Can Google Reviews By Me Help My Business?

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If you ask, can Google review by me help my business? The answer is NO! 

Just stay away from the temptation of writing reviews for your business. Simply don't go for dropping online reviews of your own business. 

You don't want to damage your company's credibility and reputation. Do you?

Be confident that customers will line up to leave reviews for your business if you provide them with superior products and services! 

That is your goal: positive, open, and raving reviews that demonstrate your business's greatness. This is something that you need to accept!

Those who have actually transacted with your company are the only people who should ever write a review. If ethics alone aren't enough to stop you, think about the fact that writing fake reviews is prohibited as posting false reviews is illegal and subject to legal action.

Why Do You Need Google Reviews At All?

Now, if you wonder why you need google reviews at all, or isn't doing business with dedication all for gaining success? The answer in this digital era is no. You need brand recognition, and presence seamlessly brought to you by Google reviews. 

Here Are Some Reasons Why You Need Google Reviews -and why do google reviews matter. 

#1. Source of Credibility 

Google Business Reviews Build Trust and Brand Transparency are becoming increasingly important to customers. The availability of a vast amount of information about any given business is largely to blame for transparency's relevance (and importance). 

Nowadays, consumers frequently conduct research on a company before making a purchase. Reviews have been used by nearly 88% of customers to evaluate a local small business's quality. Google reviews typically account for a significant portion of this research.

#2. Booster Of Local SEO 

Google Business Reviews boost online exposure and Search ranking in results. To say that Google's search algorithms are complicated is an understatement. However, one thing is certain Google local search is affected by Google reviews. 

A well-balanced combination of three review signals, such as review quantity, speed, and diversity, can help your local business climb to the top of Google's local search results. Rather than relying solely on traditional SEO tactics like keyword research and blogging, this helps your company be found much more quickly and easily. 

Even though it's still important, as a local business, you can't just rely on traditional methods and ignore other channels like Google reviews and review sites.

#3. Feedback Loop and Customer Intelligence 

One of the most useful benefits of Google Business Reviews is the feedback loop and customer intelligence it provides. You and your staff can and should use every Google business review as a review response to the company's functionality. 

Likewise, each Google review will, for the most part, let you know a couple of things:

  • Whether your company did an amazing or not-so-amazing job,

  • What are they receiving from your business,   

  • How did they feel, etc.?

#4. Improve Click-Through Rates on Your Website 

Any smart business knows that it is essential to get customers to click on your link when it appears in a search engine. Whether or not your company provides a positive customer experience, even if you spend a lot of time and money on your SEO strategy, none will matter if no one clicks on your business.

Fortunately, having reviews on Google is a great way to boost click-through rates when you appear in a search engine. Your Google review rating will appear next to your company's name in the search engine, so having a lot of positive reviews from happy customers will get more people to visit your website.

#5. Google Reviews Convert More Clients

You're almost to the ultimate objective whenever clients have navigated to your page. It is necessary to entice visitors to your website to purchase from your company. 

Despite the importance of user-friendly website design and well-designed pages, Google reviews can be effective enough to drive conversions on their own. As a result, any company with high Google star reviews ought to promote that rating throughout its website. 

This rating will increase customer trust even if they haven't read your online reviews.

What Should You Do To Get More Reviews? Know Everything Right From The First Step

There are a bunch of things that you can do to get real reviews and helpful customer feedback by asking them to share their customer experience.

#1. Establishing A Google My Business Account Is The First Step

You must claim and verify your Google My Business profile before you can begin using Google reviews and reap the benefits.

You can quickly and easily create a business profile using the free Google My Business tool, which displays your entire business information and business listings in one place. 

This makes it very convenient for potential clients to search for you and do real business with you!

Steps To Set Up A Google My Business Account

  • To begin, conduct a search for your business in the Google search bar or on Google Maps.

  • If you already have a listing but have not claimed or verified it, you can easily organise your account by following Google My Business local guide.

  • Navigate to the business dashboard and enter all essential information, including contact details, photos, and the service area or business location.

#2. Optimization Of The GMB Page Is Necessary 

Your business information listed on the GMB page can always be changed or edited. Keep your Google business profile updated to add more relevance to your online presence, and customers can learn about your happenings. 

