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Good Reviews Examples for Pet Shop
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If you are a pet shop owner or you own a business that takes care of pets and struggling to reach more audiences or are not able to enhance visibility of your store but wondering how to achieve them? 

Well, Google reviews are the answer for an instant organic boost. 

In the extremely connected world through the internet where opinions are shared with a click, it is important to create a positive impact on Google. Consumer reviews on Google work as gold for any business. But do you think just ‘simple’ reviews would be enough? Not always.

Instead, try these 50+ pet shop review examples, which will gain more visibility in relevant searches and maximize the reach to an untapped and wider audience. 

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50+ Good Reviews Examples For Pet Shop

Positive reviews that have specified the pet shop’s details, timings, location, varieties of products, customer service, attentiveness and staff support are elements that affect the business growth. 

Here are 50+ Google review examples for pet shops that can be used for their GMB page. 

Customer Service based reviews

Review 1: (Shop Name) is a Great pet shop around! My dog got sick, and I had to find her some exceptional food. The owners not only helped me pick the right food but also made sure to add free gifts. 

Review 2: A great selection of pet toys, and snacks, and the staff is very helpful. This [shop name] is worth checking out, they offer a wide collection of products and the service is very good. 

Review 3: My pet was diagnosed with an allergy so I went to this shop [name] and they not only offered allergy medicines but also gave me advice on what other products I could use to make my pet better. Amazing service, highly recommend them. 

Review 4: This pet shop [name] offers pet tools that are used for grooming and they have a great range. Every staff member was supportive and they even taught me how to use the products. Amazing staff and a good shop!

Review 5: For new pet parents, this shop is worth trying. They have a variety of food packets that are easy to make, healthy and tasty. Their staff even showed us how to cook and guided us on what would be great for pets of different ages. What a spectacular initiative, appreciate it!

Review 6: This pet shop offers pet grooming services for different pets, they have separate areas for different categories and breeds. The staff is very cheerful and gives the best service in town. 

Review 7: This shop keeps pets for sale and is known for the guidance, training, and knowledge they provide when you purchase a pet from their shop. They also give a post-purchase service and their staff is pretty good at their job. 

Review 8: The employees are incredibly kind and go above and beyond to assist you in getting the required goods. They helped me move the bulky boxes to my car when I placed a big order to make sure I had enough supplies for the holidays. 

Review 9: There was some confusion between products, but the staff was supportive and explained everything in detail. It is the BEST pet store! 

Review 10: My dog was having a problem with its daily routine of digestion so I went to this pet shop [name] which not only gave the medicine but their staff also showed some exercise that made it easier for our pets. Amazing staff! 

Customized services-based reviews

Review 1: When you need specialty animal food and treats, this pet Shop is a terrific place to get them. The staff was concerned about allergies and other specific needs and made customized food for my pet. 

Review 2: Customized gift items are available at this pet shop [name], if you are looking for some personalized toys or gifts for your pets then this is the best pet shop! 

Review 3: Thanks to their tailor-made services, my pet has a few soap and shampoo allergies. They considered that and made a soap suitable for my pet’s hair. What an amazing shop, must visit. 

Review 4: Sometimes we don't know what pets are going through and about their illness. So I went to this pet shop [name] . They offered meds and a customized meal plan for my pet. Great experience! 

Review 5: All the employees at this pet store, including the owner, are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about animals. They can be the intermediary between you, your veterinarian, and your pet's optimal health.

Review 6:  I am lucky to have this pet shop right here in our neighborhood. They are now also available online, so you can enjoy their wide variety of customized meals, toys, and treats from anywhere in the world. Highly recommended!

Review 7: This is a pet shop day care [name] and their staff is extremely genuine with their efforts. My dog wasn’t eating so the staff customized a food item which my pet loved. I learned the recipe later! 

Review 8: This pet shop provides a wide range of services, including designing specialized meals when necessary, giving advice on allergy treatments, and providing holistic flea and tick solutions. 

