How to Get Google Reviews for Bakeries?

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Are you having a bakery business but not able to scale up? Stick to this guide, you will get all your questions answered.

The baking industry has changed significantly, especially after the pandemic. The number of people realizing they can make a business out of their love of baking has led to the popularity of home-based bakeries. These local home-based businesses have heightened the competition in the market to an extended level.

To compete, you need to have online reviews, precisely Google reviews. Let us dive deep and understand more about the strategy to generate online reviews.

Top 3 Platforms To Get Online Reviews for Your Bakery Business

According to a Local Consumer Review Survey by BrightLocal, 87% of consumers in 2020 read online evaluations for businesses in their area, up from 81% in 2019.

One platform does not contain all online reviews. Customers may leave comments on your cakes and baked goods on various platforms as mentioned below.

  1. Google: To rank better on search listings and draw in new business, Google reviews are very important.
  2. Facebook: Businesses may engage with customers and receive recommendations on this enormous social media platform.
  3. Yelp: Known for having a large and engaged user base, Yelp is often used by consumers to guide their purchase selections.

Creating Excellent Google My Business Profiles for Bakeries

Your Google Business Profile serves as your bakery's online identity, impacting how potential customers perceive your brand:

Step 1: Create Your Page

The first thing to do is create a GMB account. Make sure you fill out all the relevant information, such as category, phone number, location, and business name.

Step 2: Verify Your Information

Verify that all information, including name, address, and phone number, is accurate. Any errors have the potential to confuse and turn off new clients.

Step 3: Input Your Hours of Operation

Mentioning about the time is crucial for customers and to your business as well. Customers will find it convenient to know when they may visit your bakery or place an order.

Step 4: Include Photos

Consumers relate more to pictures than words. Post images of your bakery goods to draw in more customers.

How To Get Google Reviews For Bakeries?

Garnering Google reviews for your bakery requires a strategic approach. The strategies discussed below are proven ones and are practiced by successful bakery businesses.

1. Ask Clients Who Have Ordered From You

This is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to gather Google reviews. After a successful delivery, politely ask your customers to leave an honest review of their experience.

2. Hold an Event and Request Reviews After

Organizing engaging events such as cake-sampling parties or baking seminars helps clients better understand your products. After these events, attendees are more likely to leave detailed feedback about their experiences.

3. Send a Follow-up

Post-purchase communication is vital in fostering a lasting relationship with your customers. Sending follow-up emails thanking them for their purchase and gently nudging them to share their thoughts on Google can result in a significant review influx.

4. Use Delicious Bakery Videos to Draw Your Customers in

A well-curated video showcasing your baking process, behind-the-scenes, or even client testimonials can engage potential customers and encourage them to share their thoughts.

5. Buy Authentic Google Reviews for Bakeries

Several online platforms offer authentic review services that adhere to Google's guidelines, helping improve your online visibility. is the most credible and trustworthy service provider regarding Google reviews.

6. Deliver On-trend Goodies With Review Links on Packaging or Bill

Adding a friendly request for reviews and a direct link on your packaging or bills is an indirect yet effective reminder for customers to leave feedback.

7. Display QR Codes to Leave Reviews Inside the Store

With the surge in smartphone usage, QR codes have become a popular tool. Display these codes strategically in your store, allowing customers to scan and leave feedback on the go quickly.

5 Ways To Encourage Reviews for Your Bakery Business Presence

1. Promote Your Bakery Business on all Social Media Platforms

A consistent social media presence will keep you visible and attractive to potential customers. Ensure you post something engaging for your targeted audience every day on all your social media handles.

2. Encourage Your Customers To Leave Reviews

It is best to remind customers to leave reviews regularly. Also, you can create an SOP on how to request customers for reviews and follow it on a daily basis and get more reviews. 

3. Use Location Tags in Your Social Posts

Using location tags in your social posts will help new potential clients know about your business and its exact location. Apart from local people, customers from far away will come to your place to experience your products and services.

4. Use Video To Tell Your Story And Reach More Customers

You may create videos with a behind-the-scenes peek at how your baked goods are created. These videos will have a positive impact on customers to engage with your business.

5. Offer a Loyalty Program

Usually people do return to the stores where discounts are readily available. So, encourage return visits by rewarding loyal customers with discounts or freebies.

Conclusion: Supercharge Your Bakery with BuyReviewz

Getting Google reviews is a good strategy for expanding your baking company. They not only raise your SEO ranking but also foster trust in the eyes of potential clients, making them more likely to select your bakery over competitors. So don't hesitate visit and start collecting positive reviews right now!


1. How do I list a bakery on Google?

You can list your bakery on Google by creating a Google My Business account and following the instructions to provide all relevant information about your business.

2. How do I ask for feedback in a bakery?

You can ask for feedback verbally at the point of sale or through follow-up emails, text messages or receipts that include links to review platforms.

3. How do I get more customers for my cake business online and offline?

Offline, you can distribute flyers or organize tasting events. Online, enhance your visibility through SEO optimization, maintain an active social media presence, and encourage online reviews to attract more customers.

4. Do Google reviews help in increasing my bakeries' search ranking?

Yes, positive customer reviews send Google signals that your bakery is trustworthy and reputable, which can boost visibility to grow your home baking business or store in local search results.

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