#3. Explain To Your Customers How To Leave A Review On Your Listing

A lot of your customers don't know how to leave a review. Therefore, let's begin at ground level. There are two ways you can leave Google reviews-via the Google Maps app or a browser (on a desktop or Android/iPhone mobile device). 

Your customers will require a Google account to complete the process, which differs from one to the next.

You can go over the straightforward steps below to demonstrate this to them:

On A Desktop Or Mobile Device, You Can Leave A Review On Google By-

  • Log in with your Gmail account and search for the desired GMB business page.

  • Explore the review section on that posting (situated close to the star rating in query items or under the business name in the Google search bar) and snap on the blue text style that says "Write a review."

  • Click "Post" after writing about your customer experience and giving it a score between 1 and 5.

Write a review on Google using your smartphone in the Google Maps app by-

People use mobile devices the most, so show them how to write a review on Google My Business using a smartphone.

  • Find the business's name by searching for it in the Google Maps app on your smartphone.

  • The app will display a small pop-up about the business at the bottom. To expand the listing, click that banner.

  • You can write a Google review by having a Google account by going to the "Reviews" section following the menu icon or scrolling down. 

  • Click on the number of stars you would like to rate the company and show the overall rating. You can also write about your experience and click "Post."

Can You Write Reviews Without a Google Account? 

No, If you want to write a review for a company, you need to have a Google account. 

Prior to the adoption of the Google+ policy, anonymous reviews were permitted. But businesses and users couldn't tell if the review was from a real customer or a fake one, so it ended up doing more harm than good. Additionally, fake reviews were hindering the primary benefit of reviews—trustworthiness.

Because of this, Google elevated the policies to a much higher level, and to identify themselves, anyone wishing to review a company must have their own Google account.

How Can You Get More Google Reviews?

#1. Responding Makes The Difference

Respond to the Google reviews that are already existing. By responding to your customers' reviews, you are demonstrating to new potential reviewers that you value their time and take feedback seriously. Review responses can help you get more reviews in two ways.

Positive Feedback: When you respond to positive reviews, be specific, prompt, and thankful, and you will get more positive reviews.

Negative Feedback: negative reviews can frequently be turned into positive ones by responding to them promptly and courteously and actually resolving the issue.

#2. Create A Shortcut Google Review Link

Your customer must write a review by coming online, so add a shortcut Google review link to your website. 

To create this Google review link, follow the steps- 

  • Find the card labelled "Get your first review" or "Get more reviews" by going to your Google My Business account and clicking the Home tab. 

  • Copy the link next to the "Share review form" to your clipboard.

This link can be easily embedded in a button on your website or linked with shorter anchor text. Fortunately, you can shorten and even personalise your review link with free link shorteners like

#3. Explain The Ease Of Dropping A Review

Make it clear to customers how simple and quick it is to drop a review. This way, you can bring in new reviews. You already know how simple it is to leave a Google review, but your customers might not be aware of it. 

Additionally, review writer's block exists. It may be challenging for an enthusiastic or devoted customer to summarise everything they enjoy about your business in a single review. Some people struggle to express their thoughts and feelings.

#4. Ask For It

Asking for reviews is the most powerful way of receiving them, along with building a good business-customer relationship. You can either ask for it in person or take the help of technology such as SMS, phone call or even email. 

Explain to them how you value their opinions and are willing to strive towards betterment every day.

#5. Embed Your Reviews

If a company doesn't have the trust of potential customers, it won't last long. In addition, new customers trust Google Reviews because they are posted by actual customers and are regarded as genuine content based on actual experiences.

As a result, incorporating or embedding your Google reviews into your website automatically contributes to your brand's credibility and customer trust. You can also embed your existing Google reviews into a new GMB page that belongs to your company. 

How Can You Embed Google Reviews?

  • Make a user account.

  • Select Google as a source to connect your Google My Business location by clicking "Sources" and clicking "Add Source."

  • Copy the code provided after the reviews widget has been generated.

  • Copy and paste the widget's code into your website's HTML.

Why Should You Embed Google Reviews In Your Website? 

#1. Social Proof 

Customers look for social proof to support their purchasing decisions. During this stage, they may have a few sales objections and do not want to feel like they are missing out on a better opportunity. According to ReferralCandy, 85% of customers read approximately ten reviews before making a decision.

