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Growing an online presence on Google is not easy, and with cut-throat competition on the internet (looking at you, Amazon) today, it is becoming more complex. Irrespective of your business's industry, several others are trying to achieve the same goals.

However, companies with high budgets (think how many new reviews they can buy continuously) can easily game the algorithm system and beat small businesses.

One of the best ways of doing this is by collecting 5-star ratings or 5-star Google reviews on your Google My Business page. Not only does this boost your local SEO rankings, but it also instals more trust in your brand. This task is a hard catch. 

You will need good reviews to make your business visible to new customers. However, to get people to review your business, you will need to make some customer reviews in the first place. 72% of consumers don't take action without reading reviews first. To solve this problem of budding businesses, several reliable platforms offer you plans to invest on obtaining Google reviews so that new businesses can quickly get a leg up.

How To Buy Google Reviews To Give Your Business The Right Boost?

The purchasing decision of Google review or Google Maps keeps business owners anxious. Here are a few steps to follow if you want to buy Google reviews:

  1. If you purchase Google Reviews from any Google reviews service providers, ensure the review platform is authentic.

  2. Learn whether the review sites provide a refund in case of mishaps or if you are unsatisfied.

  3. The reviews should always come from humans, not bots, as google detects fake reviews from bots. 

  4. The service must provide reviews with positive feedback. Stay away from service providers who have a record of giving low-star ratings, and fake google reviews. 

  5. Understand the delivery of the service. How will you get the reviews? Where will you get them? And in how much time? 

  6. Ensure that the payment gateway used by the Google review service uses reliable and widely known, like PayPal and Stripe. 

This article will list some of the most reliable review platforms to use if you buy Google reviews and grow your business.

Best Site To Buy Google Reviews for Online business

BuyReviewz is a popular google review purchasing website offering 100% genuine, permanent, and guaranteed business reviews. Irrespective of your industry, you can easily buy more google reviews from us per your specific needs. 

The best part about buying positive google business reviews from our review site is that you can choose the parameters of when and how you want online reviews. If you are trying to figure out why to spend money on buying Google reviews or Google maps reviews, our website has a lot of information about the significance of Google reviews. 

Why Buy Reviews From 

  1. The review packages offered by BuyReviewz are cheap and guarantee that you will not get anything more affordable than what they offer. 

  2. The customer satisfaction rate is high, and they offer friendly support for quick assistance.

  3. Within a quick turnaround time, you will get fast delivery of the agreed number of reviews to start immediately. 

Pricing Packages

The website offers reviews as per the review count you choose to buy. 

  • 2 Reviews

  • 5 Reviews 

  • 20 Reviews  

  • 100 Reviews 


This is another website that offers paid reviews to businesses across industries. With years of experience in the industry, they guarantee the work done and submit transparent and genuine reviews. Besides reviews, they offer several other services to have varied needs covered. 

They are a full-service company offering a range of services under one roof. Their brand is recognized on SERP, Social Media, and other platforms. 

If you are entirely new to the world of reviews, they have a customer support option to help you at every step. Their representatives will guide you through the process to make you understand the details and their importance. 

Why Buy Reviews From 

  1. The website offers high-quality reviews only on a budget. Good quality reviews help increase online visibility.

  2. Tons of resources are offered to cater to various needs under one roof.

  3. Several targeted features of the website help offer highly relevant and in-depth reviews for your brand.

Pricing Packages

The cost incurred depends on the number of reviews you choose to buy. 

  • 5 Reviews -  

  • 10 Reviews 

  • 20 Reviews 

  • 50 Reviews 

#3. GPC.FM

One of the most trusted and reliable websites that offer Google reviews to do good to your business. Their team manages the entire review section to ensure that even the genuine reviews received are collected well. 

They help increase the online visibility of a business by offering affordable and quality services. With years of industry experience, they know the knits and grits of online reviews. This helps them ensure a sure-shot result for the business profile of their customers. 

Rely on the company for your Google reviews needs, as their services will make a massive difference in the online reputation management of your venture. 

Why Buy Reviews From GPC.FM? 

  1. All the reviews posted are 100% real and will not be deleted after some days. It stays intact for your happy customers to read about your business.

  2. Quick and consistent delivery so that it doesn't appear to be spam. The day and timing of the review are carefully watched for the best results and legitimacy.

  3. Different categories of reviews are posted from old and real profiles. Also, the reviews are written by professional writers to help build trust. 

  4. The reviews offered are scattered over different times and days so that it looks more natural.

  5. The accounts used for posting reviews are authentic, with real pictures to display more genuineness.

  6. On-time delivery is guaranteed with professionally written reviews so that they don't look like the bought ones.

Pricing Packages

  • 1 Review 

  • 10 Reviews   

  • 20 Reviews   

  • 50 Reviews 

Another excellent website option is an industry leader in the Google review buyer market. The website has been operating for several years now and offers non-drop reviews that will stay permanently on the website. 

The tool is straightforward to use and has an intuitive interface to get high-quality reviews on your profile for potential consumers to read and know about your business. 

The best part about choosing them is that you get a cent percent replacement for every review that ever gets dropped. 

Why These are the best sites to buy 5-Start Reviews?

Are you looking for enhanced sales and a good reputation for your company in the digital world? The BuyReviewz website will help you by offering premium quality reviews at much more affordable rates. 

The review services offered by the website are one of the best and provide high-quality reviews to promote the business online. The reviews submitted are of top-quality and attract more and more businesses online so they can be sure of a company. 

Several different kinds and formats of reviews are offered for superior branding solutions. The company is a full-service company offering media and digital marketing solutions for businesses so that they get everything under one roof. 

Regarding saying good things, reviews act as word of mouth and help uplift your business online. That’s why they specialize in offering reviews that positively impact your business. 

They have been in this business for years now and help a business gain online visibility and the trust of their potential consumers.

The Bottom Line

Gathering reviews online is tough; no matter how often you ask your consumers to post a review, some will not. Furthermore, at times it is not feasible for you as a business to reach out to every customer and ask them to post feedback for your small business page.

The tools and websites offering such services cater to a wide variety of needs of businesses of all sizes. Moreover, if you are a new business, you will need more customers to ask for reviews and share their customer experiences. All of these scenarios make enterprises rely on the review buying concept.


#1. How can I buy google business reviews online?

You can buy new Google reviews from top Google reviews service platforms like,, GPC.FM,, ReviewzHunt, Get Reviews Quick, GMB Search, ReviewBoost.

#2. Will these Google my business reviews(GMB) that I buy stay on the business listing forever?

Yes, of course. Once the Google review is added, it will stay forever unless 

  • The user deletes their account,

  • They violate Google’s guidelines or Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines. 

#3. What’s the impact of Google reviews in growing my startup?

Google Reviews can impact customers' trust in your business, which means they are more likely to buy from you than your competitors.

#4. Can anyone recognize that Google reviews are not genuine?

Fake reviews are easily distinguishable due to their unnatural tone. As a result, you must take extra precautions to buy Google reviews from only verified platforms. 

#5. Is There Any Other Way To Get Reviews Than Buying Google Reviews?

Yes, apart from buying Google reviews, you can take some steps so that your customers will leave reviews automatically. Since reviews have the power to boost your local search rankings and make search engines notice you, it’s crucial that you try your best to get positive reviews from real people continuously. 

These steps are as follows:

  • Take a quick Skype call or message them on WhatsApp to thank them for doing business with you. Also add a note asking them to leave a review if they liked your services.

  • Some businesses also like to provide incentives to customers to get new reviews on the GMB page. 

  • You can also email them asking for a review.

Sarah Smith
Written By Sarah Smith

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