Review 9: I just took in a piglet. Despite not having it in stock, this pet store gladly ordered it on my behalf after doing some research. They called me as soon as it arrived and made a plan to take care of the little pet. 

Review 10: After a critical condition my dog wasn’t able to restore ‘bounce’ but this pet shop [name] made a difference in a week by customized exercises, meal plans, and routines and within less than a month our dog was back to normal. 

Affordable and cost-effective based reviews

Review 1: Oh the pet foods, toys and snacks are extremely affordable and don’t put a hole in your pocket in this pet shop [name] I have ordered almost a month’s groceries for my dog at such amazing rates. Lovely! 

Review 2: Pet supplements are expensive but then I came across this pet shop and was wowed by their cost. Now I can give my pet full nutrition without hurting my pocket.

Review 3: I have been a customer for years to this pet shop [name]! I was surprised that they are less priced than large box retailers, even though the staff is excellent! My dogs enjoy coming in here. 

Review 4: They have a variety of brands which I haven’t heard of, this pet shop is known for its amazing tools that a pet wants. Cute little accessories can be found at pocket-friendly prices. 

Review 5: They supply affordable options for multiple purchases, including a free 13th bag and case. You will be happy to learn about natural, grain-free, or raw diets from this source if you want to explore them.

Review 6: This pet shop offers a play area for all pets near my colony. It’s on an hourly charge but very affordable. My pet absolutely loves going to this shop [name]. 

Review 7: This pet shop [name] offers customized houses for all kinds of pets. I bought one for my little one at such an amazing price. Totally worth it! 

Review 8: I was rather impressed as a first-time customer. They provide pet food supplies at highly fair pricing, with discounts available. They are also very kind and knowledgeable. We intend to return for more!

Review 9: It is an excellent store with plenty of pet chews and yummy treats. It has very knowledgeable and polite staff and offers a free sample and a discount for large orders.

Review 10: This pet shop [name] offers oral care products like toothpaste, toothbrushes, oral cleaning tools etc. at budget-friendly prices. They provide very reasonably priced bath packages too. 

Facilities in the Pet Shop based reviews

Review 1: This pet shop [name] offers great pet supplies and with that, the staff also trains new pet parents about when and how to use these supplies. Friendly owner and a lovely place. 

Review 2: I strongly suggest the dog wash! We just used these facilities to wash two of our pets, which are excellent! It is also a well-stocked store with everything you need for your dogs.

Review 3: Amazing owners, staff, and dog store! We appreciate your assistance in celebrating our little boy's birthday. The birthday cake and cookies were a hit with them.

Review 4: The grooming services were very beneficial and wonderful! The staff was cooperative and genuinely listened to the requirements, desires, and inquiries of their customers! I'm going to return.

Review 5: I just happened to stop here. A large selection of organic food and enormous cat trees are available for a fraction of the usual retail cost. Additionally, the stainless-steel drink fountains I've been searching for come in a variety of designs. 

Review 6: It's a fantastic location with fantastic folks! They are undoubtedly people of the animal kingdom! In addition to supplying excellent food and treats, they offer a grooming facility & vet recommendations. A must-see spot for pet parents!

Review 7: Incredibly helpful and caring! I came across this shop when looking for the finest guidance on raw foods for my just-acquired puppy. Outstanding personnel who were incredibly kind and eager to assist. Knowledgeable about both kibble and raw feeding. 

Review 8: It is your store whether you're trying to completely change your pet's nutrition, add some new, healthful treats to their diet, or need pet grooming services! They have excellent products; the team's assistance and expertise are superb! 

Review 9: My puppy was quite ill when I initially came into this pet store. In addition to having a one-on-one meeting with me to personalize a diet, the owner has been a constant source of advice and information both during and after the process. 

Review 10: This shop is known for its variety of leashes, collars, harnesses, bowls, etc. and with a wide range comes guidance from the staff on how to utilize and changes in time.  