You stop customers from leaving your website and becoming distracted by the social proof right in front of them. They are already on your website if they decide to purchase from your company. You make it less likely for them to put off making a decision and forget to come back to it.

#2. Googling In Google

Google is frequently the first point of contact a potential customer has with a brand. Customers use Google to look up everything, from local restaurants to office plants that are easy to care for. 

It is evident that Google has realised the significance of reviews and provides its platform. If the search engine favours Google Reviews, why wouldn't we incorporate them into our websites? 

It's what purchasers like and consider buying from a business with a total Google My Business page.

#3. Millennial Showcasing

68% of millennials confide in web-based reviews more than TV commercials. Now, I have no idea what will happen if that doesn't sound like a good deal. It's free to include Google Reviews on your website. Even the methods of inbound marketing required to obtain those reviews are more cost-effective and efficient than television advertisements.

#4. Dealer Rating

You might be puzzled over whether Google reviews display more successfully than Yelp or TripAdvisor - the response is yes. The Google Seller Ratings (GSRs) extension in Google Ads lets you see how other buyers trust your business. 

Your five-star review rating will be displayed alongside the URL and headline of your pay-per-click advertisement. 

Trust Pilot says a higher percentage of people searching for products online click on GSR ads. Additionally, GSR ads can increase your brand's click-through rate by enhancing your quality score and lowering your cost-per-click by 14%.

#5. Trusted Testimonials

84% of buyers trust online testimonials as much as personal recommendations. There are numerous websites with testimonials; therefore, what distinguishes Google Reviews? 

Google reviews come straightforwardly from individuals who kept in touch with them, so potential clients realise that you're not making up the data. If you are the one in charge of the content, customers will not be able to verify the legitimacy of a review.

#6. Time Spent On The Website 

The depth and speed of the reviews on your website serve as valuable, even "binge-able" content. If people searching for your product or service come to your website looking for accurate information, they might read the past reviews and spend five to ten minutes on your page.

#7. Keep The Conversation Going 

According to Google Reviews' content policy, if you embed past reviews, they can also be used for other purposes. Assuming you use SMS, pamphlets, advanced advertisements, or some other kind of internet promoting, you can guide guests to the reviews on your site. 

#8. Increased Return On Investment (ROI) 

According to a study conducted by Cornell University, a hotel can increase its rates by 11% for every one-star increase in reviews without losing customers. The opportunity to raise prices is not the only reason to take advantage of favourable reviews; they also certainly aid. Also, embedding Google reviews on your site is free.

#9. Encourage Customers To Write Reviews 

You need a lot of reviews to earn the trust of customers. Customers cannot form an opinion if only one or two reviews exist. So make sure to let everyone know they can post their reviews when you list the Google Reviews on your website. 

It is standard customer service to inquire about customers' experiences and obtain valuable Google business reviews. Therefore, a reasonable number of reviews to encourage trust is at least ten.

Key Takeaways

There are several ways you can strive towards achieving more google reviews rather than writing them yourself. Google imposes strict policies and takes legal action to detect fake or false reviews. Therefore, asking for more reviews from real customers is much safer and wiser. 

While you can boost your online reputation from customer reviews, you can eventually work towards improving the bad reviews of dissatisfied customers as well. This way, you can turn the negative review into your lifelong advocates.


Q1. Can I review myself on Google?

Yes, you can, but it is the best advice not to practice such things as you may get penalised by Google if found violating the platform’s policy.

Q2. How many reviews are suitable for a business?

It is best recommended to have at least seven online reviews to gain customers' trust.

Q3. How can you rate a company on Google?

Sign in to your Google account first. Find the company you want to review on Google. In the blue text, select the number of reviews. In the upper top right-hand corner, click Write a Review.

Q4. How would I leave a Google survey secretly?

On Google, you can no longer write reviews secretly or anonymously. Instead, your review will be automatically linked to your Google account by Google.

Q5. Where can I find my Google reviews?

You can either search for your business and click on the number of reviews linked in blue to view your reviews from there, or you can log in to and manage your reviews from within your dashboard of the GMB page.

Q6. How much time do Google reviews remain online?

Unless the reviewer decides to delete it, Google reviews will remain posted indefinitely. Or you, as a business owner, flag a review as inappropriate and request removal of it in light of the violation of Google's review policy.

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