valuing opinion = Valuing customer: 

When you pay attention to customers' opinions in the reviews and acknowledge them. It leads to valuing customers and automatically makes them loyal to you.

4.  Enhances footfall of loyal customers: 

When you emerge as a trustworthy and responsible cafe coffee shop. It creates a robust bond with loyal customers that will always enhance the footfall of your cafe or coffee shop.

3 Tips for Helping Cafes or Coffee Shops Grow

Implementing strategies to connect your cafe/coffee shop's targeted audience is very important to build trust and enhance search ranking results. Here are 3 tips that you can use for helping your coffee shop grow organically which will help you in increasing the fan base for your cafe and coffee shops.

1. Focus on the quality of beverages and food: 

Any cafe needs to serve customers the best quality beverages and food. They will never forget you and bind you to come back even though they live miles apart from your cafe coffee shop.

2.   Smiling staff = Happy customers: 

Sometimes, your rude behavior can be the only reason for your downfall. So always choose the staff that is well behaved, polite & always welcome your guest with a smile.

3. Cross-selling or Upselling: 

Encourage your staff to cross-selling. It means while taking orders, they can suggest to customers what goes best with a beverage. Or what particular you are offering today. It is not supposed to pressure the customers but to make polite suggestions.

Is Buying Google reviews to kickstart your cafe/coffee shop a good option?

Of course, buying reviews is an excellent option for kickstarting your cafe/coffee shop. Purchasing Google reviews provides you recognition among local searches and helps you reach more potential customers.

Excellent customer service, food and beverage quality, flavor, hygienic factors, and ambiance are just a few of the elements that might increase the cafe's popularity but buying Google reviews will for sure help in gaining the required success you are looking for. 

Google reviews are the first thing anyone will do if they want to find out where something is, so buy growth services from reliable providers who deliver reviews from real and active accounts. 


In essence, there are several benefits you can gain from Google reviews for your cafe or coffee shop. The simplicity and low maintenance requirements of Google reviews make them an excellent feature to promote your work. You can stand out  your cafe from the competition by creating an impactful Google My Business listing with more reviews. 

It is an excellent platform where clients can find out everything about you, along with 5-star highlighted reviews—that robust your cafe or coffee shop image.


Q1. What are a few strategies for keeping reviews under check for your cafe or coffee shop?

A few strategies for keeping reviews under check for your cafe or coffee shop are:

  • Monitor regularly
  • Respond to reviews
  • Acknowledge the queries
  • Pay attention to negative reviews

Q2. How to start receiving customer reviews for the cafe?

You will start receiving customer reviews for the cafe by following the below strategies:

  • Ask customers directly
  • Place QR codes and review links on display
  • Customized email requests with review links
  • Send text requests adding review links
  • Posts on social media
  • Print the review link in print on the receipt

Q3. How to optimize Google My Business for coffee shops?

You can manage Google My Business profile for cafes or coffee shops by checking out the following pointers:

  • Update your coffee shop details and hours, and add a website link or review CTA
  • To stand out, add updates or pictures
  • To establish a connection with your clients, reply to reviews and inquiries

Q4. Why is it important to respond to Google reviews?

Customer reviews can give your company insightful information on areas of improvement. Your response to reviews encourages trust among customers and helps you build a better reputation.

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Sara holds expertise in brand management and rebranding. She has worked as a business communication specialist and understands the basic 'know-how' of empowered brand communication. Her experience in brand management helps her create Google reviews that hit potential customer's pain points. She is responsible for planning, ideating, and conceptualizing Google reviews at Buyreviewz.com for a group of brand owners looking for rebranding through local SEO, Google business, and viable digital reach!