Animal Supply-based reviews

Review 1: This pet shop offers dental treats for all pets. From bones and chew treats, jerky treats, training treats etc. you will find everything here. Cost-effective and extremely supportive staff. 

Review 2: This shop is well known for its’ wide range of biscuits and cookies offered for different pet categories but they have brands that I haven’t even heard of but are amazing! 

Review 3: You must visit this pet store if you have a beloved four-legged pal. It is more like a multi-store, it is a one-stop solution for everything your pet needs. This shop [name] also has their customized products. 

Review 4: I have been buying my dog supplies here at this pet shop since I moved here a few years ago. They appear to have everything and more in their shop that pet parents want. 

Review 5: This shop has a wow collection of pet clothing and apparel. Cute socks, bows and other accessories that just made my dog stand out. Amazing shop and pocket-friendly too.

Review 6: I didn't even realize there were so many treats and food options available when I brought my dog in for her birthday at this shop. They are fully stocked and have all of the top brands. Also, the staff is quite helpful. 

Review 7: I just had my first visit to the store today, and I must say that it's fantastic! Even though I don't have a dog, I still had fun browsing through all the products and picking out a few for our cat. 

Review 8: This shop features an extensive assortment of high-quality dog and cat food, snacks, beds, car steps, grooming equipment, toys, and more. It's a store filled with everything you could need. 

Review 9: Today was my first time taking my dog to this shop, and as always, I received beautiful treatment, and my dog was pampered. They assisted me in selecting a fantastic harness and allowed me to take a quick stroll to test it out. 

Review 10: This shop has the best training aids for dogs. They essentially train the pet parents and then let us use them. They also give post-service for free in case of doubts and queries. 

Other reviews

Review 1: They have an exclusive range of pet bedding, covers, and bedsheets that are soft and especially designed for pet’s comfort. This shop is amazing and they even give trials so do visit it with your pets. 

Review 2: It has a lovely setting with good parking space. This pet shop is on an hourly basis and I get to interact with different pet parents and our pets can have with each other. Amazing place to visit! 

Review 3: The best pet supply store ever! I was contacted on a whim and have since refused to go elsewhere, mainly if you feed your dog organically. Cost-effective and supportive staff! 

Review 4: The store is a must-see, like a Pandora's box. Our routine dog food delivery securely to our house is constructive, and having a small gift for our dog was excellent. To have this self-sufficient store available in the vicinity makes us lucky.

Review 5: Many thanks for that! Due to severe food allergies, my cat is limited to eating chicken, apples, and rabbits. I would still be having trouble giving her anything palatable that would guarantee she got all the required nutrients if it weren't for your assistance. 

Review 6: They have a vast selection of dietary supplements. I have regularly received all of Pet's medical vitamins from this pet shop. I am thrilled with the items and services.

Review 7: Last year, I came to this store and considered trying it. I have yet to feel the need to shop anywhere else for my pet's needs since I started utilizing this store. They deliver to homes as well! What more do I need now?

Review 8: This is an extremely tidy store. Finding the things I desire is simple. Every time I buy something from this place, the product gives the best result, whether it is food or toys for my pet. It's the ideal destination for pet supplies.

Review 9: They have everything from anxiety medications to grooming items, from nutrients that improve health to treatments for parasites. This pet store has everything I need in one convenient location.

Review 10: Wonderfully astounding. Great rates, excellent selection, and charming people. Taking our three large dogs to the self-wash section for a bath was outstanding.

Review 11: It's a super fun store with lots of options! The employees are kind and professional. I will definitely return to this pet shop [name]. 


Reviews focus on the genuineness of the pet shops. When reviewers write positive remarks and authentic comments about pet products and services it will surely get you more audiences’ footfall and trust which drive biases towards a purchase decision for pet parents. 

But, it could be difficult to get more reviews if you're new in the business so one of the finest options is to purchase Google reviews from genuine sites like BuyReviewz that help you get real feedback and comments on your GMP page through active people. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your reviews today!

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